A new year

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Military Engineer recruit

Profits increased due to shady anti piracy techniques.

Mordkeai Aberhoff

The course is stayed and the DM didn’t roll any strange events for you to deal with.

Mhaldaru’s profits have gone up and thus by technicality yours as an investor

Psionic Tech Progress: 9

Edric Vandross

It’ll cost a couple million in order to put a base on the asteroid but they found a neat one as requested.

Gellix and the combat training reveals that he’s really more suited to land battles. As a gnoll he can move very quickly and track people to some extent, but in the confines of a ship his speed just hits  a wall and all the pressure suits and metal interiors make sniffing things out a bit difficult. He’s not a terrible fighter but he doesn’t particularly excel at the task like Jezraema.

The task of sending the raiders after a ship that would be fitting is ongoing, mainly because the kinds of ship you want for the nah division also happen to be hard to find. Such ships aren’t popping up on the Solvang boards at the moment either so the search continues.

Schmoozing Alnae’s higher class continues to prove difficult as elves are little less prone to social manipulation then humans due to their extremely long term planning. Also as Alnae has a government backed bank, DV doesn’t have much to offer in terms of connections.

Raiders are busy looking for that nah ship to steal, not doing so well expanding and prepping for flagship raiding.

Sethis Tyne

Cult members sent to investigate Toxyn. Efforts ongoing as they can’t just find her by blind poking without at least one member making contact with her at least once so they know what they’re looking for other then “person with a mask.”

Can’t really borrow the ships they hijack and also retrofit it, at that point you’d be buying it. Though for now its on their to-do list on ships to look out for as they are still being kept to survey ships and small targets to gain xp  by Vandross.

Psionic mindreader: Richard black is still on the list. Though for the sake of options since no one seems to want that hot mess, here is another.

Luci Serrano

The initial premieres for the comedy movie are finally live. Audience reception is lukewarm but from a business perspective any profit is better then lose money at the least. And despite its lukewarm attempt it didn’t nose dive off a cliff so production on future projects can begin. With this wrapping up casting has begun for a musical which will feature Lusheria given her tour wrapped up anyways and she’s getting some popularity these days.

The mining start up is still under the phase of construction after arriving at the asteroid plot as the infrastructure to mine in space takes a bit of setup. Expect lower profits while the startup investment goes in.


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A holiday quickie

Due to holiday spending an additional 5 million has been made for the pool!

Also stories of lore should be in the next update or two once less holiday season shenanigans are going around.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Materials from SR1 are being sold off to buyers on the market. After accounting for the expenses of paying off the mercs total profits add 4,562,000 credits to the gauntlet account. There is still an estimated value of 8,000,000 (rounded) in materials on hand but will take another update or three to finish selling off, particularly due to shipping.

At the moment Song doesn’t have anything for the mercs to do as she’s headed back home to deal with paperwork. So training on battle forts is underway, though this is an expensive project because setting up forts in field can be more expensive then just building a wooden palisade back in the roman days.

Mordekai Aberhoff

You already set up filter deals and profits went up during your vacation, so reviewing those you met during it proves to be a little redundant.

People are working on the app thing, though expect two/three financial updates before its development is complete and can go live.

Psionic tech progress: 6 (This number will make more sense later, for now just writing it to track the progress).

Edric Vandross

Kala found you some ship wiper dude.

Christmas cheer abounds as the raiders manage to capture a basic survey ship to get sold off to Serrano, the cost of buying this off them on Serrano’s end was taken out of christmas profits already for easy paperwork.

Shipyard expansion on SV3 could be expensive as the place is currently mostly used to service frigates, adding larger docks would take a lot of material. Hightower projects a cost of about 16,000,000 between supplies and labor over the course of three to four financial updates. While the SV3 shipyards, owned by Star Horizons, aren’t doing too bad on their own it isn’t a major location for larger ships due to the economy of the planet below focusing on a more tourist focus then large shipments of goods. As such Star Horizons aren’t as interested in the particular cost of the upgrades which means it’d take an investment from DV to really see that happen. The result would be a 30% control over the company’s shipyard and they will at least be interested in the hiring of additional personnel to cover the ongoing cost of the expansion.

Gellix isn’t really useful at surveying space for places to build a secret base, he could probly find a planet surface to hide on but has little experience with asteroids. Setani suggests a mobile base and just hijacking a huge carrier, but most of her suggestions lately involve “lets get a giant ship”. On the upside, this doesn’t take much expertise if you want a big random chunk of space in the middle of nowhere. Space is big, just pick a direction and go until you hit an asteroid.

The quest for a middle man continues. Kala suggests just having Sophia do this, one less middle man means the profits stay better and it would help her expand her operations. She’s not exactly in Shetou but Tyne is trying to make her expand to other places and the slave trade can be pretty black market at times.


Sethis Tyne

Johnson didn’t reply on the psionic cult cell thing.

The Toxyn thing will be in the upcoming stories of lore after the holiday “lazy gm” season. For now rest assured its a general pain in the ass.

The improvements in secret efforts probably paid off given that Toxyn clearly knows who the division is. The nah division manages to be a conspiracy hidden from the general public and major governments, though the bomber group definitely still knows it exists. Hence Toxyn has been such a pain in the ass.

Luci Serrano

The neutral survey location actually leads to an asteroid belt on the Rixa plane in the middle of goddamned nowhere, approximately between SR1 and SR2 in terms of orbital space, receives a lot of sunlight. Good for solar panels.

SV4 is being surveyed by Shetou as requested. Progress updates to come.

The slaves and ships thing is getting underway, a survey ship was acquired recently by the pirates though the slave part is still being worked on. Generally you don’t have a crew of slaves crew their own stolen ship, its a bad mix for forced labor.

Sol News hires a new caster who is obviously boosting ratings because they’re pretty.

