Ooga Chugga Ooga Chugga

Wehilani managed to observe what we might call a great mobilization. Several war parties all gathered at the demon clan’s village, including Kinich and his band of gnolls. More than we had realized to be roped into his efforts. It seems he was not the only recruiter they had. They have the remains of the orcs, some clan of gnolls, the demon clan, and some figures I don’t even recognize. Thankfully, Coszacatl and Zeltzin were sent to their camp at quite a convenient time in order for us to gather more information. Apparently the demon clan joining in with Kinich would be Coszacatl’s doing, through her they seemed to find some inspiration to help Kinich with his plan. The confirmed that they are intending to attack the Chanai. While they did not divulge all of their strategies to Zeltzin, they told her that much at least. Though we have found more forces at work here than we initially thought, more on that in a moment.

A scout party of Chanai flyers arrived here on Auwana, only to discover where the missing clans went. It is…extremely convenient that the Huanacan built in the woods far off from the main village. Also that Kennae is away on mission and Iiniwa is level headed enough to stay out of sight during their visit.

They had a proposal. In exchange for some bushes from our forest, a hundred measures of food, and a non aggression pact they will agree to leave us alone on our island since it will soon be sailing west anyways and no longer be their problem.

However, not too long afterwards we had a rare visitor. An elf. Conveniently Avonaco is in the field. This is clearly no average elf, they are the one behind the mobilization of Kinich and the demons. I suppose the elves have always had a talent for charisma. They want us to join the attack on the Chanai to help bolster Kinich and his forces. Actually while they want troops and supplies overall, they very specifically wanted Alihana.

We are promised favorable relations with the elves in the western jungles that our island will soon be passing over for helping in this regard. Which could be useful in the future once we find ourselves in a strange and dangerous new land. Also that they will give us one of three things. We can take the Halik or the Witch Doctor clan with us. Their alliance and relocation to Chanai territory means they will have to be dismantled in the war effort. However, the alliance will let us take one of them to our island. Whether as captives or as allies is probably dependent on them as much as us. The third offer is all of Chanai’s flying mounts that can be recovered. Most notably, a druid is the one offering this so it is likely that once the Chanai domination is broken that such creatures will actually be rendered cooperative.

As a final element, I took a moment to take advantage of the druid and ask whats the deal with the spikier trees that ring the entire island that we were all trying to figure out awhile back. It was explained that trees with those needle leaves are particularly good at handling strong winds. They are absorbing a lot of the wind we receive up here in the sky and protecting the rest of the forest that relies on broader leaves by lessening the strength of the wind that might otherwise knock them over. So don’t cut them down.

I thought I should consult the rest of the chiefs before taking on either offer regarding this war down in the ashen plains. Though we are somewhat in the dark about both forces actual capability. As revealed, Kinich has more forces than we initially thought. Also no one has any real idea just how strong the Chanai actually are especially in their home territory.


Here I got you some honey now sit still already.




We set up some houses for the sake of the orcs once they arrive here on Auwana. We’ll see if they intend to remain their own clan or not once we can. I foresee they will want to for the sake of their own somewhat stubborn pride but it might incite some of the people if their chief held equal position to the current chiefs with how small their numbers are. So may want to prepare to deal with that argument.

So far building birdcages is easy, catching birds is a pain. We have a few though, they just squawk a lot so far.

As for Cosz, I suppose she can use any skeleton that walks on the ground. Due to her ooze she will be too heavy to be a bird or anything that flies. While she is in possession of a human skeleton right now, beyond hardening we’ve never actually done much with human bones before. To the surprise of many, we are not the cannibal tribe. Seriously people assume we are a lot.

Your face is painted with skeletal markings and I am wearing a skull for a helmet.

As for Coszacatl’s available bone options, it seems that it has to be a complete skeleton and somewhat fresh so that it still has the squishy bitz that holds the skeleton together. Since she is using it for structural support rather than just…to have bones. So WE CAN’T MIX AND MATCH.

I can always harden bone, so she doesn’t get slapped around by a crow so easily again. It seems that a wolf or any other four legged creature could make her faster but in shorter bursts. With such simple creatures I could try to find some way to let her SPRINT TO THE HORIZON!! She could deliver messages that way.

Though ACTUALLY ALIHANA, if I enchanted more birdy bones the way we made the basket maybe she could fly.

One simple idea is to maybe make something that keeps her warm and toasty. The forever fire faggots used the wyvern bones to produce a long lasting camp fire but I should be able to put a weaker version on her skeleton. This would help her stay active through the winter, as oozes freeze otherwise. So we won’t be seeing much of her during the cold times otherwise.

Monster bones would have the most extreme and varied effects though I’m not even sure what those will make given how rarely I get to work with such things. I do think that it is possible to give her something similar to what I’m wearing. I’m not sure how well shadow magic works for an ooze that light can shine through though, on the other hand it might be AWESOME.

To an extent we both know trying to catalog Sawiri is an exercise in madness. He rarely makes the exact same thing twice.  As for notable umbramancers…I mean you’re counting me right?

No you make fire, as I said before. Redundant.

This is why mom loved me more than you.

Dad didn’t even want a daughter though, much less you.


Shame he got sick and died though.


Yea…wait a minute…


Back to umbramancers. It is true that we can probably use Auwana’s shadow for something interesting. Using it for something like perception though has never really been before though I suppose I could take a look into the concept. We could make shadow puppets keep an eye out there but not sure how much that would help. Also moving between shadows is a concept that still eludes us.

Might be doable if we had more bones. Mine enhance the things umbramancy can do, which is why I’m all floaty floaty. Not sure where to find a skeleton attuned to shadows though.

Maybe in a cave or something. As for the green stones, I feel like the charm would just be a really heavy bone. At which point just a heavy rock, same way we make the basket work basically. I suppose we could try to make a bigger one, though the issue will always be that you need a way to get the basket down and up. So it would take a lot of weight just to send a green rock down, and given how much power those things have it would be difficult to control with just a really long rope.

I got nothing for this, me do bones no do rocks. You have bone, so sneeze ring wearable. Rock monster just have to go without sneezing.

If we ever did see a monster made of rock, I think sneezing is not really a priority for it.

Also we still have a few weeks before the orcs are ready to be picked up. If you head to the ground camp for that time you’ll probably need to appoint someone to keep things in order up here in case something comes up that needs a more immediate response. Please do not pick Sawiri.

Pick Sawiri.


Actually the lake would fill up fairly quickly if a dam was put at the end of the river that runs off the island. This is the secret to Ragash’s ponds as well and the constant existence of the swamp nearby. It might not fill all the way overnight or anything but its unlikely we would have much trouble with it unless we were to fly over a particularly dry region since the island’s water is coming from flying through clouds. The issue of draining and eating the lake is that there is solid rock underneath it that keeps the island afloat so water doesn’t naturally seep through and the river does not reach as deep as the lake’s lower areas where all the mucky stuff is. We began construction of said dam until Ragash pointed out that smaller ponds formed in the river itself that was cleaner for our use. Its just the central lake that has been allowed to stagnate that the issue exists within. In short the problem isn’t getting more water, its getting rid of the current water.

Our ambassadors managed to visit the demon village to catch them up on whats going on and whatever happened to Cosz. Zeltzin was a bit surprised to see so many of her own kind, and also to learn how much of her own abilities she never really knew about. Though given she has always been one of the tribe’s gatherers it makes sense she doesn’t know the full extent of what her race is known for.

Though when it comes to recruiting them it is notable their greatest practical reason to consider doing so is to skip the wars going on down below. Their reclusive nature seems to suit them to avoiding such conflict, but the war on the plains has become necessary for them to act upon before they find themselves in a bad position. As the Elder Chief pointed out, the elf wants us to help Kinich in the assault. Not to mention it would probably be nice to get back at those guys. But getting involved in such a situation could lead to the demons seeing less reason to join us as they would still have to fight that war instead of hiding on the island to get out of it, and after the fighting is over with unless they lose there won’t be much motive to vacate their now rather expansive territory for an uncertain feature flying among the clouds.

As for the basilisk den, tunneling into the mountain and a bit of the ground seems the most reasonable. Though the next challenge is getting the basilisk up here, as the basket is not going to particularly fit it I foresee.

Ragash and Avonaco wound up going to the same place as Coszacatl and Zeltzin down at the demon clan camp where Kinich seems to be gathering forces. For the most part the pair are hanging around the camp making people nervous.


In the meantime the travelers are hanging around the far side of the mountain waiting for any interesting storms to come by. Though it should be noted Sawiri might need to go there with them given his general preference for fresher bones.

As for winter, good question. That’s one for the chiefs.

Apparently in the winter Oozes tend to hang around fires and inside of caves.

In attempting to teach spells to anyone else, it might be worth an experiment to see if it can be taught. While there are some volunteers who would be interested, we don’t know if they can learn it. So that one will keep you busy for awhile, and it might be best to start with Alihana. If anyone can learn it, she would be the one.

Technically Wehilani and Kennae are already scouting from the air for anything to hunt, which keeps the ground camp supplied.

So in regards to the blood mage, first off there was only one. Not a group of them. The second complication is the witch doctors were pressured into allying with the Chanai and were moved into their territory a little while ago. That being said we at least know where the witch doctors are. This complicates things though because the Chanai territory is the hardest to do anything in thanks to their riders extending their control over the area so effectively. Given the recent diplomatic matters the chiefs have received, our plan to do so might be decided by what our plan of action is. Until we can interro- interview the witch doctors we won’t really know which team would be the best to figure out what became of the exile. Though who would be best for talking to the witch doctors would depend on the plan for reaching and then interacting with them.

