Someone triggered an event.

Edric Vandross

The problem with investigating Solvang and Selona is both are criminal organizations who rely on hiding what they’ve got going on from the rest of the system. We know that Solvang has secret space stations all over the place but no one actually knows for sure how many there are and which ones are active or just in reserve. General investigations indicate they want more pirate crews as that is how their profit model and powerbase works. Basically they’re in a nonstop recruitment drive.

Selona is known to have bases on the major planets throughout the system but no one knows where all their weapons come from. While we have a lot of evidence that they have access to their own manufacturing no one has been able to figure out where it is, and multiple groups have tried to find them. As for what they want, this is also hard to pin down. The easy answer seems to be money but as the faction pages suspect, Arkaric himself is just a walking ball of chaos and spite and just likes to mess with everyone. He’s still dealing with the aftermath of the Thousand Legends and people considering him to be a hero despite his return to his murderous and violent ways. However, due to the events of the Thousand Legends and those who had a chance to talk to him we do know his gang’s advanced cybernetics are in some way tied to Kenin, which may be a further link or at least clue as to how they’re manufacturing advanced military equipment.

Selona’s attack on Solvang was pretty unexpected but thats kind of their thing so perhaps it was completely expected. Either way Yasice is likely the primary instigator of that attack and we’re not sure why she opted to go that way instead of just calling in more Sharen to deal with the Solvang station herself as Sharen can definitely handle that. Currently the agents think the best answer is really that Selona is just such a volatile element that its hard to find much reason behind the things they do. To that end, while this attack mostly involved criminal affairs the media surrounding Selona have noticed that public opinion of the gang is of total confusion when all this is combined with their contributions to the Thousand Legends.

Meanwhile the Raiders recent raids have once again been running into trouble as Yasice showed back up. Then on the other end of things the Nomads noted their orders were just to steal an FTL drive, it didn’t say from who. They chose Selona, and while there they went to rescue Adin as she is a former Nomad crewmember and they weren’t sure how things would be for her as a Selona captive. One day one of the conspirator suits were sitting in their office conducting nefarious affairs and suddenly he announced that he just suddenly had received a bad feeling for no apparent reason.

Vajor managed to finally corner the RaidersĀ  since they were on the ground instead of in space and had fewer options for running. As the Raiders debated between surrender and a desperate last stand, House Song showed up because they didn’t know the Nomads were not hanging out with the Raiders at this particular instance so they assumed the Raiders had Adin. Vajor didn’t take kindly to the other empire butting in and had a scuffle. During which the Raiders were able to make a break for it, only to run into Yasice and her team. That didn’t go well and they were captured again. Not 10 feet through the hangar the hangar was raided by Selona and Yasice’s team were hospitalized promptly thereafter and, true to Selona fashion, the entire hangar port was blown to pieces by unnecessarily powerful bombs. This got Vajor and Song’s attention while they were still scuffling as both thought the other side had done that one, meanwhile Solvang mercenaries showed up to apprehend Yasice because fuck that bitch. While they found her already almost dead after she encountered Selona they also found Selona and figured this was now a feud so they shot at the gangsters just to settle up the score. Now the local police show up and they think this is Vajor’s fault because they came from the south side where Vajor and Song were having a frank exchange of ideas and didn’t even know Selona and Solvang was here. Three days into this skirmish that was consuming the city, the Nomads show up and try to extract the Raiders. Adin was just dropped off cuz they like her, so she took command over the Song forces and they began to crush Vajor now that one of their big shot commanders was here. About a week into this conflict the local economy was pretty messed up and riots started breaking out over the government not doing anything to stop all this fighting so in a panic the government paid off some mercenaries to come help settle things down and at least get all these people out of the damned city. Madhammer shows up, again, and starts pushing the entire fight into tighter confines by establishing a perimeter. Since the place was already blown up they figured “fuck it just use the big guns to scare them off” to which Selona responded by engaging Madhammer’s perimeter with tanks. They broke a hole in the perimeter and then just went right back towards the center of the now dense ball of chaos and conflict because Adin pushed towards their main holding point while they were busy fighting madhammer. The raiders manage to disappear thanks to the Nomads once again but the fighting continued on because Selona and Madhammer both have no sense of chill right now and kept it up. Yasice had been treated for the injuries she had sustained and wanted another crack at Selona for revenge, but before she could even bother with that she winds up fighting Solvang who remember she’s the bitch that caused this whole problem. While Yasice’s team is small they are able to move through the city and fight in smaller engagements where they are a lot more powerful then individuals belonging to Solvang pirates. News of all this chaos reaches Adin and she shows up since Sharen is an ally of House Song and now Yasice is backed by a small army. Solvang decides to get the fuck out of here as now there are 3 militant factions all here but there is no more port and no more ships so they’re stuck here and they’re promptly murdered by Madhammer during their escape attempt because they approached the perimeter while still fully armed and Gheir decided “screw it use the tanks” so there is nothing left of them. Now the city area they are in has become an arena with its border being held by Madhammer so they can’t get out easily. Adin being a VIP means that Song sent backup and the big ass ship arrives in orbit and drops down Song Yi herself who finally got here after two weeks of fighting over Adin and the Raiders. Madhammer had previous relations with House Song and they decide not to fuck with that but in the weakening of the border Selona manages to slip out and the fighting finally ends. The city is working on clearing debris to rebuild the area. No one knows when Vajor disappeared but she wasn’t seen in quite some while and its suspected she took off after the Raiders once they escaped. Since her team was small it is likely she was able to get past the Madhammer perimeter on her own.