The comedy movie attempt is wrapping up post production and should be airing soon. The suggestion for musicals proves to baffle the suits but they’re looking into what they can do with that. On the upside Sol media’s talent can be brought into it.

Kala is still working on that hero request as thats a bit of a bizarre one and the GM’s art library didn’t have anything spectacular in that field.

(Totally not) Sol Gaming startup is underway though its currently just a small indie team since there hasn’t been a huge investment in it.


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Random words

Yenneiros Whitetalon

The war on SR1 finally came to a close when Song Clan and the mercs took enough of the orbitals to allow the Dragon’s reach to open fire on the other fleet. Though instead of a naval slugfest the other house retreated back into space before engaging with Song Clan’s fleet as that was suicidal. Gheir has recruited Cerys Anahi to Madhammer before setting off back to HQ and then off to SV3 to train with the Raiders of Abbathor.

As predicted by the suits, profits dropped like a rock soon as it had to pay out all the mercs for completing the job (expect a rougher then normal financial report). Though on the upside it was still an overall profit from the contract with SR1 colonists that netted the gain of an awful lot of raw material. Technically it hasn’t turned a profit yet as the suits are just sitting on the materials waiting for an order on what to do with it all. Sell it or find some other purpose for the stuff.


Mordekai Aberhoff

Ragas Durz was hired remotely through an agent so she doesn’t have an idea who you are or what company she really works for and is now attending college on your dime. The Cosmic Force of All Things recommends you ensure her contact for orders is a psionic of some power so she doesn’t figure out whats going on by reading their mind. That or enlisting the Nah division to keep her wary of her true employers.

In minor news, there was a brief police investigation at one of the Alnae factories for the pharmaceuticals company when a break in attempt resulted in a few people being killed by Nib Okzunas’ latest security invention being a little bit more powerful then intended. While no serious recourse has been taken against Nib or Expansive Psionics, it was funny. Also expansive psionics sales have increased for +6 profits.

The cult manages to increase its profits by +2 now that its selling knick knacks and doo dads which help its various cult leaders keep up their operations with a little less money from you to keep maintaining itself.

Despite the selling of gimmick items Vajor still seems to be keeping an eye on the ongoing activities of the cult on Luna. Most notably Alnae psionics have been seen keeping an eye on things around the city.

Edric Vandross

The Raiders are off near SV3 doing training stuff with Madhammer. Despite Setani’s appointment to Admiral her ideas of what to do next keep conflicting with Halaestra and Ikesha winds up as mediator.

Investing in shipyards isn’t too hard but finding one for peculiar use of refitting stolen ships is the tricky part as most tend to operate alongside major governments due to those being the main buyers for big ships, with the exception of those who specialize in frigates that civilians often buy. Since the suits don’t necessarily know your actual plans involving them the ones they recommend don’t really fit the purposes you might be particularly interested in. The most notable of shipyards in the system belong to Alnae or Sharen but they aren’t exactly looking for investors at this point. Among the startups however, SV3 stands out as it has small facilities the independent colonists like to use primarily for repair and maintenance as opposed to construction due to their smaller budget. But given this planet’s history they are keen to try and make more stuff to sell on the trade based world.

In regards to erasing ship ID’s: Solvang can do it pretty cheap. However, doing it without their help proves insanely difficult and even shipyards have a hard time doing it as the enchantments that make up an ID are similar to the APT tattoos (and the arcanist world made defense easier then offense, which extends to hacking). So it’ll take awhile and maybe an expert (like Nib or something) to get your own shipyards doing that, but Solvang can do it cheap until then.

I’m assuming you meant SZ4 everytime you said SV3. SZ4 is the ice world Siwa is colonizing, SV3 is the barren rock that has become a trade based economy. Some of the potential major players there are obviously the project manager for Siwa who is fairly elusive and spends most of their time within the Siwa facility, likely because its cold and barren outside. The Alnae officer overseeing construction of the port and maintaining the colonies also stands out as a potential VIP especially as Fred pushes for Alnae’s Sovereignty over the area. Details on these characters are slim though as the bankers aren’t exactly private investigators and can only detail financial information which has been covered before.

Banking investigation so it doesn’t make a wall of text

Sethis Tyne

Vanjin gets indoctrinated into the agency and particularly bases out of V-Thenica at the agent hideout near Sophia since that was who she saved in her last mission, so the agency has deemed that a new agent such as herself should just be kept in the area she already knows as not to expand her knowledge of the operation too quickly.

Vaeri reports in that basically your predecessors killed off a bunch of people who obstructed their general plan. These enemies originated from Alnae though its unclear exactly who was killed to get these people pissed off enough to go rogue from their own empire. The reason it became such a shadowy group is that no one believed them about the conspiracy theory since the corporation that makes up the Gauntlet isn’t exactly the shadiest in appearance so they were just called nutjobs. Toxyn is one of them and definitely one of the more dangerous members.

Julius and Vanjin are struggling on the Toxyn front. Though Vanjin is pretty sure Toxyn knows who the nah division is because they keep knowing where to strike and how to avoid them. Toxyn operates similarly to the division itself and is almost non-existent until they choose to strike. The Nah division is looking through security at what civilians might actually be this masked attacker in secret under Vanjin’s advice, though its not helping to narrow things down too much at the moment.

Luci Serrano

In regards to your mining startup. The first part to get through is pinning down where to mine. You can put all your startup funds into a survey ship (Or consider getting the pirate raiders to steal you some on the cheap if they can)  or contact existing companies to look into some stuff for you.

