What else is in the fog of war?

With our embassy projects completed I have easy access to the intel network for the rest of the alliance for major affairs. *looks down at Winter’s section* We may wish to withdraw from this alliance for the time being before we get pulled into that. We have our own problems here in the north, and it looks like the south is going to become very…messy.

In the meantime you should decide who will command the newly recruited soldiers. Finances are improving well at least. Also tunnel construction has hit what can only be described as “a bigger tunnel”. We have since halted the project and stationed guards at the entrance until you make a decision on what to do with this, because in that bigger tunnel were the same people from the strange castle. We lost about twenty workers in the ensuing retreat. To that end –

Sakki has been continuing to hang around the castle, he has actually made some headway on diplomacy somehow. Apparently, he seduced one of them and that’s how he got inside their castle. As to further demonstrate their savagery, they fed him Rakkel for dinner and considered it amusing. Their underground network is big…a lot bigger then we anticipated and every estimate we had about their population from watching from afar was very wrong. Underground they have a city the size of Sybaris. Attempting to siege this would be suicide for us, not only can we not get underground effectively but their numbers are quite high. Sakki did some math that I didn’t know he could do. They don’t know it, but they have a tunnel that goes right under our capital, and they harvest runoff from the very same lake we do when it flows underground.

Gideon has finished exploring the southern border of ice. Without any other standing orders he has opted to just wander off along the border to see what else he might see.

Layla has completed her project that was apparently designed with the help of Ankathi’s research in the village of Sarkisa. She has constructed a fairly large and…spiky building. I’m not even totally sure what it actually is but with the gold you sent her; Layla apparently hired a scholar of some sort to look into the art this monument was designed for. So…I guess we have someone new on the payroll.

The first, and potentially last, blackguard. Through consorting with the dark entities Layla’s Sanctum has produced a sort of knight imbued with dark powers. She is a terrifying warrior, equipped with the best arms and armor we could get ahold of thanks to the new trade route to the Nalkas. Layla says she would make a good commander but wasn’t exactly going to hire an army with her current funds. But according to her Nina has some sort of ability to affect her soldiers in a supernatural way to empower them.

I am wary of this, the way Nina was created was to consort with a much more powerful entity then our witches do but instead of trying to barter with it Nina has become a pawn to it. Avoiding the horrid death many of our aspiring coven witches do but simply submitting herself to those creatures in exchange for great power.

Nina herself is a very…I would describe her as intense personality. Her constant communion with some sort of dark entity has definitely affected her outward demeanor. She seems to have a sense of purpose though, and that causes her to behave perhaps erratically to our perspective. She refers to this entity as “master” and keeps pitching that we should meet with her master. Her loyalty to the throne might be subject to question depending what this entity’s designs are. Be very careful dealing with her, while you or I could deal with her should she rebel against the throne I fear it is actually if she doesn’t that we might be in the most precarious of situations.

((New monument unlocked: Sanctum
New unit unlocked, Blackguard 150g50m | 50g20m: Fully armed infernal knights with less utility then witches but are all-in on combat stats and warfare based abilities. Increases morale and defense scores of any army they command. Increases overall combat level of any army by +1 per soldier. Gains +1 combat power for every 5 enemy soldiers. Has +1 to morale shocks on enemy armies. Prone to downright evil and slightly erratic behavior.))

On to other affairs, here is the governor you wanted for Tethalyn. She’s a fine warrior in her own right, I figured she would be a good choice to govern a fortified city. She has a militaristic mindset demanding strength from her people, increasing the defensive behavior of whatever city she lurks within. As a person she’s quite regal and projects the air of nobility quite well, though is not good with kids given she abandoned her own after ‘doing her part’ for the nation’s reproduction problems.



Aside from all this, Areti has found her way to the front lines of battle between the orcs and the elves. Her report reads “It is a sea of bodies howling for blood as far as I can see. Every night the fires of their camp reach to the horizon. They throw themselves into the elven walls with a zeal for death and glory greater then our own. The elves are evacuating their people every day, they can’t hold this line much longer and they know it. Once this fortress falls the choke point between these two mountains will not be able to hold them back any longer and they will spread through our home forest.”

As for the defense of Tethalyn, the upgrades from Nalkas are still en route, though the first batch has arrived to be utilized for Marilena’s army. Ankathi and Rhea’s are on transit once again. The fighting near Tethalyn has begun, despite the reinforcements to Marilena Neyth doesn’t seem deterred. She instead opted to take on Ankathi and Rhea as they approached from the sides and ignore Marilena’s fortified position for the time being. Losses are already massive, fighting in the forest has given Neyth a significant advantage. Despite us controlling Tethalyn the area is still a familiar ground to the elves. Rhea’s army took the worst of it while Ankathi has just started burning the forest around her, using witchcraft to rot the woods and then set it alight as a defensive mechanism. The fighting still wages on in the form of guerilla warfare in the forests.

Interestingly, Amare has chimed on on this. Neyth is a radicalist, even more so then Amare herself who at least has that whole crucifixion thing to be angry about. That is the reason Neyth is the only commander here assaulting Tethalyn, while the rest remain to the east fighting the orcs. After discussing this with me Amare just flew off, not really sure what she is up to though.

Also Despoina found another village lurking out in the woods. This one is actually quite elven, and close by to the elves. Though seems to lack the flag of the Aywin nation. Perhaps an offshoot colony of some sort?

Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. I should point out that while Iwanagi is a master at sea, you may want an actual wizard for commanding the fleet advantageously. Especially as we look into producing boats out of the new wood, enchanted boats are best wielded by a proper master of the arcane rather then a monk who is good at floating on the winds.

Also yes the diplomat is here.

A nice old man with a disarming smile. Actually I play go with him on weekends at the local tea house. He currently works as assistant to the local governance, has a knack for diffusing situations before they escalate. I feel he may be the man you are looking for, he isn’t much use in a fight so you will need to keep a retinue with him if he travels abroad but he is definitely an impressive wordsmith. He’s a decent man, concerned with fairness, justice, and good tea. Don’t offer him sake though, he likes to remain clear of mind. He is prone to spouting proverb style wisdom but this seems to impress most around him as to listen to what he has to say.

Also fear not, I have already been assembling the details of higher quality boats for you. It was definitely a first priority for us, including a quite interesting design…

((New unit unlocks:
T2 Warship 450g50m | 20g10m: 35 Naval Power
T2 Hunter Ship 450g50m | 20g10m: 15 Naval Power, 50 Naval power vs monsters
Dawnbreaker Galleon 1100g120m | 40g20m: 85 Naval Power – armed with ballista that can fire for miles into coastal hexes with ease.))

In regards to the temple and the monks, all they do is meditate and try to achieve nirvana as you say. So…they’re well on their way to that. I foresee that whatever this second tier of monk you prophesize might be found through trials and not mere self reflection.

On to Iwanagi, he has made landing at the fort along the coast. They do seem quite friendly actually and interested to meet with us, the fort is guarding a long line of docks along the inlet of water which acts as a trading locale. He describes their wealth as equivalent to ours and trade might be useful. He has been spending the day wandering around their market looking for things of interest to bring back to showcase.

