Financial Update: Net change -3,120,000
New total: $1,111,222,000

Yenneiros Whitetalon played by Eric Vandross

Mordekai Aberhoff III

Study on replicating the effects of Asi come on with a mix of very quickly and getting nowhere. Through Cerys and Asi’s experience they already know what the key element of the transformation is, but replicating it is the hard part. It requires the sahad wielder to see a cosmic level sahad phenomena and “submit” to it. In practice this is closest to having an epiphany and not having the immediate reaction of denial of what they’re realizing. This is related to the trigger that causes people to start rambling seeming nonsense. While common witnesses of sahad tend to instinctually reject the epiphany of their own insignificance, those who don’t achieve the ability to alter themselves with sahad magic. Asi’s experiments lead to the current conclusion that it is not an entirely conscious decision. Most people see themselves as being relevant on an emotional level, even if they can logically and mathematically prove their own insignificance on a cosmic scale they have a hard time fully accepting it in their emotional state. The opportunity to accept it is instant so there is no time to consciously agree or disagree with it. Cerys and Asi both had the moment and accepted it in that instant and became touched by sahad in a special way. Asi’s current project is mostly in figuring out if a person can ever have the opportunity more then once. He theorizes incarnum and zankist people would be most prone to achieving this feat though they aren’t really the ones studying sahad.

The other project of sahad’s effect in the presence of more sahad has undergone rigorous experimentation and they found conclusions that are slightly different then originally hypothesized. The most replicateable effect is that sahad experiments grow in potential changes not within the presence of other sahad, but within the presence of people who specifically achieved the higher state of sahad. Both Cerys and Asi can trigger changes in existing sahad experiments, but other sahad experiments placed in close proximity to one another have no effect that can be conclusively stated as having an effect. While it does half the time, the scientist say it is too inconsistent and is more likely related to those specific spells having interacting properties not just all sahad triggering changes in all other sahad. But the effect Asi and Cerys can have is very consistent regardless of the ongoing spell experiment.

New sahad spell discovered!

Unknown Protections

Roll the same type of die (only 1) that was rolled to deal damage to you, reduce the damage by that much but do not apply any of your other damage mitigation options. Treat this power as a defense action like block or dodge. B1

(I totally just copy pasted that out of the spellbook on the site backend, in this game’s terms they found a way to use sahad as a defensive measure that works differently then shields and stuff)

Stoogie president has not yet had the chance to fail or succeed spectacularly enough to become a named character.

Lumbering company increases lumber prices.

Edric Vandross

The raiders see staff expansion and are just hanging around laying low without much to do.

DV Stocks are up +6 to profit

Hightower still working on that ship.

Raymond finally finished studying the stealth drive to the extent that he can produce a similar, albeit less efficient one. Raymond’s version of it uses resources at 12x the rate of the original design (rolled a 6 on 3d6). On the small scale this is manageable, the larger the stealth drive gets the more that 12x is going to hurt to upkeep. The main effect this would have on any ship that uses it is it would not be able to power many other systems. He can continue research to try and increase its efficiency.

Grand Guardians is getting booted up and filing for paperwork.

Shetou Politics Report:

Laessari Val’hari – We already knew this one
Primary Benefactor: Song
Political Support: Additri, Linsun, Jaal’Darya, Song, Sarghess, Illhar’dro
DGAF: Enkas
Not-such-big-fans: Beldoban, Sharen, Vloz’Khress

Helviiryn Val’hari – Good Cop
Primary Benefactor: Sharen
Political Support: Song, Sharen, Illhar’dro, Linsun, Jaal’Darya
DGAF: Sarghess, Additri, Beldoban
Not-such-big-fans: Vloz’Khress, Enkas,

Yasrena Val’Hari – Bad Cop
Primary Benefactor: Vloz’Khress
Political Support: Vloz’Khress, Beldoban, Jaal’Darya, Sharen
DGAF: Additri, Illhar’dro
Not-such-big-fans: Linsun, Enkas, Sarghess, Song

Sethis Tyne

The investigation of the pirate station is underway, more so the agents are in transit cuz last day updates.

Stealth tech progress is in Edric’s section

Questioning the manager guy at random yields basically the solvang faction page info.

Vanjin has been patched up.

Vaeri’s original plan is definitely a mess now as Jhaeros warned Yasice about the gauntlet’s existence and the recent battle on the Solvang station definitely confirmed nah division’s existence alongside revealing Vanjin (who has a dayjob exploiting her fame) is a member of it.

Sophia is chilling out in her bar wondering wtf is going on.

Demon sensei hunt modifier increased by 1 (for a total of +2) though still haven’t hit high enough to find one.

Luci Serrano

A security team is being assembled, though to be the head of security do you want one that specifically specializes in guarding you or your assets. Atop of that you have the choice between big scary dudes no one wants to mess with, or quiet scary people no one knows they shouldn’t mess with.

Angel’s tour never ended despite recent events, Lush is also still touring around.

Luke’s initial investigations into Asmodan

Shipyard upgrades are underway but will take a year to complete.

Mining company profits are up by another +2

Attempts to start rumor beginning.

Technically all criminal operations are open to a madhammer style hostile takeover if you can get enough guns.

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