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Mezzy MIA part 2: The Reckoning

I mean I could get you honey now but that’d sort of go against our ‘take it slow’ approach when it comes to messing with the island’s environment. I advise against it for the time being.

Also the attempt to force Coszacatl into a trial has been…interesting. Having humans attempt to pass judgement on her has not yielded much cooperation from her and were not for Iiniwa telling her to calm down there is a chance she might have just outright killed Nenetl for the effort. She is still somewhat distrustful of the tribe in general evidently. We kind of need the Huanacan to convince her to even show up to some sort of formal trial. Though I suppose we could also hold said trial wherever she happens to be at the time while she mildly ignores us too. Regardless of our intended ruling she doesn’t seem interested in letting us even hold such a thing.


As for cleaning the lake there is still always plan A of draining the lake so the oozes can get to the bottom and eat almost everything, leaving just enough for our snail project. Though Cosz’s idea is to throw even more stuff in it so that its not so much water and then just have the oozes eat everything entirely. Would need a lot of stuff to throw in it though…it is a lake. A very large lake, though thats part of the foil with both plans.

As for blood, Cosz says literally any blood works. As its more about how much liquid to nutrition is in it rather than any specific magic.

We sent the demon and Cosz back down to try and talk with the demon clan, they’re still making a bit of a trip regarding that one.

As for expanding the caves, uhh in theory maybe. Depends how many rocks we find buried in there. A small lair that it just sits in would be easy enough but I don’t imagine that would be too comfortable for them to just sit in a hole all day until we had them come out to do something. It’s not like he could wander the island much given that if anyone just looks at him wrong they could die. Maybe we make him a really big winter coat and a blindfold so he can roam the island…not sure how to make a coat that fits a serpent though.

I’ve had some people start planting the fruitier bushes we have on Auwana around where the foliage was cleared out. Hopefully that’ll grow nicely.

I sent a pair to go and relay your message to Coszacatl. She sent us back two cripples. They’ll be alright after their bones set back in place, and at least they can keep you company while yours do as well. Also we have helped you plenty, now just sit there and don’t move too much until your bones fix up.

With the discovery of how many tokens it takes to make one complete token for said jumps, we don’t quite have enough birds on hand for it. Turns out it doesn’t work with small regular birds. Sawiri was able to get us eight of them, though we may have to go hunting if we want more.

In hindsight, while we have non-humans we don’t really have monsters that Kinich might be able to particularly relate to. However, he was planning to meet up with orcs in the first place. So we could just send those guys who are loafing about the camp if we want to. Alternatively, since the Huanacan just sent their demon and ooze girls down there we could ask them to make a detour while they’re away. Could also send Ragash since she’s an orc and a bit more liable to do what she’s supposed to then our newest collections. They haven’t been broken in yet.

The next thunder storm will be on the far side of the mountain we hiked up to get onto the island, something about the mountain messing with the clouds from traveling across into the plains. That’ll be in two weeks time, so we’ll see how that goes.

Our scouts watching over the demons have noted them also preparing food, which makes sense that they are setting up logistics for a march. It is interesting though that very few other clans could afford to make any such effort in these times, but the demons have control of two territories since they took over the beastkin’s land and their original grounds are somewhat hidden behind it. We also noted a few agents visiting their village and taking some of these supplies out with them. They were gnolls, which leads us to believe that the demons are working with Kinich. However they haven’t done anything interesting yet, likely waiting for Kinich to get back with the orcs.

I suppose the most obvious untapped talent in the tribe is the demon girl of the Huanacan. She currently just does gathering and typical camp work. We also know that she was until recently rather unaware of the demon clan’s existence, she likely has never really tested the limits of her demon abilities which we know can be quite strong. It might actually be worth experimenting with having her learn any kind of magic, the demon clan itself doesn’t seem to use any so we don’t actually know how good demons are with the stuff.

Another hidden talent might be Coszacatl. She uses skeletons to grant herself movement and can use them to create more ooze children. I don’t think she would be good at learning any other clan’s magic simply because she’s too apathetic to really study it, sort of the opposite scenario of Alihana. However, if Sawiri were to enchant the skeleton she uses with something actually useful she might become even stronger than she is now.

Another good place to scout in general is those training under Iiniwa with various weapons, he is currently the main trainer for all of the tribe’s members seeking to better their martial skills. While currently none of them stand out to us in particular, the fact that they’re showing up to train with him at least shows some motivation that is worth commending.

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When Mezrin goes missing


Stories of Lore 3

Still working on the honey thing, not entirely sure how well each part is working and the bees have to actually make all the honey. It is likely we won’t begin actually harvesting until after winter as to make sure we don’t over harvest the bees. Its a good chance to see how much they actually need to get through a winter and all.

As for griffons, they tend to live in mountains. Though we also know the Chanai tend to seek them out for their own mounts. Which might explain why we didn’t really see any visit pride rock recently. I had one of the flyers go look around the mountain but there wasn’t much sign of any of them.

As for the Halik, it would be a hard argument to make given that the Chanai are actually protecting them from the Crow Folk which is a significant threat to those still down below. Especially now that they’ve been more active. Kaya hasn’t been able to find any convenient damning evidence or anything.

With the return of Coszacatl we have a bit of a discussion going around. In her time away from the Huanacan she has become one of the great monsters of the plains, having killed several clans of humans; women, children, and all. As the general adjudicators of the tribe its worth considering how to handle this. We could simply enact a punishment on her for such sins, or we could make a hero of her in some fashion or another. However we handle the return of Coszacatl will likely set a precedent and expectation for the tribe that we haven’t really had.

Either way, the tribe is still not completely unified in outlook. Some are fine with ‘us versus the world’ and Coszacatl’s actions as a mass murderer, others are wary that this could push us towards becoming the true villains of the plains. Not to mention some are perhaps concerned that Coszacatl is precisely what people think of when they say ‘monster’. It leaves some of the villagers uneasy to know they share the island with a potentially random killer of men. If the tribe takes an official stance on Coszacatl and her actions it will at least let the people know what to expect going forward, especially if we put a bit of a spin on it.

Of all the people to come by while the chief is absent, they sent the child chief? Bizarre choice.

In regards to the orcs, we still haven’t moved over the camp to pick everyone up. More importantly we still haven’t solved how to bring everything up, utilizing the basket over and over could take over a week with how long the trip up tends to be.

Whats a xylophone?

We found Coszacatl, since bringing her back she has been in the woods eating bushes after almost killing half of us by way of slime hug. She hugs kind of tight.


The only slime we’ve ever known to become self aware, or at least capable of communicating that awareness. While others in the clan share that feature, they are her direct children so they didn’t become sapient, they just were born that way. They call her “The Mother” for some reason, not sure why they don’t just say “my mother” or “our mother” but I guess they like to hype up her importance. Either way she is the most powerful member of the clan barring yourself, but if left to her own devices she will just sit in the woods all day eating plants. She can be a little lethargic sometimes. Coszacatl is extremely difficult to kill not only due to her slime body but her intelligence allows her to come up with rather crafty plans when needed.

It is worth noting that she has a maximum size she can sustain before she splits and creates more slimes even if unintentional. Despite her abilities to consume everything, whatever slimes are made of definitely strains their ability to control their body if they grow too large. She can get a bit bigger than she is now but don’t try to turn her into a slime rhino or something.

Also our own demon knows very little of the demon clan. Honestly we didn’t even know they actually existed until Elder Hakenu’e informed us about the details of them. That was probably why she settled into living with us in the first place. So instead I shall divert the question to the Elder Chief.

The demon clan is reclusive due to a general inability to get along with others. I suspect they would be easy to convince to join the tribe as the island suits their isolationism. We could just offer them to place their own village slightly further away if they want some space. The deal should suit them well, but it is a matter of convincing them that we won’t cause them much trouble. I had originally invited them but they refused. They generally fear prolonged interaction with any other clan after years of being generally disliked, and I think the idea of living in a larger tribe of multiple clans warded them off. They can be a little short sighted sometimes. I do not think it is my clan nor yours that concerns them. They have gotten along well with Coszacatl judging by her story, and I have dealt with them in the past on good terms. It is a matter of soothing their worries about the others.

In regards to the bushes the oozes like, they like literally any bush. you can just let them grow and the oozes will eat them. I suppose they prefer leafier ones or fruit. The tend to eat fruits and berries that might be poisonous to others. Its also worth noting they will eat rotting meat with little complaint. Though if given their choice, their favorite food is blood. I’m told its because its liquid enough to provide the liquid they need to keep their body from solidifying and rich enough in substance to act as a food anyways. We can try to cultivate the bushes I suppose, though they kind of spring up on their own anyways.

We had the oozes continue to scout the caves, they aren’t too elaborate. This is probably fortunate because we definitely don’t want this island to be hollow. Though with your visit to the basilisk, its worth noting the caves are not large or extensive enough to house such a thing comfortably. Even if you say the basilisk is at least willing to chat, such creatures do not like cold or wind. Which is why they live in caves. That is of notable abundance here on the island.

As for the black stones we’ve mixed them with some other things, though we’ve observed no other interactions of note beyond fire. They definitely didn’t clean the lake by being thrown in there, a problem we still haven’t really found a fix for.

Ragash and Avonaco have successfully brought back the orcs to the base camp to help set up there. They seem quite happy to find some of those from the previous group had already been moved there. Now we have quite a few orcs adding to our tribe’s collection.