As for the work at the isolationists, Kyoko describes the most vulnerable resource they have to be their water supply of the nearby lake. Their population is dependent on it and even though they don’t live far from areas with good rainfall they didn’t grow exploiting that and they live on the drier badlands side of the borders, so if the lake were to become undrinkable it would definitely hurt them. Though it is not clear if they could trade for that as it is a hard resource to ship. It would significantly reduce their population undoubtedly. Alternatively, Kyoko is pretty sure the denizens of the badlands don’t actually know about that artifact and that is of substantial value to raiders, not to mention it is concealing any other value that might have been causing the marauders to ignore it thus far. If they were to learn about it the isolationists would likely be driven out of their village or at least come to a state where they were in need of protection. As the least cutthroat option though, their metal resources come from a small mine and this is already something they don’t have in particularly great abundance. If the mine were collapsed it could take a little bit of time before they started to feel the pressure of lacking new iron income but it would inevitably effect them as things started to wear down.

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The golems can’t really be upgraded so easily from one model of body to another. So we just made new ones out of the wood, its been a bit of a process of trial and error as wooden golems were considered an oudated idea but new materials resulted in some unforeseen results. The task was accomplished but probably not the most efficiently, but the whelps eventually figured it out. Also they might have burned about a hundred gold worth of the stuff just trying to get it to work.

The embassies have been attempted to set up after some negotiations and finding proper placement. Will be a bit before that all comes to fruition though what with some construction, fees, and traveling to be compiled. Though there have been no major issues thus far.

So it turns out that while we can send people who are less talented with mana to harvest at the coast to minimize their footprint, the problem remains that the mana they’re actually harvesting is what draws them in. Somewhere between five and fifty peasants were eaten, I haven’t taken a formal headcount yet. We do have defenses at the coastal setups but some of those monsters were a little on the larger side then expected – by an order of magnitude. I don’t even know why that thing was in such shallow water. It isn’t too bad as we can see them coming and move people to safety but progress is slow.

Also Sakki and Rakkel reached the castle bearing gifts. Yeah those people are pretty nasty, they killed Rakkel upon seeing her and almost killed Sakki as well. You should know as well as I do, killing Sakki is very very difficult. So even an ‘almost’ is pretty serious, apparently there was a lot of running around in the snow and Sakki only escaped through sheer dumb…okay through Sakki methods. We have reason to believe they intended to capture the two but they definitely were told to bring them in alive “if it is reasonably practical” if that is the case. They took the gifts though, it seems that despite how things have gone Sakki has managed to make a degree of contact with them. They are indeed subterranean experts, and not like us at all. We only lived in the tomb to hibernate until we could resurface, they seem to live down there full time. It should be noted they are technologically advanced compared to many others we have encountered out here, not quite to the degree as the reports from the Badlands but definitely a far cry from the primitives along the coast we dealt with.

Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. Iwanagi has continued along his voyage to the south, he’s come across two coastal settlements. One seems to be another fishing village, but there is also a long stretch of land upon which a fort style city stands. They have a lot of boats in their harbor.

Technically, we would have leverage over the isolationists if any of their vital resources were to go missing. With their secluded nature they are self dependent because they have everything they need, so if any of those needs go missing it would be a problem for them. In the example of Salt, while yes it would work but abducting all the salt unseen would be harder then just slipping a note to Katara that some unruly fellows are over yonder.

Also yes the troops we stationed at the fishing village are to remain there until they might advance to more notable self sufficiency in defensive options against the forest monsters. In regards to all the other economic decisions and projects, we did the things.

Also the Ballista project, along with a few others, are underway as we explore the properties of this wood. To which end our new citizens have been adapting well, it is fortunate our territory is protected by the mountains so they can see the area without encountering any ne’er do well beasts from the outside to sate their curiosity. Also Kyoko is just hanging out in Okushiri now that she has returned from her ventures if you should need her to do anything else.

Ankathi has marched on the village as instructed. Casualties weren’t too bad on our end and the village has been effectively reduced to ruin in the fighting as they put up a good effort. The men are in the process of being dragged back kicking and screaming.

KouKou ventured off and found a fort up in the mountains. They are…better defended then most we encounter. Them being a fort on a mountain certainly helps that. According to KouKou they seem to be a gang hideout for some people who primarily roam the badlands. I couldn’t help but notice that the area around this fort is desolate. We’ve found quite a few villages throughout the forests as it supports life quite easily, but there are no settlements in a rather vast radius around this fort, at least not on our side of the mountains. KouKou said they seem a tad dangerous.

The army upgrades will take a bit just to ship down from the north so try not to get into too much trouble until it does. To that end, negotiations have broken down. While Marilena has escaped Commander Neyth, a chunk of her army did not. She is on retreat to Tethalyn though it is proving difficult given that Neyth is a druid and we are in a forest. I suspect our lack of political experience has somewhat hindered us in these negotiations and perhaps we should have asked the Oda to do this.  To be noted, while Marilena is retreating to Tethalyn, Ankathi is still away at the other village so there is no reinforcements there for her at this moment.


((new hire cards will be a bit late because I got sick and just moped around instead of doing them))

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Enter title here

Tunnel construction has begun.

The thing with the whole “uses as little as mana as possible” is that little quirk where our entire race are literally mana eaters.

Raakel is on the way to meet up with Sakki. Bit of a trek though, give em a bit to get there. Gideon also has been sent to go poke around.

For the most part regarding the good wood, you see when a man loves a woman… Also its particularly good for wands and fortified walls. Though stone is still the go to for walls if you wanted to make a very expensive pallisade they’d be good at that. Due to their properties it is most notable that they have a conveniently cumulative effect on larger devices. Magic missile trebuchet anyone? Definitely expensive mana sinks to utilize this kind of thing though.

Also we’ve managed to get our capital territory expanded and taken control of a section of the coast, as requested some month or three ago.

Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. We’ve managed to integrate our new tribal friends, they’ve taken a liking to our concept of clothes. Mostly because we have softer fabrics then they are used to. Quetzalli in particular seems to like them.

The island’s wood has already been seeing some harvesting as well as experiments in replanting it near ourselves for future operations as the island can only support so much of it. Beyond the wood and its people the island has fruits and of course more fishing ventures. Though nothing that stands out too much on a governance level, our local market just has more interesting food around now. So overall a good boost to the economy.

As for Kyoko’s affairs, it is questionable that we can actually provide anything of interest enough for them. Mostly because of their paranoid nature alongside their self sufficiency, this combination makes them rather insular and less interested in whatever anyone else might offer them.

Sooo negotiations aren’t going that well. It seems that since we let the ‘prisoners’ go they didn’t tell the best stories necessarily. It likely doesn’t help that Areti crucified Amare -who Ankathi informed us is an actual princess- in the public square. All we are in possession of is the city itself but space isn’t necessarily a big concern to them. I think they might be holding a bit of a grudge about that whole attack thing. It hasn’t completely fallen apart yet though, things are just a little rocky on the political front. Personally, I would advise sending one of our agents to find the orcs that we heard about to gauge what exactly it is they’re so concerned about.

