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Plans to utilize golems must take into account what you wish to use them for. They consume a lot of mana to stay functional, and while they’re great for labor intensive tasks they are terrible at harvesting mana. Largely because mana is stored at random in various things such as tree amber or coral reefs. The lakes of the north are geological anomalies in the abundance of it they provide, which is why we live here. If you do seek to utilize such automatons, keep in mind their detriments at tasks that require a precise eye and the costs it will put on our mana income. Since nalkas are better harvesters normally, obviously you’d leave warm bodied peasants to do the mana harvesting to fuel the golems working on some farm or regular metal mine. Historically golems made for popular soldiers though, fearless warriors that you really only had to put mana in once you had something for them to fight so they make for a good reserve force.

Coastal expansion is the current target though it might be a little while before we are prepared to do so. Territorial expansion in the north is harder then other places due to the environment making people less willing to walk any given distance, resulting in very dense populations within the city. That and the monsters out here are big.

The workforce census yields that the actual problem with our number of laborers for resource exploitation stems from an abundance of people who consider the labor beneath them. We house many elderly as well as scholars, not so many ‘manual labor in the freezing snow’ types. Our technology and magic is advanced for this but we could definitely benefit from some more peasants with fewer options. Maybe raise college admissions to start cycles of poverty if you would like more people trapped within the mines, it’d help my paycheck at least. That or slaves, though if we’re going to go raiding for slaves may I remind you that I have been very proficient in my duties and am deserving of the second most beautiful one we should capture. You can have the first but don’t take the second third and fourth too, that’d be a dick move.

That being said our population is increasing at a steady rate via native births but not picking up many immigrants like the Fukuchi manage to do. Not many people want to live up here and like Katara we have a bit of a…reputation. With plans to establish a new colony certainly in motion to siphon some of our populace to get it up and running, encourage more child birth.

As another bit of census, we as nalkas are exceptionally proficient in harvesting mana, and the mana lakes are easier to harvest from then anywhere else in the world. More golems in labor intensive positions would free us up to harvest more mana, and that is actually a decently favorable job since we build our city right on top of the lakes. I can literally throw a rock from my office window and hit the lake. So people are more comfortable in that line of work then remote mining. So there is value to that plan as well though yields might come closer to balancing out then you might hope for. Though laborers would find it favorable.

Hiring Oda peasants to assist with coastal mining will require the expansion of our territory so we can place nearby docks, roads, and transportation to the main city line effectively without it getting eaten by monsters. So that plan will have to wait for a little bit.

In other news Jonne’s trip around the coast has yielded the find of a village of primitive folk. Clothed in the most basic of fur and leather, their town is made from wood and the area near them devoid of foliage they must have used to build their palisade. It’s actually amazing they’ve survived as long as they have out here. Jonne is looking into the matter.

Sakki’s work as an observer has come to an end now that the construction of the colony is under way he has been keeping busy trying to keep people safe from the abundance of monsters at the location. The downside is at least 15 of our warriors have fallen to the raids. It will be a tough battle to secure the colony from them, though as progress continues it will become safer once some siege weaponry is added to the defenses.

Also our chef is quite good, the undead raven was wonderful with proper herbs and I am not dead. Though I have been experiencing strange cravings for brains lately.


I should advise that you leave Kairi and her army, or Tallis, to the defense of those constructing the bridge and subsequently the new village plans. We know the area to be dangerous and until proper defenses are established we cannot consider our workers as safe.

As for the source of the monsters, if we knew where to find such a thing we would have made that a priority long ago. I imagine every denizen of the world would. Not all remember the times before they roamed the land but we do, and we know they came only after the dying night.

Also work on both the road to join all of our allies, except the Fukuchi, and the docks have been completed. The fishing sector of our civilians has never been better since the docks have no boats in them yet. Even if we don’t build any ships it turns out to have been beneficial enough on the economy to make back what we spent soon enough. We have the ability to build some rudimentary boats at least, though for the cost they’re not terribly efficient. With some experimentation perhaps better naval options will appear.

Road tax is profitable as well, especially in the initial boom considering general interest in checking places out. Travelers visiting us have been female dominated as might be expected given our reputation. Though of interest a handful males from Oda came here to…retire. Though to the chagrin of some, Kazehaya wasn’t one of them. We’ll get him yet.

Tallis sends back reports of finding evidence of civilization in the direction she is moving but it tends to elude her. There is likely some sort of city nearby hidden within the forest if she could find it. Also she has apparently lost ten troops to the monster attacks thus far.

Areti has similar findings of people. The long lost and fabled “elves” were found by her. By found I mean she saw some of their hunters in the forest and then interrogated them. Unfortunately they are unable to guide her to their city since they soon found themselves… victims to the hungry monsters that lurked in the forest. Apparently their city is due south of her. I think Tallis outright passed it, we could have them converge on it, or send one of them alone while the other continues exploring.



Suuup. Kurisu is off being an envoy so I’m taking over while he’s away, he should be back for the next meeting or the one after that, depends on travel time.

Anyways, Shime’s investigation into the isolationists proves to be a bit of a difficult thing as they don’t even desire to let her into the city. She is also a dark skinned elf with white hair and bright clothing or lack thereof at times, she sticks out a bit. From observation she has noted that other then hunters who travel towards the woods for game, no one seems to leave or enter the place.

The mining has begun in the mountains, as well as construction of a watchtower to keep control of the area as well as allow us to keep track of what happens beyond the mountains that seclude us from everywhere else.

Iwanagi has taken off in a boat headed south along the coast looking for…generally anything of interest. There are some small frozen landmasses rich in mana southwest of Sybaris but something is off about them. Namely that they are to the south of us and frozen. The abundance of mana indicates there is something fishy going on there.

He spotted a foreign ship flying a gilded green and gold flag sailing south wards, he hasn’t had time to catch up and say hi. Though its the first evidence in some while we’ve seen of anyone else out on the high seas.

Also our fleet, with a bit of help from Iwanagi passing by, have managed to map the entirety of the island’s coastline to the west of us. However, one of our ships was lost to a giant tentacle monster. After sinking the craft it retreated into the waves, so that thing is still out there to keep an eye on.

A peculiar new design was made by some of the shipyard architects upon hearing of this thing. A hunter class ship designed to hunt monsters instead of other naval craft or land bombardment. It is especially equipped to strike beneath the waves thus vastly improving its ability to fight off the nautical beasts. The design was refined so expenses are roughly the same as a standard warship, though its capabilities against other naval craft are suspect.

The diplomatic envoy has been prepared to visit the island city though we will need to bring the fleet back to pick them up and take them there. I volunteer to go while Kurisu is away. I am an apt naval commander when time calls for it. Please send me…ever since that road was finished a bunch of katara have been visiting and there is no tree in this forest that can hide me from them. I don’t really mind the adoration of women but it takes supreme willpower not to give in and become cursed to die in a couple of years. I’ve had to keep a monk with me at all times to keep my undisciplined dick in check.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, less disciplined men then I have been resigning from their posts to either head south and I’m pretty sure the local drunk Takota’s sudden untimely demise may be related to these visits.

Also as requested, preparations for a festival to welcome our potential new village have been arranged for pending news upon his return.


We’ve pretty much run the town dry of the mana they’re willing to part with. Some of it they were less then willing but it was acquired none the less. Reportedly the badlands use mana as the preferred form of currency over gold due to its scarcity out there. In theory if we take mana to them to trade and bring their wares back for gold the net gains should be helpful.

Ryo comments that his gun is quite weak specifically against enchanted armor. Once you hit a second tier of enchantment the projectile fails to punch through all that effectively. For all its effectiveness in general at killing people, once it stops penetrating through it loses a huge amount of its threat more so then normal weaponry. The strength of it comes from its small size that is highly likely to go through, once it fails to a chest plate effectively renders the spread of its impact into being near useless.

Atop of this, fireball still hits a much larger area. His weapons take precision which can be difficult against moving or small targets. Whereas if I just use a pillar of fire I’ll wipe out a whole unit regardless of size. In the end mages can deal much greater damage but it takes them a little longer to get set up and their range is more limited.

