Prep Time

Stories of Lore 8

Yenneiros Whitetalon

R&D will get working on that one.

A few recruits are able to be acquired under the premise of learning sahad, though they are mostly fresh out of general education and not sure what they’re doing with their life. Inquisitive and interested in a new field of study that has yet to be studied.

Cerys traveled to Rixa-Thenica, taking her new squad of sahad wannabe college kids. She confirms the phenomena is related to sahad but whatever is causing it is not currently there. Whatever once caused the effects has long since moved on.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Faye Ryqen discreetly moved to the shipyards, by having her boss be slightly more annoying then usual so the offer from the shipyards would be more appealing.

Facility for sahad study under the process of picking what it wants to do. The little bit we know about sahad seems to imply it has a heavy emphasis on space stuff. As all students of it can already exist in space without any protection. As such the facility recommendations include a space station or just some sort of science ship. Though stations are far more expensive if built for just one purpose as opposed to hanging out on an existing one somewhere.

Kenin explains that sandwich perfection is not attained by a mere cooking recipe and his email includes a 2 page discussion on how it takes soul and feeling.

The Cult of expanded lucidity now hosts a psionic version of burning man apparently.

Ragas is working on Zonaricht-Thenica for now.

Edric Vandross

Halaestra has re-acquired the Nothic and keeps that as her personal ship due to sentimental value, and it was modified to accommodate her pandem problems. She has since taken over the raiders and figured out Gellix is actually a decent business manager assistant. She ends up taking her funding allotment to acquire a new frigate crew. Since then the Nothic has seen a few overhauls of its systems.

Reversing the stealth tech for the battlecruiser will take awhile. The Sharen variant is so advanced Raymond’s first statement upon trying to figure anything out about it was “how the fuck?” And he’s the best enchanter in the Gauntlet, good luck Nah.

Intel reports found a problem, a sharen stealth ship being captured is something that gets the Shetou military attention. While Halaestra was smart enough to scatter her trail so it isn’t so easily found, you can expect heavy retaliation if they find out where it went. Raymond is suddenly suspicious of all drow and demon team members aboard the space station.

A vault is now under construction in the middle of nowhere.

Super carrier project will take a little while. While under construction you have -20 to profits due to the sheer scope of the project.

Sethis Tyne

Sophia doesn’t have much room to branch out into the colonization sphere as no one is actually colonizing anything yet. Also criminal activity doesn’t do much in new colonies with  distinct lack of heavy law enforcement, at most its just shipping and handling.

The tech offices are moved to the unnamed battlecruiser, which you should probably give a name for easier reference in the future.

Aryn finds Jhaeros is kind of untraceable. He’s not a very modern digital man, he’s a barbaric vampire who goes from place to place just causing trouble. If he hasn’t left the planet there is no record of him buying a ticket to get anywhere. Also he’s necrocarnum not pandem.

Again, necrocarnum is the one that has to do with messing with people’s souls. Pandem is the one that opens rifts to other planes of reality. Also you can always hire out help from the Raven Facility as they have experts in the craft. Until then kala finds that tracking down a necrocarnate will take a little while (bare minimum is a highroll so we’ll see which week you ever land that roll on).

Luci Serrano

One of the moves that was in production finally got around to releasing and did moderately okay. Not quite as good as the musical.

Nothing attracts attention like a coupon giveaway. With all the shows focusing on colonization life as well and the fact that ships are about to take their first jumps to new stars the fervor is at an all time high.

Fans are upset over the cancellation of firefly 2.0

Luke sets off to investigate the bombings some more, he reports that there was a peculiar problem on the trail to Necrosi where he was lead to a facility that looked like it had been assaulted in the recent years and is mildly blown up.

In all the hurry to get FTL going and explore the stars you’re one of the few people to go “wait…if we cause ourselves to move that fast what happens medically speaking?” Sarah finds herself busy trying to find the answers to that.

You spend a lot of money upgrading your stuff. Though the mining upgrades don’t go too well due to the occassional slave riot or misbehavior making construction hard.


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