Since our last experiment, Sawiri has worked on the bone charms a little more. It seems six is the ideal number for jumping off the island. He has reworked the concept into singular tokens, he also noted that they lose a lot of their power once used. We’ll need to harvest more birds to make more. Getting back up is still an issue though. Sawiri has also mentioned a potential solution to that. But he needs the bones of a large creature of the skies, or one with electrical aptitude. Something about the essence of a storm.

Also we don’t have oil to soak a rope in. Not the kind that burns particularly well anyways. So we just threw the whole jug in a fire, close enough. The end result is that when the black stones burst pretty much nothing happened. Grinding them up caused them to do very little, so far its only been the larger stones that burst violently.

Also we found Coszacatl, so our trackers are freed up to work on other projects now. Though the demon clan is on the south east side of the region, whereas the rebellion group the orcs were looking for would have been in the western side leaning north. So yes, opposite sides would be correct. I am impressed you kept track of the map that well given we have no map.

The orc Shaman is still down at the camp so he can’t come to see them, though he is not sure what to make of it based purely on description. Hopes aren’t that high in that regard, the shamans deal with spirits and the like not trees. Also have to hold off on the green stone idea for now because they’re still at the Huanacan camp in the woods. We’ll need to find a way to bring all these orcs and supplies up once the island passes over as originally planned. While the ability to jump down has gotten better, the ability to bring things back up has not.

Blue and gold rocks do not make green rocks. At least not when we smack them against each other. Grinding them up would be difficult and we spent the week grinding down the black one for the jug experiment instead.

Sawiri points out that bone magic tends to depend on what he manages to inscribe. The ones he harden stay hard, but things like Chants by Moonlight’s sneeze ring can be activated at will.

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The last minute update because the DM got caught up in playing NMS blame mezzy

We had Kaya head on down to try and find the Halik. The initial trouble proves that we took kind of awhile on that whole thing and they’re fairly deeply migrated into the Chanai territory. While the offer to live on a fancy floating island has its appeals, as far as they are concerned they are indebted to the Chanai for offering them protection in these rough times. Even if we’re preeetty sure the Chanai were the danger. So the Halik not totally interested in betraying the Chanai, and despite our super awesome flying island it seems that if we elaborate on the story on how we all went missing from the region it has been interpreted as us kiiiind of running away from the fight.

As for rumors of flying creatures, I’m not really sure what you consider tameable. As we’ve seen the Chanai can tame about anything though most other clans don’t have the same luck. If you’re interested in ones that can be possibly ridden in terms purely of size, I know of the manticore, wyvern, and roc. The new harpy girl mentioned that some four legged eagle thing called a griffin exists though I have no idea what that is.

Also I had the bee people also look into the environmental council thing, mostly because we only have so many people and the council isn’t exactly a full time job anyways. That and the bee specialists are already studying every flower on the island. To which end, they have made some progress and convinced a swarm to live in a log by making very tiny spaces in the log for them to come and go from and cutting the top off the log so that it can be replaced. The bees seem to like small spaces with small entrances and exits. The design is currently being experimented with still.

As the new environmental council has taken over the interest in the snails that we are testing out over by the swamp, it has come to my attention that the snails are picking up a bit. We lost a lot of the initial ones simply due to how cold it is up here. Now the remaining couple of snails have actually been doing okay and produced some baby snails. Not really enough to deal with the lake yet though, we still haven’t done anything about that one.

Wait whats a lever?

Contrary to popular belief, we do have some friendly people. Actually a good fair few, I think we just get a bad reputation because half of us are covered in bones or glowing. Also probably because of you, Sawiri, and myself. So I had a couple of the most tame individuals head down to the ground and make their way over to the camp. They’ll be helping secure the area officially, though they’re mostly working with the orcs. The orcs actually seem to be getting along with them decently well, in comparison to how they might normally react to us. I may have sent them wearing colorful things they borrowed from the Nezatl so that they don’t look like…well you, Sawiri, and myself.

Sawiri has managed to make bone instruments before actually, they sound awful. But they are loud and hard to break I guess? I’m not really sure if its the fact that they’re made of enchanted bone, or if Sawiri just can’t make an instrument beyond a drum.

As for the black rocks, when heated enough they just shatter on their own. Actually they shatter quite violently and when we tested this the one standing closest to the fire had shards stuck in them that had to be removed.


We could get down even with just the basket, but we do not have any innate ability to sense the mother. Also we are busy with cleaning the waters until someone finds a way to fix the lake.

Iiniwa has headed down to the plains to continue the search for the mother, and the winged ones from the rock have been made to keep an eye out as well.

Hunting the Chanai in the night is especially for Kennae and the Dozen. The snake tails we have also have good eyes in the dark. Hakenu’e warns us that the night carries its own dangers in the crow folk.

Kennae finds no tracks, the mother is only one to be away from home and not come back in time to flee. She has a tendency to move slowly and roam far, nothing has threatened her for some time. She was bolder than most and traveled more.

But Iiniwa knows everyone, tracks aside he knows we are missing two of the snake tails that often scouted caves. Also missing a toothy one, who was likely looking for food south of home when we were attacked. He is looking for signs of them too.

Have built home for the mother as requested, near to the bushes she likes to eat.

The orcs are considered monster by men, but not really. Same said for the demon clan and elf clan. All who are not man called monster, but those with large numbers in a group become their own distinction. Other thought is that all who eat man are monster. Making orc, demon, and elf just other color of man. Though is difficult to think this way as long as crow folk exist. In regards to tribal council, depends how many orcs come to tribe. They could be their own clan with chief, if not enough then will likely be with the Hariwana since they are interested enough to send people to speak with them.


The bone caller can make the bone spikes as desired, that appears to be one of the easier concepts for him to do. As for specialized arrows, we haven’t found anything particularly more effective than a regular arrow. Though the recent discovery by the Hariwana might prove useful if we can figure out how to get the black rock to shatter the way it does when we desire it to. Though introducing fire into the idea would probably work just as well anyways. Its an ongoing idea.

Approaching the demons for information did not go as expected. It is quite clear the demons know who Coszacatl is, and likely where she went. Though they are unwilling to share such information, and notably are lacking for dead. It appears they did not qualify as victims for her vengeance. She seems to have visited them peacefully, and they are not willing to share information on her with our members who asked about a dangerous hunt. While that may have backfired slightly, it has revealed to us that the demons are quite willing to associate with Coszacatl. It was also no obstacle, upon seeing that such negotiations were not going to work, our trackers had the foresight to use the opportunity to keep a close eye on the village until they found some sign of her passing. She left their camp and headed north, so it wasn’t for nothing.

They also noticed something interesting, while they were there our trackers noticed that the demon clan had a lot more weapons around the camp than might be considered normal for them. The demons normally keep to themselves and mind their own business, the fact that they had so many weapons implies they are preparing for something. They didn’t wear the weapons constantly, nor have an abundance of scouts on watchful guard. They are not defending from some sort of skirmish, they are preparing to be the aggressors. That should be interesting if nothing else. With how rarely they come out of their lands, most just speak ill of their kind but do not dare engage them. The idea of the clan coming out to strike could shake the region, as they are among the strongest clans when it comes time for violence. It may be worth keeping an eye on them, to see who might make for the best recruits once we can see them actually fight. Though immediate recruitment is not so viable given that the demons are a very stable clan. They don’t have anyone lacking for a home or feeling any call to adventure. I feel that after a major conflict, the dead may cause more rifts as their social structure experiences some breakdowns. Nothing recruits quite as well as an orphan or an exile after all.

Ragash and Avonaco have found the other group of orcs. Of immediate interest is the lack of shared information between this group and the other one. They did not even know of some brooding retaliation against the Chanai, which indicates to me that the knowledge of this group was acquired in the northwest by the other group we found. This particular group was much more willing to come back with Ragash as they had no particular objectives in mind at the moment other than survival, we also may have omitted the information of the growing retaliation the other group was seeking to join. Limiting their range of options a tad. They are currently being escorted back to the base camp.

As for the tokens, are you not the bravest of us? *hands you four tokens*

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Something’s afoot

So…who do you want to send to go see about the Halik?

Also in regards to next years celebration, our clan is particularly the more talented with crafts so maybe we should weave some over the top display, AND THEN SET IT ON FIRE! Or y’know, something more subtle. Though I think the gods would prefer sacrifices that are big and glowy rather than a small jar of something sweet…maybe a big thing filled with jars of sweet things at the same time.

As for the bees, so far they don’t seem to like the hollowed out log idea. We’ve been picking at their hives to try and see what they like. I think we need to shape the log a bit more carefully than just hollowing it out. Just hollowing out one end also hasn’t yielded much success. We’re still working on the idea basically.

I’ve had some of the younger members start looking on working just with bees to hopefully allow for this whole specialization idea you mention to take root overall.



It will still be a few weeks before we meet the orcs up here, as they are down at the outpost and more or less at the mercy of the dozen until we can pick them up. Hopefully that doesn’t scare them off as the smaller camp is filled with only our rougher sort for doing work down in the plains. Though we could be a bit sneaky and try to befriend them before the beastkin to get them to teach us some of that shaman stuff before they hear about some weird trend of keeping us out of it *cough*.

Yeah we’ve still got nothing on the rock, though the largest one we originally were intending to extract is being preserved at my place in case there is some value to it. We may need to find some sort of rock based expert.

Also I got banned form storytelling around the fire. Not sure why.

As for-

As for the bone concepts. I’m simply making them much harder and more durable, as long as you can be creative with the pre-existing shape of the bones they’re quite useful. I use them to hold up my shelves. Also by splitting them, the sharp point that remains can sometimes be used to scratch at wood.

We also use them to crack chunks of rock. Pickaxes and all.