The caravan is prepared to part ways as requested at any time you should tell them to do so. Though I will remind you that the caravan will continue to move at the same speed it always does. If you send Kaiba with just the army he can cover much more ground for purposes of scouting.

Also we could just send our agents to poke their heads in. They’re much faster by themselves and less likely to draw attention or get into too much trouble.

Finally, we encountered a strange creature out here where the forest meets the badlands. In this green but unforested terrain we found something the fishers refer to as “horses”. We saw their use as beasts of burden for the fishers, they may be worth capturing to bring with us.

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Travel Time, the update.



Work on colonizing the new area is proceeding as planned, though slowly. The snow and mountainous terrain definitely hinders us in expediting the matter. To go with that, Sakki reports alarmingly high monster presence as the area is one of their primary food sources to be found inland given the difficulty we give them over Jämsä. Considering what we once knew of our geography, these three lakes are the only ones to be found for several days journey. To the east of us lays just a regular lake, in theory we may be able to better protect our lands if we take control of this lake and the coastal reefs that are also rich with mana. Simple ecology demands the slow but inevitable starvation of the beasts if we do so, which will afford us to invest military efforts elsewhere. Though we will have to fight for this lake, and as the beasts go hungrier by the time we completely control the mana of our area, the last one will certainly be a war with the wild life for it. Just a thought.

In the meantime, we’ve lost a few soldiers on the journey to settle the lake already. As was aforementioned, its going to be a violent effort. A handful of laborers dead as well. To conclude Sakki’s findings, he spotted a colossal monster visiting the lake once. We don’t really have a grading system, but I would say that it is one grade lower then an elder dragon. It is strange we have never seen it before now, and it must roam in the areas we do not have presence. If it is engaged with our current army, losses are projected at eighty percent. The problem is if it visits the lake again.

Moving along, Jonne has found the coast line rich with mana in his initial report from his journey. His skeletal raven will not be returning any further messages to him though, so he is liable to continue his coastal journey for the time being. It knocked over some of my papers. Interacting with our neighbors through laborer’s work on the road has made us aware that all three tribes allied to us are considering a trip to investigate the Badlands. We’re going to have a few less allies soon, so I would advise preparing to have no one to rely on while they’re busy recovering.

In regards to the mines, if we can mine it we’re doing it. The issue lays not in building more of them, but increasing the available work force. Unfortunately up here in the north we have few neighbors to enslave, especially with the able-bodied male prisoners being sent to Katara. Not that we have many to begin with anyways.

This concludes my report, now if you’ll excuse me, the chef has prepared an undead raven for me and I am interested to experience what he could have possibly made out of it. If I die from this meal, I would like to be reanimated as a zombie and have the chef fed to me please. I, being of sound body and mind, do declare this to be my will should I perish.



Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. The expedition continues to circle the island, though they have found evidence of actual civilization. There is a city large enough to be spotted from sea a bit inland. A large channel of water runs in, it could likely be docked with. We have avoided contact for now in order to finish circling the island.

As requested we have expanded our people to the mountains nearby, our population has become fit to do so. Soon the mine construction will be complete and I am positive we will find strong returns upon the start of our work.

One of our people visited the village Shime found, with some finesse they managed to receive a confession that mana was richest on the far side of the lake they dwell upon. Near the transition to the badlands. The village has expressed some interest in our monastery, Shime left quite the impression on them. With the size of their population, it may be possible to add them to our growing kingdom. They are not far from our borders and have much to gain from such an arrangement. They are fearful for their lives against the constant threat of the monsters, even if they were to all migrate to our city for safety they would leave behind the infrastructure for our bolder citizens to replace them. If you so wish, please allow me to act as ambassador to convince them of such an offer. It would go hand in hand with your desire to increase the monastery’s recruitment efforts.

Speaking of villages Shime found, she came across another one upon a hidden oasis to the north east of the fishing village. It sits in an amazing location, the border area between the badlands, the frozen north, and the western forests. Giving them access to a wide variety of resources. Though it would seem they are very unfriendly, having denied Shime entry or even the opportunity to trade for supplies. Even threatening her! The scouts say it seems they are paranoid of outsiders because they frequently interact with denizens of the so-called Badlands. A nasty bunch it sounds like.

Oh, lest my memory escape me, allow me to introduce your newest agent. As per your request we asked the grandmaster to provide us with an able bodied sort to travel the world and venture into the unknown.

Iwanagi is a perpetual ghost in the woods. The grandmaster assures me that if all you desire is to know what is out there, Iwanagi has mastered techniques that render him nigh uncatchable. He has specialized his whole life in the discipline of the wind and waves. He would make a good sailor too. He is a prime candidate to escape the clutches of whatever hungry beast might be out there.

He is a capable fighter but I’m told that in terms of sheer power, he will not compare to Shime nor be anywhere near approaching the elf’s combat ability. But he is faster on foot, can move through any terrain with ease, and won’t get caught up fighting every monster he runs into along the way. We can’t send people to escort him since his benefit is that he cannot be caught, any scouts assigned to assist him would certainly only slow him down or be left behind. Though unlike Shime, he can speak so it isn’t as terribly necessary.


As requested, the docks have begun to see reconstruction. This has displaced some of our fishers though as they cannot work in areas under construction and the supply of fish thus dwindles. As it is the…commoners meat I was told, this may upset some of the populace while it is under construction.

The army is moving south as requested, though it is a long journey to catch up to a single witch moving with just a small team. I will inform you soon as they find anything of interest. Unfortunately, they lost some soldiers in their encounters with the monsters of the wild along their journey.

Construction of the new village will take a little more time then normal. While the new army has set about to clearing the path, the problem is the river itself. It is home to some extraordinarily powerful monsters as it is wide, deep, and connected to the ocean. Along with that, it is so large near the area most convenient for a crossing that construction of a bridge would be a serious undertaking. We could wait until the shipyard can produce ships to ferry people across, or begin the arduous process of placing a bridge. As an…option… our allies may be of use here. Oda command the waters for the whole alliance, they may be better prepared to fight the river and have the tools to build upon the water with greater ease. Nalkas sorcery is also very advanced and while our architects are going a little crazy trying to figure out how to even physically get the material in place we know the Nalkas to be masters of engineering. I cannot imagine they would object to assisting, it isn’t like we’re asking their people to die for us. Just allow us to commission some skilled tradesmen.

Also to your request, we have raised a second army of equal strength to what we had.

This is Marilena, she was a member of the soldiers we collected. She stood out a bit, namely in that she was already trained. Prior to volunteering for the recruitment she was something of a hunter, but she specialized in hunting people. Many would-be slavers have met her. The soldiers we raised seemed to consider her the boss automatically, she carries herself in the way you would expect of a leader and her comrades simply fell into line. She isn’t as rough as Talia, there is a gentle and refined side to her. A kindness that prevents her vision from being clouded with rage and bloodlust, keeping her fit to command, and offering her a level of finesse and grace that sees to the swift execution of her enemies.

((Commander bonuses: +1 movement, +2 vs people, +1 morale))

As for a new agent that we can send afar, we found Areti in the outskirts of our city. She’s a veteran of our warriors, she’s been part of the military and then later the scouts most of her life. She is generally always in a bad mood and shouldn’t be asked to do anything diplomatic if it can be avoided, but her accomplishments make her stand out. She’s a brute, but a loyal one. She uses nothing more then conventional weapons and a few magic baubles to give her the strength she needs, a true embodiment of the word knight. Most people, especially the younger ones, have no idea who she is anymore. Just trust me when I say that before your time, she was one of the greatest. Though, I advise against meeting her in person. She may not show you the respect you deserve, and I would rather not have an incident between you two unnecessarily. Not to mention she’s always one step away from pummeling people and the palace guards will certainly do something to evoke her ire…like ask her for her name.


Hello my Khan, it seems the nearby village has yielded some interesting trade. They have little in the way of gold, but as such they very much desired it. They had mana though, and that is just as good as currency these days, we negotiated favorable trades. They know little of the value of their own possessions.

Unfortunately, they definitely did not have the loud lead flinging toys similar to Ryo’s. I have asked him where he got such a thing, I know of guns but his is the only one I recall seeing that didn’t throw crossbow bolts instead. He said he got it in a trade with people who had come far from the east, perhaps that is where we might best find more.

