The holiday season is not good for momentum

Another financial cycle has passed, the hiring roster has cycled as well as those previously on it have found other work. Ask Kala for new hiring options if desired. Also everyone’s companies had profits increased, but I did all the spreadsheet work and forgot to write it down on here so there’s no little +4 indicator like usual cuz I forgot what the old numbers were.

Also extra money laying around has gone up 1,230,000 after all expenses were accounted for.

Stories of Lore 3

Yenneiros Whitetalon

For the time being Song has your forces on SR1 Alpha guarding positions her clan takes over so she can focus on offense.

Mordekai Aberhoff

The cult on Luna has been able to schmooze in with the house wives to continually expand their presence on the moon as well as available blank idiots. Not many of the ones prone to weird cult stuff are the kind of wives with serious involvement with their husbands business however. The information gained from their membership isn’t of immediate value to the corporate world but the in-house details of various businessmen could prove useful in the future if specific information as that should prove necessary. Though there is a businessman involved in some colonial affairs you might be able to sell some filters. Drug sales are also up on Luna due to easily suggested housewives.

On the downside, the more open operations of the cult have drawn the attention of some of their relatives. While in most cases this isn’t an issue, one of the housewives had a daughter with a friend who took a sudden interest in the cult. Judging by her constant skepticism and military background, the Luna cult of yoga might be being watched a little closer then you would like.

In the quest for infiltration of forensic labs, Kala has determined this is going to require finding a new recruit to do it. Specifically one who goes through the proper educational path to get the job, which could take years if you send someone else to do it. Though the types of people to be pursuing that degree on their own are less likely to be interested in selling out the information. There is also the option of approaching a veteran of the field who is a bit more easily swayed by cash incentives.

Edric Vandross

For all of Fred’s business savvy, the SV3 colonizers are not particularly open to the utilization of outside influences. They are veteran colonizers and have learned not to share power with bigger forces unless necessary, it is likely they intend to maintain independence as long as possible. Fred did convince them to use Divinity Vaults for their banking needs though, primarily because its the only bank that set up shop in the colonies already so transactions between colonies are easiest with DV. With them joining in, most of the other colonizers also opted for divinity vaults with a bit of salesmanship. As a consequence of this, deep in the backroom of paperwork someone caught something of interest. The Jelwe Labs colony is receiving an awful lot of money from Desoir, and one of the smaller independents is actually sending money to Selona. Siwa Technologies itself is pulling a lot of money from Solvang’s banks.

The raiders successfully picked up another ship and expanded the crew appropriately. Ikeshia buddied up with the pandem pirate Halaestra, which is a cruiser. While perhaps not Ikeshia’s first choice of comrade, Halaestra is the ship’s original captain and was rescued by the raiders. Soon after the operation, Halaestra murdered all of her own crew for having witnessed what the drow did to her on the ship. Whether she was embarassed or didn’t want to work with people who had seen her beaten is unknown, but Ikeshia notes she is quite vicious. The Raiders of Abbathor are crewing her ship for now until she can pick up her own crew.

This puts the new captain in a peculiar position. Halaestra is not terribly subtle and Ikeshia isn’t sure she can trust the pandem pirate for long, let alone with the secret of her employer. However, since Halaestra murdered all of her own crew she is reliant on Ikeshia’s crew to fly her ship since as a pandem user she can’t do it herself which gives Ikeshia leverage for now. The issue with that is Halaestra is only aware of Ikeshia as the ring-leader, and Halaestra is a more powerful pirate then the quiet elf pilot. As long as Halaestra is unaware of the conspiracy the temptation to mutiny Ikeshia might be particularly high, but making her aware of it could have other problems.

Sethis Tyne

Sophia has a few insider tips regarding the Selona territory. First off, Selona isn’t a traditional gang and operates mainly by selling stuff to crime gangs to resell to others in other locations with the exception of some of its higher end stuff that smaller gangs won’t be able to sell. She can actually sell their stuff in her own territories and operate small time within Selona’s own territory as long as she keeps those smaller operations in check from pissing them off. Secondly, her old boss had a connection to Selona and by proxy she knows how to approach him as well. Meaning if her mysterious new boss should want access to serious weapons, she can arrange for them to be sent back to the Nah division (that she doesn’t know exists, she just assumes whoever you guys are you might want Selona’s brand of firepower). Y’know, in case you ever want to buy a tank or advanced super illegal shuttles. Though she does seem timid at the suggestion, the idea of dealing with Selona obviously makes her nervous but dealing with you seems to make her nervous as well.

Meanwhile, Nah division points out that no one seems to know where Selona is getting all this stuff it sells. Its not a garage operation, somewhere in the system has to exist a network of factories for Selona to operate the way it does. Sol Media might be able to do something interesting in investigating that.

Vaeri and Julius are still unheard from.

Luci Serrano

People are still on tour and movies are still being made. Exme continues to report on the SR-1 conflict.

The suits who have on idea what the budget really looks like keep pitching more ideas for shows and movies with the startup of the production studio that is producing some movie. The same guy who suggested the easy cash in on the comedy movie to get a foot in the door of the industry wants Exme’s footage to produce a documentary on the SR-1 conflict with leftover footage. Purely because it would be cheap to just use the news footage and probably make at least something that at least breaks even, but also it would boost the studio’s reputation since you seem to like doing that. Though Kala warns that at this rate that faceless suit guy might get a face.

Not much else going on since you just stare at developments and ignore all the plot hook potential, lazy Tess.

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Regular Update

More sandbox stuff was added if you care to go find it, I forget what is actually new in it and just bulk uploaded.

SR2 investigation yields information you already knew. You’ll have to be more specific. Though as a training ground the risk is annoying the Sivataur who went through a lot of effort to put stuff there for themselves and they aren’t in the habit of renting out cabins to rich sport hunters. On the other hand that is a pretty good training exercise as long as you don’t fail.

The Alnae council does have its fair share of people who are only in power cuz the previous seat they occupy retired and handed it off to their dumb kid they liked. Since incompetence is not grounds for murder in Alnae its higher council is significantly weaker and more prone to outside influence then the Shetou counterpart. Though the opponent in such an endeavor would be Alnae’s AIC and Patriot Agency.


Yenneiros Whitetalon

With the arrival of the Song Clan, SR1 Alpha has escalated its conflict. Due to the fact that the mercs are still under contract they’ve opted to help out where they can and continue the fight. Bloodtongue has led some efforts to push forward and capture the anti orbital weapons, allowing the Song fleet in orbit to slowly get closer to the other fleet. The presence of the Song fleet is helping to maintain any ground captured since as it advances forward it threatens the land beneath it from where it orbits. The conflict is still primarily ground based, despite losing ground House Nahal has not surrendered or left the planet. Gheir reports back with the suspicion they’re holding out for reinforcements of some sort.

Mordekai Aberhoff

In new developments of the cult, one of the sects hanging out on Luna has started getting general mainstream attention. Preying on the rich housewives like a yoga practice, though the roundabout effect is that more people are noticing it exists there. They have the nicest office of all the cult sects though.

Edric Vandross

Construction on the SZ4 colonies with Siwa is off to a good start. Though notably three other organizations are helping back it and the smaller colony startups. Jelwe Labs, who are most known for owning the main research facility on SZ1, has been starting up there as well with colony teams running their funding from unknown backers but the paper trail indicates they’re using the Solvang banks. The other notable colonizers come from Sv3’s normally independent group, though they have some veterancy in the matter. Though they do not have an official company name as it appears to be just a bunch of guys, however as Sv3 is known for a lot of colonization equipment they haven’t been reliant on any external funding help and seem to have the best start on colonies with their expertise. Finally there is a showing from the Alnae military who have come to help out the effort and are the major shipper for Siwa’s materials utilizing the Alnae fleet implying Siwa itself has ties to the Alnae for this project.

In regards to SV2, not particularly feasible simply because no one wants to rebuild something that still works fine enough, it was rebuilt early on during the collapses of the earth anyways.

Fred doesn’t have much else going on. He’s led a fairly civilian life, went to school, graduated, put on a suit and started working in an office. His psionic abilities are mostly innate and though he was trained in the art during his higher education his talent as an illithid is responsible for most of his abilities. He has only worked for minor houses across Shetou and was technically just working for a company office within that house’s territory so he doesn’t have any interesting connections there. All things considered he’s fairly normal all around except for his experience in the business field and track record of profitability.

Sethis Tyne

As a freebie, Julius and Vaeri figure out to pick up the lead Tess found an update or two ago that no one reacted to. Though given the nature of this, they’re essentially missing to avoid detection and now both of the division’s major spooks are not going to be around for awhile.

On the black market front, Sophia has won her little territory war on V-Thenica giving her room to breath and continue to set up operations further. Aggressive expansion has her sending gangsters to other planets with a particularly known criminal scene to get a bit more presence over a large distance and keep an ear to the ground.

Luci Serrano

Ratings are up on the SR1 reports since it just turned into a real warzone. However, related to other rival broadcasters it hasn’t gone up quite as much. The suits have determined the audience you’ve built so far are a minority of people who care for fair reporting. Networks appealing to idiots and just showing military action and slapping a narrative on it they make up seem to be yielding more traffic.

Movie stuff still undergoing but so far all is going according to plan, filming is on SV3

Reporters attended some press releases recently. Including the announcement of Lusheria’s tour which they may have promoted in Sol Media’s outlets more then necessary. Also some astronomers report that within the year they expect to make contract with aliens, this has stirred up a lot of people as the countdown nears. People have a mix of general fear the governments will mess it up thanks to movies, and perhaps a few nerds are a little too excited overall.

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Sandbox Update

Fuck it sandbox world building week, go find something to mess with. More factions coming next week, ran out of time. Also regular update style will be back then too, Should be enough reading for now though.

New stuff:

Planets (also accessible from player homepage)
House Vloz


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Back on track

Stories of lore 2

Yenneiros Whitetalon

In efforts to barter merc work for mining coords the neutral surveying company offers you a quest to wipe out two small colonies on SV4 and SV5. The small colonies independently discovered some places they had co-ordinates they intended to sell to Shetou, so a lot of lost value there. However, to prevent them from taking the location to other people or anything of the sort they would want them wiped out to the last person.