Speaking of which, Aima has been caught and killed by an elven commander known as Neyth who was apparently in the process of moving her forces from deeper elven territory towards the rear after our invasion of Tethalyn.

And finally…Amare showed up here in Sybaris yesterday. With a letter from Ankathi, apparently Ankathi is up to something. She has requested me to keep Amare with the Coven for awhile and to show her some of what it is like with them. However, she sent a second letter through more traditional means, was a long list of details about Amare and a closing footnote that Ankathi knows where to find Amare’s son and requested Areti to scout in a certain direction. Ankathi apparently has already captured elves and begun experimenting on them in a basement in Tethalyn…suffice to say we should make sure the elves don’t find out about this and maybe reign her in before she does…Ankathi things.

According to KouKou, I am still surprised that’s a historical name, the village is less then compliant. Mostly because of the curse, I suppose that’s what one can expect when the chieftan and a bunch of the respected members of the community are older males. Tech wise they lack anything of value to us, though it seems the area they settled it is rich in resources so…financially speaking its not too bad of a place.

New…magical girls as you call them. Despoina is one of those more spiritually inclined types and has a good relationship with the otherworldly creatures witchcraft often communes with. By good I mean she is liable to kill people with an ethereal embodiment of pure spite. This constant consorting with such creatures has turned her perhaps a little mad. Though she isn’t dead so technically she is doing better then four fifths of those who attempt to do such things. Be wary, she is prone to bouts of violence. Not quite as dangerous as Ankathi but not exactly one of our best behaved for first contact.


To balance that out I found one of our more…lets say distinguished witches. Euterna is a bit classier though also a bit of a bookworm. She is effective enough to go into the field but expect her to go a little slower then the others as she likes to catalog things. Though I figure such deep scouting wouldn’t be too bad, might find some unique spots for harvesting herbs. I’m not actually sure where all her money comes from, we don’t exactly have many instances of hereditary wealth around here but she didn’t seem to even have a job before joining the coven.


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Stories of Lore 5

Sakki reports that the village most definitely has a population larger then what we can see. Its minimalist structures are extremely fortified but there is no way so many people could live there comfortably and these people seem to be fairly affluent. Unlike the village we recently raided, there are adornments of valuable metals and stones on the inhabitants of this village. Though it might be more apt to call the village a castle. It is completely walled with a small court area, not quite a fortress city like we utilize, but if they’re underground they have definitely reduced how much they need to fortify. As mentioned before they are in possession of valuables, this wealth combined with such a relatively small area to fortify means it is ridiculously fortified. However, it is mostly fortified with monsters and perhaps bandits in mind. An organized force like ours could still crack it…we do have artillery after all. Sakki remains cautious as ordered and has had no direct contact with them, but notes they are close in appearance to the elves that were discovered to the south, albeit a bit of a different complexion.

The southern lake would be okay for a village as it has access to water and some degree of food. However, it is poor for us in particular due to how much we need mana. Without the mana infusion in the waters it would be a village that would need to import mana from our other locations just to keep the populace’s hunger for mana satiated. So it would definitely be a loss of mana to sustain it.

A wall of that size that doesn’t just get knocked down by some big monster that wants to pass through would cost approximately 1,425g per tile…at least thats what my notes say. No idea what a tile is. Though a wall of that strength and level of protection would be a steep investment, it might be cheaper and more effective to build a tunnel system instead. Given that a wall like that would be basically a tunnel anyways, might as well just put it underground to avoid the beasts that might muck it up trying to pass through it. I’d estimate the tunnel to be about 650g per tile.

Also the new agents are in.

As requested we looked for someone capable in the field of not dying and diplomatically gifted. On paper Raakel isn’t as talented as some of the other applicants, but she convinced your secretary that she was the best. So I guess by technicality that makes her the best at wordcraft.

Raakel can be described as ‘intense’. Her diplomatic method seems largely to consist of making others uncomfortable and/or nervous. We noted that she didn’t specifically rely on intimidating, just preyed on people’s desire for the meeting to be over with and causing them to miss details that add up in her favor over time. Outside of wordsmithing she is a wizard, gee who would have guessed. We seem to have a lot of those.

Gideon is an old veteran of wandering the world. He used to be a scout, then he was a college student, then he was a roaming monster hunter. He has years of experience, and mana keeps him quite spry in his old age. He takes a particular interest in travel and investigation. He’s not exactly as fight happy as Sakki but he’s definitely easy to set off. Something about having been in the wilds too long. I’d describe him as quiet with an explosive volatility. He’s an evoker and enchanter for the most part.



Salutations Keeper! Today is a beautiful day for the Oda people.

We had the monks test monster reaction to ki. We had to find beasts with less powerful noses, as they’ll just go for flesh if they’re hungry. In most cases it seems the monsters either cannot detect ki or do not care about it as it is not a food source to them. This is attributed to the success of our monks in the forest thus far since they have supernatural abilities to combat the larger monsters but don’t rely on mana for it thus making them invisible instead of beacons.

As a report regarding the island’s wood, it would actually make enchanted tiers of boat possible in the first place. It could also be used to enhance typical monk weapons, they are big fans of the staff and they require their weapons to be made of wood to channel their ki properly. Said wood could also have further utilization upon greater discovery of its potential. As more properties might reveal themselves through experimentation. Though in the immediate time, it could be used to sustain suitable enchantments on anything made primarily of wood. Generally enchantments are imbued into metal, but metal has a poor ability to store mana. Wood has a higher ability to store mana, but less durability to maintain enchantments. This particular wood could be said to be a more effective mana battery then most other options while being hard enough to sustain lower level enchantments, but higher levels then any other wood we have could utilize.

Kyoko has gotten the opportunity to investigate the temple by employing her…carpentry profession to repair and manage the temple. The temple itself is really more of a dungeon full of traps to protect the artifact rather then a place of worship. It is simply disguised as a place of worship. The artifact largely seems to work by making mana undetectable within its range, though it has a notable flaw in that it applies that to everyone. Which is why they have effectively no way to notice that Kyoko is even there with all of her illusion magic. Then again, they seem to believe she is a born and raised resident of a dead carpenter with a family. I’m still not quite sure how she did that part.

Another of our monastery monks, Yuzuki is actually a former bandit from the wilds before a robbery gone wrong in which she ambushed and was promptly caught by Shime. The monastery adopted her and gave her some semblance of direction. She refused to give up weapons even early in her training, which goes against standard monk practice because metal interrupts the flow of ki. However, she has pioneered techniques to make it useful and is something of an oddity. Pending the success of her adventures she may end up retiring back to the monastery to teach the others how her techniques work if they prove effective. For a monk she is a lot snappier and mean, along with arrogant. Though that comes from her childhood, and she is still quite a specimen of the monastery as a level headed and kind person. She just might insult you in particularly creative ways or start punching a lot quicker then most.