As another aside, the katara army has deviated from their course. They suddenly fled to the south for reasons unknown, as such we will not be able to rely on them to tell us what awaits in the badlands to the east. We asked about the village for details of the eastern land. They seemed quite concerned, though they are peasants who live every day in fear of the most basic monsters of the forest.

However, I inquired about Ryo’s weapon with them. Apparently they have those in the Badlands, and that is why their people fear to venture into the place. They speak of violent bandits around every corner, armed with weapons we have never seen before. A race of people so volatile that even the monsters do not venture there, a land where monsters of even the largest sort are hunted as sport to fulfill an ever and all consuming greed that has given rise to the most eclectic bazaar ever heard of.

Sounds like our kind of people to me. I suggest we send someone into the lands ahead of us, to find the bazaar and waste as little of the caravan’s journey as possible. There is profit to be made, and I find the anticipation eating away my patience.

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To boldly go, annnnd monsters.



I have scryers on Sakki to keep tabs on his explorations, we’ve had some artists sketch the map as he relays it. There is good news and bad news regarding his finds. The good news is that he found another mana-rich lake like our own. Easily worth twice as much as the one nearby. Bad news is that means we’re idiots and should have just walked slightly north before we set all this up.

Though the reason we didn’t do that is we thought we still knew enough about the layout of the land. The lake of Jämsä was the former most bountiful lake in the empire that was within survivable walking distance from the tomb. This indicates we definitely have been away for awhile, and also that these must be capable of forming post-creation of the world as we originally believed.  I gave the subject to some students for a thesis, doesn’t matter if its never been proven or studied much before. They’ll either figure it out or fail, we’ll see.

For now, Sakki is camping out in the mountains near the other lake observing who comes and goes from it. Cataloging monsters and their behaviors. Up to you if you want him to continue his journey and perhaps send an actual team of scholars to take up the role of observation, or if you want to leave Sakki to it as he has obviously shown himself capable of surviving out there. Do not ask me how in this world he managed to find it, its a really dumb story.

In the meantime I trust you don’t need my overpaid advice to tell you to begin plans to build the stupid colony there right? Good, I’ll have the orders sent along the way, just put your seal here.

Oh and I got you a new agent and governor as requested. The first is Jonne-

He is young and unproven but among my students he shows good potential for some wandering work. Since you were looking for agents I figured his youth might be of advantage, as he carries all the energy of an unproven runt desperate to make his mark on the world. He’s a solid wizard, specializing in necromancy with a proficiency in evocation and one or two other cantrips.

He’s generally buried in his books trying to find the secrets of arcane power, though he’s not necessarily the most observant when it comes to people. Thinks I don’t know what he does in his lab off campus, thinks its just good luck that the corpses he steals are buried shallow.

Don’t ask him about his work unless you have a meal handy, given half an opportunity he will talk for hours. Maybe don’t tell him secrets you don’t want revealed in a villainous monologue delivered to some farmboy.

As for your governor, Ylermi used to be a guard, then a captain, then retired eventually. Good detective, he’s old but we live long so a desk job suits him well. He’s got enough experience with people to act as governor. Though his back has gone bad since his duties, don’t ask him to lift anything heavy. Great pyromancer though, evocation specialist obviously, strong study of abjuration. Kind of fit into his prior job. He’s friendly, friendlier then me at least, has a weird love of rice cakes we get from the Oda. Probably gets along with them well enough. Also I’m told by the Katara that we tend to look a little creepy, Ylermi doesn’t look like us so much since his wrinkled face always seems to be squinting and they can’t see his eyes too well. So maybe that’s a bonus if you give him a job in a border area.

That’s all I’ve got to report, I’ll be in my office if you need anything. Please don’t need anything. You can think for yourself don’t worry I have faith in you.


Greetings keeper! It is a fine day for the Oda people. I’ve received word that our scouting ships found a new island already. I am not sure how we didn’t find that before now actually…currently they are exploring its shores from afar and attempting to sail around it. There have been signs of native life, so they are cautious of setting foot upon it. While not inept at the task, we may consider sending someone better suited to traversing inland in the event that it isn’t exactly safe. With evidence of natives, it is hard to say if they will accept our hand in diplomacy or if they will need to be dealt with in less savory methods. I’m sure more reports will be forthcoming upon the completion of their scouting its shoreline.

In the meantime Shime and our scouts report the discovery of a village along a lakeshore. We estimate a population between a thousand and two thousand, seems to be a fishing village. Shime took some time to assist them with a matter and ensure smooth relations should you wish further interaction with them.

In regards to inviting our allies to train at the monastery, I caution the risks of that. Merely because if we do so it will set a precedent, and I am wary of allowing the Katara to learn the secrets of the monastery. Who knows what those foul witches might do should they unlock the potential of ki, and if ever we should exit their good graces we will have little response. They have been eyeing Kazehaya with a little too much interest as of late and it concerns me. The last thing we need is for the Nalkas to develop a taste for ki. Mana can be harvested, but there is only one way to get ki… Though if you should decide to allow for it anyways, the monastery could easily train anyone I imagine. All living things have ki within, the monastery just teaches them to wield it.

As per requested we have gone through the finest of the monastery to find a fit commander for the armies.  Inaba has been there almost his whole life and has seen to the training of the younger students, I feel that makes him fit to command the troops even if not exactly the same kind of training, at the very least we can hope the discipline of the monastery will rub off on them.

He’s a wise man, and carries himself well despite his age, though he hasn’t relented to give me a clue as to his age but his hair is a bit of a giveaway. But just look at that glorious mustache!


Also in regards to the mines, we aren’t positioned well enough to exploit them. We live within the valley near the coast. It was more prudent to exploit the bounty of the seas then the wealth of the mountains when first we settled here. The mountains have provided us safety but we’ve yet to fully exploit them. I will see to it that as our reach expands that we move further inland to reach them.



The shipyards, and by association the docks, would cost about fifty gold to bring to working order. Building ships themselves would be costlier then the scaffolding though. The shipyards fell into disrepair since we had little to no use for them, we rarely go onto the sea. If you wish to see to us doing so once again, we will need to properly train naval forces and perhaps just buy the boats from our neighbors for the near future as we haven’t had the need nor opportunity to work on these ourselves. Though, we are in a forest, so perhaps we have enough material to experiment with in the short term. I visited the docks personally, there are actually quite a few people who utilize the safety of the docks within our walls for fishing that provides a good amount of food to the market. Even if we weren’t to build a navy, there is value in at least making the docks safer and more accessible to our people.

As requested the prisons have been cleaned up and their security measures inspected and repaired. We’ve also begun construction of the highway along the coast, though it will take some time to complete thanks to the dense forests and difficulty of removing the obstacles that presents.

As your advisor I feel it pertinent to mention that for now they are building the roadways close to our cities, but there are a few gaps between our respective territories that the road is intended to cross. These are dangerous places, with the army departing to the fabled Badlands, I would caution finishing the road’s construction without some measure of protection for the workers. We can’t afford to lose our people to simple carelessness.

For another matter, I am not sure how long you dreamed of becoming the Witch Queen, but it is desirable by our people for you to produce offspring as well. As queen you will be able to choose from any prince you desire, for the daughters of queens are powerful indeed. Even though you are new to the position and pregnancy might leave you vulnerable so early, should any get the idea to try and usurp you so hastily I will act on your behalf to ensure their challenge is a doomed one, just as I ensured your success in taking the throne as well. With less need for a show of strength taking power, you will find any challenges against you to be…futile.


With the direction we are currently moving, it is inevitable we might reach these fabled “Badlands” that the Nalkas spoke of. It has been poorly mapped though I am to understand the grand bazaar lies within should we be willing to brave the perils….hehe like we’re turning around now. Where there’s great trade, coin will be made. The Katara have also sent an army towards it with good haste, with any luck we’ll catch them on their return trip to Sybaris and they can tell us what to expect. In the meantime I should say we stockpile the exotic goods we can in case there is something of interest to trade for within. The nalkas man, firebeard I think they called him, returned with fabulous items and spoke as if there were more to be had. The caravan has prepared to split but I would hold off on that until we are within the badlands, that way we can cover the important ground and find these trade outposts that we are sure to find.