Ragash and Avonaco have escorted the orcs to the camp and left them under the care of the others we have guarding the camp, they’ve now set off to find the other group. Updates on that as it progresses, they have a bit of a walk ahead of them.


Attempting to mess with the rocks has yielded similar results, they do always move upwards. Thankfully due to our experience with the Hariwana basket’s tendency to shoot off into the sky, we had taken some preparations for such a situation. Turns out our strongest guy doesn’t weigh enough to really wrestle down these rocks, it almost tore him in half when the rope caught him.

Tracking the “murderous monster” has proven a bit more difficult than expected, but some interesting details have been gleaned. It clearly isn’t alone, its tracks lead into campsites with groups of other varied tracks that most notably includes some monstrous creatures. This is part of what makes it a little difficult to track, it can disappear among these camp sites and be a little tricky to find which set that leaves the camp might belong to it. It also seems to disappear completely sometimes within these groups. Possibly even catching rides to new places. There have been several scenes of massacre discovered on this mission, though most recently the trackers found it eventually traveled to the demon clan’s village. What was most interesting is that the demon clan seems to be fine, as if they weren’t a target of any sort. The trail seems to get lost in there due to the active use of the camp removing a lot of the traces we could utilize. Also we aren’t entirely sure if this creature was there before or after some of the other marks of its passing we discovered. The demons might have more information, but its up to you if and who you might want to send to question about such a thing.

Further details reveal these other presences around it are also somewhat aloof, it shows signs of guerilla tactics. While the primary figure of interest seems to just walk into things to destroy them, the rest of its companions have shown more hit and run style attacks onto certain other camps.

We’ve bolstered the guard down at the camp as specified, and as it is we have three teams moving around the plains tracking down various things of interest.

As for our last tracking project, the search for Coszacatl might be an overlapping interest. At the old Huanacan camp there are tracks to indicate that an ooze has visited the area. Likely Coszacatl returning home. What looks like a large trail in the dirt, indicating a slime, reaches a specific spot and then starts walking on two feet. Feet missing an arch and with toes that seem almost fused together. We have reason to believe the wandering monster we’re looking for is in fact Coszacatl.

Iiniwa revealed to us she has the ability to take on humanoid shapes provided she has a humanoid’s skeleton to anchor herself to. There were a lot of those after the raid. He has also confirmed that she is physically capable of the kind of carnage we’ve been uncovering. Just that it is out of her personality to do so, though that being said I suspect coming home to find all of her clan missing and the camp burned down could have sent on her on a blood fueled quest for vengeance. Which would explain why all these bodies are uneaten, unpillaged, and left to rot.

On the one hand this is fortuitous for us, tactically at least albeit a tad less exciting. She is unlikely to cause much harm to us and it is simply a matter of finding her before she gets herself killed by pissing off everyone in the territory with indiscriminate murder. As long as whoever finds her can prove that they know where her people are. To benefit this, Jarth has sent some people down to help find her alongside our trackers so they can hopefully reason with her.

We could put some wood around the basket I suppose.

As for the flying invaders, they’re starting to clear out now. Mostly because we’ve murdered a good few of them. Our experiment in throwing one overboard with the bone charm has proven a resounding success. It actually survived the fall, albeit with some injury. It broke a few bones on impact with the ground but I had the idea of using two charms this time and threw another one off. That time there was no major injuries.

In regards to the black stone the Hariwana are investigating, it is similar to obsidian in appearance but only appearance. Attempts to chip it do not work to produce obsidian blades as it much more difficult to fracture and does not break in the same patterns as obsidian. Also we have obsidian weapons already so we had something to compare it to in order to verify that it is indeed a different kind of rock.



With the latest information from the Dozen’s trackers looking for Coszacatl, it seems indeed wise that we sent some of ours with them to help look for her. Though their suspicions of her actions do raise some concern. Coszacatl is a very lethargic creature, at least for most of the time we’ve known her. Seeing that she might be on some blood fueled rampage across the plains is worrisome though at least understandable. To her it might seem as if we were wiped out by the Chanai, along with her children. This could however affect the wars going on down below, with the crow folk and the Chanai in active war, a rising resistance group the orcs mentioned, and now Coszacatl running amuck the whole territory might end up in somehow even worse shape. I suppose its a good thing we came to this island after all.

I am concerned she might draw attention to herself before we can find her though. While she is the most dangerous member of our clan besides yourself, the Chanai’s new chief is not one to be trifled with, especially alone. Also the crow folk’s average warrior is a threat to any hero, their best are rivals to the dozen due to the strange powers the king of crows granted them. I mention this because left unchecked, Coszacatl is going to get the attention of other major warriors rather than the ones she is preying on.

As for aquatic creatures, we may have to venture a little further to find anything with bones of note. The plains lack for large aquatic life, or really anything more significant than some fish in the old ponds.

The rock has been secured for now at least. Most of our visitors have either joined our cause, even if tentatively, or been abducted and experimented on between the Dozen and Sawiri from the Hariwana. We still see birds and maybe some stragglers, but with the one we have recruited a simple station of maybe an extra couple of people to watch over the rock should be enough to keep it under control. Though who knows however many might be instead lurking in the forests, at least those tend to be less dangerous.

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A lazy week due to slow sheet fillers

Stories of Lore 2


No you can’t be arch chief, you are “Little Chief” for at least a few more years.

Also we carved out a log to see if the bees just…fly on into it I guess. We’ll have to see if that works at all.

In regards to the Halik, they’re moving into the Chanai territories so that’s a whole thing we have to get through. Who are we going to send to do that? Also is our game plan still to intimidate people? That might not be as effective when trying to trade for anything, or get them to migrate a second time from the Chanai unless we damage the Chanai enough to make our status as the superior tribe clear. Also we could just steal their stuff, that would fit well into the whole intimidation strat.

Also I have informed everyone to start using the sundial to arrange tribal councils instead of taking a guess when its close enough to noon. The Dozen are wary of our plans to make time a consistent thing just so that we may or may not make it inconsistent.


Well we spent the last three weeks working our way through the stone caverns very carefully to avoid the green rocks. We have discovered that it is quite tough, and completely black. No discoloration or specks of other things at all, it seems to be quite hard too. On the way to it, we found more of them hidden in the stone. Each time they seem surrounded by a thin layer from the stone of the island rather than embedded. We brought back some samples and the most we can make of it is that….they’re very smooth and shiny rocks. I was able to corrode one, and that went slower than usual but still as expected. I was also able to break one by hitting it with one of Sawiri’s bone clubs. Despite their shine, they don’t seem to bear any particularly extraordinary properties as far as we can tell. The blue and gold ones on the island, as well as the floaty green ones, are definitely of greater interest. None of us are exactly rock experts though.

I found an easy spot we managed to dig out into a holding area. The entrance is small though, to make sure we didn’t dislodge anything important. The theory was that if I just left enough ground to prevent any rocks from escaping while I excavated that they shouldn’t be able to fly off anywhere. Seems to have worked, there are a few stuck to the ceiling though. So basically the same scenario as our digging to the smooth black rock.

As for the bird bones, Sawiri claaaaims to have found a potential solution. Its a series of linked charms that in the end allows someone to, in his words, fall from a great height and not go splat. Though the quirk to it is that it doesn’t actually slow you down, just makes the sudden stop hurt less. So its impossible to test on any height that wouldn’t injure someone without risking the injury. He managed to convince someone to jump off of a fairly high rock and it worked as far as we can tell. However, no one is particularly volunteering to jump off the island with it and see how well it holds up with that kind of a drop.  Also doesn’t necessarily help them get back up.

So far the extendable bone idea was possible but Sawiri can only get it to triple its length, still a few thousand feet short of reaching the ground. Sawiri says he might have a more practical solution to the issue but he needs the bones of a peculiar type of cat that is only found in the western jungle and miiight be a pain in the ass to find as they’re known for having strange abilities to be in multiple places at once. The island won’t drift that far for a little while but we could just send some people to walk over there. The issue is that Sawiri himself would have to go in order to preserve the “freshness” as he says. Which would mean sending him far away and hoping nothing bad happens to him.


In regards to aquatic creatures, maybe save that for after we fix the lake. So far while a short term solution has been found with ooze filtering, waiting to cultivate a lot of snails will take awhile.

Kennae is with the team headed back down to the ground for a little while with the others. While he does travel up and down with Wehilani instead of by basket, she will be staying with the ground camp for a little while which means so will Kennae.

With Avonaco heading down as well we’ll have to pay closer attention to the events at the rock. So far the visitors seem to be rather mild and easy enough to handle, at least now that the rowdiest of the bunch have been dealt with already.

We’ve been enforcing our domain over the mountain a little more lately just to clear off some of the suspicious visitors. As we drift further from the mountain, and word gets around, it is likely their visits will become less frequent. We’ve also managed to recruit one of the harpy’s that were lurking around.


I’ve sent the four down, seems our clan were the only ones so quick to respond to the plan. Just as well, none are as suited. Except possibly the two who are already down there all the time.  We’ve sent them along with the new knives for a field test of the materials.

They’ve managed to at least collect a shaman and a woman as instructed, a few other tagalongs as well. Though the bulk of the orc group seems to be interested in getting involved with another growing alliance down on the plains that intend to go to war with the Chanai. We could go ask the other group of orcs that split off and see how they feel if you want to continue the orc collecting.

While no one is entirely sure what it is, Ragash and Avonaco found some evidence that there is something strange going on around the ground in the shape of some killer who has no interest in food or supply. I’ve had the camp ensure its defenses carefully in case they might run into whatever strange thing this might be.