The board’s intel shows it’d be doable with a bit of effort even with our strongest forces busy at SR-1 Alpha since these are smaller colonies. Kalan also notes your board members/contractors don’t know about the Nah division who are quite suited to assisting in this kind of task.

Some Independent colony in the Abyss suggests utilizing your merc services to protect the colony and just giving you a % of mining income they already have going on instead of giving you coordinates to somewhere else. Mostly because coordinates are really iffy out here in the Abyss. The faceless suits say its an easy profit on paper but the Abyss is one of the most dangerous planes to operate in (that can be consistently operated in) purely because of the high incident frequency with monsters that survived the Era of Purge in the Abyss as it wasn’t one of the highly focused on middle planes. On the upside, monsters are pretty easy to kill with guns compared to other people with guns.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Due to lack of overt action the cult continues to grow though not much interesting is happening over there. Since they meet in their own little hole and stay out of people’s way for the most part. Research into the understanding of Psionic Forensics is ongoing though significant results aren’t expected for at least a few years since its a complicated field and some people are having to go to college for better education on the topic. Kala recommends looking into setting up some covert agents within police forces and such to get a better look at the practices and habits, as well as just having a position to manipulate investigations.

Pharmaceutical profits are up +5 due to schmoozing at the resort.

Edric Vandross

Jezraema starts the effort of blending in to the pirate crew. She’s a bit more hardcore then most of the pirates though, a lifetime of abuse and a job of murdering people makes her a little bit intense. Though on her first outing to raid some other ship she performed pretty well. Oddly enough of all people she seems to get along with Ikeshia, the ship’s figure of authority, the best, likely because Ikeshia isn’t too talkative.

In regards to the request you made of Kala he just points at your faceless suits since thats literally their job. Though to keep up with his own job he headhunted a peculiar businessman for the hiring roster.

In regards to SZ4: The tech company in question happens to be Siwa Technologies, and they intend to colonize the frozen wasteland of SZ4 for the development of military tech. A wasteland like this is pretty good for testing things that blow up as well as managing the exhaust heat they can produce with some of their other work. A meeting with them proves favorable and the faceless suits are negotiating contract type stuff. Meanwhile the smaller colonies would be easy to get power over as they are already trying to piggyback off of Siwa Tech and aren’t the most well funded or organized colonists. Some well placed loans and contracting on Hightowers end to bring in construction crews from other worlds to get the startup infrastructure built would go a long way. The suits have calculated it to be a lot less expensive then this kind of startup would normally require since the environment is technically livable even if cold, dramatically reducing the cost of contracting construction teams and making remote construction a lot more plausible instead of assembling prefabs. The unique opportunity is wasted on the smaller colonists as they aren’t terribly financially capable compared to some of the smarter ones who go to much tougher places to get ahold of.

Sethis Tyne

With the removal of some key elements Sophia’s profit margins have gone up and progress is going well. Though there weren’t really any gangs to help turn it into a 2v1 purely cuz the gang she’s up against is very territorial and hasn’t let many others rise up in their territory, as evidenced by how quickly they got into a fight with Sophia and they fact they’re still continuing it despite current losses.

Julius Ayit, who killed some of Sophia’s main rivals in the other gang by outright assassinating both their leader and second in command, has been added to the roster by Kala taking notice of their capability (they’re on your player page and the character roster).

The divinity vaults info doesn’t appear to have been seriously leaked. Vaeri combed through the Solvang report and while thorough enough to hand out for pirates to do a job it doesn’t really have things you couldn’t have figured out by just doing a lot of stakeouts.  Its all stuff you could find out through pure observation if you spent a lot of time observing. The mooks in the division combed through security footage and Vaeri is convinced they had multiple people stake out the locations to be less suspicious. This indicates to her that whoever you’re up against has a lot of raw manpower at their disposal as the information covers several locations across the system, but none of it has info like security codes

Upon checking in on it, Vaeri is a little overworked but her elven nature makes her rather capable of handling it. Though part of her being overworked has to do with her doing things of her own initiative interacting with the other companies, mostly cuz the DM wanted to give her more prevelance in the overall story.

Research into the incoming Dragon’s Reach reveals that the Dragon’s Reach isn’t just a dreadnought, its a flagship for one of the council houses. Report is here.

Nah profits increased to accomodate existing employee’s promotion to the roster.
Black Market profits +4

Luci Serrano

Exme is pulled off of whatever she was investigating to look into the SR-1 Conflict. This pulls her off of whatever strange leads she was looking into regarding the bombings, at least also off the tail that the bigger conspiracy exists. She’s actually pretty useful in the SR-1 reporting since she’s much harder to shoot on accident since she is incorporeal. Her camera guy is not so lucky though.

Though the last she was working on she was investigating within an independent colony on that housed some of the bombers whose identities she confirmed.  Curiously the colony is in Necrosi.

Lusheria is off on tour now, profits of the record label have increased. Meanwhile faceless suit man #4 who suggested expanding into the movie business has hired a more experienced director and is looking into the production of a comedy as he feels in the future of using this new avenue to promote stars as we desire having a studio known for something not super serious is probably the way to go.

Profits are up a little from Lush’s tour getting started but the cost of the movie attempt is definitely draining on that. In the long haul the suits assure that profits will go up in the future more dramatically.

-Keith actually reads these

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The Hasty Update

Cuz people filled stuff in so late I just scrambled it together.

Financial Report Update:

Total profit: -410,000, total balance: 9,760,000

Yenneiros Whitetalon

The SR-1 Alpha conflict has progressing more favorably, with Gheir maintaining most strategical command he’s ended up using some of the munitions they were sent to deal with the orbital cannons closest to their own hideouts and especially their side of the hemisphere. While we don’t have ships, he’s suspicious of them having set those up and thinks the drow are a move ahead of him if he doesn’t deal with those now.

Mineral surveying companies come in three flavors. Alnae, Shetou, and Neutral businesses. Technically none are associated with the governments directly but the company is based in those nationalities. Alnae has access to the cheapest active options allowing you to hire survey teams to comb a planet or area of space at 250k per expedition. Shetou’s are more expensive at 400k per expedition, but their familiarity with the underdark and tendency to tunnel makes them much more thorough if you can trust them to actually hand over the data of the best finds to only you. Neutral colonies also offer their services and come in somewhere in the middle despite having less advanced tech then either one, so while the worst buy for active surveying they are at least neutral. However, they also offer a different service entirely, they’ve already surveyed more then they can use as a small neutral colony and sell the data of places they’ve already scanned. For example, they have a survey claim offered at 1.5 million, but its not a sweep of an area its an already found mineral deposit of value. You’d be buying the coordinates instead of the service of seeing if an area has anything. Due to this business model you can buy finds in asteroid belts, or on a planet. Though you pick by plane not planet given they don’t necessarily have anything on every possible planet. In Summary: Alnae is cheap and efficient, Shetou is expensive but extremely effective, Neutral options are already found claims or just companies who will survey the things you want without really being involved with the empires.

MADHAMMER profits +4


Mordekai Aberhoff

On the cult front Kala found a potentially interesting recruit. While not a psionic himself, his abilities give him a lot of potential if you want to tangle with some really really shady stuff.

Your vacation leads you to a resort where other CEO’s seem to be lurking about. It doesn’t take long before you figure out you should get some extra bodyguards because this a meeting of Shetou business people, you are currently at risk of being assassinated if you don’t play your cards well. It appears shetou business people like to gather at gambling establishments, a game akin to poker is basically the shetou intellectual’s game of choice. They take it way too seriously at this resort, you’re down a few thousand so far. But solid schmoozing going on.

Cult recruitment is trickling but slow so far as they try to find people that can be suckered into it. Though its population has gone up a tick.

Edric Vandross

You’re a bank, you already have real estate. Granted the method you acquired it is sometimes by ruining the lives of poor people. Though your suits have started putting a bit more effort into the housing market, particularly where its cheapest: colonies. This sort of puts your hightower industries plan for colonies and bankrolling by divinity in the business of basically co-founding colonies.

As Ikeshia’s findings warned, several bank branches suddenly got hit by pirates, very violent ones almost all associated with Solvang. While several of the major branches were protected thanks to the Nah division, they weren’t everywhere and some pirates went for smaller prey.

You manage to acquire Jezhraema, while she’s technically a slave and you can detonate her at will she still costs 20k per update due to basic “staying alive” functions. She’s in a state of confusion as to why anyone would buy her and is currently just sitting at an undisclosed location awaiting briefing. Kala advises that if you don’t want her to know you personally you could request Vaeri to come by, as she seems to be doing well with being the gauntlet’s spooky agent.

Every update you mention expanding the business, that is literally all your faceless suits are focused on so you know.

Divinity Vaults profits -6
Hightower profits +2

Sethis Tyne

Vaeri disappears for awhile to figure out more about the SR1 Alpha conflict. She figured out what the orbital cannons are about literally three days before this update. Another house is headed towards SR1 Alpha, and they don’t appear to be backup for the current one. Turns out a notorious shetou dreadnought “Dragon’s Reach” is headed there with its supporting fleet. Its owned by a nomadic house ruled over by a violent icaarnum warlord known for crushing other Shetou houses and being one of Alnae’s greatest enemies as its one of the few Shetou armada’s that rely on brute force over subtle tactics. SR1 Alpha is about to see the appearance of a very hardcore military. She’s working on getting a better profiling of who is coming.

She’s still working on finding out how they found out anything about us int he first place.

The killteams have a large impact on the hits on Divinity Vaults and are largely successful where deployed. Though, one killteam was wiped out when it came up against the Nomads and so a major office was still lost.

Sophia’s operations already prove to be getting violent. Her gang and another are engaged in a turf war filled with drivebys and random attacks. Things are currently not in her favor on the macro scale of the territory despite her personal expertise. However, the deployment of Vaeri as given her time to gain an edge as Vaeri just outright assassinated the rival gang’s top three leaders with a bombing. Though black market profits are still up thanks to plundering her rival’s stuff on her wins she’s collected.

Vaeri is starting to become the gauntlet’s signature spook as she shows up in other peoples lines of work to dramatically alter situations. Kala recommends we might need another one or two at the rate we keep using her all the time. If requested he can start looking for other spooky type people.