Mineral surveying companies come in three flavors. Alnae, Shetou, and Neutral businesses. Technically none are associated with the governments directly but the company is based in those nationalities. Alnae has access to the cheapest active options allowing you to hire survey teams to comb a planet or area of space at 250k per expedition. Shetou’s are more expensive at 400k per expedition, but their familiarity with the underdark and tendency to tunnel makes them much more thorough if you can trust them to actually hand over the data of the best finds to only you. Neutral colonies also offer their services and come in somewhere in the middle despite having less advanced tech then either one, so while the worst buy for active surveying they are at least neutral. However, they also offer a different service entirely, they’ve already surveyed more then they can use as a small neutral colony and sell the data of places they’ve already scanned. For example, they have a survey claim offered at 1.5 million, but its not a sweep of an area its an already found mineral deposit of value. You’d be buying the coordinates instead of the service of seeing if an area has anything. Due to this business model you can buy finds in asteroid belts, or on a planet. Though you pick by plane not planet given they don’t necessarily have anything on every possible planet. In Summary: Alnae is cheap and efficient, Shetou is expensive but extremely effective, Neutral options are already found claims or just companies who will survey the things you want without really being involved with the empires.

The slave market is most notable in Shetou (where it isn’t illegal) and labor force slaves are fairly cheap but require careful maintenance. The most cost effective laborers from Shetou are demons who have been enslaved through arcane magic, this may require you to keep an Arcanist on staff to do so (and make sure they’re not big on ethics). As another option the faceless suits note you can buy golem robotics from Alnae factories. Demons come in at roughly 150,000 per demon while robotics run up to 400,000 but there is the consideration of the expense of the demon slavekeepers. So the larger the operation gets the more cost effective robotics start to look even with maintenance costs.

In other news Lush’s tour seems to have concluded around Alnae and some other areas which has done well for her profitability. She’s back in the studio lately with some of the producers working on their next bright idea. Lush’ profits increased +12.

Sol Media Records has also expanded by +4 from its other projects though they aren’t marketing any of them as hard as Lush just yet.

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You dicks and your Thursday night fill ins.

As requested Kala searched around on behalf of Vandross for admiralcy candidates Sam highrolled it into a person who’d be useful to anyone really. Also psionic thrown in as per Johnson’s request, so go check the hiring page.

Stories of Lore 4

Yenneiros Whitetalon

War continues, fill in your sheet the day after instead of the day before dang it.

Mordekai Aberhoff

You too. Kala found some psionic for you in the hiring section. More details on cult activity come when i can work on it over the week.

Edric Vandross

Ikesha went a little rogue in offering Halaestra a job as the Noctis captain and instead made her the seemingly ranking commander of the Raiders entirely.

Meanwhile back on SV3, Alnae seems to have actually shown up beyond transporting Siwa’s stuff. Establishing the major port for travel and seem to be establishing the area as part of their Sovereignty. Experts predict this will accelerate the new colony’s growth but will also attract their most notorious criminal parasites.

+4 bonus profits for filling the thing out quickly. This shows business initiative apparently.

Sethis Tyne

Bad news is Jhaeros was able to close in on his target before enough defenses against him could be prepped. Good news is Vanjin murdered him faster.

Vaeri and Julius get back just after faceless teams leave to go find them in Necrosi. So now a faceless team is looking around lost and confused somewhere out there. Their adventures in Necrosi might have been a story of lore if I hadn’t written so much about Vanjin instead. Long story short, there’s a colony now blown half to pieces and Vaeri is amazed in the sheer number of ways Julius can use explosions to kill things stealthily. From what they gathered, the people your predecessors on the board pissed off are a less so grand conspirators countering your efforts to fulfill their own conspiracy and rather a coalition of people out for revenge over the deaths of people they rather liked. Almost as if in perfect timing, or as if you hit a quest trigger, this lunatic has been giving Sophia and the sniper teams a lot of trouble.

+4 profits, black market going well…and sheet was filled out in a sane amount of time.

Luci Serrano

Added character to your company page. He recommends looking into other non media businesses so you have more to do during updates.

Also +4 profits for filling sheet out quickly, business initiatives.

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The holiday season is not good for momentum

Another financial cycle has passed, the hiring roster has cycled as well as those previously on it have found other work. Ask Kala for new hiring options if desired. Also everyone’s companies had profits increased, but I did all the spreadsheet work and forgot to write it down on here so there’s no little +4 indicator like usual cuz I forgot what the old numbers were.

Also extra money laying around has gone up 1,230,000 after all expenses were accounted for.

Stories of Lore 3

Yenneiros Whitetalon

For the time being Song has your forces on SR1 Alpha guarding positions her clan takes over so she can focus on offense.

Mordekai Aberhoff

The cult on Luna has been able to schmooze in with the house wives to continually expand their presence on the moon as well as available blank idiots. Not many of the ones prone to weird cult stuff are the kind of wives with serious involvement with their husbands business however. The information gained from their membership isn’t of immediate value to the corporate world but the in-house details of various businessmen could prove useful in the future if specific information as that should prove necessary. Though there is a businessman involved in some colonial affairs you might be able to sell some filters. Drug sales are also up on Luna due to easily suggested housewives.

On the downside, the more open operations of the cult have drawn the attention of some of their relatives. While in most cases this isn’t an issue, one of the housewives had a daughter with a friend who took a sudden interest in the cult. Judging by her constant skepticism and military background, the Luna cult of yoga might be being watched a little closer then you would like.

In the quest for infiltration of forensic labs, Kala has determined this is going to require finding a new recruit to do it. Specifically one who goes through the proper educational path to get the job, which could take years if you send someone else to do it. Though the types of people to be pursuing that degree on their own are less likely to be interested in selling out the information. There is also the option of approaching a veteran of the field who is a bit more easily swayed by cash incentives.