We took a moment to ask Yuzuki what she thinks might have happened to Shime, as the two of them were fairly close. Yuzuki being one of the only people who could understand Shime’s charades in their entirety. She did not give a very elaborate answer, her words were “She’s being a goody goody not an elf. She’ll pop back up someday.”

The one you wanted for a commander, champion of their native arena. He’s about seven feet tall and definitely has the advantage of an imposing presence that drives others to obey him. Though he’s not the best strategist, pretty great at just hitting things though and has a rudimentary understanding of the most basic strategic principles such as flanking, positioning, and charging. Most of the funds that go into hiring him seem to be utilized on food, turns out all that body mass needs a lot of sustenance.



A bit erratic, Ocunnohaka, is quite interested in working with us in whatever capacity required for him to go and travel the land in search of monsters and riches. He’s an adventurer at heart for sure, sometimes gets in a little over his head but what young adventurer doesn’t? He definitely has an appreciation for excitement and is talented with the bow in particular. He is sometimes perhaps a bit too energetic for my old bones to keep up with. Before we encountered them, he was a hunter among the tribe and mostly responsible for finding either meat or fish.


I suppose you could call her a princess, but her father’s position is not inherited but taken in trial by combat. Never the less, I suppose it helps to be the child of the chief however he got his position. She’s a clever girl, fairly used to dealing with people who want something from her due to her position. She does not trust us all that well as we are a new contact offering a whole new world they never knew about, so I suppose her hesitation is understandable.  What is curious though is we cannot tell exactly what kind of person she is yet. We know she has expressed some interest to marry Kaze, but the motive behind it is unclear. Because Kaze defeated her father, he is technically able to declare himself chief if he so desired. We don’t know if she is staying close to power or genuinely interested in looking over the integration carefully.


KouKou reports that the village is fairly mundane. Largely a group of people who settled there since it had the resources necessary for day to day life. Their culture is similar to the majority of the western coastline in terms of architecture, heritage, and language.

Layla has agreed to take on the role of governor over at the new village provided once she gets there she doesn’t have to do too much walking. She’s not much of a traveler now given the leg and all.

The settlements typically have their own defenses and locally sourced guards as needed, with said defenses depending on the population after all. After a bit of a push, we’ve been convincing people to embark on an exodus to the new village from Sybaris to help get it up and running. In the meantime however Vasi will likely need to continue to protect the new settlement.

Marilena arrived at the first elven city indicated to us by the others. I am told it is called Lennecas. Its population is notably higher then Tethalyn’s but it is also not a remnant like Tethalyn was.  So what it lacks in size and grandeur it makes up for by having actual people utilizing all of it. Its defenses are slightly better then Tethalyn’s proved to be but not by too much. Many of the refugees were led here so it is currently rather over crowded. Though while they have a larger garrison, they are not as well armed nor walled. Obviously, its full of elves.

As things would have it, all our effort on the horses have definitely yielded some results. Thanks to Takota and the village we’ve managed to train them to serve as battle mounts. They’re better at it then the beasts of burden we typically utilized since they’re faster.  Also see last updates for stuff about the armor we got from the Nalkas.


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Nomads be settling down.

Fer the most part, the more of the mana we manage to take over the more concentrated the monsters are gonna get. Less places to go an’ all. To take the northern half of our lake with the least casualties possible, we can just keep building in that direction and focus our defenses along the northern walls. Ballistae and all will be pretty useful for warding them off. Its a slow process, and definitely dependent on the population expansion to make practical use of it but no need gettin ahead of schedule and making a great big ghost town. Though if you wantin to take the lake to the southeast of Uudistar, not as much resistance down there due to lack of mana.

Okay lake wars aside, Sakki climbed a mountain on his scouting adventures and got a pretty good look at the land nearby. Particularly some strange village near river ways. I say strange because it isn’t particularly large but a lot of people keep coming and going from it. As if every single building in it were housing ten people per room or something.

Labor improvements are going well, as for investing in the enchanting businesses, there definitely isn’t a shortage of that given that’s kind of our entire gimmick. Though I’ll make a note to push unguided youths to consider such degrees at the university.

Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. Iwanagi has continued his discussions with the Archdruid. What attracts them to mana is that it is their primary food source. These creatures are very large and supernatural, the mana is what enables their anatomy to exist. Otherwise the food chain that would have to exist to support them purely by biomass would need to be far larger then the forest could feasibly provide. While they supplement their diet with other more typical foods, mana is the primary driving force to create them. This also reveals how to determine what to expect in different biomes. Generally, the more widespread and less concentrated the mana is -such as in the forest- the higher the number of them will be but the smaller in size they will get. This is why the forest is home to many pack hunting varieties. Areas with highly concentrated mana resources scattered around yield larger creatures, such as the frozen north. Evidently the secret to existing alongside them is to not to have enough mana to draw their attention. As with most beasts, they tend to weigh the risk/reward as well as effort required to acquire their food. If you have very little mana they will move on to easier and more lucrative prey. If you are a wizard they’re a lot more liable to take their chances. How Ki effects their dietary needs and interest is not quite understood though. Might be worth experimenting.

Kaze reports in that while they have many fine warriors they might do better as agents intended for brute force usage. They do not know the lay of the land in our continent, and they do not understand our society, culture, or economics. As such appointing any of them to be a commander could have its pitfalls as they learn to adapt to the larger world they are just now discovering. On the other hand, appointing one of them as a commander could smooth over relations as we integrate them and give them a face they feel comfortable with as their leader to traverse the world and risk their lives for. So the choice definitely has its ups and downs either way.

In other news, Kyoko’s father, the town’s local carpenter, passed away recently and she is trying to raise her eldest son to continue in the craft since as a woman her own skill at woodworking she learned from him is heavily disregarded. Her youngest has been -wait a minute I just flipped to the next page. She’s been integrating well into the town of isolationists and so far remains undetected. The isolated village actually has a lot of access to whatever they may need due to their position at the border of three different lands conveniently assisted by their lake that has decent stores of mana. While they lack for need to trade, its their need for security that ails them. The badland raiders harass them lightly them only because they’re so far away from the raiders home territory of operations. If the badland natives knew about the resources the village has access to they would likely put a bit more effort into taking over them. This has created their isolationist policy, as they are trying to conceal their wealth as not to attract such attention. Kyoko says they are also in possession of a unique artifact that the whole village was actually built around, which is why the center of the place is a temple. Said artifact apparently acts to hide their stores of mana, which is why the monsters are not so prevalent a threat to them.

As for magic items of benefit to monks, such things do not truely exist. Monks by their nature are masters of the weapons they wield regardless of the weapons properties, I’ve seen Shime beat swordsmen with a stick. Not even a staff style stick, just a bendy tree branch she used to whip them on the nose until they didn’t want to fight anymore.