Black market profit +3

Luci Serrano

The record label starts finally making progress and releases Lusheria’s first album, as well as some of its more minor new contract acquisitions. Profits aren’t currently that high as they sunk an unreasonable amount of money into bribing radios to play her stuff a little too much and get it stuck into people’s heads by brute force, though history shows this is a good way to forcing popularity.

One of the faceless suits submitted his project for approval to you. Planning to expand further into entertainment using its growing collection of talent and the media company’s already large holdings in the field. Figuring if they could make a halfway decent movie or two they could start controlling who gets famous. Though the issue is it can be difficult to impress moviegoers. But in the long haul, he wants more routes to force Sol Media’s talent down people’s throats.

Meanwhile back at the news media outlet, they find themselves reporting on bombings once again. Exme has sent people to look into these cases trying to find some sort of story, unknowingly perhaps helping the gauntlet’s other motives as she seems to be pursuing a series of leads none of the other people have found. We don’t know if she’s way off or just somehow brilliant.

The record label intends to send Lusheria on tour opening for someone else soon which will keep her largely in Alnae since she is an elf.

Lusheria now brings in a profit of +5

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Business as Usual

Stories of Lore 1

Yenneiros Whitetalon

In the hunt for cheap mineral rights, Thenica has few opportunities as the planet is well settled. Though asteroid belts and less colonized worlds are up for grabs for anyone with the general manpower to make a claim. Zonaricht in general is hotly contested for new mining colonies since it is the most native plane. Rixa has been known to have the largest deposits of various resources due to the way the plane works with the stable axis rotations of its planets causing large deposits to generally form along areas of specific climate usually along specific latitudes. Vermasih can also have similar effects due to its tendency to produce mono-climate planets but results will usually be less tightly compacted and require more, or mobile, machinery to properly excavate. Either way finding resources in uncolonized areas will require surveying, which may need to be outsourced to a company specialized in it if the equipment isn’t purchased for in-house surveying.

SR1 Alpha’s campaign actually begins to see shots fired by the mercenaries now. As a progress update, they’ve largely stuck to hit-and-run attacks on convoys and smaller encampments. Heavier firepower is going to be needed eventually to deal with the small fleet in orbit as well as shetou’s access to more vehicles suited to the terrain. The campaign is not looking good due to the vehicular advantage the shetou have and anti-vehicle solutions will need to be expanded upon the moon to hope for a clear victory in the long run. However, it is suspicious that shetou’s efforts seem to have slowed in their retaliation to bolster defenses. Particularly they have been setting up surface to orbit weapons, considering the native colonies lack warships and we certainly don’t have any, the mercs think something fishy is afoot.

Meanwhile over-fortifying the temp office base seems to be going well.

Profits increased by 2 for expanded work
Profits increased by 4 to account for sudden appearance of hero card on roster that was already in the company budget prior to their relevance(covers their paycheck they were already getting).

Mordekai Aberhoff

You are now invested in Mhaldaru Foods startup company. It specializes in non-perishable foods most often used by military and colonizing agents, advertising an emphasis on it not tasting terrible. Meaning they use a lot of sugar. They have things reminiscent of pop-tarts though, so that’s fun.

While the speeches do some good to ease the worries of some investors, the heavier investors that bring in the most money are still iffy on the prospect. Some more money is brought in though overall though nothing staggeringly huge.

Research trials into training techniques come into two basic comments from the advisors. Sublety has to contend with one major problem, modern forensics. Most uses of magic leave traces that can sometimes be found by investigators, psionic magic in particular leaves lasting impressions on its victims that can be found by medical examiners. Training agents in sublety requires them to come to an understanding of what the red flags are for someone to get a medical exam for such traces, such as not making extremely overt uses of psionics to make people do things clearly abnormal for them to do. Resistance to outside influence comes from pure practice, since psionics utilize the same basic principles for defensive and offensive uses the more powerful the psion the better their resistance will be. Making psionic agents with these factors in mind hits a bit of a snag. Generally the most knowledgeable and stronger psionics are those with higher education from accredited institutions and usually look to work in technology related fields. They would make useful agents, but are difficult to  recruit into a cult type of thing as they have a lot of job prospects and given how mentally focused trained psionics are they tend to be fairly sharp individuals. Easier to recruit are those who are just slightly unstable and they are powerful enough to resist psionic manipulations, but are more vulnerable to straight up verbal manipulation. So you have to weigh the risks of bringing in someone clever enough to notice maybe they should tip off the police but is better at the job, with people who are a little peculiar and would have a harder time alerting authority but are also just a little bit crazy. Any perfect candidates will probably show up as hero units from Kala though due to the rarity.

The particular benefits of meeting with colonial minded investors for filters is more so getting an idea of where ships and colonies might actually be going. While there is a lot of obvious involvement going on around the colonies on SR1 Alpha, SR2 Alpha is also seeing a lot of Shetou traffic right now. Less noticed by the public though, SV2 is seeing a huge push in colonization efforts by multiple Shetou houses. While a smaller series of neutral colonies can be found there, shetou is basically muscling them out of the way.

Profits increased by 2 for investments in pharmaceuticals
Profits increased by 2 for filter contracts to colonial efforts

Edric Vandross

The DM comments on you banking money…as a bank.

The Raiders’ association with Divinity Vaults is not known even to the raiders, though Ikeshia had the foresight to send home the entire job board Solvang had to the directors as something in it might be useful. Since she was in the neighborhood picking up her Solvang membership as it were. The Nah division found it to be indeed quite useful while combing through it. There is a posting with information for sale that details information on Divinity Vaults locations, security systems, and general company protocols. We don’t know how in depth it is without buying it, but we may have found who our bombers are targeting next.

In regards to the Raven rundown: See Serri’s section for Exme’s report.

Despite how much of a pain in the ass most things are to get done around here, inquiry into Jezraema proves pretty easy as they just name a price and call it a day. At 2 million she’s actually pretty cheap for someone who is combat trained, her half-breed status definitely didn’t help her estimated value.

Hightower turns up some interesting trends in colonization efforts. Shetou is pushing into SV2 hard, meanwhile independent colonies have shown an interest in SZ4. While SZ4 is generally a bit too cold of a wasteland for colonization efforts up till now, a tech company has found an interest in it because it already has an existing atmosphere that doesn’t require massive arcane rituals to make liveable. Though the oxygen content could be a little better, its much more manageable then other planets. The cold wasteland could be ideal for the production of anything that produces a lot of excess heat as the planet is basically covered in a layer of ice. In the wake of the tech companies interest, independent colonizers also see an easy opportunity to get started due to the existing breathable atmosphere and the ability to piggyback off the tech company’s interest. Due to the stability of Rixa’s planets, rich folk are taking interest in that plane though holding off on investing in any projects because of Shetou and Alnae’s conflict in the plane. However, rich folk colonizing things is always a prime opportunity for unionizing laborers and left unchecked the entire plane could become Shetou and Alnae colonies. The most ambitious colonization project in the works is by the Desoir clan, who have been building a colossal colonizer fleet that intends to leave the system entirely and travel to another nearby star astronomers have predicted has a liveable world. They’re taking full terraforming equipment just in case though, and for the other planets and moons they might want to get a foothold on.

-500k Subscription cost for the raiders of Abbathor Solvang memberships added.
+1 Profits for Hightower Industries

Sethis Tyne

Hiring Vaeri turns out to be pretty smooth overall. The division’s other managers test her effectiveness by just sending her around on some side gigs early on to see how she does. Starting with making her bribe the officials as your indirect representative. For which she invented a new identity and dressed up like a business woman with a gangster vibe to her in order to meet with politicians and begin building a relationship with those that were a bit shady in case future bribes or influence might be necessary. In the end it was successful, and Sophia is free with a clear record.

Vaeri’s time with the AIC branches proves useful again as she’s good at cross co-ordinating things across the corporation from the shadows of the Nah division and was responsible for assisting Exme with her investigations. Though no one except the Nah division and the directors know her as Vaeri and she uses advanced illusion projectors to create new identities when she meets with anyone outside of the division.

Sophia doesn’t need much urging to get to work within the black market area, though she doesn’t actually know who she works for. She thinks Vaeri’s business gangster identity is a crime boss of some sort. Though she had been side tracked a little building her own team of people she likes. Some company funding disappeared when Sophia bought a bar on Thenica to operate her gang out of, as is the stereotype. Though all things considered that purchase cost the corporation barely anything as its a shady dive bar in downtown and the gauntlet owns franchises. But it is noted she’s run a little wild without much supervision, granted she was hired to be a manager. Though already it looks like she’s stepping into the territory another gang would rather maintain a monopoly within. There has already been two shootings involved, she predicts this is going to escalate quickly.

In processing the systems and security, Vaeri also was responsible for finding out Divinity Vaults has its security details posted in the Solvang world. Something might happen to that place soon, likely thanks to pirates.

Profits increased by 1 for black market operations

Luci Serrano

Exme’s investigations into the Raven as an unwitting journalist turns up a lot when some “assistance” got her actually into the facility to see what they do. As it would turn out their profit comes from selling inmates that have been modified for loyalty and stability using incarnum manipulation. Which is basically some really shady shit. It is also owned by the Desoir clan and used for research on various magical and cybernetic augmentation using the humanoid subjects. Attempting to buy the place from Desoir would prove insanely expensive as individual inmates are worth between five and twenty million, with some going as high as a few hundred million. Its likely purchasing the facility itself would go into the billions.

The record label finds a few other musical prospects as requested though time will tell if any are emerging stars or fringe bands. It still banks a lot of its efforts on Aelynn currently.

Careful observation into the effects of the reporting on SR1 Alpha’s conflict has been noted by marketing. In general the public seems to sympathize with the colonies but the majority of people have little say in economical affairs of that scale, the wealthier show an interest in Shetou gaining control of it. Also after an interview with one of the colonists in the resistance, there were a lot of comments on the attractiveness of a “Cerys Anahi” – one of the guerilla fighters. Editors put more footage of her in future coverage due to viewers interest in her.

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Getting Rolling

Not terribly much new going on since last report, largely due to the sheer amount of startup paperwork to be done and the DM noticing the faction page was entirely missing from the player homepage area. Fair enough though as Kala is busy finding the right people to finish start up plans, so be sure to check the hiring roster for his new finds, he wasn’t able to meet all requests as it hasn’t been long and his isn’t the easiest job.