Edric Vandross

For all of Fred’s business savvy, the SV3 colonizers are not particularly open to the utilization of outside influences. They are veteran colonizers and have learned not to share power with bigger forces unless necessary, it is likely they intend to maintain independence as long as possible. Fred did convince them to use Divinity Vaults for their banking needs though, primarily because its the only bank that set up shop in the colonies already so transactions between colonies are easiest with DV. With them joining in, most of the other colonizers also opted for divinity vaults with a bit of salesmanship. As a consequence of this, deep in the backroom of paperwork someone caught something of interest. The Jelwe Labs colony is receiving an awful lot of money from Desoir, and one of the smaller independents is actually sending money to Selona. Siwa Technologies itself is pulling a lot of money from Solvang’s banks.

The raiders successfully picked up another ship and expanded the crew appropriately. Ikeshia buddied up with the pandem pirate Halaestra, which is a cruiser. While perhaps not Ikeshia’s first choice of comrade, Halaestra is the ship’s original captain and was rescued by the raiders. Soon after the operation, Halaestra murdered all of her own crew for having witnessed what the drow did to her on the ship. Whether she was embarassed or didn’t want to work with people who had seen her beaten is unknown, but Ikeshia notes she is quite vicious. The Raiders of Abbathor are crewing her ship for now until she can pick up her own crew.

This puts the new captain in a peculiar position. Halaestra is not terribly subtle and Ikeshia isn’t sure she can trust the pandem pirate for long, let alone with the secret of her employer. However, since Halaestra murdered all of her own crew she is reliant on Ikeshia’s crew to fly her ship since as a pandem user she can’t do it herself which gives Ikeshia leverage for now. The issue with that is Halaestra is only aware of Ikeshia as the ring-leader, and Halaestra is a more powerful pirate then the quiet elf pilot. As long as Halaestra is unaware of the conspiracy the temptation to mutiny Ikeshia might be particularly high, but making her aware of it could have other problems.

Sethis Tyne

Sophia has a few insider tips regarding the Selona territory. First off, Selona isn’t a traditional gang and operates mainly by selling stuff to crime gangs to resell to others in other locations with the exception of some of its higher end stuff that smaller gangs won’t be able to sell. She can actually sell their stuff in her own territories and operate small time within Selona’s own territory as long as she keeps those smaller operations in check from pissing them off. Secondly, her old boss had a connection to Selona and by proxy she knows how to approach him as well. Meaning if her mysterious new boss should want access to serious weapons, she can arrange for them to be sent back to the Nah division (that she doesn’t know exists, she just assumes whoever you guys are you might want Selona’s brand of firepower). Y’know, in case you ever want to buy a tank or advanced super illegal shuttles. Though she does seem timid at the suggestion, the idea of dealing with Selona obviously makes her nervous but dealing with you seems to make her nervous as well.

Meanwhile, Nah division points out that no one seems to know where Selona is getting all this stuff it sells. Its not a garage operation, somewhere in the system has to exist a network of factories for Selona to operate the way it does. Sol Media might be able to do something interesting in investigating that.

Vaeri and Julius are still unheard from.

Luci Serrano

People are still on tour and movies are still being made. Exme continues to report on the SR-1 conflict.

The suits who have on idea what the budget really looks like keep pitching more ideas for shows and movies with the startup of the production studio that is producing some movie. The same guy who suggested the easy cash in on the comedy movie to get a foot in the door of the industry wants Exme’s footage to produce a documentary on the SR-1 conflict with leftover footage. Purely because it would be cheap to just use the news footage and probably make at least something that at least breaks even, but also it would boost the studio’s reputation since you seem to like doing that. Though Kala warns that at this rate that faceless suit guy might get a face.

Not much else going on since you just stare at developments and ignore all the plot hook potential, lazy Tess.

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Regular Update

More sandbox stuff was added if you care to go find it, I forget what is actually new in it and just bulk uploaded.

SR2 investigation yields information you already knew. You’ll have to be more specific. Though as a training ground the risk is annoying the Sivataur who went through a lot of effort to put stuff there for themselves and they aren’t in the habit of renting out cabins to rich sport hunters. On the other hand that is a pretty good training exercise as long as you don’t fail.

The Alnae council does have its fair share of people who are only in power cuz the previous seat they occupy retired and handed it off to their dumb kid they liked. Since incompetence is not grounds for murder in Alnae its higher council is significantly weaker and more prone to outside influence then the Shetou counterpart. Though the opponent in such an endeavor would be Alnae’s AIC and Patriot Agency.


Yenneiros Whitetalon

With the arrival of the Song Clan, SR1 Alpha has escalated its conflict. Due to the fact that the mercs are still under contract they’ve opted to help out where they can and continue the fight. Bloodtongue has led some efforts to push forward and capture the anti orbital weapons, allowing the Song fleet in orbit to slowly get closer to the other fleet. The presence of the Song fleet is helping to maintain any ground captured since as it advances forward it threatens the land beneath it from where it orbits. The conflict is still primarily ground based, despite losing ground House Nahal has not surrendered or left the planet. Gheir reports back with the suspicion they’re holding out for reinforcements of some sort.

Mordekai Aberhoff

In new developments of the cult, one of the sects hanging out on Luna has started getting general mainstream attention. Preying on the rich housewives like a yoga practice, though the roundabout effect is that more people are noticing it exists there. They have the nicest office of all the cult sects though.

Edric Vandross

Construction on the SZ4 colonies with Siwa is off to a good start. Though notably three other organizations are helping back it and the smaller colony startups. Jelwe Labs, who are most known for owning the main research facility on SZ1, has been starting up there as well with colony teams running their funding from unknown backers but the paper trail indicates they’re using the Solvang banks. The other notable colonizers come from Sv3’s normally independent group, though they have some veterancy in the matter. Though they do not have an official company name as it appears to be just a bunch of guys, however as Sv3 is known for a lot of colonization equipment they haven’t been reliant on any external funding help and seem to have the best start on colonies with their expertise. Finally there is a showing from the Alnae military who have come to help out the effort and are the major shipper for Siwa’s materials utilizing the Alnae fleet implying Siwa itself has ties to the Alnae for this project.