As per requested, I found some people for those jobs you wanted fulfilled. Even haggled them down a little, hehe.

His name is Take, he’s done well for himself through his suave tongue. He’s a decent wizard all things considered, evoker as well. Perhaps he can defend the other caravan a little, they won’t have the advantage of numbers we usually enjoy. He has his mind on the things that matter, and with him in charge the split is sure to be a profitable venture given time.

As far as I know he was born with the caravan, his parents left him some wealth which he turned into a modest fortune. I believe this is the value we want out of a leader.


Ryo Soo-Yeon, he hasn’t accomplished much to warrant the promotion but I say he has potential if nothing else as an experiment. He’s not as strong as our usual commanders and his numbers modestly unimpressive compared to Kaiba’s, but he has a different outlook on handling the monsters that lurk out there. Utilizing one of those…projectile toys he acquired some while ago and keeping his distance to lay traps. If nothing else he is likely a safe investment, providing stable results for a long time could be a useful pawn. Those like Kaiba have an inevitable day of death approaching them.


You didn’t quite specify what you had in mind for the agent to do, so I found someone cheap. His trade is that of the mercenary, he isn’t a native of Fukuchi but he found work plentiful here and followed us around. Since he isn’t from around here, he works for a bit less then our normal people’s going rate. I think he just hits thing with sharpened metal objects, primitive but historically effective.

Unfortunately that is all I really know about him, I find him too uninteresting to look deeper into and he isn’t the most talkative type anyways.


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A new adventure (again)

Be sure to notice there are 3 sheets in the player actions sheet this time around that covers standing economics as well as the buy list. Will probably add more things to the buy list as requested. Beta.

Also Sam’s characters in the SoL have nothing going on yet because I had to work on all this other stuff and his faction doesn’t have much I need to introduce yet. So I just gave a quick cutaway of his character everyone seems so interested in.

SoL mini, its session 0 i don’t have enough ideas yet.
Sam’s Handout

Mezzy Handout

Tess Handout


YOU RIIIIIIISE! To a desk job with a fancy title of King. You’re a bit younger then most around here and were not there during the long slumber, but that’s okay. Your people have a knack for long lives, you got time to acquire more experience at this job.

Your royal advisor, Heseli, brings to you the current status of the kingdom. The Nalkas people live out in the frozen north where mana is most plentiful, but plentiful mana means big damned monsters are a bit more common. Your predecessor had initiated studies on this and managed to prove they feed on it to gain their supernatural abilities and sizes. While they can live off of regular meat, Nalkas people are glowing beacons of nourishment to them. So be wary of that.

The society has finally managed to reach a point of stability though, hence the change of leadership. Your predecessor had been so focused on reaching a point of safety and security that once it was achieved, it seemed he might be too set in his ways to bring in a new age. The walls are strong, the people are fed, and the roads are paved. He was hailed for his successes in bringing the nalkas from the brink of extinction to a thriving populace. But now that he succeeded it was time for a fresh perspective, he’s actually still around and gets to live in a fancy mansion in retirement. All hail the new king, may your rule be wise and prosperous.

Due to the sheer stability of what he created, Heseli points out that the people have actually not ventured particularly far since the long slumber ended. The world has been reborn in our time away, and it might be time to consider some new expansions and explorations. Be wary of the monsters though.


The mountains nearby have done a good job keeping the Oda people safe from a lot of the problems the neighbors are having, as well as the lack of mana-rich deposits. Though the other problem is the lack of mana-rich deposits. As such despite the safety of the capital, there is a bit of a need to find some new resources. Fortunately, we have a kick ass port, so we can travel around the seas a bit easier then most.

Not much going on here since the faction didn’t start with any major ongoing problems or politics just yet.


YOU RIIIIISE to power by murdering your predecessor in open combat. Even people not affiliated with you are pretty aware of the shift in power. Most notice when one of the most peculiar kingdoms has a shift in power for whatever reason.

The most immediate problems are nothing new for the Katara people. Winter is quick to remind you the reason the path to taking power was tied to your predecessors inability to keep the population growing at the rate a warrior culture needs, an especially important problem given the curse that afflicts your people. Currently the kingdom has a population of 200,000 and only 20 men in the whole place. They also won’t live that long, people will be expecting you to find solutions. Given that the curse of Katara is famous, not many take the bait of just being offered to live a life of luxury and endless sex here.

Your population growth rate is staggeringly slow compared to everyone else and the number of delinquent youths is also extremely high since the mothers work and the fathers are kind of busy in an environment unsuitable for children. No one really has stable parental figures, just rotate between caretakers throughout the week.

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6 months later

Stories of Lore 13

Mordekai Aberhoff

Jicho does respond to the message leaving a one word response that was actually cleverly hidden and required people to piece together a series of otherwise broken function calls and decrypt his weird choice of commands by comparing the first letters. It just says “revenge” but the way he left it definitely shows that he’s just messing with us like some sort of serial killer taunting detectives.

Zex’s funeral is a somewhat publicized event for the cult, especially given that he was assassinated moments after he had been delivering a speech. Though they don’t really mention that he was assassinated to avoid explaining the ‘why’ part and say some mugger killed him for his van. An attempt to promote unity in these dark times through Zex’s death, and get people to not look too hard into the circumstances of his death.

You start a backyard garden.

Stoogie continues his project, though progress is slow. Despite all his effort he still isn’t as great as Asi was and definitely not on the same level as Cerys. However, someone else in the project has an idea they pitch to the suits which works its way up to your message box. There might be interesting data to find if an alien who grew up in a culture that understood sahad a bit better were utilized. That or perhaps finding others in the galaxy who are already the kind of sahad we want to use as a baseline.

Edric Vandross

System named Tie lost due to a cultural translation error. People think it is a lost and found bin for missing business suit ties. Nah they got it right since its written in a memo, but them throwbacks.

The super carrier finally finished construction.

As far as intel can find, Karsoluth has plans to make military moves against Shetou but they have been reconsidering given the risk to reward has gotten a lot worse since Sharen and Song have solidified Shetou’s power instead of collapsing to infighting in the chaos. Though on the other end of things, Shetou seems less timid of a fight and seem to be preparing a little bit more dramatically to go blow Karsoluth up. Though this is probably to be expected given those remaining within Shetou are pretty unafraid of conflict.

Sethis Tyne

Kenin’s location isn’t a mystery, he’s on Althe.

So far no luck tracking down one data transfer in the sea of the Aethernet that happened locally in one place at one specific time. The ops teams are looking out for Sarden in the meantime though just as with Toxyn, she knows what she’s hiding from. Though we have narrowed down that she operates on Thenica and is somehow tied to the Alnae warlords.

No to the space station, there simply aren’t any to take. The ones that have been built since the invasion to replace those lost are understandably under heavier guard then normal. You’ll need to buy out some space on an existing one or rent from Solvang like Vandross is or launch a full scale invasion onto an existing one.

The black market division is working on expanding drug manufacturing, the cooking part is easy to set up its the growing part that’s proving difficult. So now you have plot of dirt in the middle of the forest you have to guard in order to grow stuff alongside hiring a bunch of people to grow it. -6 profit to Black Market finances. Should yield a solid return once they finish growing though.

Oh huh you actually rolled high this week. Welp here’s a dragon being held prisoner. Apparently captured during the invasion by a species that is particularly adept at Sahad, along with several other prisoners they took out of the system before being pushed back in the mini-war. So she’s several star systems away, held by aliens for study.

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Ya’ll and your late entrys

Stories of Lore 12

General Stuff:

The state of the galaxy is slowly stabilizing from total anarchy to almost anarchy as various factions rise to power across the stars in small quantities. Very few true empires remain let alone with any ability to exert their influence over the stars. Alnae and Shetou don’t really register as empires on the galactic scale since they don’t control multiple stars like the galactic ones.