You’ll also find the overall financials of Gauntlet available from the player homepage or click here.


Yenneiros Whitetalon

Due to lack of input, the faceless suits have opted to accept the deals on SR1 Alpha and deployed a lot of the available employees to the conflict on the side of the natives against Shetou. This puts them against the heavier hitting offense though as Shetou has tanks. Until the job is completed, financial projections indicate an upcoming increase in profit followed by a sharp spike downward. Since mercenaries are expected to get their own gear they will be needing to buy a lot of appropriate weapons for the job along with ammunition. Upon completion though, we’ll have to hand them all rather heavy paychecks since contracts indicate that even the dead members still have to be paid.

Future finances definitely depend on whether or not the conflict is won given that a loss is not indicative of a reliable company and a victory would be a good trophy given this is against a Shetou house with a full military presence. Staff is working overtime to try and co-ordinate this particular conflict as a result.

The smaller bodyguard gigs are easily covered by small teams and don’t impact the grand scale financial report much.

MADHAMMER profit +4 from hires and current business.

Mordekai Aberhoff

The reduce in visibility ordered out to the cult leaders for the most part results in those cells going very quiet. While its a good way to keep things low profile it does mean the cult members won’t grow any time soon until the quiet phase passes over.

For the most part research for resistance and sublety of cult agents is covered as “make the cult agents actually practice”. That is mostly a matter of the psion’s skill. Can make all the fancy tech you want but if they go do something really overt the sublety doesn’t help. However, results vary as the decentralized structure means there isn’t a standing training program and the agents are mostly operating on their own out there and their motivations to upkeep their skills vary.

Churning up investors is difficult due to the recent bombings, particularly of one of the manufacturing plants. They tend to keep asking a lot of questions as to why it was bombed. Bombings are indicative of very deep conflict, as regular old criminal drug trafficking would be more likely to just steal assets instead of destroying them. Along with hiring MADHAMMER, whose association with you is not public knowledge. While it does assure some that the company is taking necessary precautions it is worrying that it hired a full blown military company to act as security and points back to the earlier questions of the bombing. These worries will have to be smoothed over before we can expect too much more investment, though a few put their foot in a little bit at least.

Expansive Psionics profit -2 from hiring MADHAMMER


Edric Vandross

Recon suggests acquiring Richard Black is either really easy or difficult depending how you look at it. It should quite doable through financial influence though it is heavily recommended not to try and break him out by force. Given the location he is held at and his mental state (as well as other’s held there) a breakout attempt could be disastrous. The Raven is a shady facility for advanced research and humanoid experimentation, its unclear exactly what they research but they hold people with a lot of different magical capabilities. However, due to its lack of association with a larger government its financial situation cannot be perfectly secure. In depth research also finds that a lot of its people have gone missing over time.

Hightower kind of struggles with the shipyard front, unionizing them is difficult given that shipyards are already well established and a highly paid position to work given ships have to be flawless, buyers are often not concerned over an extra few hundred thousand, and a lot of construction is done in space. Though some efforts are making progress at a particular Shetou shipyard in orbit around SV-2, updates as they progress.


Sethis Tyne

Consulting with the agents who look into the prison holding Sophia Lennas, there are a few options. Getting her transported would take some political sway and favors with Alnae in order to make the transport crash and leave her presumed dead. This would involve somewhat convincing a corrupt government official or three that she needed to be moved. Alternatively outright bribing the same officials to make her disappear from records might be easier but it will leave those officials aware that she isn’t really gone and that something is going on. However, it could go towards building a relationship with the corrupt of Alnae for future deals in the future. Another way to just make her disappear could involve overtly breaking out someone else and just happening to get her presumed dead during an aggressive strike on the prison with a well crafted body double. She isn’t particularly big time and they would likely check her cybernetics to verify her identity instead of a really in depth confirmation.

Some of the stealth ship stock options in the cruiser class are now visible on the player portal page.

Investigations into the attacks is proving difficult as these tracks were covered well. A lot of the individual attacks were carried out by different groups entirely who all had a mysterious tip or payoff to do the job. Some have been “detained” for questioning, but they don’t seem to even have full knowledge of their employer. Kala suspects that if they’re this committed, and given that the attack happened before you got the job, it definitely has to do with some offense your predecessors committed. Unfortunately, there are a huge number of possibilities there given they were kind of bad people. Investigators suspect that there will be future attacks but it is unknown where or how, but the key to finding more information might be into being pre-emptively prepared to pursue leads from those. A few people have been paid off to keep an ear out for any strange offers getting made to criminals to carry out corporate warfare to see if they give any leads.

Luci Serrano

Sol Recording is off to a slow start since it only has one star to bank on for now. Aelynn is at least of moderate temperament and easy to work with. She accepted the job a bit quickly given that the advance signing bonus paid off her student debt. As Kala suspected she is a talented artist especially when put in a professional environment instead of a coffee shop though she is taking some time to adjust to the work that is a lot different then studying. Either way producing an album will take a little bit of time.

On the news team front, the already established business, Sarah Kanu proves a useful but stressed hire since they’re being sent to cover the conflict on SR1-Alpha. A conflict that notably involves a Shetou house, a factor that does not help her paranoia. Though her paranoia proves a bit useful, especially considering this is a warzone. As coverage goes on you may wish to choose which side to give more favorable air time or to maintain a neutral split.

The suits covered the attacks on corporate holdings rather blandly for lack of concept of the grand conspiracy and stuck to just reporting some bombings for easy views, people like to tune in to stuff about explosives after all. Most of the coverage was dedicated to the attacks on MADHAMMER offices which were located in a major city on Thenica. It has been painted as if to be something of a larger scale gang war. These events have led to a lot of employees of random companies throughout the system doing some fact checking on their own employers history for fear of also being bombed.

Profits are down -1 from setting up the recording label’s earlier stages, consider it an investment.

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Arcanist Gear Begins

The Story so Far

After an unfortunate series of events, the board of directors died within a one week span of each other. Some looked accidental, some unrelated, and one was an obvious assassination. The corporation’s true intents had been discovered by someone quiet, someone dangerous. A critical laboratory was destroyed by a bombing shortly before these killings costing valuable research on projects that no one knows about.

At least the corporation’s trusty “assistant” survived, and found a new group to take over the positions on the board of directors to continue its work. Kalanhrae is the board’s trusty Kalanhrae Imfeinsidekick armed with in depth knowledge about the corporation. He is currently most obssessed with finding out whoever orchestrated the recent attack on the previous board, as that means they know the shadow corporation exists.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the system, the year is 1583 A.R. Shetou and Alnae are locked in heated conflict while trying to aggressively colonize other planets within the system to hopefully overshadow the other with sheer resources to win the ongoing war that has lasted since 1279.

The war itself is a slow process, field battles aren’t ocurring on a daily basis anymore though lots of dirty glances are exchanged. Most attacks occur as smaller skirmishes across the system, usually over newly colonized areas.

The only planets to be fully colonized are SR3 by Alnae and SV4 by Shetou. The other planets and moons have colonies ranging from an outpost to a continent but full planetary control has yet to be achieved just yet.

Many neutral colonies can be found across the system, founded by ambitious individuals or people who just got plain tired of the other two options. The most powerful of these neutral bodies is the vampire family Desoir and pirate faction Solvang. Desoir has some small colonies on various planets for resource collection, though in general the two neutral super factions are not interested in colonial expansion and have most of their assets in space.

There is quite a lot of hubbub about a report from both Shetou and Alnae astronomers, they think they have found very strong evidence for alien life but until closer observation can be made they aren’t entirely sure. The evidence is a large organic mass they discovered in deep space on the Rixa plane a few light years away, the other reason for such excitement and worry is that this mass is moving towards our star. This has ignited a more active conflict on the Rixa plane between Alnae and Shetou. Rixa’s outermost planet is SR3, controlled by the Alnae and both want to be involved in first contact if it is an alien, and don’t want the other there.

With the increase in trade and interplanetary business, piracy is also on the rise. The Solvang are very active and substantial bounties are offered for any information leading to the capture of their members or locations of their bases by the Desoir.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

In taking over the corporation as lead director, the current state of affairs are relatively solid. Whoever attacked the corporation didn’t touch MADHAMMER very much, this may be related to it being a lot of dudes with guns. However, the main offices on Thenica were the target of a major bombing and a new headquarters for office work needs to be selected. Someone’s gotta do the paperwork.

There has been a rise in jobs on the Rixa plane due to the ongoing conflict between Shetou and Alnae there, both jobs from Shetou itself and rogue colonies who find themselves in the path of Shetou. The drow empire has been seizing up colonies lately to act as military bases. The most notable conflict is on SR1 Alpha, a moon that is really more of a giant sandball then anything else. Powerful magic was used to give the wasteland an atmosphere to make it inhabitable because of the large amount of raw metals present beneath the sand. Colonists had been exporting the metal for a few decades now but one of the Shetou houses seems to want it now. SR1 Alpha has the largest ongoing armed resistance between colonists and the Shetou forces and this is where the most notable demand for mercenaries come from. Though they’re attempting to barter with their raw resources instead of standard currency. But given the resources are metals, Kalan is fairly certain it can be easily turned into money…or guns.

Mordekai Aberhoff

While the factory for the filter business wasn’t particularly effected, both the pharmaceutical companies main manufacturing plants and the cult have experienced some setbacks. The cult saw several small cells seemed to have been involved in armed robbery followed by a series of news pieces spread across the web involving some in depth interviews and documenting of the cult, this did not do well to endear them to people. A week or so later the same cells turned up dead and while police have cases across the system for these deaths their results don’t point to any singular source. Which given the nature of all these strikes definitely means they aren’t even close. Advisors note it is evident that the fact that only the lead psion is ever really functional leaves them easily targeted and manipulated if whoever is behind it can just get to the lead one.

Related to the heightened awareness of the cult along with the bad PR recruitment numbers are also certainly on the decline.

Edric Vandross

The raiders had a major problem through a series of events that seem a little too natural to be orchestrated. They were on a regular raiding gig after a high value shipment from SR1-Alpha and found themselves a little outmatched by the security forces and several members were either killed or arrested shortly afterwards. While the bank hasn’t experienced any critical problems, one of the offices on SZ3-Beta was the victim of a robbery. It remains unclear if either of these events are connected with the recent hit on the corporation as they seem fairly minor compared to the damage others have suffered and a little too run-of-the-mill to be shady. Though some of the company bosses do recommend looking into it, there’s always a chance we just weren’t hit very hard in the first wave.