The deal with the golems has been sorted out, and the armies raised as desired to travel to Tethalyn. So here are the new girls –



Ankathi Nikolaides is the new commander. She’s one of the more accomplished witches within the coven and is practically royalty for it. Ever since announcement of the discovery of the elves she has taken in interest in the chance to wander out into the world. I do advise caution with her, she’s a little crazy in the sense that she has a very dominating personality. She has a habit of assuming her superiority over those she interacts with, exception to you and me but that seems to be it. She is however one of the most talented commanders and shows great potential as a conqueror…just be careful not to give too much slack on her leash or she might start initiating genocides when we aren’t looking…I should go check on Areti.

KouKou is an oddity within the coven, known also as ‘the weird owl girl’. She is specialized in working with familiars but keeps making only one kind. She could be described as creepy at first glance but around the coven she’s known as the cute one, which has resulted in her wearing a hood and skulking around shadows to try and alleviate her reputation. She has failed and is still the adorable one. If you meet her you’ll see what I mean, place a sweet fruit nearby. KouKou is one of the better choices for scouts due to her parliament of owls. She’s basically untouchable if she doesn’t want to be caught, so she should be safe from the monsters. Well safer then most at least.

In order to keep up variety, Aima is the opposite style of witch to KouKou and is more of a ‘hit it before it hits me’ type of operator. She is very skilled in combat focused magic and knows how to fight for herself. In particular she is very talented with healing magic, and its reverse cousin of harming magic, utilizing mostly touch spells. She’s a bit more of an intense personality as well, in scouting the forests I expect her to probably have more useful data on the habits of monsters thanks to her methods…expect dissection reports.



The troops are moving around, KouKou already found a village lurking in the forest, a population of about six thousand. Notably they were not on the map we got from the elves as for the location of their places, and this village seems to have more humanoid inhabitants and a distinct lack of long pointy ears. A few are there but it definitely isn’t their main population.

Also there have been some losses in Marilena’s army due to the monster attacks, though nothing too significant yet. In final news, financial trade has been booming as people have grown more used to the highway between us and our allies. So we have a bit more money coming in now, and it looks to be on the rise.


In continuing our adventure we came across a small fort, while the population is small this is unlike most of the villages we come across. It is walled and home to nothing but fighters, it seems to be a bit of a badlands raider outpost and it boasts significant military strength.


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Oh not satisfied with Essi? The only other mage available who can cast artillery spells just not good enough huh? We fight monsters out here, how much strategy do you really need? Anyways here’s Eamon.


He’s one of the survivors of the raid on the village to the north, he’s a bit of a clever one. While he’s typically worked with his squad he’s demonstrated a keen tactical mind particularly with awareness of the frozen north’s environment. He’s a little cautious of unfamiliar terrain so is less likely to plow through the snow heedless of its terrors, mostly because he’s watched quite a few people get killed by them by now. He’s not the fastest mobilizer if you want to see whats out there, but he is a strong leader.

That and he can fuck some dudes up with that axe.


Also Sakki’s exploration continues, so far nothing of particular interest to report other then more snow, hills, and monsters. Though he’s managed to keep himself alive thus far.

Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people.

We’ve sent some people to journey southward to look into the druidic path, though that might take a little while as its learning a whole new profession along with making some lifestyle changes. So updates on that as they come along.

Kaze has been sent to the island and the docks are currently producing some ships to give to the natives to embark on our cultural unification project.

Kyoko has managed to infiltrate the isolationists by being largely invisible and keeping an eye on them. They aren’t magically gifted so they have not done well to detect her presence. The isolationists are a somewhat crude society but they possess a few out of place objects of advanced technology that they use sparingly and carefully. These objects appear to come from deeper within the badlands. She’s managed to deduce that they’re loners because the badlands are right next to them and the last several visitors they’ve had have all been raiders.

As for monster taming, no we have no known methods of doing so. The only people we know of in the world that can interact with them in any manner other then fighting would be the Archdruid and the Elder Witch. Not even Amare has demonstrated any ability to control them.

We’ve sent representatives deeper into the elven kingdom, though they were forced to return to Tethalyn due to the presence of the monsters. The wake of the elven exodus to the their own city as excited the hunters who look for stragglers, and our representatives would appear to be as such. It is likely they will need some form of escort to make the journey as it is several days away through the deeper parts of the forest. We’ve also noticed the river definitely draws out some of the bigger ones.

In their search, Areti found an artifact of interest lurking within the city. Some sort of mana generator, the elves apparently used this to avoid having to harvest from the forest all that often. It looks kind of like a big tree so its hard to move, though the fruit it produces is pure mana. This should help our mana production at the least.

Construction on the other village we constructed goes well though we have a distinct lack of people to populate it at the moment. As you know our population growth rate is a little stunted, so its a bit of a work in progress.

For the most part- the fishing village just has techniques involving, you guess it, fish. Though its nothing we didn’t know already, we’ve been fairly advanced in food preservation for awhile now due to our nomadic nature.

Our research on the horses has come back that they live about twenty to twenty five years. On that front, since Takota’s return to the caravan he’s been helping with making these horses usable, he seems to have made the most progress. Something he kind of rubs in by riding one around everywhere he goes now.

Ryo has managed to reach Jamsa and broker the deals to buy armor from them, though he’s now on the return trip to the caravan. ((Too lazy to skip this this week, but you should still specify how many of the things you’re buying off mezzy with the prices listed last time))



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When kings go missing

It is a glorious day for the Nalkas people, for I am back and out of the fucking snow. I fought monsters man, do you know what that’s like? I ran out of mana three quarters of the way through the raid and then they still kept trying to eat me. Have you ever smelled their entrails? Have you ever been covered in them? Fuck you.

Anyways Uudistar is on its way to getting running with old man Ylermi headed up to oversee the governing of it right proper. Its population is still going to take some work since most of the captured slaves have been taken back to Jämsä for reasons of security and that is where the greatest harvesting is to be done for them. Impacts on the economy are already visible and likely to continue to climb as things settle down and people get more comfortable.

As for the new commander I have acquired you someone interesting. She costs more then you would expect, and has first dibs on plunder. But she is the only other mage in the nalkas besides myself who can perform artillery scale magic so that you never have to send me somewhere again. She’s a bit more powerful then you might expect. She has spent most of her life in her tower, yes she lives in a stereotypical wizard tower, studying magic. She’s a lich, and a master at both evocation and necromancy, probably the best military field unit you could ask for. Wiiith one catch, she’s spent most of her life in her tower and is terrible with both people and military strategy. Not like…downright detrimental as a commander but she’s definitely not that liable to win chess games. I would advise utilizing her and any forces you give her as more of a brute force type of army. She is good at judging assets though and knows when she can or can’t win a fight, its just her only major tactic is to overwhelm with raw might.

Also I promised her she will qualify as nobility for taking the job, and if you ever have a son she has the right to petition for marriage to them. She is undead so if she doesn’t die in the field she will live long enough to see your son come of age…then outlive them, keep that in mind.

In other news since the instatement of your bill to help veterans attend the university has seen to an upsurge in interest to join the military. Though we can only afford so many of them at a time.

Atop of that, the new slaves while being put to work effectively are obviously somewhat disgruntled over being sent to the mines after we destroyed their home. Might want to keep an eye on that before some sort of rebellion takes place since they can get into the city walls as it were.

