The player homepage now has a link called Colonization Efforts that leads to the star map stuff.  The Valdir and Desoir colonizing stars have been added to the stars list.


Stuff from around the place:

That orc guy that took off before anyone else could still hasn’t come back. We’re not sure how his maiden voyage went.

Valdir continues to be a cross between really difficult and really easy to negotiate with. People of independent interest have managed to acquire permission to join Valdir’s colony efforts on their star. Despite its reliance on its swarm it does seem to be building a society with some diversity to it simply by demand for immigration by other interests. Since they colonized a special planet of interest to Sahad study, those looking into this new form of magic have great interest in hanging out with the Valdir.

Desoir’s mothership also landed to begin its colonization efforts and triggered rapid effects as they just deployed colonization teams to four planets simultaneously with the mothership acting as support to go between them as necessary. The independent colonists are spreading fast over the new star instead of concentrating their efforts in one spot at a time.

Yasice is still out there messing with things, though it seems they got caught up in an argument with Solvang and are dealing with that right now so they’ve at least been stalled.


Mordekai Aberhoff

In order to spawn a hero unit from existing ranks they need to be assigned a task in which failure is reasonably possible. Basically out of X number of people in an operation one might highroll and generate a hero unit.

Sahad research hasn’t produced any new spells yet but properties of its functions that may lead to it have been promising.

As per the paris plans, a city which doesn’t exist in this world thus making that a very nonsense acronym but at least it rolls off the tongue, psionic “pirates” have been sent to join the Raiders in preparation to do anything that might need doing.

Edric Vandross

Raymond estimates it’ll take the team about 4 (more) months to reverse engineer enough of the tech to at least experiment with their own designs to reconstruct it. They have enough of the premise to make something work but the difference in capability would likely be quite a wide margin.

The shady suits find that if you were really going to just outright hire pirate crews, you might be better off just hiring Madhammer mercs to do the job. With the exception of hero unit pirates, mercs tend to be more effective then pirates and more controllable. Though other then them, you can basically just hire around Solvang or even just post jobs through Solvang if your goals are merely to steal specific things since you don’t have to pay until they succeed. Though the disadvantage of that is you don’t have personal control over the crews and it would be harder to create a higher grade of pirate since you couldn’t invest in an individual team if you just used the job boards.

Sethis Tyne

Ask Tess about Angel.

The necrocarnum roll of the week has made progress, giving a bonus to future rolls on the subject.

Progress on the solvang board tracking is underway though there are no currently reportable results. The agents have to visit stations all over the system between a bunch of planes and do a lot of detective work at each one just to figure out the basic dates of the posts without being caught. So imagine a loading progress bar for this week.

Luci Serrano

You go on vacation to meet with Angel at some high end hotel and casino resort I guess. Fortunately you’re rich cuz your new growing vampire harem definitely needs a larger room then the average vacationer.

Your news team expands with the kind of people who are champions of the truth over supporting their own government. Though the potential danger is that some of them might also be inclined to be whistle-blowers on you if they find out your actual connections and activities.

Speaking of which, hard hitting journalism has dug up something of a potential news story. There is some evidence that Alnae might have outright bought their FTL ships for the colonization rush directly from Selona. Some suspect there is an odd relationship going on there despite the Selona gang’s general known tendency to operate and prey within Alnae territory.

Claudia (Angel) has no idea who you are. After that hurdle is covered, basically she is an outcast from the Desoir family because of her erratic behavior. As showcased by the Jhaeros incident, she’s capable of being a little messed up. As for your dynasty questions i already answered that in DMs.

Mining profits continue to rise quickly as the slaves are brought in line by the new overseer. While their overall productivity could be better as constant fear isn’t the best motivator, the lack of rebellious action has definitely helped to stabilize the operations and they’re slaves anyways so its not like it costs too much to get the current yield. Effectively you have higher profit per unit but lower production speed per unit compared to other known mining operations.

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