Speaking of weapons materials, the best we’ve really come across is somewhat dependent on the situation. Against large beasts, you want a stone that can hit many times as it will take several good whacks to bring them down. Against regular men, fractured obsidian works well to demoralize and cripple them. Hardwoods can make for great clubs, sometimes better than rocks. They are also easier to sharpen, while they don’t cut as well as obsidian they do last a little longer and are easier to maintain. Though those kinds of trees are a bit rare around here, and appear more often to the west and in the far south.

Also we put the wooden stake in the ground to keep the basket a bit more tied down.


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Settling In

It is interesting to know about this new pond Ragash has created. It also does help us figure out how to collect water. Inspired by the dew on the trees around here, I have had the Nezatl craftswomen weave leaves into a large square over a bowl. It does a fair job of collecting stray water and dripping into the bowls after we pass through clouds, so that is at least one avenue of water collection. It isn’t much but the idea could be expanded upon. Obviously fixing the lake would be better since it collects water from all around the island without much work being needed.

Mor also brought up the ring of needle trees around the island’s forests and unfortunately even Kennae isn’t sure what they are supposed to do. Kennae knows how to survive, but he doesn’t necessarily know how all the trees work and grow. We would need to find someone more talented in the natural flow of the land to decipher these strange trees.

We could cut one down but Alihana is against the idea, in case it bears some important significance to what makes this island work. Though she is against poking at a lot of the things around here for fear that we might bring the island to the ground on accident. Perhaps she is simply too cautious.

Trees and rocks should not be trifled with lightly. They are difficult to replace, as the ashen plains below can attest to. The island is like no other, assuming we are simply too small to affect is likely the line of thinking that led the Chanai to start the fires that destroyed the territory.

As the priestess of Auwana I agree that we should treat the island with care. The sanctuary it provides us must be met with gratitude not careless exploitation.

Exa- wait priestess of Auwana? What did I miss?

The goddess graces us with an island to save us from the disasters that claimed all our homes below. We Nezatl recognize this is a gift from the heavens…quite literally.

I knew this was going to happen. Enough clans worship rocks just for being slightly weird, seems inevitable the simple minded would believe the island to be of divinity.

Can you truly say that it is not?


Anything can be divine just as anything can be not divine. For all you know its just a floating rock, while rare it could be nothing more.


Not now girls. On to other topics. Wehilani informs me that our absence of the territory below hasn’t gone unnoticed. While most assume the Chanai wiped out the Huanacan, and are willing to assume the Nezatl might have suffered a similar fate, the other three of us left a power vacuum. Without Sawiri down below people aren’t sure where to go for certain tools and trinkets, or where to trade their stockpiles of bones they would often sell to him.

Without us, the Chanai have grown bolder. No one has confirmed the Dozen are missing yet though, as they were always small in number and elusive. However, they are beginning to suspect as much. It turns out surprisingly few have deduced where we went, some even think the moving island destroyed our clans in some freak display of supernatural incident.

This tells me that the elves still are keeping to themselves. Because they know where we are, but clearly haven’t told anyone. Alihana and Kaya both can see through their shapeshifts, so I have had them keep an eye around the island to see if they can find one to talk to if they visit again.

The cannibal tribes are also starting to move based on the change in dynamics down below. They are the only clan who have a food source unaffected by the fires so far. With the dozen missing there is no ‘wrong target’ for them and they are abducting anyone they find from other clans for dinner. The Chanai are at war with them but the cannibals are one of the stronger clans to go against. By day the Chanai raids slay them, by night the Cannibals catch them unawares.

This especially affects the clans who were not based in war. The Halik have already lost a quarter of their population to these skirmishes and were recruited into an alliance with the Chanai for protection. The scattered remnants of the orcs have formed into two nomadic war bands who seem to be having issues finding each other. The two war bands number perhaps only two dozen members strong each. The Chanai hunt them relentlessly to insure the death of their shamans in particular. I think there are only three left.

Of a similar note, the elves are elusive as ever. It is unlikely the Chanai can even find them, but they are making no major moves at the moment and were not for some of our own experts we would have no idea that any of them still lived.

The demon clan in the southeast of the territory however are doing well. The Chanai avoid them for now, not wanting to fight both them and the cannibals. The cannibals would likely consider an alliance with the demons had they the foresight to engage in diplomacy. As a result the demon clan has actually taken over my clan’s old lands and are comfortable to mind their own business. They were a neighbor to me before, I do not begrudge them for taking my old home. They are a little intense, but they just want to be left alone. That being said, if they got involved in the conflict it could sway heavily. They boast powerful warriors rivaling that of the orcs or beastkin. However, it is unlikely the Chanai would consider peaceful relations with them. It is inevitable that should they successfully defeat the cannibals, that they will engage the demon clan next.

The witch doctors are also being pressured to join the Chanai, and though unconfirmed I believe the Chanai are intentionally trying to attack the witch doctors without being too direct about it and sway them to accept the same offer they gave the Halik clan.

In total about six clans have been wiped out in the chaos or absorbed into the Chanai’s recruitment efforts as they attempt to build a tribe of their own.

All this may soon be irrelevant to us though. The Nezatl have watched the stars and inform me that the island is drifting westward. Huanacan mention a vast wetlands in that direction they once were considering moving to up until recent events. Due to the island’s drift we should be sure to accomplish all that we need to here before we find ourselves elsewhere. I have placed highest priority on recovering the ooze known as Coscazatl,



Right, Coszacatl. I have placed highest priority for Kennae and Wehilani to find Coszacatl, of all our affairs it would be our greatest shame if we left our own behind to the mercy of this war on the ashen plain as the island drifts. We do have some time before we will venture too far westward but it is worth remembering we always have a limit of time before opportunity escapes us to do what we wish to do.

Journeying westward we will be in unfamiliar territory, it might even be a struggle for Kennae to figure out what is edible or not. We know there is a vast jungle to the west, it was near the Huanacan, but not what lurks within it. With the help of the basket we can send some of our own down below to continue the search for Coszacatl and other resources worth retrieving. As well as pursue any business we might have with the remaining clans. I know Jarthromoth wanted to look into the basilisk too while we’re at it. Due to our inefficiency of raising and lowering said basket for now, we will send them on a longer excursion. They will spend a few weeks on the ground, setting up temporary camp to the west in the old Huanacan territory. With any luck Coszacatl will just wander into it. As the island moves that way we will be in position for them to send up anything of relevance and hopefully by then we work out raising and lowering things from the island a bit better. I’ll be sending Ka’oana, Wehilani will act as the messenger between the group and the island back here.

The Chanai and the Cannibals are still at war down there, so we will each send at least one of our strongest, though there is still work to do here on the island as well. The main priority is to find any resources to stockpile on the island. It may be summer but winter creeps up all too quickly when you are not prepared. Let me know if there is anything else you want the excursion to focus on while they are down there.



I am not calling my baby sister ‘elder’ anything you little pipsqueak.

The tribe uses a sort of larger scale food storage, mostly controlled by the Launi Kau’hale. So…we swapped a few baskets around in the storage tent if that counts. As for sweets no but yes kind of. We have some honey in the storage and there are bees on the island we’ve been able to get some more from. Though we’re being careful about that as we don’t know how well the bees handle winter way up here and we’re waiting to see how much of their honey they need to keep for themselves before we accidentally kill them over the winter or anything.

I’m not sure the sundial idea works well because they already don’t have the exact same time. We’re the only clan that ever made sundials or calenders, that was one of our contributions. So not too hard to give them misshapen ones as a joke but also not that effective as they already don’t have precise time keeping.

I added some holidays to our calender and gave that one to Elder Hakenu’e to put in the tribal council’s meeting hut. I’m not carving another one of those. Though I did make it easy for them to read when seasons tend to change so that we don’t mess up the tribe’s food storage things.

As for weapon training within the clan, we’ve always done that to a degree buuut I suppose we are kind of terrible at it. I think we can get Iiniwa to help us on that front as he has been collecting weapons from around the tribe to see what we have access to and can train in. You have the only bow in our clan, though we’re hoping to get more made. The Dozen seem to know how to do all that but still waiting to get enough materials together for that.

We scheduled the festival marking the day we all came aboard a year from now, that’ll give us time to prepare awesome festivities. Also get people to actually participate in it since they’ll know the significance of the day and right now we’re all kind of in survival mode so not as much fun going on.

In regards to recruiting harpies, we’re leaving that to the Huanacan. I have been stealing their feathers in the meantime though. We can help recruit them to the Huanacan though, given my talent for not dying its at least useful when approaching the more dangerous ones.


I’m back from looking at rocks. I knocked one of the green ones out of the wall to bring back for further investigation and it shot straight into the ceiling and embedded itself there. By embedded I mean it broke the ceiling and burrowed in until I couldn’t see it anymore. I think they’re the reason we’re floating, and such properties are stronger than Sawiri’s noodle basket. If there is a way to raise and lower the island it’ll be by messing with those things.

The blue and gold rocks on the other hand look pretty. That’s all they seem to do. They’re quite sturdy though actually, broke the tools I was using. I can chip the rock around them to try and pull them out but I don’t have time for that. I sent some other apprentices to do that, they brought a chunk back and no one’s really sure what to do with it at the moment. They seem to be harder and stronger than Sawiri’s enchanted bone axes we used to get it out of the rock, but also ridiculously hard to shape into anything.