In regards to SV2, not particularly feasible simply because no one wants to rebuild something that still works fine enough, it was rebuilt early on during the collapses of the earth anyways.

Fred doesn’t have much else going on. He’s led a fairly civilian life, went to school, graduated, put on a suit and started working in an office. His psionic abilities are mostly innate and though he was trained in the art during his higher education his talent as an illithid is responsible for most of his abilities. He has only worked for minor houses across Shetou and was technically just working for a company office within that house’s territory so he doesn’t have any interesting connections there. All things considered he’s fairly normal all around except for his experience in the business field and track record of profitability.

Sethis Tyne

As a freebie, Julius and Vaeri figure out to pick up the lead Tess found an update or two ago that no one reacted to. Though given the nature of this, they’re essentially missing to avoid detection and now both of the division’s major spooks are not going to be around for awhile.

On the black market front, Sophia has won her little territory war on V-Thenica giving her room to breath and continue to set up operations further. Aggressive expansion has her sending gangsters to other planets with a particularly known criminal scene to get a bit more presence over a large distance and keep an ear to the ground.

Luci Serrano

Ratings are up on the SR1 reports since it just turned into a real warzone. However, related to other rival broadcasters it hasn’t gone up quite as much. The suits have determined the audience you’ve built so far are a minority of people who care for fair reporting. Networks appealing to idiots and just showing military action and slapping a narrative on it they make up seem to be yielding more traffic.

Movie stuff still undergoing but so far all is going according to plan, filming is on SV3

Reporters attended some press releases recently. Including the announcement of Lusheria’s tour which they may have promoted in Sol Media’s outlets more then necessary. Also some astronomers report that within the year they expect to make contract with aliens, this has stirred up a lot of people as the countdown nears. People have a mix of general fear the governments will mess it up thanks to movies, and perhaps a few nerds are a little too excited overall.

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Sandbox Update

Fuck it sandbox world building week, go find something to mess with. More factions coming next week, ran out of time. Also regular update style will be back then too, Should be enough reading for now though.

New stuff:

Planets (also accessible from player homepage)
House Vloz


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Back on track

Stories of lore 2

Yenneiros Whitetalon

In efforts to barter merc work for mining coords the neutral surveying company offers you a quest to wipe out two small colonies on SV4 and SV5. The small colonies independently discovered some places they had co-ordinates they intended to sell to Shetou, so a lot of lost value there. However, to prevent them from taking the location to other people or anything of the sort they would want them wiped out to the last person.

The board’s intel shows it’d be doable with a bit of effort even with our strongest forces busy at SR-1 Alpha since these are smaller colonies. Kalan also notes your board members/contractors don’t know about the Nah division who are quite suited to assisting in this kind of task.

Some Independent colony in the Abyss suggests utilizing your merc services to protect the colony and just giving you a % of mining income they already have going on instead of giving you coordinates to somewhere else. Mostly because coordinates are really iffy out here in the Abyss. The faceless suits say its an easy profit on paper but the Abyss is one of the most dangerous planes to operate in (that can be consistently operated in) purely because of the high incident frequency with monsters that survived the Era of Purge in the Abyss as it wasn’t one of the highly focused on middle planes. On the upside, monsters are pretty easy to kill with guns compared to other people with guns.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Due to lack of overt action the cult continues to grow though not much interesting is happening over there. Since they meet in their own little hole and stay out of people’s way for the most part. Research into the understanding of Psionic Forensics is ongoing though significant results aren’t expected for at least a few years since its a complicated field and some people are having to go to college for better education on the topic. Kala recommends looking into setting up some covert agents within police forces and such to get a better look at the practices and habits, as well as just having a position to manipulate investigations.

Pharmaceutical profits are up +5 due to schmoozing at the resort.

Edric Vandross

Jezraema starts the effort of blending in to the pirate crew. She’s a bit more hardcore then most of the pirates though, a lifetime of abuse and a job of murdering people makes her a little bit intense. Though on her first outing to raid some other ship she performed pretty well. Oddly enough of all people she seems to get along with Ikeshia, the ship’s figure of authority, the best, likely because Ikeshia isn’t too talkative.

In regards to the request you made of Kala he just points at your faceless suits since thats literally their job. Though to keep up with his own job he headhunted a peculiar businessman for the hiring roster.

In regards to SZ4: The tech company in question happens to be Siwa Technologies, and they intend to colonize the frozen wasteland of SZ4 for the development of military tech. A wasteland like this is pretty good for testing things that blow up as well as managing the exhaust heat they can produce with some of their other work. A meeting with them proves favorable and the faceless suits are negotiating contract type stuff. Meanwhile the smaller colonies would be easy to get power over as they are already trying to piggyback off of Siwa Tech and aren’t the most well funded or organized colonists. Some well placed loans and contracting on Hightowers end to bring in construction crews from other worlds to get the startup infrastructure built would go a long way. The suits have calculated it to be a lot less expensive then this kind of startup would normally require since the environment is technically livable even if cold, dramatically reducing the cost of contracting construction teams and making remote construction a lot more plausible instead of assembling prefabs. The unique opportunity is wasted on the smaller colonists as they aren’t terribly financially capable compared to some of the smarter ones who go to much tougher places to get ahold of.

Sethis Tyne

With the removal of some key elements Sophia’s profit margins have gone up and progress is going well. Though there weren’t really any gangs to help turn it into a 2v1 purely cuz the gang she’s up against is very territorial and hasn’t let many others rise up in their territory, as evidenced by how quickly they got into a fight with Sophia and they fact they’re still continuing it despite current losses.