Also yep, new road under construction.

He just definitely overstepped in his hiring Essi given all that he gave her to avoid being sent out into the field again. Don’t tell him I reminded you of this but he’s able to cast up to tier 7 magic of every single arcane school. So even if we have a new artillery commander…he’s still the best illusionist, enchanter, abjurer and so on that we have.




Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people.

Kaze has reported back now that he reached the island city. They were not welcoming hosts, in fact upon Kaze’s landing they tried to kill him and his soldiers. However, their island has existed in isolation for a long time and their tribal wars were long ago settled. They were no match for Kaze’s years of active military experience and constant survival within the forests, because we have monsters and they don’t.

They have a fair population size of about fifteen thousand, their city might not be the largest but it is a fair bit larger then our most recent acquisition. What is particularly strange is they aren’t sea faring people, the biggest boat they ever managed to build was just strapping some canoes together and sailing around their own coast line. Ocean monsters sink any attempt they make to venture further and as such they’ve never really voyaged the seas.

He describes them as tribal natives of the island, and despite some language barriers we’ve managed to establish them as violent but superstitious people. Apparently there used to be other tribes on this island before they consolidated into the main city we found, but this tribe is the last one standing. The remains of these times can be seen in their traditions, including an arena where it is obvious they are still a violent warrior people. In fact they have killed the last people to visit them but Kaze accidentally defeated their king in a duel without knowing who it was when they attacked him on the beach. They currently are very afraid of Kaze.

Despite their tribal and violent nature, I see potential here. Kaze has worked out what it would take to convince them to consolidate with us, they would make for decent soldiers provided a little bit of training and are a hardy people. Their lack of ability to move around the seas makes the island their entire world, which also keeps them technologically unable to progress. If we were to give them the opportunity to see the mainland, perhaps also the technology for sea faring boats and steel, they would be indebted to us. Given they are quite comfortable around Kaze and respect him as a warrior, he could play the part of ambassador awhile longer to introduce them to our own culture as smoothly as possible. let me know if you wish to pursue this project, while it is a steeper undertaking then the wall we built for the fishing village, this city is ten times the size and the island has many valuable natural resources. Particularly a type of wood that does not grow on the mainland…a type of wood that is very receptive to enchantment. They don’t know how to enchant it but Kaze’s wizard seemed quite excited and mentioned the possibility of enchanting a boat made of this stuff.

On a cost estimate this could require about 350 gold I imagine and a bit of time. Since we would need to produce a couple of ships for them and perhaps provide gifts of steel weapons, as well as ferry them back here to see who we are. Since they are most comfortable with Kaze he would be busy for awhile to come embarking on this project.

In other news, Kyoko has headed to the isolationist village north of the fishing one…which we should give a proper name. Though she spent most of this time walking there, so that report will be coming soon I imagine.

As for turning the warships into more land based alternatives, the problem is that the forest is thick, too thick for us to even move the warship’s weaponry over it on wheels. Also the forest has much smaller monsters that would overwhelm such weapon teams or be dramatic overkill to use them on. However, someone has come up with an idea to produce a weapon similar to the ones used on the warship. I have them looking deeper into these possibilities. Give them a bit to figure it out.

Meanwhile, Iwanagi continues to question the Archdruid. Apparently becoming a druid is something of a religious rite, committing oneself to “the wilds” as if it were a god. One cannot simply learn druidic magic as it comes from a divine source and is more about an ongoing relationship with that source rather then a spell list. They have no use for mana and can cast again and again theoretically infinitely as long as they are in the good graces of the wilds that empowers the magic. This comes with a military footnote. That means the Archdruid is likely able to perform massive magical feats as many times as she wants without any real limitation other then the fickle motives of the wilderness itself.

This has revealed something of interest to our allies who took Tethalyn. The druidic temple there does not operate fully on behalf of the elven kingdom. It is more of an embassy and is prone to its own motives. While the elven druids are still somewhat fond of their fellow elves and work to a mutual benefit, we already know the Archdruid sees the elves as her vassals, not her allies. This might be useful information to Katara.

Monsters do indeed have Ki, just rarely can they access it in the same way we who have trained to can. Though there is a report the Nalkas once found of a monster who actually could. It was a small one that they killed and dissected later, finding that it was able to do so based entirely on a strange innate skill rather then being based on any strange anatomy.

Speaking of a military of savages, the island Kaze contacted probably qualifies for that concept. Just saying.





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Blood on the snow

Information from the fantastic frozen front of the fray. The battle began with Heseli utilizing his siege magic, Jonne raising the dead, and Firebeard taking his men into the town to raid and annihilate all resistance. Casualties were favorable to us in terms of kills to death, but their entire village took up arms to defend themselves meaning it was a very long battle. Jonne died in the midst of the conflict when they mobilized and found him to be the cause of the undead that was keeping their numbers from being a major factor. By then most of the village lay in ruins. Heseli’s magic drew in monsters, forcing him away from the encounter along with Sakki who was acting to defend him.

Then the problem hit. Heseli is capable of such powerful magic that he summoned a gargantuan beast from the ocean. On the upside it attacked the village first since that was closer, on the downside this has dramatically reduced the number of captives we stand to take, and the village is now completely gone. Well I mean technically you could mine it out of the ice but the ice isn’t going to melt any time soon and it would be less work to just build a new village slightly to the left of it. The captives we have are stuck with us almost by default since they have no home, its cold, and a giant sea monster wanted to eat them. Effectively both sides retreated once the sea monster appeared.

So end tally, we’re down to 10 soldiers, Jonne and Firebeard are dead. We walked away from all this with a thousand captives though, normally we wouldn’t be able to even hold that many buuuut they’re homeless so sucks for them.

In other news, the village on the south side of the lake has finished construction. You should come up with a name for it.

With Tethalyn’s treasury currently secured we’ve gained a significant boost to our economic resources. After being informed of the curse there is significant…resistance to our occupation of the city. Actually about ninety nine percent of all occupants simply left down the river southbound in a mass exodus. Apparently they intend to retreat to another of the elven cities. While that is a significant risk due to the monsters about, mob mentality. Amare however has stayed behind for some reason. She’s been tending to the druidic temple and is often seen talking to Areti. It is making people nervous.

The new commander has been selected from among the coven. Rhea is a particular study of the monsters in the wild. Despite her appearance she is surprisingly hard to kill, of the three candidates I could find she fared the best with hypothetical command situations. I should caution that she is prone to risk taking, with mixed results. Two thirds a genius strategist and one third a complete idiot depending on the aftermath at least.

She is freakishly adept at manipulation though, having moved both monsters and women to fit her own plans. She’d also make for a good politician if we had any of that.

For the most part the rest of the details I have to bring are covered in our financial reports.

Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. Unfortunately, due to the Witch Queen’s offer to let them take to the wilds instead of stay home, the druids are not likely to be joining us this day. However, I may have some good news on that front. Iwanagi has gone forth to see what that huge city near the coast is.