Luci Serrano

The media company didn’t suffer much in the way of direct attack like the others, but there has been a sudden rise in the popularity of articles on the internet discrediting the brand. They’re a little cherry-picked as to find every possible fact that was even slightly wrong and call them out with long rambles as well as one of the anchor-ladies reporting suspicion of a stalker though police didn’t turn anything up.

Important Links:

Player Handbook – Basic mechanics outline

Main players page – Sort of the repository of info. The hiring rosters are over there.

Weekly action sheet

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The Last Update

Rolled it all to at least say its done. Lot of dramatic plot points not exactly getting a stories of lore though.

On the grand scale, the fight went on for four more centuries as things went back and forth a lot. Song Yi would eventually regain her power over the dark spirits and Pandora revealed the further mysteries of the Akuma to her, causing Song Yi to gain some measure of control over Song Cao and Milenkosi. Pandora also created a new chaos god, this new god basically created the 9th apocalypse with their powers and defeated Eret in the process, who was not happy about it. Eret backstabbed Vechnost and basically the whole world and blew open both gates at the same time and redefined the idea of an apocalypse.

The Swarm wound up hitting so hard that there was barely time to run out the other gates before they began to sweep across the continent and overtake everything. Lucifer was all too willing to run over and be returned to it, causing the swarm to know all the details they wanted.

Inevitably, and almost immediately, Vechnost was captured by the swarm, and most of the divine empire fled out the far gate or joined the swarm, there wasn’t much time to make a decision. Either run through  a gate or stay and be consumed by the much bigger and meaner empire. Though of those that decided to stay, many of them played a part in capturing Vechnost and finishing the war.

The world we once knew became planet 82913748-B of the swarm empire.


Song YiSong Yi never revealed she planned to go back to the swarm in the first place. Once everyone else was free and clear and on their way on mass exodus to the gates, she turned around and went to join the swarm empire and most of the population only noticed she wasn’t there after the gates had been sealed once again. Except for those who went with her, including every single champion aspect, very few who went through the gates to find a new life were aware she wasn’t coming with them. Its unknown if she had made up her mind before the gates were opened or if the presence of the swarm in our world triggered that strange call the champion aspects tend to feel.

As Lucifer and Pandora predicted, she was considered a prodigy among the swarm and within the century became a general to replace the traitorous Jehovah in the swarm. Initially her forces acted as a scout and recon force into new worlds to find resources. Eventually it was found her mindset was better suited at home as a defending commander. She is currently the Emperor’s 9th in command and holds the very front line of defense against any who would invade the swarm homeworld.

While Izumi remains by her side, the swarm has warped their relationship to be more aware of their lifespans and mental connection to almost everyone and everything. Izumi has become more of the ‘fun’ wife and Naomi has become the more prominent partner since then.

Akuhiko SongAku had Eret send him to the spirit rich world that Song was held prisoner on where he became the new divine emperor there, seeking to maintain its peaceful balance and live things out peacefully there. The planet would remain lost for years, though one day he would find himself rejoining the swarm when they finished dissecting Vechnost and gained his cosmic abilities and were able to locate life that had not yet been assimilated in their various worlds. Aku’s included.

He was returned to his mother when they caught him, and now serves as her right hand man on the defensive lines.


Hei SongShe went with her mother to the swarm empire, though did not remain with Song Yi’s army. Instead preferring to go on the offense, she’s a member of a deployment force led by what we would have considered an Akuma, the one Pandora warned the swarm emperor somehow had control over. She has become one of the Akuma general’s harbingers with Song Cao and Milenkosi by her side.

Due to her dark spirit nature she’s quite at home in this roaming army of destruction. It specializes in removing problematic populations to the swarm’s rule, often coming if the first wave of recon teams are not sufficient. Hei and Van Tien are still somehow happily together. Despite the swarm changing many relationships, theirs remains unbroken and monogamous.

seiyomiHe went with the other guys, not liking the idea of the swarm much and not making the same mistake Aku made of thinking they just wouldn’t find him. Seiyomi has become the king of spirits in the absence of the rest of his family and his relationship status is always changing. Despite being worshiped as the spirit king he’s not really more then a myth. As the new empire’s population grew, the osiris loop ended, and many godlike figures waned in their popularity. While many are directly known, Seiyomi’s nature in particular kept him ever elusive and unknown.


AlakiraFollowing her mother into the realm of war was an easy choice for the bloodthirsty Alakira. She operates in the same army as Hei Song and is generally just pointed in the direction of things that need killing. She lost some of her powers when the sleeping lord that once enabled her parted ways to search for peaceful lands with the others, but the swarm gave her new ones to ensure she kept fighting to her hearts content.

Before the gates opened, Ryner found out she was the reincarnation of the missing Anna Goethe and had never told anyone because she liked her new identity more. She was one of the Song family, her mothers were nice to her, and people didn’t universally seem to hate her. The memories of being Anna and that harder life didn’t leave her with much desire to be Anna anymore. This did explain why she always tried to pick on Ailani though.

adin va2Before the gates opened she had an episode where she accidentally released the power of Otoroshi in a battle with the magic dragon lord, Veter. In the process of a huge battle she wound up killing her own mother on accident, Otoroshi’s power was a bit…vast. And since Otoroshi was a death akuma, her mother was ripped out of the reincarnation loop.

The results of killing her own mother caused her to commit suicide. When she reincarnated she killed herself again soon as she got her memories back, this repeated about four times as she couldn’t both reincarnate and remember not to get her memories back and she did it so quickly that no one could stop her each successive time.

This got worse when they decided to create a demi-god with the domain of death and specializing in suicide specifically to try and stop this loop as it was a problem elsewhere in the empire as well. The new god was to act as a sort of psychiatrist and work with Aphrodite on such matters with the general population’s mental state needing tending after all.

The problem is that demi-god was the reincarnated Eli Pierce, and no one knew about it until too late. Adin became the new mad prophet, and it was around here all hell broke loose with the rogue chaos aspect fighting with Eret, Eli and Angra went roaming around just making trouble, and under Eli’s guidance the mad prophet re-acquired the shard of Otoroshi.

She died two hundred years later on another world somewhere, alone, insane, and begging for her mother.

InajiInaji played a major role in the war, her runt squad being the team that defeated the dragon lord of invention, Stikhiym in the stupidest way possible. It involved years of sabotaging his city with minor scratches and imperfections to drive him crazy with trying to fix it and slowing his war effort while she built her forces up for the eventual assault.

In the end she rejected the swarm and went through the gates and played an integral role in building the new empire. With her at the helm from the beginning, the entire empire was built with her technological ideas in mind for easy upgrading and modern living. She eventually became a god of technology and remains one of the most popular figures of the pantheon, inspiring everyone to be whatever they want with her origin story that is taught in every school as required reading for english class.

AilaniHer power hungry ways never ended and it got her on the wrong side of Song Yi a few times during the war. It was made worse by the fact that Song’s granddaughter was Alakira, who we now know was Anna. Alakira was perfectly happy to keep the blood princess in check at every turn. She turned down the idea of the swarm and went through the gates with the rest of the empire.

Since then she escaped her father’s shadow and became a blood goddess in her own right and has since become the devil of the new world. A dark antagonist always looking to take control of the pantheon from within. She is not really invited very often to pantheon meetings though her movements are subtle and she always seeks to grow in power without providing evidence to her dark goals enough to be thrown off the pantheon. With Pandora gone the work of truly dark science has fallen to her, and she provides many shady deals for power across the empire in exchange for services.

Kiala ShentoShe would go with Pandora and Lucifer to return to the swarm and continue her work as a scientist. She is currently under Pandora’s command and as new worlds are invaded she helps in the process of taking whatever is good from their anatomy that might be discovered. Her first intern project involved the dissection of Vechnost and bestowing dragon magic to the swarm.

She found a mate, or more so a collective harem of them, within the swarm at long last.



Eztli ShentoHe wound up being defeated by Robert McCammon which while a fairly minor event in the war given how many battles he did win, this one stood out because Robert was defeated by Ryner and Eztli is Ailani’s minion. So Ailani was a little pissed off at him for awhile about that loss in particular, which planted the seeds for him to eventually stop following her around as her guard so much. He would remain with the blood cult in the new world separate from Ailani’s devilish ways as a long term result and possibly just to piss her off became buddies with Ryner.


JadusWhile he was a major player during the war he made a few bad tactical decisions that resulted in his death at the hands of Adin Va during her mad prophet phase. He wound up exploding his own body as the suicide gods power overtook him and he was the first proof that suicide now removed you from the reincarnation loop anywhere you were due to Eli’s new domain giving him a death aspect.




james rynerHe wound up going to the new world with his family to once again pursue his passion of smoking his pipe and chilling out doing nothing. During the war he was one of the major dragon slayers and alongside Shento defeated Krovavi but afterwards he retired a bit more permanently. Vampires still seek him out as a sort of guidance counselor but for the most part he minds his own business. As a vampire married to an angel, he’s immortal even without the Osiris loop and continues his long unnatural life span to this day.



Van Tien2During the war Van Tien became surprisingly important during the apocalypse caused by the chaos god and Eli’s return. She was somehow one of the most capable of withstanding their powers and her partner Hei Song was dealing with the rogue Akuma. Van Tien was the key player in defeating Eli and Angra and managed to throw them out of our reality into the nightmare realm of Milenkosi.

She went to the swarm with Hei Song given they were married by that time and she was somewhat reluctant to part from the only real friend she had who could put up with her mannerisms. Throughout the time leading up to the war the two of them had become a frightful duo plaguing the lands, so she was well suited to the change of pace in the swarm of making her nightmarish games even worse. She works with Hei for the same general and is another of the general’s dark harbingers.

In the end she sometimes wonders about what things would have been like if she’d just stayed with the dream people, but at least she’s happy enough for now.

Moja KuuAll the sleeping lords kind of just went back to the dream realm which was accessible from the new world since wherever its patron deity went the realm would be able to gate into.