The warlord situation has been getting worse with two prominent members of the council resigning while their families were under threat from the various warlords. Most of the higher ups have moved off of Thenica and gone all the way to the new colony in Asgele where things are politically stable and atmospheric correction has finally reached completion. Part of this retreat is the damage to Thenica was so great that the place isn’t particularly safe and is where some of the warlords are strongest due to civilian unrest and desire for protection against anything Shetou might do. With the cities demolished and people forced to rely on the forests, Shetou has the upper hand on the planet due to their particular combat tactics. Then everything went to hell when three warlords formed an alliance and are in the midst of trying to take over the government. While Alnae itself still controls the fleet, the warlords are messing with the resources available to the population. Most of the battles are over agricultural areas which Alnae can’t just bombard.

The drow nation has gone even crazier then Alnae. A new empire has rose up calling itself Karsoluth and is formed by the more traditionalist houses including Beldoban, Jaal’darya, Vloz’Khress and ironically Sarghess. Karsoluth is led by Yasrena Val’Hari. House Song, Linsun, and (to the surprise of many) Sharen are the only three council houses that stand by the flag of Shetou. House Additri, Illhard’dro, Enkas, and many other houses that could push for council position after the invasion have opted to remain independent as to not get tied up in a civil war between old and new Shetou powers. Despite Karsoluth’s surprisingly large numbers, they seem to be avoiding direct conflict with Shetou as they did not expect Sharen to oppose the schism and remain within Shetou. Evidently this screwed with plans to eliminate the eastern houses like Song and Linsun. To make matters more complicated, Karsoluth has found a quiet alliance with Solvang and Selona. The following faction pages have been updated: Shetou Karsoluth

The ooze-like aliens that Arkaric took an interest in have plunged in to total chaos after a second wave of fighting destroyed many of their cities. Merlan is one of the most prominent authority figures among the multiple smaller factions that popped up in desperate times. With the death of the council most of the people have split into following other former government officials that they are culturally conditioned to depend on, making her greatest rivals for power the generals. Arkaric took specific efforts to make sure the resources were scarce enough that they wouldn’t just team up to continue to uphold the original government as normal. Illhard’ro and Desoir are doing heavy trade in Jydoq space that they desperately depend on. We’ve also seen some of the Jydoq come to Sol and our respective colonies seeking new forms of employment to eek out a living.

Hanging out, down the street, its the same old thing, that they did last week. They are comfortable where they are and don’t seem that interested in drawing attention to themselves more then necessary. Without counting alliances, Selona is the most powerful individual military faction in the system mostly due to their technological advantage. Though we do happen to know that in secret Selona has more alliances then anyone else, making them near untouchable.

Running in the opposite direction of Selona with their plan, they have been rapidly expanding and some think they might become a government on their own. For the most part their economy still depends on pirate raids so they’re a bit of a violent bunch. Though members who once just paid membership fees and hung out on the stations are now much more willing to see Asmoday as a king rather then a middle man that dispenses jobs.

Sarden has been running around causing all kinds of trouble for the Gauntlet. We also found she has a buddy, who managed to start causing serious trouble. Literally the day Aryn shot off into space to travel the stars and find Kenin, massive hacking attempts occurred. While Nah division itself has enough of a tech team to protect itself, many other companies the Gauntlet controls were targeted. Giving them access to information on where various projects were located and resulting in the least defended areas coming under attack and being bombed. This particularly affected planetside areas with reconstruction underway and has been a massive setback to the work of Hightower in particular.

Madhammer is stretched thin at the moment between its normal jobs and the amount of things they’re being asked to guard.


Mordekai Aberhoff

In the bad news section, Zex was assassinated by Sarden, along with several other cult members who were caught in a series of explosions that are likely related to Sarden even if not performed by her directly. Whatever the motive, they clearly really really wanted to kill him as they sent a lot of people and used a lot of firepower just to kill one gnoll.

Atop of this, Sarden and their team seems to be targeting the filter manufacturers specifically. While hightower works to rebuild some of the other acquired plants, already existing ones are under attack.

Also with Shetou undergoing a schism your sales team trying to sell them psionic tools and drugs are proving less effective since there is all that crap going on right now. Though perhaps things will pick back up soon once they’re not all arguing over politics.

Edric Vandross

Vermasih system, no planar alignments. As the first to begin colonization you guys get to name the system/planet. (the one closest to the sun is the water world for project Atlantis). The other planets remain somewhat mysterious as they have not yet been surveyed properly.

It wasn’t hard to figure out who the third Whately kid is with your ingenious plan to google “famous mercenaries.”

The raiders be hijacking food, people starve, you evilly rub your hands together.

Sethis Tyne

Aryn’s mom died during the alien invasion, though that was sort of minor in the big brick of text about other events surrounding her I suppose.

Haziel makes over 15 million per financial report, she’s an engineer for consumer goods so she makes good money.

Odds of wrangling titus: 3%

Expansion into drug production will require the acquisition of facilities and suppliers of the materials to make the stuff. Given the going rate of food right now, not many people in a rush to start growing drug crops. Which has technically made drugs worth even more though, so who knows how long that balance will last.

To be fair the stealth drive does work it just doesn’t work at maximum efficiency. Also you’ll probably have to build one for that or rent from Solvang as most space stations were destroyed during the invasion, which is how you got into this mess.

The hunt for a recruitable dragon is loooooong, with maaaany a wiiiinding tuuuurn.

Aryn is currently away on a road trip to find the Kenin since you chose that one over Ark.

Luci Serrano

Colonization procedures are waiting for the colony ship to complete (mezzy’s super carrier), though production of prefabs for assembly has gotten underway at least.

Yes the submerged gun platforms are pretty easy actually, just slightly more expensive. Though just shielding them would work pretty well as well.

The news room is practically flooded given the amount of shit that is going on everywhere right now. Alien civilizations contacted, society is falling apart, Alnae is on the brink of civil war, Shetou split up and is undergoing government reforms, Valdir is not giving a fuck so everyone is trying to figure out what they’re up to, Selona just suspiciously wiped out an entire alien invasion over his city where the hell did he get all those bombs, Exme misses being on vacation all of a sudden.

Angel and Lush are kind of just chilling out, not the best time for any particular touring events with society crumbling and all.

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Some SoL #11


Mordekai Aberhoff

Expansive Psionics:

In trying to market to Shetou you manage to increase sales though you don’t have market dominance among them. There are two other psionics based companies among the Shetou run by some old school illithids who are also quite good at managing psionic sales. Though less so then stealth based products and adrenals one specializes more in tattoos and another in crystal based. Though at the high prices you are going for these competing products that have been around for awhile just go a bit cheaper then you do to maintain the Shetou market presence easily. This most notably effects sales to Sharen and Jaal’Darya as they have long established business with the illithid companies.

Profits take a bit of a hit from sheltering the employees.

Recruiting people who burn out their brains doesn’t go well. Making people sign up to use a weapon that kills the user is pretty hard, and you aren’t exactly inspiring patriotic sacrifice like 314-C does. In the attempt we find that most people who want to fight aliens to that level of commitment just sign up for military duty, particularly Selona and Valdir since those two “won” against the aliens. Though Selona isn’t accepting most people who try to join so Valdir for the most part.

Raw material buying is pretty easy, especially with the Madhammer strategy. Ruined factories are also easily acquired to replace the ones you lost as well as gain even more then you started from. Staffing is easy on the labor part of things, finding other professional psions to run the factories is a bit harder overall though.

Now you own a spiked bottled water company, thats a good market.

Stoogie manages to develop sahad avatar abilities after all that effort on the project. However, all that effort still just made him one and not the chosen one. Giza and Cerys for example are still much stronger Sahad practitioners.

Aerovent Filters:

On the upside one big outlet for all the filter production is Serrano’s Atlantis project alongside the other plan to trade it for labor. Though one potential problem is that it can’t last long since the filters take so long to go bad, so its not like the people you traded them to are going to need another for awhile.

Buying out facilities seems repetitive since you specified pharmaceuticals, so thats the same as the people above. Same result either way. Though yes Fuel processing plants are ridiculously well guarded right now, along with agriculturally useful areas.

The Cult:

Zex is still by technicality just doing his own thing, even if it is beneficial to the cult. While this is doing well to show his competence it also shows his potentially problematic independence, as he does know the real trick of the cult after all. Lately he assembled the cult’s main conspirating psions to himself to take stock of who is still around and redeploy them tow here you wanted. Though despite the nature of the cult it doesn’t work so well to get into position the growing warlords around the system, since the warlords don’t know what the cult can actually do for them and just see the yoga cult as that. Elves don’t put much stock in such things for warfare. The cult remains more of a hobbyist and relaxing thing in appearance to people looking for inner peace, it doesn’t quite have zealots.