Julius Ayit, who killed some of Sophia’s main rivals in the other gang by outright assassinating both their leader and second in command, has been added to the roster by Kala taking notice of their capability (they’re on your player page and the character roster).

The divinity vaults info doesn’t appear to have been seriously leaked. Vaeri combed through the Solvang report and while thorough enough to hand out for pirates to do a job it doesn’t really have things you couldn’t have figured out by just doing a lot of stakeouts.  Its all stuff you could find out through pure observation if you spent a lot of time observing. The mooks in the division combed through security footage and Vaeri is convinced they had multiple people stake out the locations to be less suspicious. This indicates to her that whoever you’re up against has a lot of raw manpower at their disposal as the information covers several locations across the system, but none of it has info like security codes

Upon checking in on it, Vaeri is a little overworked but her elven nature makes her rather capable of handling it. Though part of her being overworked has to do with her doing things of her own initiative interacting with the other companies, mostly cuz the DM wanted to give her more prevelance in the overall story.

Research into the incoming Dragon’s Reach reveals that the Dragon’s Reach isn’t just a dreadnought, its a flagship for one of the council houses. Report is here.

Nah profits increased to accomodate existing employee’s promotion to the roster.
Black Market profits +4

Luci Serrano

Exme is pulled off of whatever she was investigating to look into the SR-1 Conflict. This pulls her off of whatever strange leads she was looking into regarding the bombings, at least also off the tail that the bigger conspiracy exists. She’s actually pretty useful in the SR-1 reporting since she’s much harder to shoot on accident since she is incorporeal. Her camera guy is not so lucky though.

Though the last she was working on she was investigating within an independent colony on that housed some of the bombers whose identities she confirmed.  Curiously the colony is in Necrosi.

Lusheria is off on tour now, profits of the record label have increased. Meanwhile faceless suit man #4 who suggested expanding into the movie business has hired a more experienced director and is looking into the production of a comedy as he feels in the future of using this new avenue to promote stars as we desire having a studio known for something not super serious is probably the way to go.

Profits are up a little from Lush’s tour getting started but the cost of the movie attempt is definitely draining on that. In the long haul the suits assure that profits will go up in the future more dramatically.

-Keith actually reads these

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The Hasty Update

Cuz people filled stuff in so late I just scrambled it together.

Financial Report Update:

Total profit: -410,000, total balance: 9,760,000

Yenneiros Whitetalon

The SR-1 Alpha conflict has progressing more favorably, with Gheir maintaining most strategical command he’s ended up using some of the munitions they were sent to deal with the orbital cannons closest to their own hideouts and especially their side of the hemisphere. While we don’t have ships, he’s suspicious of them having set those up and thinks the drow are a move ahead of him if he doesn’t deal with those now.

Mineral surveying companies come in three flavors. Alnae, Shetou, and Neutral businesses. Technically none are associated with the governments directly but the company is based in those nationalities. Alnae has access to the cheapest active options allowing you to hire survey teams to comb a planet or area of space at 250k per expedition. Shetou’s are more expensive at 400k per expedition, but their familiarity with the underdark and tendency to tunnel makes them much more thorough if you can trust them to actually hand over the data of the best finds to only you. Neutral colonies also offer their services and come in somewhere in the middle despite having less advanced tech then either one, so while the worst buy for active surveying they are at least neutral. However, they also offer a different service entirely, they’ve already surveyed more then they can use as a small neutral colony and sell the data of places they’ve already scanned. For example, they have a survey claim offered at 1.5 million, but its not a sweep of an area its an already found mineral deposit of value. You’d be buying the coordinates instead of the service of seeing if an area has anything. Due to this business model you can buy finds in asteroid belts, or on a planet. Though you pick by plane not planet given they don’t necessarily have anything on every possible planet. In Summary: Alnae is cheap and efficient, Shetou is expensive but extremely effective, Neutral options are already found claims or just companies who will survey the things you want without really being involved with the empires.

MADHAMMER profits +4


Mordekai Aberhoff

On the cult front Kala found a potentially interesting recruit. While not a psionic himself, his abilities give him a lot of potential if you want to tangle with some really really shady stuff.

Your vacation leads you to a resort where other CEO’s seem to be lurking about. It doesn’t take long before you figure out you should get some extra bodyguards because this a meeting of Shetou business people, you are currently at risk of being assassinated if you don’t play your cards well. It appears shetou business people like to gather at gambling establishments, a game akin to poker is basically the shetou intellectual’s game of choice. They take it way too seriously at this resort, you’re down a few thousand so far. But solid schmoozing going on.

Cult recruitment is trickling but slow so far as they try to find people that can be suckered into it. Though its population has gone up a tick.

Edric Vandross

You’re a bank, you already have real estate. Granted the method you acquired it is sometimes by ruining the lives of poor people. Though your suits have started putting a bit more effort into the housing market, particularly where its cheapest: colonies. This sort of puts your hightower industries plan for colonies and bankrolling by divinity in the business of basically co-founding colonies.

As Ikeshia’s findings warned, several bank branches suddenly got hit by pirates, very violent ones almost all associated with Solvang. While several of the major branches were protected thanks to the Nah division, they weren’t everywhere and some pirates went for smaller prey.

You manage to acquire Jezhraema, while she’s technically a slave and you can detonate her at will she still costs 20k per update due to basic “staying alive” functions. She’s in a state of confusion as to why anyone would buy her and is currently just sitting at an undisclosed location awaiting briefing. Kala advises that if you don’t want her to know you personally you could request Vaeri to come by, as she seems to be doing well with being the gauntlet’s spooky agent.

Every update you mention expanding the business, that is literally all your faceless suits are focused on so you know.

