The update before the crazy one

Phantoms of the Purge part 2

Mordekai Aberhoff

Lately the sahad research team has been mostly finding details on how to wield it more efficiently rather then new spells as well as the research on the avatars. Philosophy students seem to be very hit or miss, a lot of them are very self important and are kind of hipsters so the epiphany transformation isn’t as common as one might expect. However, after some discussion with Cerys and others who were at the thousand legends Asi has performed some shady experiments with promising results. The emotional state of someone can be temporarily altered to cause the acceptance of sahad to be more likely, this is why so many appeared during the battle with the alien mothership. It turns out being put in the middle of a war causes people to become a lot more mentally inclined towards sahad’s grand truths. When subjected to enough stress humanoids become more likely to reach the desired results. So basically Asi has been mildly torturing people to turn them into avatars, things along the lines of sleep deprivation not pulling teeth. Asi finds that trying to refine the technique of acquiring people of correct disposition can be bypassed with his methods to some extent. It does turn out that longer lived races seem to be better at this then shorter lived ones according to his findings but more data is required to say so definitively.

The expansions to the facility come in good timing since Asi has been doing slightly crazier experiments lately and the extra space is useful for his vast array of wild shots in the dark.

And that is the truth behind the kenin sandwich, for it lives within all of us.

Besides mhaldaru there are  a few other companies that produce stockpileable food though they’re fairly well established so the necessary money for investment to make decisions on their behalf could be quite high as in the tens of millions.

The psionic field test still hasn’t seem to caused specialists to show up as far as we can tell, though there is always the possibility they are there and we just don’t know about it as it might be a COA division that operates covertly as their initials imply.

I’m not making characters the day before the update, remind me to do bodyguard cards for next week.

Edric Vandross

ETA for supercarrier is approximately 8 months now

Unsurprisingly D&D’s equivalent to cows sheep and chickens is cows sheep and chicken. There weren’t many fantasy farm animals in the monster manual when Arcanist got started up.

As a correction, the elemental plane is singular its just all the elements in there are extremist. So less so then a water plane there is just an elemental plane with a lot of water stuff going on in it.

Utilizing the stealth drive design Raymond has come up with so far will require the entire ship to be turned off to utilize it. Though it can technically still be used, just don’t plan on moving at the same time. Good for camping though.

Planet surveying is underway, though could take awhile as the galaxy is a big place. While there are some leads based on astronomers gazing at the stars for awhile now, they still need to be visited by a survey team to say officially whether or not “yeah this is habitable”

While their surveying you should clear up “less then average terraforming”. Planet scale terraforming is definitely a challenge to undertake and costs a vast amount of resources, however you could technically do the bubble dome strategy with some arcane shields (like Tykel, that planet is inhospitable there’s just this one city that did local terraforming instead of planetary). The bubble strategy is obviously less then 1% the cost and effort then a planetary attempt as its really just plopping a space station down on the ground. I mean you could just literally land the carrier on some spot and say “yep this’ll do” depending on gravity.

Your shopping list for Kala is more of a Johnson cult job as thats just mass recruiting.

Since you’re going to ask when this takes forever as well, the ETA on the dreadnoughts and carrier is about a year and a half.

Terraforming 101:
Planet scale terraforming is primarily based on arcane and pandem magic and huge ritual style spells that often involve runes being drawn in the planet as wide as 10 kilometers in diameter. It also requires massive amounts of mana to perform. The preferred method is to utilize generators that can be left by the runes for awhile to charge it over time as the total output will be higher over time for the space/weight of the objects that had to be moved here. There is also a bit of prep work in the form of introducing some of the key components of the terraforming around the rune so it has a blueprint to spread. The first phase upon casting the spell is to just spread the baseline conditions as far as possible, if it doesn’t spread far enough the whole thing could be pointless as the hostile environment will start murdering the terraformed stuff or the atmosphere might not have finished changing and remain inhospitable. After that is all taken care of Pandem Casters known as “druids” start seeding stuff all over the place. These casters are experts in ecological relationships so they work to make a stable enough environment.  Pandem experts are also utilized to adjust the planet’s gravity, this is actually the easiest of all the things to do, so when looking to terraform something usually gravity is not much of a concern. There is an exception though, if a planet is too large and its gravity needs to be lowered by too much then suddenly the planet could just say “fuck it” and lose its atmosphere to space. That can also be corrected but makes the gravity alteration process suddenly the hard part instead of the easy part. Once you’ve gotten all this baseline stuff down, atmosphere correction is harder then generation. You can add an atmosphere easier then you can transform it. In the addition of an atmosphere, just use a planetary shield and invert it to forcefully hold gases inside and let the terraformed trees do their thing for a little while. In the case of transforming an existing one, get some crazy alchemists to analyze the exact chemistry that needs to be done.  In the case of the latter, have the alchemists check it out before you do anything else, because the reactions they might need to kick off could be highly destructive to every other stage of the process.

Dome style terraforming is just build a space station, but use a shield bubble instead of a giant hull and construct remembering gravity is a thing. Done. Just don’t walk outside the bubble.

Luci Serrano

You buy 100 garages and 200 dudes for an electronics company, then upgrade it to actual offices.

Oh and raw materials processing teams as well.

Lush and Angel seem to be doing well, though Angel in particular has been ridiculously profitable due to her total cheat of how she gains popularity. They’re both on tour as usual, they’re young and new stars so they haven’t gotten tired of all the traveling yet.

Lara has everything pretty easily as she’s mostly a solo act and had her own supplies given her previous line of work. Lately she just follows you around looking professional when you’re in meetings with other people and lounges around whatever she can find to sit on otherwise. Its a cushy gig for how much you’re paying her and how rarely you’re attacked.

The movie and TV department is doing well, profits have increased though its mostly just stable without any major developments there.

Exme is sitting around investigating random stories as they come across her desk since her last project is kind of sitting around in a dead end at the moment.

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