As for a telekinetic ritual I have looked into the concept and created such a ritual with the magic we currently know. Judging by the size of the island it will take a few thousand participants and all of them need to be good at that spell. Okay its really less of a ritual and more having thousands of people cast the same spell at the same time. I am working on amplifying the effect via the ritual but…well that’s going to take some experimenting so more on that as progress gets made. We’ve never really tried to amplify that effect, especially on such a scale. I’d see if the rocks could be used to help in that regard buuut I’m sort of afraid to poke at those too much because if we break one too many and my theory is correct, we’re going to hit the ground.

In regards to the underground holding area, I can do that but I need to confirm that you do understand if I hit any of those green rocks while burrowing that it could be bad. Though realistically a few wouldn’t hurt while just digging a little holding cell so likely nothing will come of it, but I would be wary of underground expansion if such a thing became too commonplace.

As for the basket adventures things are going…slowwww. Very fucking slow. Its an unwieldy thing and putting stuff on it to bring up and sending it has the problem of it overshooting the island and going off into the sky. Not to mention it can flip over, so while it helps with the weight of sending things up, that thing better be holding onto the rope. Then we have to pull it back in on the rope the same length as it goes all the way to the ground. It took us the last two weeks to make a rope out of drider silk, the drider’s are refusing to do anything else for a little while now, and it doesn’t go straight up and down. Either it blows in the breeze or the island is still moving. We’ve made about two trips and sent up nothing really as we just work out the kinks of using it.

In other news Sawiri has made some more clubs to distribute-

Yes that. Wait how did you hear me? Are you eavesdropping on the chief?
Nope just you.


Gee that’s reassuring. While you’re here did you at least do something with those wyvern bones?
I MADE A FOREVER FIRE FAGGOT. Its a bunch of bone sticks bound together that stay on fire all the time, using the essence of the wyvern. Bonfire sized! Saves time on starting fires, keeps camp warm. Will help a lot in winter. Also makes you redundant.

Yeah but that was literally the only accomplishment in your life anyone cared about. “ooh Alihana can you come help me start this fire, hey Alihana can you cook this thing for me” At least people come to me all the time for all kinds… kinds… of… things. Hurggh I feel like I’m going to throw up.


Jokes on you I can’t throw up while I have my mask on. I just feel a little queasy.


Oh I know, but I also know you can’t eat with the mask on and that was the long lasting hex. Have a fun week Sawiri, I’m going to go work on the ritual. YOU KNOW, THE OTHER THINGS I DO AROUND HERE.

Shh, she doesn’t know I made a bone charm that dispels that hex. She tries to put it on me all the time. No idea why. With the left over bones I also made some new picks for Kennae. They are super hard so its good for hitting rocks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find that charm because I really feel quite ill.


What in blazes is all that commotion from Moonlight’s tent? Also finding Coszacatl shouldn’t be hard. I can tell the flyers to keep an eye out during their excursions. Coszacatl shouldn’t be far from the old camp, without a home to return to she likely found a cave or something to protect from the rain and eats whatever is growing in it. She is a very calm creature, and likely to think this through rationally and attempt self preservation. If we’re lucky we’ll find a suspicious clearing of trees that will lead to her. I doubt she’s in much danger, while the other slimes are a bit more susceptible to damage the mother of all oozes is a bit more resilient. The real issue would be getting her up here but the basket might work. The flyers definitely couldn’t lift her for long.

The driders have been kept busy with the Nezatl making a really long rope out of their silk for this wild basket thing they have to get up and down the island. Also people want the dozen to make more bows using their silk so they’re a bit occupied to make anything for trade at the moment. We also have to keep them well fed that’s a lot of silk they’re being made to produce.

I asked Sawiri to look into some sort of bucket of holding as you speak of but he says we need very large bones to attempt that. He said preferably from a creature that is aquatic or that stores a lot of water in itself.

As for the water cleaning project, it has worked for the short term to make the lake water safe to drink at least. Though it definitely takes a toll on the oozes, even if they aren’t submerged it is still a lot of water to pass through them with little food inside of it. They can continue doing so in the meantime as necessary though they definitely have to alternate days they work on it and eat a lot of dirt in between those sessions to make up for it. Not that dirt is rare or anything but it is evident of their discomfort as usually they would be trying to eat plants instead, but they can’t be bothered to travel into the woods and just plop down next to the water bowls to consume dirt immediately. I’ve had some plant matter thrown around the area for them to eat without having to travel to at least ease their troubles. Also ooze water definitely has an aftertaste. Not really an unpleasant one though depending what the ooze normally eats. So if you drink the water don’t be surprised if there is an aftertaste reminiscent of a plant…or dirt if you get the earlier batches.

On to other news, we’ve convinced another harpy to join our fold on the basis of having a protected home on pride rock. Though there was a scuffle with a small band of Arakkoa testing our commitment to keeping control of it. Avonaco was in the area and helped me and our three other feathered friends deal with it.

I have been asked by the elder chief to help out with combat training around the tribe, so that’s what I’m doing in the meantime. Kennae is still off on his regular excursions with Wehilani. They keep bringing back fish, I think he’s trying to find some way to get them up here still and when it doesn’t work we just eat the fish.

The Dozen asked our more cave-dwelling types to look into the tight areas in the network of pride rock. We found a lot of small passages that seem to be just naturally formed cracks and holes in the structure. However there is one passage that leads to a tight squeeze of a chamber. There is a rock there that is different from all others we’ve come across, it is nearly completely black and there isn’t much space between itself and the chamber walls. It is described as being the smoothest rock they’d ever encountered, but only the slimes could fit in to find it, we’re not sure what it is though. Without the ability to get it out or get anyone other than the slimes, who frankly have little experience or interest in rocks, we’re having a hard time figuring out what it is.


We sent our wild life expert to experiment in the swamps. The snails we have for experimentation seem to be capable of working though slightly confused. Some died as well, it is likely due to being unfamiliar with the environment or how cold it is up here. Some have survived however, and it might do well for us to try and grow the population here to build them up to the environment and reduce their apparent confusion about their relocation. Due to the fires, there aren’t many to collect from down below anyways.

The problem with Ragash’ plan to bring something herbivorous up here is the very same thing that is starving the lands below. What is left is being hunted by the other clans and even Wehilani in search of food to bring back up here. Atop of which, we do not actually need to clear all the shrubbery. Nothing large and predatory lurks up here to hide within it, there aren’t even that many insects. If space is required to be clear, such as for a path to the Huanacan camp, I suggest a modification to the idea. Just let Huanacan’s oozes deal with clearing shrubbery. If we were to relocate the mother of all slimes she could likely produce some more that could help at least clear through important areas.

There is a distinct interest from the entirety of the tribe for our weapons technology. Especially bow and atlatl, things that work from far away. The wood for good bows is easiest to find to the south, the trees on this island can suffice for mediocre bows of quality you see among the other clans though. What they might consider a prized weapon is, honestly, not very good. Ragash once had a bow from the local area and it could, at best, kill a man from forty paces. The one we gave her after she joined will drop a deer from eighty with no trouble.

Drider silk happens to be better than the strings we have even now. We’ve never had access to such quantities of the material in such conveniently manageable shapes. Usually if we found a giant spider its webs would be all over the place and hard to roll into string. Driders can spin it directly into strands for us that with some simple wrapping turn into powerful strings, provided you stretch them before creating the bowstring. It takes some craftsmanship, but we already made one for Ragash as a test. She says it works very well.

Typically we don’t share these tools with others, for obvious reasons. Though now days we live with a tribe, it is unfamiliar after all this time. We’ll leave you to decide how much sharing we’ll really engage in when it comes to such things as the weapons that have given us superiority over the territory for years.

To which end, the stones Ragash found and Alihana brought back, they have a special property we can use. The reason everyone is having such a hard time shaping them is they warp slightly before they shatter. This could be especially useful for knives.

As for recruiting the strongest of the fliers, all of them are weak by our standards. They live in mountains away from others and are used to flying away from any threat they might encounter. I mean sure the Arakkoa you found is the strongest who wandered through but it has no chance among our members.

In regards to the magic of my people, I have no idea how it works. I was abducted as a child, and even then I was really more so of a gatherer. In the orcish tribes women are for producing young and work unfitting of the warriors. You will meet few like me, and it was only out of necessity that I learned the skills I have. I am far gone from my people’s ways and culture now, and am only a member of the dozen.

Avonaco is out by pride rock but he’s doing well over there. Maybe a bit too well, he’s been attacking all sorts of birds that mildly annoy him and claiming its to protect the two new flying members of Huanacan who like to live on that rock. I brought the bones back to Sawiri who might come up with something useful for it.

Also yes we can do all the things you were asking about in terms of weapons and tech.

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Nothing says civilization like bureaucracy

First off in regards to our stance on other peoples, I concur that our intimidation is a great factor to utilize. I do caution about it when trying to recruit though, as different people respond to different things. Though specifically the type of clan we might be looking to recruit and in what position we are expecting them to fulfill. I am wary however of capturing them by force for the simple reason that it would add a threat to our own domain. The current advantage of our island is that we are free to roam around on it without fear, even the children as long as they don’t play too close to the edge that they might fall off. An enslaved population is a potential uprising, and may mitigate some of the safety we currently enjoy. However, it is likely would could handle such a small threat to ourselves.

As an experiment we had Wehilani fly Kennae down to the earth below to scavenge for snails since she is the strongest flyer. In terms of weight she can transport at least, the harpy is definitely more agile in the air. This went well, though definitely was tiring for Wehilani as she had to climb quite a height to get back up. Unfortunately, the fires have affected the snail population as well. Kennae was only able to find perhaps a dozen. Though it is a start.