Divinity Vaults profits -6
Hightower profits +2

Sethis Tyne

Vaeri disappears for awhile to figure out more about the SR1 Alpha conflict. She figured out what the orbital cannons are about literally three days before this update. Another house is headed towards SR1 Alpha, and they don’t appear to be backup for the current one. Turns out a notorious shetou dreadnought “Dragon’s Reach” is headed there with its supporting fleet. Its owned by a nomadic house ruled over by a violent icaarnum warlord known for crushing other Shetou houses and being one of Alnae’s greatest enemies as its one of the few Shetou armada’s that rely on brute force over subtle tactics. SR1 Alpha is about to see the appearance of a very hardcore military. She’s working on getting a better profiling of who is coming.

She’s still working on finding out how they found out anything about us int he first place.

The killteams have a large impact on the hits on Divinity Vaults and are largely successful where deployed. Though, one killteam was wiped out when it came up against the Nomads and so a major office was still lost.

Sophia’s operations already prove to be getting violent. Her gang and another are engaged in a turf war filled with drivebys and random attacks. Things are currently not in her favor on the macro scale of the territory despite her personal expertise. However, the deployment of Vaeri as given her time to gain an edge as Vaeri just outright assassinated the rival gang’s top three leaders with a bombing. Though black market profits are still up thanks to plundering her rival’s stuff on her wins she’s collected.

Vaeri is starting to become the gauntlet’s signature spook as she shows up in other peoples lines of work to dramatically alter situations. Kala recommends we might need another one or two at the rate we keep using her all the time. If requested he can start looking for other spooky type people.

Black market profit +3

Luci Serrano

The record label starts finally making progress and releases Lusheria’s first album, as well as some of its more minor new contract acquisitions. Profits aren’t currently that high as they sunk an unreasonable amount of money into bribing radios to play her stuff a little too much and get it stuck into people’s heads by brute force, though history shows this is a good way to forcing popularity.

One of the faceless suits submitted his project for approval to you. Planning to expand further into entertainment using its growing collection of talent and the media company’s already large holdings in the field. Figuring if they could make a halfway decent movie or two they could start controlling who gets famous. Though the issue is it can be difficult to impress moviegoers. But in the long haul, he wants more routes to force Sol Media’s talent down people’s throats.

Meanwhile back at the news media outlet, they find themselves reporting on bombings once again. Exme has sent people to look into these cases trying to find some sort of story, unknowingly perhaps helping the gauntlet’s other motives as she seems to be pursuing a series of leads none of the other people have found. We don’t know if she’s way off or just somehow brilliant.

The record label intends to send Lusheria on tour opening for someone else soon which will keep her largely in Alnae since she is an elf.

Lusheria now brings in a profit of +5

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Business as Usual

Stories of Lore 1

Yenneiros Whitetalon

In the hunt for cheap mineral rights, Thenica has few opportunities as the planet is well settled. Though asteroid belts and less colonized worlds are up for grabs for anyone with the general manpower to make a claim. Zonaricht in general is hotly contested for new mining colonies since it is the most native plane. Rixa has been known to have the largest deposits of various resources due to the way the plane works with the stable axis rotations of its planets causing large deposits to generally form along areas of specific climate usually along specific latitudes. Vermasih can also have similar effects due to its tendency to produce mono-climate planets but results will usually be less tightly compacted and require more, or mobile, machinery to properly excavate. Either way finding resources in uncolonized areas will require surveying, which may need to be outsourced to a company specialized in it if the equipment isn’t purchased for in-house surveying.

SR1 Alpha’s campaign actually begins to see shots fired by the mercenaries now. As a progress update, they’ve largely stuck to hit-and-run attacks on convoys and smaller encampments. Heavier firepower is going to be needed eventually to deal with the small fleet in orbit as well as shetou’s access to more vehicles suited to the terrain. The campaign is not looking good due to the vehicular advantage the shetou have and anti-vehicle solutions will need to be expanded upon the moon to hope for a clear victory in the long run. However, it is suspicious that shetou’s efforts seem to have slowed in their retaliation to bolster defenses. Particularly they have been setting up surface to orbit weapons, considering the native colonies lack warships and we certainly don’t have any, the mercs think something fishy is afoot.

Meanwhile over-fortifying the temp office base seems to be going well.

Profits increased by 2 for expanded work
Profits increased by 4 to account for sudden appearance of hero card on roster that was already in the company budget prior to their relevance(covers their paycheck they were already getting).

Mordekai Aberhoff

You are now invested in Mhaldaru Foods startup company. It specializes in non-perishable foods most often used by military and colonizing agents, advertising an emphasis on it not tasting terrible. Meaning they use a lot of sugar. They have things reminiscent of pop-tarts though, so that’s fun.

While the speeches do some good to ease the worries of some investors, the heavier investors that bring in the most money are still iffy on the prospect. Some more money is brought in though overall though nothing staggeringly huge.

Research trials into training techniques come into two basic comments from the advisors. Sublety has to contend with one major problem, modern forensics. Most uses of magic leave traces that can sometimes be found by investigators, psionic magic in particular leaves lasting impressions on its victims that can be found by medical examiners. Training agents in sublety requires them to come to an understanding of what the red flags are for someone to get a medical exam for such traces, such as not making extremely overt uses of psionics to make people do things clearly abnormal for them to do. Resistance to outside influence comes from pure practice, since psionics utilize the same basic principles for defensive and offensive uses the more powerful the psion the better their resistance will be. Making psionic agents with these factors in mind hits a bit of a snag. Generally the most knowledgeable and stronger psionics are those with higher education from accredited institutions and usually look to work in technology related fields. They would make useful agents, but are difficult to  recruit into a cult type of thing as they have a lot of job prospects and given how mentally focused trained psionics are they tend to be fairly sharp individuals. Easier to recruit are those who are just slightly unstable and they are powerful enough to resist psionic manipulations, but are more vulnerable to straight up verbal manipulation. So you have to weigh the risks of bringing in someone clever enough to notice maybe they should tip off the police but is better at the job, with people who are a little peculiar and would have a harder time alerting authority but are also just a little bit crazy. Any perfect candidates will probably show up as hero units from Kala though due to the rarity.