Halaestra commented that this was getting out of control. Fortunately the Nomads got that FTL drive and now they’re debating hiding on another star because this is some bullshit.

Raymond keeps working on the stealth drive efficiency.

Insurance is starting to be sold. Sells well in these uncertain times of total chaos.

Sethis Tyne

The investigation into the Solvang capital station turns rather peculiar. The agents disappeared off the grid immediately upon visiting the place and weren’t heard from until a month later when they submitted their report. The capital station is far more secure then any other, blocking any and all communications both in and out and constantly moving. The peculiar feature of the capital station is its not a station, its a super-carrier no one knew existed. It actually took the team a long damned time to even find out how to get on it through a series of shady contacts and invites. It is the height of paranoid security, and because of that its kind of like stepping backwards in time. A lot of its operation depends on manual effort to ferry messages both onto the ship and around within it. It even has a system of emergency lighting that involves manually flipping on a bunch of flashlights so that it can’t be compromised by people like Aryn. Because of this it isn’t really a bustling hub of activity as its just so inconvenient to do anything involving it compared to modernized locations. Though what makes it the capital is the vaults the ship contains, a lot of the Solvang banking’s power stems from this ship and people come here to do high profile trades on the black market under the neutral and watchful eye of Asmoday. There aren’t even security camera’s on the facility so that no one can take control of them. The ship’s security depends largely on the abnormal number of demons aboard who can exploit their own abilities to do things a less efficient but still practical way while not exposing the ship’s security to anyone else. The job board here is literally hand written notes pasted onto a physical board and looks like a medieval quest hub. This means if a job originated from here, whoever was involved certainly had direct contact with Asmoday as all the job postings are in his handwriting.

Aryn’s project of screwing with Yasice’ outgoing messages reveals an interesting behavior of Sharen or Shetou in general. The existence of a secret illuminati controlling multiple corporations isn’t interesting to them at all. Gauntlet is actually referred to as “behaving as a minor house, though independent of Shetou government”. So even if Yasice knows about our existence, it barely seems to register with her as anything out of the ordinary and more importantly as anything worth making a big fuss about. Her emails basically mention leaving the gauntlet alive since it causes Alnae trouble too and she declined having reinforcements get involved.

Vaeri is pretty sure if she wanted to assassinate Yasice she could just get it done, the problem is still the aftermath of Yasice’ death. The last thing she wants to do is get more angry people involved in what is already becoming a clusterfuck (see mezzy’s section…again)

Sophia herself is the envoy that goes to visit Selona. Her conversation got her some answers, but it also gave her a bad feeling that this is just a prelude to something worse.

The hunt for the Julius replacement ended prematurely.

The search for necrocarnates is looooong, with maaany a wiiiiinding tuuuuurn.


Luci Serrano

Kala found you a bodyguard prospect.

The rumor is spreading slightly mostly among the uninformed populace but Alnae does have a lot of news coverage surrounding their attempts to colonize already so it has a hard time spreading and is starting to become a conspiracy theory more so then a widely believable rumor.

Legit business takeovers is done with money instead of guns. There’s a million small companies out there, you already bought out several small news sites even. So you’d have to be more specific about what you’re looking for.

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