Phantoms of the Purge part 1

Most of the update is a story of lore thing, which is down in sam’s section as you should read the character profile before the story.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Research station expanded a little.

Higher grades of psionic tools are entering the streets though as far as anyone can tell the specialists haven’t caught wind of it yet.

Along with hiring philosophy students you could just probably draft a bunch of college kids living off of ramen for a hundred bucks a pop to run experiments on them.

You should be more specific on bodyguard requests so I know what to make.

Edric Vandross

No, the Noctis is a battlecruiser and doesn’t feature docking for frigates like the Nomad

The problem with sending the Raiders to another star is that is every planet anyone has encountered has required terraforming to at least some extent. Finding a spot to call a resort would be worth a lot of money to sell the find location to existing colonist efforts though.

Shipyards keep on building, carrier still being worked on. To that end the stealth drive has increased its efficiency to 10x (from 12) of the original design it comes from.

The pirates are at least quiet this week.

Sethis Tyne

The necrocarnate search has finally yielded results.

Aforementioned SoL – Phantoms of the Purge

Cattle prods seem to make engineers work slower rather then faster.



Luci Serrano

The people who can actually manufacture and sell FTL drives are Desoir, Sharen, and Selona. So far the tech is still too new for smaller startups to really get a handle on producing them due to the lack of available expertise.

As for the production chains, you already own a mining company for gathering raw materials. Though it should be note that wood, crystals, amber, and such are needed to make ships work due to the mana storage they exhibit if you want more of the raw materials. Electronics companies are a dime a dozen these days so you could just put up how much you’d pay to buy one out and see what you can acquire as a result.


Fiiine you can have your planet express company.

Just Monika indeed.

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