We also had Ka’oana investigate the depths of the lake. Along with some of our others who might understand the situation to investigate. The problem seems to have been compounded not only by the fact that the deeper part of the lake doesn’t run out through the river, but the floating island has trapped it where it is. So there isn’t enough natural drainage through the soil, as not too far down is whatever rocks allow the place to remain aloft.

The Huanacan have a few oozes among them who could help clean the place, but they hate submerging themselves in water. Something about being washed away. We could consider draining the lake entirely so that the oozes can reach the problematic areas. Then utilize these snails and perhaps other creatures for the long term cleaning. However, in the short term, we are likely to experience a water shortage soon. Water is also the hardest thing for Wehilani to bring up from the ground due to its weight, difficulty of transport, and the sheer quantity needed to slake the thirsts of so many. Though judging by how green this island is, there is no shortage of water. The task is simply how to collect enough of it. A lot of people are at least getting something from the fruits of the island, though you see why I am still concerned with the availability of drinking water. These are issues we must tackle quickly. On a related topic, Kennae isn’t sure how to get fish up here yet. Which may be something we wish to do in the future.

While the island provides much we did not have before, the land beneath is still a burned wasteland. Since we cannot control the island to move, we have no idea how long it will be before we find ourselves above more fruitful lands for our few flyers to scavenge.


You may chant by moonlight, but it is day! You have no power here, now I am chieftain Chants by Morning! Ooga chugga ooga chugga. Wait what did I come here for again…

Oh yes right. So bone rope….yeah no. I can make bones strong and noodly like a rope…wait whats a noodle? Squishy…bendy. Anyways I can make a bone kind of ropey but hrmm that sounds like rapey. No wait rope bone, can’t make it long. Unless maybe we find something with a very long spine…about a hundred of them. SNAKES! Bring me ALL THE SNAKES. Hehe danger noodles. Whats a noodle?

*The next morning at an ungodly hour for anyone to be awake*

BEHOLD, A BOWL OF NOODLE. I made it out of plant fibers and bone marrow, its like a giant basket but its really strong. Also it floats on air. Be sure to tie it to something- oh there it goes. It floats even with the weight of two people in it! I’ll leave you to unstick it from the roof of your hut. It’s really hard to get back down. You might need a big rock. Good thing you have a nice hut, it almost carried mine off.

A rope from the island to the ground is difficult, because the ground below is not always the same distance away. Also that is a really long rope. I estimate it at seven hundred ninety eight skips straight down. It needs to be a strong rope too. ALL THE SNAKES. WINGS FOR EVERYBODY. Oh actually, Huanacan once tamed a manticore. Get more. Attach bowl of noodle. Via snake. All of them.

I went asking around to figure out what magical options the tribe might have available to it overall. I do notice we make up the bulk of it, I was hoping this cultural exchange might yield more ideas for my work. Yet of course, the one person with a magic truely original and different that I was most excited for, has no damned clue how their own powers work. Anyways we have…




Before our harpy was sent to look for more of her kind that more of her kind simply…showed up. The flying island passed by the mountain her kind would call home. This island definitely attracts all who can fly due to being such a curiosity. They likely would have fought us for the territory were not for the fact that we managed to get a whole tribe of things onto it.

Actually a few of them took to nesting in the mountain on this island. Notably on the far side, they are definitely experimenting if they can sneakily inhabit Auwana despite our obvious claim to it. They are not all harpies though, and they are not all united. They simply tolerate each other as fighting for territory seems of little benefit given they all realize that their food source will have to come from down below as long as our tribe holds claim to Auwana itself.

We have seen Aarakocra, a griffon, some harpies, members of the demon clan below, and even a faerie dragon. Not to mention non-sapient species as well, including a juvenile roc. Not all have stayed but many have passed by, which affirms the earlier idea that the island’s mere existence draws flying species to check it out. This may pose a defensive threat to us in the future if anything decides it really wants to settle down. Despite fears the island could not support the whole tribe or might limit our expansion, the reverse is our current plight. There aren’t enough of us to cover such a vast stretch of land, especially from things that just fly around. We have a few members of the clan keeping watchful eye on the far mountainside, I think its a mountain at least. Its seems too rocky to call a hill but its not actually all that large.

Anyways, we have some of our people watching the area as well as other places near the island borders to see who visits. Our old friend Kaya, the camp invader, has been instrumental in this since she can just stand in plain sight without any of them noticing here counting how many are perched on the mountain rocks. I have been collecting their reports just to keep an idea of what is going on around here, and what strangers might be visiting. It definitely strikes me that despite our assumed security up here, that we are not able to totally secure these borders. I think the elder chief underestimates the threat of these visitors, I would definitely not recommend children leave the village alone. There are far more birds of prey than one would think, and they can get pretty big.

Our harpy has become an ambassador of sorts to these flying guests, keeping tabs on them as well as talking with the more intelligent ones. This has been a fruitful relationship, one of the Aarakocra accepted the offer to join the clan. Perhaps tentatively as they are afraid of the rest of the tribe near the lake, but they are content to keep staying in the mountains and assist us with tracking and speaking with visitors of the island. They took the offer as a form of assurance that they are now official denizens of the island, and I have offered that if any of the other bird folk might try to evict him from his spot on the mountain that we will send our warriors to assert his legal claim to the land.

In regards to the lake, we actually never recruited any aquatic species. Largely because we have never lived near a lake. Too many people visiting, but the Elder Chief assigned it to Ka’oana. Since crocodiles actually just hold their breath underwater, he is not affected by the troubles of the water quality.

Also I have taken full stock of our people and their unique abilities.



I swapped the tents, they are confused but not amused. Success. Also I have no idea what sugar cane is. You can’t change your title to elder either, for one thing you’re the youngest. Second, that title is reserved for the old bull, to symbolify that he is the chief of chiefs and rules the whole tribe. Sit still dang it.

Anyways, our clan seems to have become appointed as officers when it comes to mediating disputes between clans as long as our own is not involved. Though after that tent swap I wouldn’t be surprised if we are the most frequently involved. That being said, that job had a lot more to do than I originally thought. I’ve spent most of my time helping Huanacan keep an eye on the wild life but Nenetl has been-

Doing all the actual work thank you very much. As it is there are actually a lot of things that might need mediation as the clans get used to each other but also as they all get used to the tribe’s own rulings on certain matters. Recently its just been some housing disputes but those were relatively minor especially since everyone started building up their little sections of the village a bit split from each other. Though there is also a distinct lack of tribal laws available to base mediation off of, and every clan has their own bright ideas.

Oddly one of the first questions to come up was if two people from separate clans were to marry what clan do they remain a part of? There aren’t any marriages planned, but I had four of our girls ask me that within relatively quick succession and I suspect that despite our independent spirit, some of the rescued slaves are happy to see some men again that aren’t trying to rape and pillage them.

Another thing I’ve noticed is some arguments over resources. Specifically who gets to harvest what. There is of course always a desire to cut down all the trees to build a really sweet house. However, the Huanacan are rather attached to the trees as they live in the wooded areas and aren’t so happy with the idea of people cutting down the whole forest relentlessly. Not to mention some of the people who want to cut down all the things aren’t always aware which trees bear fruit that we’re currently relying on. There was also an incident where a member of the Hariwana almost got stabbed because it turns out the dozen also like having trees nearby to their camp and someone wandered a liiiittle too close with an axe. For now I’ve put in a ‘okay we have houses now, stop cutting down trees until we figure something out’ rule. While the island’s forest is fairly vast, you don’t know when you’re over-harvesting until you’ve over-harvested. Given we are trapped on a floating island, it might be important to maintain such things carefully.

Also there have been some fist fights but I left those alone because we do have a thing for duels anyways and until they start stabbing maybe its just best to let them work it out. However, such conflicts can lead to further clan introversion and mentality. So that’s a thing to look out for.

Also as requested I looked around to see who knows how to make what. Rope, Fire, Bows, sewing, tanning, jerky, pemmican, adobe, the atlatl, canoes, calenders, sundials, stone shaping, suspension bridges, how to put stuff in a pipe and smoke it.

Some of the other clans down below might know some other weird tricks. Though thats our current baseline.



Most of the village is built on the lakeshore rather close to the woods. So we just built our homes slightly further east towards the river. It had the large boulder requested. It’s been a long time since any of the dozen have built a proper home for longer term use other than an overnight tent. Admittedly we let the beastkin help us with some of the construction ideas, such as where the support beam is supposed to be and whatever this adobe stuff is to add some reinforcement to the structure against the strong winds this island…apparently named Auwana, experiences.

The two greatest contributors in the battle with the Wyvern were arguably Ka’oana and Hakenu’e himself. Turns out the old bull still has some life left in him after all these years. Obviously they were somewhat attached to their own clan, so not much recruitment to occur there.

As for the lake that was covered at the tribal council already and the ongoing effects that is having. Though our own magic men lack for any method of dealing with the lake’s stagnation. Scouting off the edge of the island for Avanoco yields a difficulty, most of the larger beasts were destroyed by the fires of the Chanai. Anything else that might be one such beast, could easily be one of the mounts of the Chanai. It is hard to tell from up here if there is anyone riding them, though we assume as much due to them often being in groups with other animals that do not match their species.

Also Ragash has returned from scouting.

The Huanacan have been making an effort to find all that flies around the island, so I went looking elsewhere. The mountain that they’re poking at due to how many birds are landing on it has a cave network underneath it. It is however, not a very large cave and can be somewhat difficult to squeeze through but there are many winding passages. Most notably, there are a lot of colorful stripes in the rocks. Lot of blue especially, some lines that were obviously gold as well. However, some of them don’t look like they just naturally formed. Some look more like they were intentionally placed there by some unknown entity. All the rocks that don’t look like they should be there are notably green in color with some of them emanating a soft glow. I’m wary of poking at them.