In other developments, Zex is revamping the cult from the inside without supervision. Despite the efforts to force Stoogie to become a sahad avatar, Zex shot past them on his own and developed Sahad abilities during the invasion and has been utilizing it to do something sneaky. Using the cult meditations and psionic links through his sahad visions to make people believe the cult really has been achieving something weird as hell to further its credibility as more then a meditation hobby to the newer visitors. He has also independently began experimenting with combining it with his access to a vast number of psions to see if he can make interesting stuff happen.

Mhaldaru Foods:
They barely manage to take over a couple of farms at all, in the current state things are in attempting to use force just doesn’t work for them since other people who want control of the farms are also willing to use force and Madhammer is a bit too busy with everything else its been asked to do, leaving it unable to really contend with Alnae warlords and Shetou Generals in a war over farms.

Lumber Company:

Increases staff is easy as physical labor doesn’t have many specific requirements.

You build a seed bank.

You build new farms with some chickens and goats being their primary specialty.

Targeting the Alnae warlords proves to be the most difficult undertaking on the whole list in quite some time. One attempt is successful, one is aborted, and another attempt backfired massively. The successful attempt overtook one of the smaller warlords vying for control of Luna being propped up by the wealthy that lived there. The backfired one walked into a thing.

Legally speaking it would be a Kenin sandwich with Aryn’s brain but it would not please anyone’s sense of taste.

Edric Vandross

The super carrier heads to dock at a Solvang station out in the middle of nowhere to resume work. Though this has a potential downside in that a bunch of pirates now know about it and may want to hijack it as it nears completion, consider buffing up security.

Hadiya is pretty good at agriculture and creating food at least. Its technically the same job she was hired for, just now she’s terraforming her homeworld instead of alien planets.

The raiders are pretty successful as salvage hunters since most of the scavenging going on is not on military scale so the raiders can contest any other scavengers they come across. They’re mostly looking for FTL equipment as asked, though they sometimes have a hard time telling whats what on the alien ships and knowing what actually has value.

Red pilling Raymond results in him going “Oh gee, I never would have guessed. Nothing about my employment was ever suspicious at all, you are soooo stealthy” in a flat monotone. Though he can’t help with Aryn, her cybernetics are too advanced and none of your crew in the entirety of the gauntlet’s holdings have ever seen anything like them.

Sethis Tyne

Reika just informs you that a paladin order is not happening. The complications are numerous. First off she doesn’t consider herself a paladin since she doesn’t work in service to a god, regardless of the concept that Vanjin and Auni came up with since Reika has paladin-like powers. Second, it would require people to become pandem wielders and that is already a tricky sell. The third problem is it would need the cooperation of powerful celestial beings, and they typically don’t do that ever since you guys came over and conducted a genocide on the celestial plane during the era of the purge. Reika is unique in that she has such a bind because she was a child twisted to their plans and made into their weapon, and hers won’t even talk to her anymore. Most pandem casters are not going to be able to convince a celestial being to bind with them. However, as a silver lining, she does know where to find other people like herself. As rare as they are, since she was a child that lived with the celestials she had contact with the few people who had a pandem bind with the celestials when they came to visit the plane. Though people with talents that rare don’t tend to struggle to find work so they aren’t terribly recruitable. Notably of the twelve people she lists, one of them is in Valdir and their bind has been behaving strangely ever since their rise to power. Also of interest, among the twelve paladins are two extraordinarily powerful characters contesting each other for rank number one. Titus is an assassin created by the celestials like Reika and was her mentor. The other one, Haziel, is actually an aasimir who never bound to an actual entity but instead to the plane itself. While Haziel should be the weakest because of that, she spent all her xp on other character feats that make her pretty strong since her low corruption tier means she can still use advanced technology. Titus currently works only for the celestials as their dedicated assassin, Haziel works for Siwa Technologies.

Kala once again begins the process of hunting for high rolls to find a dragon hero that can be recruited.

That damned stealth drive is still on hiatus, also Vandross only rented the dockspace for his super carrier work, so the stealth drive is just sitting in the garage collecting dust without a lab to be worked on further.

The push for the black market scene is pretty smooth given that Sophia’s team is still holding together, had the foresight to protect as much of their merchandise as they could, but also now knows who they work with and thus have access to the assistance of people like Leon and Auni to keep competition low. Though the sale of some products are particularly good right now, getting more of them is going to be an issue soon with how fast they’re selling. No one in the Gauntlet actually owns production facilities for the things Sophia sells, so she is having to look if there are any out there she can act as the middle man for. The only major weapons producer that is selling to the black market right now is Selona, though that shit sells well. However, drug production is the one that is tricky to secure suppliers for.

Interrogating Aryn proves it to be a complicated situation. She can’t transmit internally, at least not consciously, but her APT is still technically a cell phone in the first place. Though it does lend evidence to the earlier pointed out factor that cyborgs don’t have hardware to transmit or receive messages the traditional way as to protect them from hackers like Aryn. As far as we can figure out, she knows literally nothing about her cyborg nature or her creator. That triggers the problem, we don’t have the technical know-how required to fix her. Her cybernetics are massively more advanced then what is typical, they aren’t necessarily more powerful by such a wide margin but they’re more adaptable, durable, and most importantly: undetectable. No metal detector, x-ray machine, or anything that should send up flags ever noticed she was a robot.  We’re not even sure what material she is made out of. So she needs to find someone who can fix her hand, and that means going to find Kenin or Arkaric. She wants to meet them anyways since they might be able to contextualize her existence. Problematically though, Kenin is with the mothership and Indal off doing other stuff at another star which could leave her gone for a very long time just due to travel. The more accessible option is Arkaric, but its Arkaric.

Luci Serrano

Actually finding an ocean planet turns out to be very easy, besides the one’s already in the Sol System, astronomers already knew where to find some. They just weren’t on the top priority for other colonizers because oceans seem less beneficial to live on. So the survey guys you had go take a look. Of the ones the survey teams check out two stand out. One is just a bunch of inhospitable water due to other chemicals present in it, so its pretty empty and quiet. Another has an existing ecosystem underwater, but its a big and advanced ecosystem, that means big fish with big teeth. It also has some islands scattered around so its not all water, and there is wildlife on those islands. Its 95% water so close enough. However, the presence of that ecosystem means there are a lot more resources of value there particularly food and materials with mana based properties (fuel). Though colonizing it could be riskier and more expensive, like a lot riskier. The DM has been playing subnautica a lot recently and certainly has a lot of ideas about big alien fish that make survival difficult.

Tech team pulls up some blueprints off google, communicating across stars is harder then water when magic is involved. Notably because magic struggles at long ranges a lot more so then through specific materials. So that is taken care of.

The materials needed to set up the underwater city are actually very easy for your mining company to gather, because its stone. While stone has the problem of being heavy its just going to sit in one spot underwater, and special kinds of stone materials can be made via magic refining that are ideal for such construction projects. Expensive obviously but definitely cheaper then the metals used for ship hulls.

By far the best orbital defenses are cannons placed on the ground due to the ease of maintenance when not being fired and large area they can cover when they’re intended to work at those ranges. Also, when the cannon is on the ground its pretty easy to make them really big. If expense and maintenance weren’t a consideration, ships are the most effective as they’re adaptable and carry a crew for rapid deployment due to the distance between them and the enemy. Though the cost of  one battleship is worth dozens orbital defense cannons and will only have one gun of equivalent power to the orbital cannon. So in summary cannons are the most efficient, ships are the best. It should be noted that it is typical invasion protocol to deploy ground forces to go after orbital cannons and shields as step 1, which is another reason why fleets can be important as they’re really good at intercepting those attempts.


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Phantoms of the Purge Part 2

Phantoms of the Purge part 3 –  SoL oddyssey arc yet with a grand total of 63 pages counting parts 1 and 2. Also start here obviously.

The alien invasion finally rolled around, by finally I mean within 2 updates of you figuring out it was coming. The planets page now has a little section at the end for each place to give a rough idea of what they’re like now.

