That escalated quickly.

Stories of lore: Even with 2 weeks I didn’t finish the thing revolving around the crap in mezzy’s section so I gave up and just posted the update this week before we missed another update.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Recently an influx in jobs from the colony worlds has started coming around. Its not quite military conflict but they are paying to have some wild life problems dealt with particularly on independent colony BV1-2. The world is harvested for natural resources to fuel the colonies here but since it isn’t being teraformed just yet there are a lot of big animals trying to murder colonists that need dealing with. Gheir can be found hanging out on this particular job lately.

Mordekai Aberhoff

The sahad research facility has produced one of the strange glowy people, Asi Nilliams. 

Asi has been a lab guinea pig since achieving his heightened sahad state and data is being compared on his original physical checkups to his current existence as well as comparing him to other existing weirdly colored people involved with the magic, particularly Cerys Anahi as she is the easiest one for the gauntlet to shuffle data around about. Despite the fact that both exhibit symptoms of becoming some sort of sahad infused being, the value of the symptoms is proving hard to quantify with the current sample size. While Cerys exhibits no glowing she is measurably stronger with sahad then Asi is despite Asi being more knowledgeable in the magic. Whatever gives sahad spells their potency has a higher presence in Cerys then Asi and so far there are no visual markers and knowledge is definitely not the factor either.

Ragas is still sending reports and while the ability to fool psionic forensics is fairly refined at this point, the full capability of it has yet to be tested against much more serious investigative measures. Though if hidden on the small scale and does not draw the attention of the feds, the stealthier technology should hold up to fooling local police.

The Kenin Sandwhich’s true perfection proves ever elusive.

Edric Vandross

The Sharen investigation is getting all over the place. The Raiders moved to targeting Alnae holdings due to pressure to avoid the Sharen but now the Alnae C.O.A. has gotten involved in hunting them as well. Our agents suspect that the drow have planted agents within Alnae government that manged to push some people to react dramatically to the Raiders work. As the raiders are classified as criminals and terrorists beyond local law enforcement capability a familiar face has been assigned to handle the issue.

This is when things got out of hand. Mladris managed to capture members of the Raiders in a raid gone sideways. While they were being transported to a secure holding position, Yasice attacked Mladris and took her prisoners. Then Solvang showed up and took them back from Yasice. Then Yasice got pissed and pulled Selona into this mess, who invaded a Solvang station where the liberated pirates were located. In the chaos Halaestra mounted a rescue operation for her captured crewmembers to get them away from all this while Solvang was dealing with the Selona crew. Suddenly both Vajor and Yasice caught up with them in the middle of a criminal warzone. At this point Nah drops the whole “we don’t exist thing” and hot drops in the crew to get the pirates because both Alnae and Shetou have psionic interrogators and its better to just get the pirates away from them then maintain stealth. But because they were all here, suddenly Jhaeros appears because he wants a piece of Vanjin. Okay so now that EVERYONE is here and it can’t possibly escalate any further¬† – oh look the Valdir showed up. Okay so now we have Shetou and Alnae trying to capture the pirates, Selona is fighting Solvang, Nah is trying to help the pirates, Valdir is apparently on no one’s team but they’re just hanging out adding to the chaos, oh but look at that there was ONE Desoir noble on the station conducting business. Okay so now a Desoir fleet arrived to extract their guy and demands everyone sit down and shut up until they’re done. Pirates don’t really listen well so now Desoir’s private contractors are here to fight and extract their guy. But they can’t dock with the asteroid because Aryn has taken over the network and is apparently here with the nah division hijacking everyone’s shit and making it impossible for anyone to control the station. So Desoir sends some guys in the hard way to do a rough extraction with their private contracted military. Oh they contracted Madhammer, okay so Cerys is here now too along with a bunch of crazy ass mercs (lets be honest Ian runs crazy ass mercs not mild mannered ones). So mercs are shooting everyone, pirates are shooting gangsters, government spooks are fighting over raiders, raiders are fighting everything just trying to stay alive, and for some reason there are Valdir on the station just adding to the chaos because in all the crossfire someone shot one of them so now Satsujin is pummeling the shit out of people. Now that the situation can’t get any worse, oh hey look its the Solvang Fleet here to stick it to Desoir. This is getting out of hand as no one can leave the asteroid station since there are two fleets fighting it out around it, so in order to extract with the pirate captives they captured Shetou calls in backup. Now Song Clan is here with that giant ass flagship since they were in the neighborhood, well Alnae can’t let Shetou win this one so lets call in the fleet too. Valdir…okay they don’t bring in a fleet because they don’t care enough and are just hanging out so at least this doesn’t get any worse. Selona doesn’t own a fleet but they like messing with everyone so they just start boarding other ships and gunning people down to take over ships from both opposing sides. They were just here to mess up Solvang so they bail out now that Solvang is definitely fucked up, but they beat and captured Adin Va so Song Yi’s gonna be pissed about that. Desoir gets their guy and hauls out of there too so things are winding down. For all this the Raiders have been long gone for awhile now because Taelwynn is the best pilot in the galaxy and just flew through the entire fleet battle. But Nah division is still in this clusterfuck cuz Alexis doesn’t like Vaeri and didn’t give them a lift out. Jhaeros finally beat Vanjin but doesn’t kill her because that wouldn’t be fair since he’s immortal, so he just announces the score is 2-1 and he’ll be back to try again someday. Yasice is convinced Jhaeros is retarded and shoots Vanjin anyways. Jhaeros is pissed and attacks Yasice and Shanhai lays his ass out. But in the struggle Vanjin is extracted by Vaeri, no one can see shit anymore cuz Aryn turned off every electronic system on the station and everyone needs to stop fighting because we’re losing atmosphere in a hurry since Desoir entered the asteroid violently when they couldn’t dock (also thanks to Aryn). Nah division bails out in the ship they rode in on, no one notices it because Aryn screwed everyone’s systems so no one can detect a damned thing so there are battleships hovering in space doing absolutely nothing since they are blind.

This whole battle took 6 weeks.

Casualty list –

Halaestra – Injured
Andal – Injured
Gellix – Dead
Mladris Vajor – Injured
Yasice – Injured
Julius Ayit – Dead
The Nomad Sniper I never made a card for cuz lazy – Dead
Adin Va – Captured by Selona
Solvang – Fucked.
Cerys Anahi – Somehow completely fine despite being shot 4 times
Vanjin – Critically injured
Jhaeros – Dead (again) but he did save Vanjin’s life
Frayne Ankou, Alexis Denumal, Arkaric Selona – Technically all severely injured and not injured at all since they’re so cybernetic they just fix themselves up later.
That squad that didn’t run when Song Yi arrived on the station – suuuuper dead.
Solvang Station Manager – Captured by Nah (Since they were here why not grab him)

The moral of the story: Wtf happened?

Stealth drive tech progress is coming along.

Sethis Tyne

Julius is dead, Vanjin is fucked up, Solvang Station manager captured. Good news is we know where the bombing job post originated from, bad news is its the capital solvang station where Asmoday himself is based out of. So that’s gonna be fun.

Also Aryn leveled up for surviving that shitshow on the Solvang station. (Survival stat changed from -6 to -2).

Your necrocarnum search roll is still unfavorable.

Luci Serrano

Yes your companies finished upgrading, their upgrades are registered on the financial spreadsheet.

Also your news teams are busy covering the Solvang Station Showdown as thats good tv.

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