Stellaris was too distracting, so not as eventful.

From around the system:

We mark the maiden voyage of the first ship to hurl itself into the depths of space and wish it farewell. Despite all the investment and preparation Alnae put into the colonization plan, Shetou still beat them to the punch. Less so because of efficiency or resources, more so because one crazy guy just got in his ship and took off and didn’t tell anyone he was going. Farewell lone orc, you are the first to travel beyond the reach of our star. History shall remember our first interstellar traveler as: Some guy who just took off without preparing as much as everyone else. He’ll be back soon, he didn’t take enough supplies to do much. We suspect he just wanted to see a new planet for the sake of it.

Meanwhile on that front, I forgot to do the star map so we’ll get the colonizers rolling out next update.

Friction between Solvang and Selona is rising due to some meddling on behalf of people that Sam is going to hate.


Mordekai Aberhoff

After all the data is crunched, leasing out some space on a space station isn’t too difficult or expensive (at least not to the scale of a corporate enterprise like yours). -4 profit as long as space station is open. For the time being aforementioned sahad study hall is located on a station above SV3. The location was chosen since it had a space station with space to lease out and SV3 is independent so no government meddling. Hightower’s space docks are also in orbit around SV3 for reference.

In general due to the discreet and non-invasive nature of your current projects not much goes wrong enough to get your attention.  For now Ragas is still a rookie on the force in Thenica.

Edric Vandross

Attempts to reverse engineer the stealth tech are taking awhile, even as help comes in to assist Raymond its a very complicated device. Mostly in that the runes that make it work include traps so that the effort to just replicate it by copy and pasting results in catastrophic failure. Likely a means of messing with other drow who might have tried this, though evidently applicable vs pirates too. The team points out it needs a psionic expert to come help as thats another part of how the tech works.

The pirates are baffled at the bizarre order to have a member take some online courses. Purely because in the world of piracy that’s a very strange thing. Though the raids have moved over to Alnae territories because they’re afraid the Shetou will get a bit revengey on them, and Halaestra has already gone through that before.

As you look into arcane research companies, the issue there is most research companies are backed by another interest, which is how they get started up. Most are in the employ of other corporations or government funded, so investing in them would involve investing in and taking over the much bigger backer. As an example, Johnson’s pharmaceutical company has its own research lab the company pays for to research enhancements to its products. So you’re unlikely to find a rogue science lab as it’d have no income in the first place, consider forming a new one.

Speaking of which, halfway there by recruiting enchanters to help Raymond on the shipyards. Maybe just keep them around afterward.

Gotta name the colonization corp so I can add it to the sheets.


Sethis Tyne

That necrocarnate thing fails to highroll this week and Kala’s search continues.

Vaeri and the tech crew keep an eye out for Sharen retaliation against the pirates. The team managed to intercept some investigators. In response Sharen seems to have figured out that whatever is going on its more then a few lucky pirates and have stopped sending faceless mooks of ever increasing xp values and just threw out a boss. While Vaeri normally does whatever needs be doing this time she sent a request to clear that if objective is important enough to allocate the resources she needs to handle this one. The request is to call in both Setani and Vanjin, as well as the allocation of a lot of division resources. The suits project the trail could be covered and the Sharen dissuaded if the stealth tech and ship were left somewhere for them to find, otherwise the division is about to get into a special ops war with drow. Namely because Yasice is a Val and Shanhai is as important as one too, so killing them could result in getting Sharen really mad. Royal pride and all that.

Finding a tutor for Setani is as difficult as highrolling finding a character to hire on so thats going about the same as the earlier point. The only known necrocarnates are the Song family and they’re probably not keen to teach people the technique given their lawful stupid alignment.

Agents report that they figured out who updates the board pretty easily. Though there is a chain of command. The local station manager is responsible for updating the board and uploading posts to the Solvang network to post on other boards at other stations. Asmoday has full access to all information regarding these but each individual manager only has the ones they were handed. While there is no obligation on the job posters to register with any sort of ID, just the job and the payout, the agents find it unlikely that Solvang couldn’t track these details down given how their whole business strategy really works. Some in-office recordings for example. The problem at this point is finding out which manager would know what we want to know as we don’t know where the job’s original post came from. That or going straight to Asmoday but that has a whole other clusterfuck of obvious potential problems.

In related news, while the agents were at the Solvang station they were witness to the appearance of Yasice, apparently Sharen is keeping a close eye on the pirates now and somehow Yasice found the Solvang station. This is where things went awry, see there just so happens to be an ongoing recruiting tactic of spreading the legend of one crazy ass pirate team that somehow takes on military ships. The Raiders of Abbathor are now prime targets and should probably be advised of such.

Luci Serrano

Psionic Found

The bomb investigation team has spent awhile figuring out what happened and the bombed out outpost in necrosi they encountered. Since then their newest lead takes them to the solvang job boards. The problem is they have no way to get aboard a solvang station.

The various companies have since been upgraded.


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