The chaos is still ongoing, while the first attack was mostly a “scout” force the main armies are reluctant to actually attack now that Arkaric has plunged a dozen alien civilizations into war and paranoia and the scout force was destroyed. Sol as a whole is becoming more unstable as people turn on each other for basic resources – food in particular. Though this problem is affecting aliens as well.

Faction statuses-

In the aftermath of all this fuckery Alnae is seeing a schism of ideas. Many people feel the empire is going to fall soon after this and the SR3 incident and are looking for a place to bail to. Due to Valdir destroying more of the alien fleets then anyone else…again…many people are looking to go hang out there. Some even fleeing to Shetou figuring their chances might be better with the drow, especially if they aren’t elves. High ranking members of the military are also defecting but instead just declaring themselves rulers of small areas with all the military personnel and equipment in their possession, some even attempting to overthrow the council in favor of a military dictatorship. The empire is dangerously close to fracturing and going into a war with itself as all these factors continue to pile up. It doesn’t help that in this chaos they simply cannot do anything but ignore the Selona gang that is mass supplying weapons in this time of fear and uncertainty to anyone with something to trade.

The COA and AIC are falling apart as their main buildings were destroyed in the attacks along with many of their personnel dying off. The AIC was a massive resource sink for the empire and they no longer have those resources. Only a few agencies and the 314-C stand out as standing loyally with the current state of the empire.

The vampire family was actually hit much harder then either empire due to their power relying on economic control of trade. In the chaos after the phantoms event money itself is of questionable value and people care a lot more about the good they would buy with money. However, Valencia is still alive and very good at her job. With prices in wild fluctuation around the system she is quick to buy and sell using her massive fleet of trade ships that just stayed out of the fighting since they were cargo ships. Despite the massive blow to their powerbase, they’re rebuilding it fast by being capable of moving stuff around as necessary. Also, due to her gamble with Indal awhile back she already had trade deals being set up with alien civilizations who are now desperate for trade thanks to Arkaric blowing them up.

One of the only groups in all of this mess to actually become even more powerful, for obvious reasons. The Selona criminals could expand even further then they already did if they wanted to given their resources, though for some reason they seem content to just stay where they are. Though they did open up recruiting in some places they wanted more people, an easy sell given that now almost everyone were becoming criminals to survive.

The political game of the houses has been shaken up a lot by these attacks. With the destruction of the city of Kaifen a lot of the human houses have lost too much power to remain on the council. Shetou’s nature makes it less inclined to be helpful to one another and we know Yasrena is part of the Phantoms, actively making the situation worse. The drow empire is fracturing as houses withdraw to their fortresses and try to stabilize with little care for actually helping one another out. There is trade between them if trade is mutually desired but they’re definitely not sending aid or giving discounts to each other. Fights between houses are breaking out and its on the verge of a war between houses for resources rather then pecking order as usual.

Despite people’s fear that Solvang was going to be wiped out in a battle with Selona, they’ve stabilized and as pirates they are now a lot more dangerous and powerful since so much of the system relies heavily on trade to even attempt to keep people alive. More people turning to crime means more Solvang members, more pirate fleets targeting military convoys shipping things as simple as food, and the aliens for some reason conveniently never came across the Solvang stations hidden around the system. Many people are paying up membership fees just to live on Solvang stations where they feel safe. It’s a bad sign for the rest of civilization when living among pirates is “safe”.

While the damage they sustained wasn’t insignificant, the mothership makes it not really much of a problem. They are fast to restore themselves to what they once were and are now the dominant super power of the system since their theocratic government still has its leader. Even in hard times the people who aren’t assimilated to Valdir and just live there have the resilience to carry on since they’re often zealot nutjobs. After the war Indal and his big scary ship went back off into space to resume colonizing Althe and focusing on its own thing.


Okay we did all the roster stuff earlier. Player pages have been updated with the new hires and B team was founded, also Kala made Aryn the headhunter replacement should it be needed. Annnd then that thing happened.

Financial update new money total: 568,652,000


Yenneiros Whitetalon

You have an army standing around still, its kind of valuable. Business is up given how bad the state of the system is now. +15 profit

Mordekai Aberhoff

Thanks to madhammer security a lot of your infrastructure has managed to survive the attack. Though there were still some losses in factories, but more importantly business is down as people scramble to fix other problems.

Aerovent filters is technically down at the moment as shipping and stuff is in flux. Though the suits predict things will turn around once the process of reconstruction gets around to full scale implementation.

The cult was hurt the hardest by this, as a lot of people in the circles are now dead or no longer interested in cult activities while worrying about getting shot. However, Zex of all people survived and is on the path to restoring it to its former glory. Technically he’s operating rogue of the cult’s orders and assembling the cult leaders who were in on the whole thing to him to redistribute throughout the system as necessary.

Mhaldaru foods is still functionally up and running, the problem is the supply of food it processed and packaged. They didn’t exactly farm things themselves, though if they had they’d probably be on fire by now. Even if demand is high for the product, the ability to produce the product has been severely damaged. -14 profit

Expansive Psionics is seeing a large dip in sales as population desires aside, the distributors are fucked and the money is in food transport right now so the independent shipping companies are a bit hard to hire right now. -11 profit

The Sahad research facility station is completely gone, turned out they deliberately targeted it along with several other research facilities in the hope of stunting out tech progress in the only field they had over us. Asi Nilliams died aboard.

Lumber Company is actually sitting pretty. Since they were in forested areas they didn’t see too much trouble as the invasion targeted major population centers, also the wood business is doing quite nicely. +8 profit.

B team is up on the page as their own team.

Plans to form a C team don’t quite work out since the Raven was destroyed and Kanika has gone missing.

Also your bodyguard had a rough first month since the world ended.

Edric Vandross

With the current instability of the economy as well as several offices being blown to pieces, Divinity Vaults profits are down -22

Grand Guardian is doing fine since it was insuring new colonies which happened to not be attacked. Profits are up +8 thanks to “oh shit aliens are mean” Suits expect this to continue to rise as the colonies expand.

The SV3 shipyard was destroyed. Though the super carrier actually survived among the rubble, its still not finished and it did sustain a lot of damage but it does still move and the bridge can maintain life support. The other projects are completely gone. Fortunately, the Nomads rescued much of the science crew and both Faye and Raymond survived, along with the stealth drive tech progress. Things aren’t too bad given the station is now space debris fragments, but you’re going to need a new station to move these projects to. Obviously progress on the stealth drive and supercarrier are halted until they find a new place to continue working.

Hightower Industries business is booming, there’s a lot of things that need fixing and building right about now. It was a concern of the management that they were getting more contracts then they had people, but with so much gone now it turns out finding new employees is pretty easy. +34 profit but -800k due to having to buy a bunch of stuff and hire new employees to keep up with demand.

The Raiders of Abbathor are completely fine, they stole three alien ships. Because they’re crazy bastards. Though they have no real shipyard to dock them at for research since the SV3 shipyard blew up. On the upside that’s 3 free FTL drives if you want to pull them out of the ship. Piracy is good business right now, +3d20

Raven is no longer available, the station was destroyed and Kanika is gone.

Raiders successfully get a frigate for B team.

Sethis Tyne

Nah division lost a few hideouts and people but given the scale of what happened it could be considered nearly unscathed. Though expenses are up due to resource scarcity now days.

In a snap decision by Vaeri, Sophia has been introduced to the real hideout and the people within it to avoid her death during the alien attack. On the upside, she didn’t die. Vaeri figures if this result is unsatisfactory you can just have her killed to set it back to the other possibility.

Despite the increase in expenses for the division, the black market trade is doing really well in this age of paranoia and chaos. Black market profits are up +14

With the current changes to the environment, despite the battlecruiser not having its stealth setup fully fitted the tech division has been moved onto it for safety. The exception is Aryn, who is being detained until you decide what to do with her. You called it.

Nila, Vanjin, and Setani are off to try and find Jhaeros. With things as they are now they could be away awhile trying to track the bastard.

Your branching out into agriculture was short lived as it was heavily targeted during the attack.

The cyborgs could theoretically be reprogrammed just as necrocarnates can rewrite people but it involves the live capture of them as there isn’t a wireless access to their important hardware. They also don’t get software updates so a virus won’t work.