He has met someone called the Queen of Wolves, also known to us as the Archdruid. She got her title because she rules over strange people called ‘werewolves’. Half men, half wolf. There are some other hybrid variants but she is apparently known for her command over the wolves. She rules over this forested city, what was once a small “pack” grew as she offered sanctuary to more and more individuals.

Iwanagi says she could be described as “intense”. She isn’t exactly hostile but she isn’t friendly either, she humored his visit and showed him around, being an amicable host. But Iwanagi says if the concept of a predator was rendered incarnate, she would be it. She also apparently knows about every member of our alliance in more detail then you would be comfortable with, except for the Nalkas. Evidently the forest is the extent of her influence.

According to Iwanagi, the city was also filled with the very monsters that plague us all. They act under her bidding, she mentioned the only reason he wasn’t being eaten alive already was that her city was a safe sanctuary to facilitate societal interaction. Soon as he left he was advised to run very quickly.

This city of hers is so abundant with natural resources that its population is quite large, and despite her predatory nature the sanctuary is fairly peaceful. Politically this gets strange. She claims a vast empire, but Iwanagi noted she claimed our own city. She sees the sanctuary as the capital of an empire that stretches across the western forest, and us as her vassals, Nalkas and Fukuchi excluded. So the sanctuary is her only city that directly responds to her, and everything else she considers hers but has never bothered to give a standing order and doesn’t need to collect taxes since she controls the forest itself.

Related to all this, Iwanagi reports that Shime is not here at the sanctuary. He refrained from further political engagement until we could come up with a response to this information and remained polite as not to piss off someone who was surrounded by werewolves.

Personally, it comes down to where Shime is actually going. If she isn’t headed to the archdruid’s sanctuary, she might be headed to the elven city south down the river. If she is going there then it will be difficult to beat her there, but also to gain access to her. After all this business in Tethalyn it is likely that any further elven establishments will be a bit more guarded then the last time.

In other news, the wall has been completed for our neighboring village and we have seen to the escort of those more interested in living within our much larger walls. Some of our own moved out to the village as well, particularly one enterprising fellow with an interest in their lake. We will see the results of this migration and our expanding kingdom.

In light of this we were all the faster to consult with the Nalkas about druidic magic. They don’t have much to go on with all this either. It seems that by contacting the archdruid, even if unintentionally, we are now the foremost experts on the subject unless the Witch Queen can get anything out of the elves.

Ryo reached the Nalkas and has brokered some deals for us to purchase their armor so that we can foray into the wastes depending how much you want to have prepared. Their cost comes out to about 4g3m, though that is just the armor. Still need to put it on our own men once its brought over. It will also bring up the maintenance cost of anyone to be equipped like this up to 3g1m. Though it may take a little while to ship it all the way back to the caravans.

In regards to the horses, figuring out how long they live will be a bit. According to the village that Take is at – about fifteen to twenty years. As for the diagram of the badlands vehicle, google has failed the cosmic force of all things. Though one is still out there somewhere and being sent off to the Nalkas.

Takota made it back to the caravan at least with some greater details into his adventures. The badlands are a dry, though not quite desert, place with many hills and rock formations along with some bushes. Little to nothing of trees though, however the deeper we go in the more we can expect some scarcity of resources.

In his time with them as a captive, he described them as eccentric and vulgar fellows though there was no shortage of tieflings among them. In hindsight first contact may have gone better if we sent someone with horns, then again perhaps they’re just all assholes. Curiously, this group lacked for armor except the higher ranks. It is clear they invest more into their offensive capabilities then defensive, judging by Takota’s experience they prefer to hit hard as they can as fast as they can from an ambush position among the hills.

The caravan should be fine from small groups like these though, along with the army itself. Though they did mention taking Takota “back to base” implying that this group has perhaps even more members, or at the very least some stuff worth stealing if we’ve a need to kill them.


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A day without a Khan

Stories of Lore 4

Mother-fu…Fine I’ll go. Be back later, while I’m gone you can deal with my teacher Ansa Jarvenä. Have fun with that one.



Greetings your *gags* majesty, I see you’ve taken well to your position. My compliments to your throne maker, your throne’s cushions seem to have already become perfectly molded to your liking, I dare say it must have been quite the custom work. In his abrupt absence Heseli has asked me to take over as headmaster of the academy, a duty so prestigious that apparently I now have the…pleasure of keeping you up to date with your magnificent kingdom.

I’ll be here awhile, the new soldiers must travel north to join up with Väyrnyen forces and escort Heseli in the process. I applaud your commitment to efficiency in logistics,  only a truly wise leader would know that twenty men is the exact optimum number to protect one of our kingdom’s greatest on his voyage to the north despite his spells being capable of drawing monsters from far reaches of the sea you’re sending him right towards the shores of.

The student known as Jonne has been seeing to the resurrection of their dead from a ceremonial burial ground he discovered. Rather then assault with them he had them roam near the lake as suspiciously as possible to draw out their investigators. His minions stood little chance against their raiders fury intent on putting the dead back to rest, though in observing from afar he has learned much of their battle tactics and sent the information to Väyrnyen and his forces to make use of. There’s a problem with the plan we hadn’t accounted for, their actual army isn’t very large but their citizen populace is quite aggressive. They remind me of the Katara, it is likely that when under assault they won’t be fleeing but every single one of them will take up arms. You may wish to budget upcoming losses accordingly.

Projects have been undertaking to prepare the creation of slave labor, something we have never done before in our history. Though desperate times call for desperate measures, regardless of the larger ramifications.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have quite the day ahead of me, the academy calls and interrupts me from my already busy schedule. If you need anything else, do not hesitate to call for me. I will come with all haste as not to burden you with the woes of walking.

Holy shit that was his teacher? No wonder Heseli is such an asshole.



Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. Kyoko is in transit to the village to build the construction of the wall. Our commitment to the plan has already garnered their full co-operation. As for Kyoko’s abilities, she can turn invisible, create hallucinations, and disguise herself as anything else. Though she definitely struggles to deal with monsters that hunt without reliance on sight and most specifically she lacks auditory illusions so her voice never changes, she says she is working on that part. Fortunately her illusions are quite distracting so the soldiers with her had an easier run about of stabbing said monsters while they were on their journey.

Kaze has embarked on his journey to the island city, though he is still making the trip. His results will likely be more apparent soon.

Shime went south as directed, though this may have had an adverse effect on her. After witnessing war and the savagery of our allies, she has stopped sending in reports and has gone missing. There is a chance she may have been adversely effected by witnessing these events done to the first people like herself she had seen in who knows how long. I suspect she found the stragglers you were seeking her to find, but instead of bringing them back she went somewhere with them.

In other news the continuing voyage of Iwanagi has spotted a city along the coast. It is large…very large. The largest we have ever seen though it appears to be constructed of strange materials and overgrown with foliage. It is as if a part of the forest itself built into a city. Up to you if he goes to take a closer look or if he should continue sailing and mapping the coast.

Also the sheets have been better updated.