The woods are quite vast here, I would imagine its because this island has been adrift since possibly the dawn of time and they had nothing to do but grow. I do notice a very odd trend of the woods though, there are trees that line a lot of the island’s boundaries and they are all of no tree we have seen before. Instead of leaves they look more like they have green needles along their branches. They are still soft, and only mildly prickly, but these trees are dominant around the entire border of all the wooded areas whereas leafier trees tend to exist more inwards towards the island’s center. There is also more than one lake, and even a swamp. This island must have a lot more water than you would think available to it, we’re just doing doing so well with figuring out how to drink it. Notably there exists a bit of a pond to the northeast of the lake we dwell by. It runs off the side of the island and notably had no water in it at the time.

Earlier in the month  built a dam to prevent any water it did collect from flowing off the side of the island. Later when I returned to it, there was already enough water in it to take a drink from, and it was quite a bit cleaner than the lake we live right next to. There had been no rainfall though, but I asked around and according to the village the expert on such matters was a kobold they called “Kennae”. He says that the island is collecting large amounts of water by passing through clouds, which is why we are occasionally and randomly plunged into deep fog. Whatever the clouds contact, it leaves some moisture on. It is likely that this is why the island is so wet, instead of waiting for rain it merely steals the rain from the sky for itself. As proof of this, the island came from the northwest. A very dry area, yet its swamp is still very wet. The shallows of the lake stagnated during that journey, the majority of its water ran off through the river off the side of the island. By damming that we should be able to collect enough water to fill the lake again in no time, we just have to clean it up.

For now, collect water from ponds that form downriver or from the lake I dammed off in the northeast. That is freshly acquired by the island and hasn’t touched the central lake to become contaminated yet.

As for other creatures, there are only birds here. I have yet to see any squirrels, bears, or anything else. I don’t think anything else has ever been able to get up here and that has contributed to the massive overgrowth of the forest. Seriously, the ground is almost impossible to see underneath all the foliage running wild up to my damned chest in some areas. Nothing is grazing on the smaller shrubbery so it just keeps on growing. We might need to drag a couple deer up here.

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Come sail away, come sail away with meee

Tribe Starter Packet

Stories of Lore 1: Da prologue

Now that the village construction is complete enough that no one is freezing in the cold nights up here, we have some time for tackling other issues.

Hrm, so problem number one, we don’t have a way to get off the island unless it crashes into another mountain. While it provides enough for us now, especially as we discover more and more about it, winter will be tough. The lakes and rivers do not have any fish in them, the waters are also somewhat murky with algae. Kennae has suggested that we try to find a way to transplant an…eco something into them to increase our sustainability.

I’ve also been informed by Kennae that we need to be careful with the island’s trees. The more we cut for building materials the less of them we will have in the long run since we can’t just walk a little further to find more again and again. He suggests not only do we need a way up and down, but a way to bring heavy supplies up.

As the last piece of information I have been given by Kennae, he said something about an angry crow flying around. There are a good few birds up here on the island though they’ve generally been docile in my experience. Just keep an eye out for an angry crow I suppose.

We currently have only three people capable of leaving and returning to the island. Wehilani being the most qualified to be going outside by herself, though a harpy of the Huanacan can also hold her own. The last of the three is a shaman of mine who can turn into a bird. However, they are limited to the abilities of a small bird so don’t expect them to be able to bring much back and forth. They are also village folk, so I wouldn’t send them out to cover Wehilani on any expedition.

In terms of other resources, the island’s trees seem normal but interspersed throughout the woods are some strange ones that glow. They produce good fruit generally. Also the mountain to the south…well what is currently south as we are rotating, has caves with peculiar rocks. You may have noticed them also clinging to the underside of the island before we hopped aboard. They appear a light blue with streaks of black and gold throughout them.

The lake is unfortunately stagnant. It seems that whatever was deep enough to stay on the island instead of running through its river to go off the side could stay here for a long time. While it seems fine on the surface, be wary of what is growing deeper below. I have made sure to tell the tribe not to drink from it directly, it isn’t as bad as some water sources I have seen as it collects new water from time to time but who knows where the island has been before we came to it.

While we’re in no position to do so at this point in time, a topic for discussion is about pursuing other clans. As it stands the tribe is roughly three hundred people strong. If we were still on the ground, only the Chanai and other alliances could pose much threat to us. However, we have a lot of uncontested space up here. It is worth considering our expectations when it comes to interacting with other clans. We are in a unique position in that very few can contact us and need us to contact them instead. I had always originally intended to invite the orcs, elves, the Halik humans, and the witch doctors. For various reasons, either they didn’t show up, respond, or make it in time.

We should consider, not only for the future but so our three that fly know what to expect, how to handle other clans. We have unburnt and unexploited land up here, which gives us a superior position over many we might deal with. I will hear your suggestions on the matter. While not all of our clans have those who can fly among them, I will hear such ideas on that matter as well if anything in particular might need doing.

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Eek an orc


Stories of Lore 25


Dear King:

Yeaaah you’re going to want to get your ass back here. So the attack on Ruuhma didn’t go well for the defense force as Kaila brutally murdered all of it once it was trapped between her manifestation ability and the northerners at Ruuhma. Only Mikael, Hillevi, and a handful of their soldiers survived. Nalky is dead too. On the upside, the fight went on long enough to dent the northern army holed up in the outpost so they aren’t likely to push on any time soon. Though now they have one of our two best manifesters so increase any army number they have by about five hundred…minimum.

Atop of that the scouts who went to the drow undercity have found that the Vaslochar were able to successfully repel the invaders since…its the undercity and they’re drow with demons. So it would be safe to send Iraeka to visit…though technically her own family are in Maji with her as they work for Faelyn now. Aato raises some concerns that he’s not comfortable with the Vaslochar being all alone down there though given the whole tunnel thing and that some demon king wants us eradicated.

Because of which I am hesitant to meet Mikael’s request for myself to head out and deal with the Ruuhma problem as that would leave Jämsä completely undefended. Seriously, I’m the only thing here of note.

Other than that, the super city walls are halfway to completion so that’s…nice. but now there is no defense force to protect construction teams on that.

Scouts from the igloo report sightings of a fleet moving in from the east and sailing west towards the northern coast. It’s suddenly mighty convenient our outpost is on the northside and out of sight due to a hill, as it was a very angry looking fleet. So if you don’t recall, Hellengdom is reported to be in that direction. Which means the fleet likely belongs to the Skjöldal we learned about earlier thanks to Iraeka. No idea where they’re going or what they’re planning. It’s a big fleet though, and judging by Ivan’s report, it doesn’t really look naval. There’s a lack of things like cannons and dreadnoughts but a lot of ships that look like they carry a lot of people. So we can expect its about to deposit an invasion force somewhere. They appear to be headed for Alosne’s territory though, maybe…hopefully.


Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. If we ignore the orcs attacking and destroying out trade outpost to the badlands at Akunato. It seems they’re just circling Maji attacking anything they can that is less defended than the citadels themselves.

The reinforcements for the outpost among the southern isles has finally arrived and allowed Takei to venture a little further into the island to see what else might be around there. He found the ruins of some ancient city or another but nothing too spectacular.

On the other hand, Kaze was found at Moncayo Pass by the scout teams before they even entered into the southern forest. Though he was badly wounded, and mentions that he found the remnants of Kyobo in the form of a man he called Victor De Noia.

Judging by the name he originates from Cayetano and rediscovered the art of utilizing Kyobo, in a style he calls Yoshanai. Kaze’s encounter with him can be summarized as: Victor beat up everyone for his own amusement. After killing the kensei that were escorting Kaze he managed to defeat Kaze quite handily though Kaze was able to escape alive and recovered thanks to help of some of the southern druids.

While the encounter was brief, so Kaze only can tell us so much about this strange man, we do at least know that the art does exist and is definitely wielded by the more unscrupulous sort. Kaze described Victor as having a desire to fight everything he could for no practical reason other than he liked fighting people. Which is likely why he lives in the wild, to hunt down monsters. His abilities were quite similar to that of a monks but he definitely had some strange techniques, though Kaze couldn’t tell you what the differences were since he is not a monk himself.

Also, since it was the Kensei who discovered the art of using guns intertwined with their fighting abilities, the school of ‘gun fu’ as you call it has been incorporated into the Okushiri monastery where the Kensei currently train already. Shime and the Haven monastery still frown with disapproval.

Alexandria continues to hold out at the gate of the forest, and seems to be creating another army all on her own somehow. She is…persuasive I suppose. The orcs she attacked however don’t seem to be chasing after her, as they likely don’t know anyone survived from that attack on their nomadic camp.

However, her attack does seem to have had an effect on them and some of their generals are pulling back from the badlands to go check on the camps to avoid getting flanked again. So at the very least it was an okay distraction.

The draconic coven is coming along, I can make fireballs now at least. I do not know why they are purple though. I’ve also recruited a dozen or so to the effort not counting the other sixty from Kirillobatov’s people who were already into this kind of stuff.

The dragon itself is…eating a lot of fish. I’m concerned it might get fat. It seems to be settling well into its big palace thing we built it, and it lets me pet it now. Also Ivan is holding out well at the outpost but the effort to hold the outpost is still bleeding people every day from the monster and strange undead attacks.

Also its worth mentioning that your old plan of mass breeding is a bit more viable now than the last time you suggested it now that we actually have the dragonborn we were intending to utilize the edict with.

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