Now days the sleeping lords play a more prominent role in the new empire since the dream realm is a key part of its infrastructure and a major resource when it comes to passing through other new worlds. They still don’t understand humans very well at all.



SanyarDuring the war he found himself frequently at odds with Eli’s people and was one of Van Tien’s most powerful allies in ending that threat.

Ever since his promotion to a sleeping lord he became the most popular as he was the only one with a deeper understanding of how to interact with normal people. He would eventually go on to become the new sleeping king and replace Milenkosi in that role and gained an almost total control over the dream realm.



Lin XiaoliWhile death was uncommon, the events surrounding Adin Va resulted in Lin gaining the powers of Vris and replacing her as the figurehead of the Aetas. His rule proved popular enough as he was less of a psychopath then the elf queen and a lot more personable. Being the direct demigod descendant of the god the church is built around helped as well.

He kept the Aetas together during the split between the gates and resolved to just follow dad wherever he went.



Lin ScarletShe was arguably the most important demigod of the war due to her many victories and ability to command the forces. At one point during it her authority expanded beyond the Aetas and she was added to the imperial generals, given authority over all of the war instead of just the Aetas. She also stayed with the Aetas as the gate split happened, though to her chagrin she has still never beaten her rival Hei Song.




Card_VrisThroughout the war she was vital in managing the Aetas and keeping things together. Though the magic dragon eventually resulted in her death at the hands of her own daughter. She has a big fancy memorial statue and the stroy of Vris and Adin is one of the great tragedies of elven history as they lost both their queen and princess in one really unfortunate series of events.




naomiThroughout the war her incredible power was a major component of military victories and she would be the one to defeat Vsemo and Sozrushatel along with being a key player in the battle with Voynaye and Angra. Her only major defeat came at the hands of the rogue chaos god.

Naomi went on to join the swarm and become Song Yi’s primary mate in the time that followed her indoctrination to the swarm. She serves in a separate army then her new wife though and is a vanguard general herself thanks to her unique talent for grand speeches and imposing presence. Over the centuries she would become a legend across the many worlds that were aware of the larger scheme of things, the herald of the Swarm Emperor himself. If she shows up, all hope is lost because even if she is defeated the emperor himself will appear.

genevieveWith the loss of Jehovah and her zealotry shifted towards Naomi, she became the right hand of the heavenly ruler. She was the first one the divine empire sent to try and defeat the return of Eli though was not successful (Van Tien wasn’t even on the list of people anyone thought to send, so it took awhile of attempts before that happened).




luciferWhen the gates at long last opened finally the games of the devil came to an end. He quickly rushed to the swarm and let them consume him once again, giving all of his memories to the invading force and completely removing any home field advantage the natives might have had. While many weren’t surprised they were still angered that he had given the invading force so much information. In reality though, his loyalty to the swarm is why we got as good of a deal or chance to run away as we did. Without his testimony they would have probably done a lot worse to us, and thanks to him they focused on the dragons instead and allowed us time to escape.

Now days, Lucifer maintains his oath and serves Song Yi’s defensive line and is a key advisor to her since she still sucks at politics.


During the war she continued her role of providing scientific research. Though the prominent position she played does make both the rogue chaos god and the suicide god she created a bit of a stain on her track record, but for those two major fuckups she was still the creator of Yggdrasil and the one who brought Song Cao and Milenkosi under Song Yi’s control. So you win some you lose some, its all science.

Along with her apprentice Kiala, Pandora is one of the major researchers for the swarm and is technically under the authority of Song Yi as well, not wanting to distance herself from Lucifer after sharing in the hell of being trapped on another world for so long. After her traumatic journey through the world of Vechnost she prefers to stay at home now days and let the more adventurous folk deal with going abroad. She and Kiala contribute to the research of assimilation when new worlds and new powers are found to take over and their lab is deep within Song Yi’s territory.


As the war with Drakon continued to upscale her control over the dead was irreplaceable and we’re glad she never swapped sides again or anything. Her undead armies were the front line in almost every assault and her ability to plague Drakon with their own graveyards was so important that we would have been wiped out without her multiple times over.

She was basically a swarm commander already just not a champion aspected one. So when the gates opened she went with her closest friends to join the swarm. She currently serves in Naomi’s army as the 4th horseman. A theme that was rebuilt obviously.


One of the champions that gave Drakon the most trouble, its still not understood to this day how he won so often. He remains undefeated but the fine print on that is he never went to a battlefield if he could help it. He just wandered around and shot people, while he didn’t play a pivotal role in any major battle he was still one of the most famous players and mostly picked on striders.

The legend of the Whately is known throughout many worlds. He didn’t join the swarm but exited with the new empire…then just kept on walking. He wanders from world to world endlessly, always looking for…nothing in particular. Somewhere out there, the undead gunslinger continues to roam and stir up trouble with any that would question his presence. We know he played a major role in many events on other worlds. Saving some and condemning others to anarchy. No one knows how powerful he really is, and for many worlds he is simply a myth, but he’s out there somewhere.

VedahlWhen Song Yi returned to us and took control over all the demons, Vedahl was included. She wound up becoming one of Song Yi’s primary assistants and advisors. Throughout the war she was always by Song Yi’s side which stirred up a lot of distaste given she was a demon princess. Though she was always loyal to her new master.

She went with Song Yi to the swarm and is the major civilian governor of Song Yi’s territories. A job that is easier then it sounds due to the hive mind, but her unexplained fierce loyalty to Song Yi has left her forever by the spirit goddess’ side.

IshtarShe became very minor during the war since Devadas and the restored council of the war gods overshadowed her as the last war god, and the other love and sex gods also competed with her for her other gimmick. She was still important and rather powerful, history doesn’t really remember her contributions very much.

She went to the new empire and remains a member of Freyja’s hot tub council.



SiduriSiduri died during the conflict with Eli.







lu taoHe was a prominent warrior during the war, but he meant his end during the battle of Veter. Like Vris, he too died as an unfortunate casualty when Adin’s powers involving Otoroshi went crazy.

His bloodline lives on though, the Lu family are still members of the new empire to this day and have a long history of legendary warriors that serve Ishtar.




nergalThroughout the war Drakon had to deal with his bullshit a lot. Dragon masters devoured each other in paranoia of Nergal’s influence, some were just outright assassinated by the fallen angel.

He would eventually go on to join the swarm his father had told him so much about. He became one of Naomi’s most obscure yet valuable assets. Most people don’t know he exists, yet his influence has reached far and wide across many worlds.

Its probably best that no one knows he’s still around. The Vua Cai would probably be annoyed to know he lived happily ever after.

eretEret was the oddest problem during the entire war. No one ever figured out what he was really up to as he did so many things with contradictory motives. He defeated us and then defeated Drakon in rapid succession. The chaos god Pandora created to defeat Eret wound up doing just that, but in the process the chaos god also killed Sahar. This death was the catalyst that turned Eret into a monster to rival Eli. He lost whatever desire or motives he had before and became hellbent on the total annihilation of the chaos god. We were just collateral damage in his rampage that culminated in him opening the gates as a final “fuck you” to everything. After a long series of events, he and Eli teamed up to capture the chaos god and force them into Angra’s realm, where they spend an eternity as the plaything of the mad god in a nightmare of inconceivable horror.

During the return of Eli, Eret didn’t actually return to Eli’s side as most expected he would and planned for. Eret instead just kept doing his own thing and at one point fought against Angra. For the most part Eret was a totally separate force of evil and slaughtered people on both the side of Drakon and the Divine Empire. When all was said and done, no one knew what became of him for some time until evidence of his passing was found in a world elsewhere.

Eret never really seemed to find his sense of self or purpose, now days he just wanders across the worlds looking for something he can’t define. Sahar’s death did something to him, he experiences phases of great cruelty and has destroyed worlds before we found them and during other times he is just quiet and passing through all alone. No one has ever been able to find him, only traces of his passing. Some worlds have entire world-wide religions that think Eret was the one true god, others regard him as the devil and think he’s still in their world. No one knows where he is or what he’s looking for, or if he is even still alive.

saharAs mentioned earlier, she was killed by the chaos god created to keep Eret in check. Before that she mostly remained by her husband’s side and the two of them effectively controlled the war on both sides carefully. No one knows what they were trying to accomplish as her death sparked Eret’s change into one of the most evil forces for the remaining duration of the war.

Upon her death Eret buried her at sea, and summoned Eli to demand his favor the mad god owed him. He placed a curse, that if anyone should ever try to resurrect Sahar or disturb the rest she deserved that Eli was to hunt them down and make their lives an eternal hell of madness within the realm of Angra. If anything ever even thought about disturbing the Djinn’s final rest, they would be dealing with both Eli and Eret hunting them and reducing their life to an eternal torment of unimaginable horror, just like her killer now suffers.

eli pierceHis return was a dark time indeed. With Adin Va wielding Otoroshi as his new high prophet and he himself having power over Angra it seemed he would be unstoppable. He defeated the chaos god, Devadas, and the invading swarm twice. He somehow killed Vremya and no one knows how the hell he did that one. His elusive nature made it impossible to engage him with a plan and proper resources and it seemed everything was doomed to be his playground.

Then somehow, of all people, Van Tien was able to not only defeat him but banish him to the nightmare realm. This banishment didn’t stick and he eventually got out, but by then the swarm invasion was already complete and the new empire had moved on through the gates. Wherever he popped out at it wasn’t in the worlds we are aware of. After several centuries he was found again in another world causing all kinds of problems, but it was Naomi who found him. Instead of bringing the Emperor to deal with it, she sent for Van Tien again. Who was now vastly more powerful as a swarm commander then a dream princess and managed to defeat Eli once again and drag him back to the swarm.

He and Angra became tools of the swarm as they had originally been intended and so ended the long tale of Eli Pierce. For all his struggles to keep his freedom and self identity, in the end Eli and Angra are remembered as little more then a Pandora experiment for the advancement of the swarm. The two of them having been somewhat lobotomized by the hive. So ended the story of the pirate who wanted nothing more then to be his own man, condemned to being a lobotomized god as was always intended.

Rei DaihebAfter the death of Sahar when Eret went crazy, she went a little off kilter too. She helped in the capture of the chaos god and after that just disappeared. She was later found as a member of the swarm, having pursued it in desperation for some sense of family that kept eluding her.