Luci Serrano

There are a lot less people to consume media now, Sol Media and Sol Media records see profits drop -28

Lush and Angel are both still alive at least.

Since Sol Mining was based among asteroids it pretty much escaped the invasion unscathed. Since it relied on slave labor there wasn’t even anyone on shore leave to get killed. Lot of people need resources right now, Sol Mining profits are up +11

Sol Lumber business is also up +8

Sol Technologies business is dramatically down but the suits predict this is temporary until reconstruction efforts get back underway in full.  Profits -9

Planet Express was mostly in house so their numbers are about the same.

That shipyard of yours got blown up.

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The update before the crazy one

Phantoms of the Purge part 2

Mordekai Aberhoff

Lately the sahad research team has been mostly finding details on how to wield it more efficiently rather then new spells as well as the research on the avatars. Philosophy students seem to be very hit or miss, a lot of them are very self important and are kind of hipsters so the epiphany transformation isn’t as common as one might expect. However, after some discussion with Cerys and others who were at the thousand legends Asi has performed some shady experiments with promising results. The emotional state of someone can be temporarily altered to cause the acceptance of sahad to be more likely, this is why so many appeared during the battle with the alien mothership. It turns out being put in the middle of a war causes people to become a lot more mentally inclined towards sahad’s grand truths. When subjected to enough stress humanoids become more likely to reach the desired results. So basically Asi has been mildly torturing people to turn them into avatars, things along the lines of sleep deprivation not pulling teeth. Asi finds that trying to refine the technique of acquiring people of correct disposition can be bypassed with his methods to some extent. It does turn out that longer lived races seem to be better at this then shorter lived ones according to his findings but more data is required to say so definitively.

The expansions to the facility come in good timing since Asi has been doing slightly crazier experiments lately and the extra space is useful for his vast array of wild shots in the dark.

And that is the truth behind the kenin sandwich, for it lives within all of us.

Besides mhaldaru there are  a few other companies that produce stockpileable food though they’re fairly well established so the necessary money for investment to make decisions on their behalf could be quite high as in the tens of millions.

The psionic field test still hasn’t seem to caused specialists to show up as far as we can tell, though there is always the possibility they are there and we just don’t know about it as it might be a COA division that operates covertly as their initials imply.

I’m not making characters the day before the update, remind me to do bodyguard cards for next week.

Edric Vandross

ETA for supercarrier is approximately 8 months now

Unsurprisingly D&D’s equivalent to cows sheep and chickens is cows sheep and chicken. There weren’t many fantasy farm animals in the monster manual when Arcanist got started up.

As a correction, the elemental plane is singular its just all the elements in there are extremist. So less so then a water plane there is just an elemental plane with a lot of water stuff going on in it.

Utilizing the stealth drive design Raymond has come up with so far will require the entire ship to be turned off to utilize it. Though it can technically still be used, just don’t plan on moving at the same time. Good for camping though.

Planet surveying is underway, though could take awhile as the galaxy is a big place. While there are some leads based on astronomers gazing at the stars for awhile now, they still need to be visited by a survey team to say officially whether or not “yeah this is habitable”

While their surveying you should clear up “less then average terraforming”. Planet scale terraforming is definitely a challenge to undertake and costs a vast amount of resources, however you could technically do the bubble dome strategy with some arcane shields (like Tykel, that planet is inhospitable there’s just this one city that did local terraforming instead of planetary). The bubble strategy is obviously less then 1% the cost and effort then a planetary attempt as its really just plopping a space station down on the ground. I mean you could just literally land the carrier on some spot and say “yep this’ll do” depending on gravity.

Your shopping list for Kala is more of a Johnson cult job as thats just mass recruiting.

Since you’re going to ask when this takes forever as well, the ETA on the dreadnoughts and carrier is about a year and a half.

Terraforming 101:
Planet scale terraforming is primarily based on arcane and pandem magic and huge ritual style spells that often involve runes being drawn in the planet as wide as 10 kilometers in diameter. It also requires massive amounts of mana to perform. The preferred method is to utilize generators that can be left by the runes for awhile to charge it over time as the total output will be higher over time for the space/weight of the objects that had to be moved here. There is also a bit of prep work in the form of introducing some of the key components of the terraforming around the rune so it has a blueprint to spread. The first phase upon casting the spell is to just spread the baseline conditions as far as possible, if it doesn’t spread far enough the whole thing could be pointless as the hostile environment will start murdering the terraformed stuff or the atmosphere might not have finished changing and remain inhospitable. After that is all taken care of Pandem Casters known as “druids” start seeding stuff all over the place. These casters are experts in ecological relationships so they work to make a stable enough environment.  Pandem experts are also utilized to adjust the planet’s gravity, this is actually the easiest of all the things to do, so when looking to terraform something usually gravity is not much of a concern. There is an exception though, if a planet is too large and its gravity needs to be lowered by too much then suddenly the planet could just say “fuck it” and lose its atmosphere to space. That can also be corrected but makes the gravity alteration process suddenly the hard part instead of the easy part. Once you’ve gotten all this baseline stuff down, atmosphere correction is harder then generation. You can add an atmosphere easier then you can transform it. In the addition of an atmosphere, just use a planetary shield and invert it to forcefully hold gases inside and let the terraformed trees do their thing for a little while. In the case of transforming an existing one, get some crazy alchemists to analyze the exact chemistry that needs to be done.  In the case of the latter, have the alchemists check it out before you do anything else, because the reactions they might need to kick off could be highly destructive to every other stage of the process.

Dome style terraforming is just build a space station, but use a shield bubble instead of a giant hull and construct remembering gravity is a thing. Done. Just don’t walk outside the bubble.

Luci Serrano

You buy 100 garages and 200 dudes for an electronics company, then upgrade it to actual offices.

Oh and raw materials processing teams as well.

Lush and Angel seem to be doing well, though Angel in particular has been ridiculously profitable due to her total cheat of how she gains popularity. They’re both on tour as usual, they’re young and new stars so they haven’t gotten tired of all the traveling yet.

Lara has everything pretty easily as she’s mostly a solo act and had her own supplies given her previous line of work. Lately she just follows you around looking professional when you’re in meetings with other people and lounges around whatever she can find to sit on otherwise. Its a cushy gig for how much you’re paying her and how rarely you’re attacked.

The movie and TV department is doing well, profits have increased though its mostly just stable without any major developments there.

Exme is sitting around investigating random stories as they come across her desk since her last project is kind of sitting around in a dead end at the moment.

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Phantoms of the Purge part 1

Most of the update is a story of lore thing, which is down in sam’s section as you should read the character profile before the story.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Research station expanded a little.

Higher grades of psionic tools are entering the streets though as far as anyone can tell the specialists haven’t caught wind of it yet.

Along with hiring philosophy students you could just probably draft a bunch of college kids living off of ramen for a hundred bucks a pop to run experiments on them.

You should be more specific on bodyguard requests so I know what to make.

Edric Vandross

No, the Noctis is a battlecruiser and doesn’t feature docking for frigates like the Nomad

The problem with sending the Raiders to another star is that is every planet anyone has encountered has required terraforming to at least some extent. Finding a spot to call a resort would be worth a lot of money to sell the find location to existing colonist efforts though.

Shipyards keep on building, carrier still being worked on. To that end the stealth drive has increased its efficiency to 10x (from 12) of the original design it comes from.

The pirates are at least quiet this week.

Sethis Tyne

The necrocarnate search has finally yielded results.

Aforementioned SoL – Phantoms of the Purge

Cattle prods seem to make engineers work slower rather then faster.



Luci Serrano

The people who can actually manufacture and sell FTL drives are Desoir, Sharen, and Selona. So far the tech is still too new for smaller startups to really get a handle on producing them due to the lack of available expertise.

As for the production chains, you already own a mining company for gathering raw materials. Though it should be note that wood, crystals, amber, and such are needed to make ships work due to the mana storage they exhibit if you want more of the raw materials. Electronics companies are a dime a dozen these days so you could just put up how much you’d pay to buy one out and see what you can acquire as a result.


Fiiine you can have your planet express company.

Just Monika indeed.

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