The particular benefits of meeting with colonial minded investors for filters is more so getting an idea of where ships and colonies might actually be going. While there is a lot of obvious involvement going on around the colonies on SR1 Alpha, SR2 Alpha is also seeing a lot of Shetou traffic right now. Less noticed by the public though, SV2 is seeing a huge push in colonization efforts by multiple Shetou houses. While a smaller series of neutral colonies can be found there, shetou is basically muscling them out of the way.

Profits increased by 2 for investments in pharmaceuticals
Profits increased by 2 for filter contracts to colonial efforts

Edric Vandross

The DM comments on you banking money…as a bank.

The Raiders’ association with Divinity Vaults is not known even to the raiders, though Ikeshia had the foresight to send home the entire job board Solvang had to the directors as something in it might be useful. Since she was in the neighborhood picking up her Solvang membership as it were. The Nah division found it to be indeed quite useful while combing through it. There is a posting with information for sale that details information on Divinity Vaults locations, security systems, and general company protocols. We don’t know how in depth it is without buying it, but we may have found who our bombers are targeting next.

In regards to the Raven rundown: See Serri’s section for Exme’s report.

Despite how much of a pain in the ass most things are to get done around here, inquiry into Jezraema proves pretty easy as they just name a price and call it a day. At 2 million she’s actually pretty cheap for someone who is combat trained, her half-breed status definitely didn’t help her estimated value.

Hightower turns up some interesting trends in colonization efforts. Shetou is pushing into SV2 hard, meanwhile independent colonies have shown an interest in SZ4. While SZ4 is generally a bit too cold of a wasteland for colonization efforts up till now, a tech company has found an interest in it because it already has an existing atmosphere that doesn’t require massive arcane rituals to make liveable. Though the oxygen content could be a little better, its much more manageable then other planets. The cold wasteland could be ideal for the production of anything that produces a lot of excess heat as the planet is basically covered in a layer of ice. In the wake of the tech companies interest, independent colonizers also see an easy opportunity to get started due to the existing breathable atmosphere and the ability to piggyback off the tech company’s interest. Due to the stability of Rixa’s planets, rich folk are taking interest in that plane though holding off on investing in any projects because of Shetou and Alnae’s conflict in the plane. However, rich folk colonizing things is always a prime opportunity for unionizing laborers and left unchecked the entire plane could become Shetou and Alnae colonies. The most ambitious colonization project in the works is by the Desoir clan, who have been building a colossal colonizer fleet that intends to leave the system entirely and travel to another nearby star astronomers have predicted has a liveable world. They’re taking full terraforming equipment just in case though, and for the other planets and moons they might want to get a foothold on.

-500k Subscription cost for the raiders of Abbathor Solvang memberships added.
+1 Profits for Hightower Industries

Sethis Tyne

Hiring Vaeri turns out to be pretty smooth overall. The division’s other managers test her effectiveness by just sending her around on some side gigs early on to see how she does. Starting with making her bribe the officials as your indirect representative. For which she invented a new identity and dressed up like a business woman with a gangster vibe to her in order to meet with politicians and begin building a relationship with those that were a bit shady in case future bribes or influence might be necessary. In the end it was successful, and Sophia is free with a clear record.

Vaeri’s time with the AIC branches proves useful again as she’s good at cross co-ordinating things across the corporation from the shadows of the Nah division and was responsible for assisting Exme with her investigations. Though no one except the Nah division and the directors know her as Vaeri and she uses advanced illusion projectors to create new identities when she meets with anyone outside of the division.

Sophia doesn’t need much urging to get to work within the black market area, though she doesn’t actually know who she works for. She thinks Vaeri’s business gangster identity is a crime boss of some sort. Though she had been side tracked a little building her own team of people she likes. Some company funding disappeared when Sophia bought a bar on Thenica to operate her gang out of, as is the stereotype. Though all things considered that purchase cost the corporation barely anything as its a shady dive bar in downtown and the gauntlet owns franchises. But it is noted she’s run a little wild without much supervision, granted she was hired to be a manager. Though already it looks like she’s stepping into the territory another gang would rather maintain a monopoly within. There has already been two shootings involved, she predicts this is going to escalate quickly.

In processing the systems and security, Vaeri also was responsible for finding out Divinity Vaults has its security details posted in the Solvang world. Something might happen to that place soon, likely thanks to pirates.

Profits increased by 1 for black market operations

Luci Serrano

Exme’s investigations into the Raven as an unwitting journalist turns up a lot when some “assistance” got her actually into the facility to see what they do. As it would turn out their profit comes from selling inmates that have been modified for loyalty and stability using incarnum manipulation. Which is basically some really shady shit. It is also owned by the Desoir clan and used for research on various magical and cybernetic augmentation using the humanoid subjects. Attempting to buy the place from Desoir would prove insanely expensive as individual inmates are worth between five and twenty million, with some going as high as a few hundred million. Its likely purchasing the facility itself would go into the billions.

The record label finds a few other musical prospects as requested though time will tell if any are emerging stars or fringe bands. It still banks a lot of its efforts on Aelynn currently.

Careful observation into the effects of the reporting on SR1 Alpha’s conflict has been noted by marketing. In general the public seems to sympathize with the colonies but the majority of people have little say in economical affairs of that scale, the wealthier show an interest in Shetou gaining control of it. Also after an interview with one of the colonists in the resistance, there were a lot of comments on the attractiveness of a “Cerys Anahi” – one of the guerilla fighters. Editors put more footage of her in future coverage due to viewers interest in her.

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