Despite the hive mind, her desire for a family was so strong that she refused deployment with the army Hei Song was in despite it being the best fit for her. She stayed with Song Yi and is now fully recognized as Yi’s sister. There isn’t much need for an assassin like her on Yi’s defensive line, but she’s happy there.

ThandarThandar one day returned to the Aetas when Eret went crazy. He was loyal more so to Eret then Eli, and when Eret lost it and crippled Thandar in his rampage rather then hear the brotherly advice, he just went back to the Aetas.

He hangs around with Lin Xiaoli for the most part, he’s still as calm as ever, and his humor is still sarcastic dickery.



locustDuring the war he played a surprisingly minor role despite his capabilities. He did his own thing and was mostly the dispenser of wisdom unwillingly. When Eli returned he went to the mad god’s service once again where he would remain until Eli’s eventual defeat at the hands of Van Tien.

Locust would reappear in the swarm as well alongside the lobotomized Eli as a member of Eli’s forces he had been trapped there as well. He was the new high prophet after Adin’s death for awhile, now he’s just that strange fella in the swarm who likes to use bugs to eat people.


orionThe great hunter also worked for Eli for awhile but apparently after Eli’s forces escaped banishment in the nightmare realm the first time he went his separate way from the cult. There was a legend he came across that demanded his attention, of a man so great they had never been defeated. The hunter in Orion recognized the name and knew he had to defeat them, he was the cosmic hunter after all and he was prepared to remind the cosmos of his name.

No one knows where Orion really is at any given moment, but he’s always stalking, always out there looking for his prey. Chasing after the legend of the Whately.

freyjaShe went with the new empire when the gates opened, she didn’t particularly like Yi’s new demeanor and realized that Aku was doomed to failure in his attempt to get to Yi’s utopian spirit world she had been imprisoned in. Freyja is one of the most powerful gods in the new empire and her hot tub council wields vast influence in politics. Without a super god like Yi or Naomi to impose their will on the new empire, political games have returned to their normal state and she has become quite good at them.

Freyja is often underestimated as her viking culture and following don’t give much clue to her political power or mastery, though those in the know understand she controls a huge amount of the pantheon simply by inviting them to hang out in the hot springs.

izumiDuring the war she was one of the only people unintimidated by the new slightly crazy Yi and definitely the only person who would tell Yi to calm the fuck down from time to time and kept the Divine Empress in check. It was mildly funny to her how often people came to her with problems they were having with Yi in hopes she’d speak to her wife on their behalf, because Yi was omniscient and could obviously hear them complaining to Izumi about her.

When the gates opened she didn’t really know what she was in for, but she loyally went with Yi to the swarm. The hive mind revealed to her that she and Yi really weren’t the best fit for each other, which resulted in their relationship altering a bit.

She’s still a wife of Yi though now secondary to Naomi. Granted she has additional mates of her own within the swarm’s infinite matchmaking. She is technically an officer in Yi’s homefront army and quite popular with the people but she isn’t as well known as Vedahl or Rei.

She spends her days mostly tending to her fox spirits and often misses Seiyomi, who went with the new empire instead. She’d visit if she could, but if the swarm knew where we were that visit would obviously not go the way she wanted. She’s since continued the propagation of the fox spirits, improving on the design as per the will of the swarm and with some of the new ‘technologies’ they could offer her offspring to be created with.

aphroditeOnce Yi had returned Aphrodite’s role as basically psychiatrist stayed an important one for the next few centuries until the gate opened. She was responsible for maintaining general happiness around the empire and when the gates opened she chose to go with the new empire instead of the swarm. Despite her loyalty to Song, she felt the same sense of closeness with Freyja after Song had been gone for five thousand years and atop of that, the swarm didn’t need someone like her as much as the new empire would.

While the new empire does not feature a divine empress of autonomous power, Aphrodite is the closest to one they have. Her sheer popularity and tendency to look after the mental well being of others has made her the most revered and as a consequence of that – powerful. Pantheon politics are forced to acknowledge her a lot more then they used to since she can basically flip the whole empire against someone with a single denouncement speech. Despite being the figurehead and most powerful of the pantheon now, she’s still prone to Freyja’s influence a lot as she likes the hot spring council.

am nhacDuring the war he…basically didn’t do much. After the war he went to the new empire and founded the genre of heavy metal over time. His domain has expanded to include festivals as well, and almost all festivals are managed by his following even when they are technically traditions of other gods. You can also blame all the bards on him too.




abalamAfter the great split that happened when the gates opened, Abalam took a bit of a twist on what people expected. He didn’t go to the swarm, instead he sent a single minion to the swarm and after they absorbed all the knowledge of the hive mind he killed them so they could not betray him to the swarm simply by the hive mind knowing that minion served him. From there he went roaming the worlds, collecting knowledge from every realm he passed through. He has become something of an enigmatic figure obsessed with knowing all there is to know in the cosmos and has become something of a higher level then our gods. An impossible force throughout all existence that wants nothing more then to simply know all that can be known. He’s quite easy to find though, at least for the new empire that knows about his existence and how he generally operates. He trades knowledge for various goods, services, or more knowledge. Though despite Thandar’s attempt, not even the mighty Abalam knows what became of Eret. Because Eret stole his own book a long time ago. It is a mystery that drives even Abalam with great obsession to no avail.

Ao ShunWhile his loyalty was often suspect during the war since he was a full blooded dragon and could have had a cushy job with Drakon, he never actually joined their side for reasons unknown. When the gates opened, he went with the new empire to the new world, once again surprising everyone. He is the second oldest dragon in the new empire, and is worshipped as the god of dragons in general. Thanks to him, the new empire still has its dragon magic at all. Without Pandora the magic might have surely faded, but Ao Shun helped to keep the power within the new empire. Granted this had a slight downside, black magic and cannibalism also remained as a result.


During the war Fujin’s command over the wind was exploited a lot to ground dragons and give them a terribly difficult time fighting the Divine Empire.

Fujin would wind up in the swarm empire by pure indecision. He couldn’t make up his mind very quickly and so they just captured him by force instead of him walking towards them like many of the others. The new life suits him fine enough, he was always one of Yi’s closest retinue members and now serves on her frontline army.









The two responsible for our immortality loop eventually died at the hands of Eli, they were actually some of his first targets as the unnatural loop bothered his crazy morals, ironic given Eli himself is basically immortal. Fortunately they died close to the end of the war and the gate’s opening so not many were lost from that point on, but as the new world began it definitely lacked the osiris reincarnation loop and the natural end to life was restored.

amaterasuDespite her sister going with Song Yi, Amaterasu decided the swarm didn’t sound like such a great idea as she witnessed them come through the gate and tear through the landscape murdering and infecting everything in their path. She went to the new empire and is one of the more prominent gods during peacetime. She is often found alongside Raven and Seiyomi, the three of them are considered to be major factors of the natural world and her daughter she would eventually have with Seiyomi is the new goddess of growth. Specifically worshipped by nature druids and farmers for agriculture.


vechnostWhile he did a good job for the longest time, it seemed we would be defeated for good this time, he for some reason was unable to foresee the danger of Eret and was betrayed by the cosmic time man that resulted in the gates opening. For all his power he could do nothing as the swarm Emperor himself showed up to reclaim his missing people, and while here opted to finish the job they started. Vechnost and his dragon magic were powerful, but dwarfed by the swarm empire’s own magic they had collected and improved upon from an untold number of worlds. He was consumed and his magic added to the swarm, and the cosmic powers he gave them let them travel the stars. Its up for debate if the being known as Vechnost died that day or was added to the swarm. But a very similar looking dragon with an entirely different personality bearing the same name roams the swarm under the command of Song Yi.

KrovsokolHe wound up actually joining the swarm willingly. The opportunity to continue his experiments with more resources and alongside Pandora were all too enticing. After Krovavi was killed by Ryner he saw no reason to stick around anyways. He can be found alongside Pandora’s science team, concocting new monstrous designs for the swarm and integrating his dragon magic into their designs. Elvira remains by his side as his favored assistant and monster keeper.



vobrazhenWhen the swarm came, even Vobrazhen recognized the danger as Vechnost was torn from the stars and devoured by its many monsters in less then a day. After weighing his options, Vobrazhen went into hiding and was as small as he could possibly shape himself. Becoming a sort of water snake hiding in the deep waters. It was Moja Kuu who found him and gave him an offer, one last chance for survival.

Vobrazhen is now a strange creature living within the dream realm and often found playfully curled around Con Lai’s temple. The last of the great dragon lords, rivaled only by Ao Shun, the imaginary dragon keeps the dream realm alive. As the realm was created with dragon magic, Vobrazhen’s presence keeps Con Lai the eternal queen of dreams. In exchange, Vobrazhen roams the dream realm freely, and many know of him for he invades your dreams and plays games ranging from tag to chess with you.

the end

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They came from beneath the ground!

The recon team who went to find Yi actually found her with surprisingly little trouble. It turned out that after 5000 years in her own world she built a new one and was the sole goddess of it. While there were some complications her children were basically able to find her instantly as this new world is densely populated with spirits they can commune with. The real complication was more of a moral dilemma, she had spent thousands of years in an environment of her own making that was utopian in its own way. There was no Azazel or other such things to muck with it and her world is filled with peaceful spirits who draw energy purely from the twin suns of her particular planet. Essentially we just showed up and asked her to leave peace and quiet behind to return to war.

Other then that, she’s also changed a lot in five thousand years. Having now long exceeded her expected lifespan since she was born human and with no concept of becoming a god, that was sort of inevitable. It seems that after the millenia of solitude in a world of her own creation, she’s grown a bit of an ego and actually sees herself as a goddess. She no longer has that streak of humility where she claims to serve the spirits, the world, and the pantheon, now she outright asserts herself as the divine empress and commands spirits to obey regardless of their disapproval over anything she might want to do.