The invasion has begun. Areti managed to kill all the guards before they knew what was happening, she is…talented. Upon opening the gate the invasion began. We figured out their quirk though, they have druids. Talia was quick to invade into the stone city but as Kairi came to assist her army suffered quite a few battles with the forest itself. We discovered Layla is in fact alive and was being taken care of in this city. She had lost a leg and was recovering here, apparently she had not told them of our location so they never sent word about her.

We have retaken Layla and seen to the devastation of their population though losses are high. The elven military is weak but their magic has proven a problem. Layla still is in no shape to fight so we lack the witches to deal with their casters, her contribution was to stab her caretaker in the back as the invasion was underway. As the battle continued within the streets many of their civilians fled to the forest. They were not ruled by the strong, and as such did not have obligatory military training.

A elven woman named Amarethyl killed at least twenty of ours, as well as Commander Talia. Areti was the one who put an end to her rampage. Afterwards Areti and Commander Kairi invaded the druidic temple, butchering them before they might do anything to further impede our progress.

The city is now under our control, and the nobles within our possession. We have taken large losses. Only twenty five soldiers remain. While we have recovered Layla she is considering a more stay-at-home role now. Apparently the wilds have had an effect on her.

Layla has requested Amarethyl be spared. She is under heavy guard and shackled properly due to the danger she presents, pending your judgement of what to do with her. She is the leader of their druidic circle, my equal in their society. Though she is not a true arch-druid. Layla confirms that the real archdruid of these woods instead lives further south at some sort of lake. I caution ever engaging an archdruid in a forest, just Amarethyl alone was a problem for our forces to deal with. Had we not been inside of their city so quickly the results could have been far different, and had Areti not been completely broken stats wise.

In other news, as commanded, they didn’t loot anything yet.

The remaining soldiers have however grown stronger, as is our way. Now that we have tasted true war for the first time in decades, the troops have rekindled their fighting spirit. I advise bringing them back to the city to train the next wave. ((Soldiers in the buy sheet now start at army power 2 as rule of the strong perk))


Ryo is on the way to the Nalkas for trade and information gathering, and the caravans have moved away from the badlands for the time being. Meanwhile the horses are on the way to Katara and Iwa is seeing about negotiating with the village for experimentation with horses.



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The week after the week before

Good guess, the savages are very stabby. It’s almost as if we spawned in a late game zone or something. We maintained a careful distance to observant and learn what we can, as is the proper course of action. Then Sakki kidnapped one of them while exploring that spot to the north. Because of course he did.

They’re not particularly wealthy, as I said they have a wooden palisade…savages. Their armor is also largely inferior to ours though their weapons seem of better overall craftsmanship. Their warlord is wearing full plate though, according to our captive it is blessed by the elders of generation after generation blah blah its enchanted and probably fourth tier judging by the description. So third tier accounting for primitive minds exaggerating what they do not understand. Their population is small but they’re ferocious snow rabbits. After awhile of observation we’ve noticed they have found some manner to keep monsters uninterested in them. From the stories I’m hearing, it sounds like this is because they are destitute in terms of mana and there is little to draw beasts to them when the lake is so nearby.

Sakki when to check out the north, it is just more snowy hills. We just hadn’t actually mapped it yet, he punched another few monsters for the effort to map it though. Notably the monster concentration appears to be stronger the further north along the lake you go as the northern banks hold the most mana. We’ll likely consider expanding there after we have a more solid colony to operate from.

We’ve managed to find the elven city, apparently named Tethalyn. It is a massive city of guilded white marble and well maintained grounds, its glory must rival what ours once was yet, we notice it shares in our silence. Despite being well maintained and affluent in appearance, much of it sits silent just like Sybaris. This is a fallen empire.

They’ve been a somewhat welcoming host, even if a bit overly so. Reportedly their empire stretches along a river that empties out where we are building a village. They say the river crosses the entire continent. Though Talia is suspicious of the claims. While their population is higher then ours and their city in better condition the unmistakable signs of a remnant are there. While the river is likely true, the size and scope of their territory may be suspect. That being said, they do have a standing army.

Attacking the city might yield great riches though given the ornate nature of its construction, we would not have to look far for something worth taking. Though the battle is of uncertain nature given they are like us, ancient. We could have Talia continue to play the role of diplomat, or prepare for more violent courses of action should the rewards be worth the risks to you.

Also the people have been becoming acquainted with the docks and revenue is up, along with higher traffic among the roads as word spreads.

Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people, for I have returned and you find me amiss no longer.. Also dear keeper, we are not all monks. Just the members of the monastery are. Kaze is preparing to embark on his voyage to the island.

In regards to your query about the nature of Ki, it can be disabled by means of beheading. One of the primary benefits of it is its resistance to being removed. Like that weird blue magic you hear legends about.

Construction of your economic projects are underway but it will take a little bit of time to build the ships. They should be ready by the time the fleet is ready to depart to the island once again.

I have entered negotiations with the fishing village. They would be willing to become our vassals should we provide them with sufficient defenses against the monsters. Our architects estimate costs would range about two hundred gold to build a reasonable wall and if we provide them with twenty soldiers it should be sufficient to protect them until they can raise a larger town guard themselves. ((Mechanics note: vassal isn’t a special qualifier, its just yours))

A note if I may, there are no Ki abilities that lend themselves to actually specializing in stealth in that way. Also there is no school of shadows, though there are some branches of arcane magic that do that sort of thing. Though if you seek a master of stealth, there are some outside the monastery that could be contracted who rely on more typical practices or arcane magic. Might I recommend an illusionist or a ninja?

An illusionist it is then! This is Kyoko Uyemura, a local wizard. She does illusions and carries a few sharp objects around for hurting things as she has yet to learn any evocation in her time studying the craft.

She could be described as perhaps a sarcastic troublemaker, a clever one at that. She was born and raised here in the city proper, however she isn’t an active member of the military. She doesn’t have much experience in the wilds and has lived most of her life acting as a student of magic, she only recently graduated and was seeking adventure.


Greetings Khan! It is a glorious goddamn how does that old fart pretend to be so upbeat all the time. Anyways, the Fukuchi have mobilized as commanded. We’ll get reports from them as things develop.

Though in the more immediate concern, Tokota has already encountered some of these badland natives. True to rumor, they are a bunch of violent maniacs that tried to kill him. While he has kept his life the rest of his retinue are already dead. He was taken prisoner, escaped, and is currently trying to outmaneuver them.

They were mounted on those horse creatures, using them to create a calvary faster then ours. However, a single member of them had a much more bizarre mount. It was made of stone and lined with magic crystals and inscriptions, flying across the badlands at unbelievable speeds with spikey bits on the front for ramming through things. This was apparently the leader, and he had a weapon similar to Ryo’s.

Tokota estimated he came across a team of fifteen of these bandits, though is not sure where they live where more might be found. So far as reports indicated, he has noticed a distinct lack of monsters.

Also tier 2 enchantments cost approximately 20 mana per object, and a sufficiently talented enchanter. We lack that second part. Though the Nalkas likely have it.

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