She has become vastly more powerful then before, she even has control over demons since they were made with spirit experiments back when Pandora first made the race. Upon returning to our world she took over control of Yggdrasil immediately which freaked Pandora out for a moment when she lost control of it and didn’t know that was the exact instant Song Yi walked through the dream door and returned. Unfortunately this power is all based on normal spirits that inhabit nature peacefully and not dark spirits. Her ability to create and restore things is vastly stronger then before and she can create continents if she wants to, but her ability to destroy things and fight have actually diminished as she hasn’t really been training for combat all this time. She thought we were dead and the war was over, and dark spirits are the key element to what made her so scary back in the older eras. As such even if she is more powerful then a dragon lord now, she can’t actually beat one in a fight because her abilities lack combative applications. She could destroy all of Drakon by sinking the continents, waiting for them to get tired of flying, then let them drown in an infinite ocean but she doesn’t really want to genocide Drakon. She stated she’s just here to get the conflict over with as quickly as possible so she can get us through the gate and call it a day before we cull 70% of the population in a full scale apocalypse all over again.

Naomi has surrendered the title of Divine Empress back to Song Yi, especially since Song Yi made it clear it wasn’t optional. That ego thing we mentioned before kicks in, she sees herself as the supreme goddess compared to us. Given she could actually end all life on this world if she wanted to by exploiting our weak point, a need for food and air, perhaps it isn’t all that undeserved of an ego.

In other news the assault on Gorakamen changed midway through the mission, Song’s return being so easy meant the champions who had gone to rescue her could now go help that fight and also that they could now kill him instead of going through the effort of taking him prisoner. Yi has commented that no dragon lord can overpower her control over the world, so whatever earth dragon pops up is not going to be able to collapse the underworld as long as she is around. Though she didn’t personally join the battle since she isn’t strong enough to fight anymore, she cut off Gorakamen from his own abilities of geomancy and made the assault much easier for us. Turns out taking up residence on the Lengdon mountains where she is strongest was a bad idea.

No one important really died given dragons can’t reap so those who died will be back in no time. Though Kalena and Eztli will be out of comission for a little bit along with a good portion of Daezra’s champions and Lu Tao most notably.

With Hei and Alakira coming back from their trip to find Song midway through the battle they were able to join the battle and help press the assault against striders forced to rely purely on their weapon skills since their abilities were cut off. Ragara also proved how over the top she is by pulling Abaddon style nukes all over the place during the battle and Song Yi had to fix all the craters afterward.

Maukala managed to get some progress done with the turtle. It stood up midway through the war with Gorakamen, turned right, and bit the dragon lord’s head off. Apparently its a snapping turtle. This turned out to be the finisher of that battle as well, then it sat back down and hasn’t moved since. He’s not sure if he should count this as a success or not.

Meanwhile the sabotage team has been roaming around messing with Voynaye’s territory, he still hasn’t woken up from hibernation yet though. We suspect he will soon once someone wakes him up after Gorakamen’s death and the return of our empire. However, Eret has told us they still don’t know that Gorakamen’s powers stopped working or that Yi is back. Without godvision their intelligence is limited to actual scouting and Yi’s forests have kept a few thousand striders permanently lost in them to prevent them from ever delivering that report.

Raven and her people were the ones to liberate Song Cao and Milenkosi since no one else volunteered and Devadas still wanted it done. This caused all havoc to break loose instantly. They are currently rampaging through Voynaye’s territory where they were stored. Ironically despite their natural inclination to kill the people who made them, they simply can’t find them. Song Yi and other mystics keep them perpetually lost in the woods only able to stumble upon Drakon assets. Though the rate of occurrence for random dying in your sleep has definitely gone up since Milenkosi got free.


So far no luck in finding Anna Goethe, the best bet would be Ryner but he’s been busy this month.

The black order is composed of mildly powerful black mages that 5000 years ago might have actually been really scary given they feed on striders. But our demigods still far outclass them. They have basic armaments and some hidden outposts scattered around the world, coincidentally the location of the old Jakaal pit in the east is one of these outposts.  Notably they haven’t yet found out about avatars or the ascension effect as they don’t tend to live long enough to pull that off against Drakon by themselves. They actually think Helandrea is a god since they don’t understand avatars.

Lin Sun:

Scarlet gets more gear, though still doesn’t rival the arsenal of Inaji since Inaji is the custom creator of much of it.

Post durgon war, Freyja isn’t really sure what to do yet again. If you had asked earlier she was all for beating the whole Drakon down and going through the gate with everyone else but then Song Yi came back. Yi’s return has sort of ruled out a full Drakon beatdown, as Yi is only going to help us get through the gate and it isn’t clear what she intends to do afterward. She kind of wants in on that utopian peace world Yi created in her imprisonment as opposed to the endless war of the swarm, but she’s wary of how different Yi is and is still feeling out this dictator Yi thing.

Hanging out with Devadas results in you playing a lot of chess. Devadas’ major lesson is from chess, think as many moves ahead as possible. Basically he’s like the battlefield version of Eret but without the actual power, he just tries to predict the enemies responses as best as he can and prepare a series of moves ahead of time to counter it.

Scarlet is offended she’s not included in family day but her mother is.


Down in the underworld we’ve seen a great period of change thanks to the return of Yi. She sent all of our crops and cake mushrooms into overdrive and now some civilians run a significant risk of getting fat and lazy. However, her return caused a lot of other waves in the political spectrum. Since she assumed herself as the empress immediately upon returning it happened rather fast. Naomi gracefully gave the title back to her, but the vast majority of our gods and people have never seen or met Song Yi before that day she came and took over. She was simply a figure of legend and myth, and this has caused a lot of split opinions in her takeover.

Some consider it the fulfillment of prophecy and gladly accept her as the new Empress since they’ve been told since they were kids that she was the real one and all of our efforts to build up down here would culminate in her rescue, others are wary of this strange woman who is a little different then the tales. She is no longer a warrior as they expected to lead us against Drakon and instead is some strange naked woman who didn’t even take up residence in the underworld. Song Yi moved back into Yaosai and reclaimed its empty cavern, even raising it a bit so it would be definitively the highest mountain she could watch over the world from.

With some prodding from Van Tien, Song Yi at least took some efforts to make it clear she wasn’t a random naked woman wandering around the cities. She radiates a soft glow and her footsteps leave growing plant life purely for theatric effect. People had gotten used to Van Tien being weird, and Van made a point of making sure Song Yi looked like a goddess not another nudist prankster. This effect had a major impact though, as everyone who sees her definitely recognizes her as some sort of super goddess since only Naomi also glows in incarnated form. This has helped sway a lot of the people who encounter her to accepting that she didn’t take authority for nothing.

Despite her actions also proving she is really more about preservation and creation now then war, the theatrical glow and plant life reacting to her presence has helped cement that concept in people’s minds that despite the legends they got something else.

Devadas and Naomi still carry out the majority of war plans as they try to reacclimate Song Yi to this world though she has been difficult to deal with since she seems convinced about just taking time to do whatever she feels like instead of helping with the war efforts. Song has spent her time keeping an eye on her kids and with Izumi more then anything else.

Political parties were eliminated when Song Yi just forced all the gods to now show up in her grand temple to conduct business merely as her advisors. While little cliques of likeminded gods still exist, there aren’t really the same political games we’ve once had where their opinions on how things are being run cause constant conflict of plans. This has somewhat damaged Freyja’s hot spring council as well as Lucifer and Pandora’s gate seekers alliance, now Song Yi runs the whole show. This has caused some strife as it is a similar situation to Amaterasu, being imprisoned for thousands of years leaves one out of touch with the ongoing state of affairs. Though unlike Amaterasu, Song Yi is a lot more authoritative due to seeing herself as the rightful ruler of all of us and doesn’t bother trying to keep everyone happy as she can. So far no one has been brave enough to disobey or raise too adamant a resistance because Naomi hasn’t said anything about it so far.

Naomi in particular is keeping an eye on Yi. She is wary of Yi’s new “I own everyone” attitude and where it could lead but given that Yi’s actions so far seem more interested in minimizing the war and keeping things alive longer so far she has no reason to take action against the freed Empress.


Our machinations give us a view into whats going on deep within the Drakon empire. They clearly don’t know Song is back but they do know our empire is after the death of Gorakamen. They went through the effort to wake up Voynaye who was immediately occupied dealing with the Akuma loose in his territory instead of riding out to prepare for war. A new earth dragon lord was raised by Vsemo as per his rules that there must be each of the elemental lords at all times but this one is back on the main continent.

Several acts of independent sabotage have happened around their nation as Lucifer, Haval, and Shento’s many machinations come to fruition and cultists of all sorts turn on their own empire tempted by power they don’t really realize comes from dragon magic in the first place. Thankfully they never were able to make artifacts quite like ours so these cultists are still easily tempted by such things.

Meanwhile they sent one of their greatest champions from Drakon to our continent to help deal with us, Eret Daiheb. Abalam has voiced some concern over this turn of events, while they don’t know Eret is working with us he also can’t just feign incompetence given they know his powers. More importantly, it was likely this was part of Eret’s plan in the first place and Devadas agrees Eret is seeing several steps ahead of this conflict to execute some other sort of master plan we’re not privy to. Due to his association with Vechnost, Eret is based out of what was once Divus under the command of Vsemo.

The nation as a whole is on high alert given the amount of chaos we caused and are searching the world for dream portals specifically, they believe that is where we were hiding this whole time and that is the key to us being able to appear and disappear to assault Gorakamen with such a massive force as to actually kill him. Not to mention the turtle suddenly springing up and biting him, they saw that one from across the continent. They don’t seem to have any idea that we live underground or that all our portals are also down under the earth.


Devadas has had to recalculate his master strategy as he didn’t expect us to rescue Song Yi so easily, nor for her to be as powerful as she is and also as noncombative. Unfortunately Sozrushatel’s powers aren’t cut off by Song Yi’s the way Gorakamen was and the elemental dragons aren’t the ones we need to fight to get through to the gate right now.

There is an ongoing war council to discuss further plans, currently Devadas at the behest of Yi finds the best option for now to be to go right after Sozrushatel before the Drakon Empire can regroup and figure out whats going on and just exit stage right before this goes into a full length war. The main complication with that is Sozrushatel won’t be cut off from his abilities by Yi and is one of the strongest dragon lords with the second most militant following.

His territory is vastly larger then Gorakamen’s and now Eret is kind of sort of a primary commander in thwarting us and we have no idea how that’s going to go. Other cosmic dragons and striders are near both gates as well and we’re still not sure how to defeat any of those for sure other then hope our demigods are strong enough to do so unlike last time around.

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