Mini update since half the players are missing

Mini Stories of Lore 6

Sethis Tyne

Bryan King joins the team.

So far Aryn has been well behaved, Vaeri scares her.

The waiting game for a battleship will go as it has so far as the pirates still aren’t ready to take on a military ship of that size. However, the quest for a stealth ship suddenly became easier. Aryn found 56 of them and their patrol routes in her second week. She wasn’t actually looking for those but her supervisors remembered we had been looking for those before. The biggest one on the list is a battlecruiser owned by Sharen with the smallest coming out as frigates from all kinds of places.

The details of Toxyn have taken awhile to find, like two weeks of update time. Aryn just mass harvested data from the city looking for specific chemical sales that made up Toxyn’s weapons. Eventually being able to find some details out about who they suspect was Toxyn though its hard to completely confirm as the suspect is a chemistry professor at a university who has suddenly gone missing. Its hard to confirm because they have a pretty legitimate reason to own all the stuff Toxyn used, so not quite uncovering the batcave or anything. Harvesting data didn’t really get anywhere interesting there as its pretty clean and its likely all the relevant evidence was on their APT which was eaten by an alien. The trail seemed to have gone cold except for a stroke of good/bad luck when Vaeri investigated the professor’s home and came face to face with a new problem. The place was stripped clean and blown up in attempt to kill the elf agent, apparently unaware that people in Vaeri’s line of work always wear their combat shield. With a bit of assistance from the Raiders of Abbathor it was discovered this had been carried out by the Solvang job board. Unfortunately, hacking into the Solvang job board doesn’t get anywhere as it doesn’t have hidden information on its server end, it literally might as well just be posted paper in a bar. Only Solvang officers who maintain the board would have details of its posting.

The tech wing is expanding with all these investments.

Luci Serrano

Exme was kind of on vacation anyways, she’s still sitting in her room contemplating all the things she has seen and unseen, all that is and was not (insert 18 more of these)

You forgot to set your hiring price for luke, no progress made

Angel is still wrapping up the musical and stuff with Lush as well, so no she hasnt had a tour yet. On the upside the movie will be released after the next financial report as it is just finishing stuff up.

You buy a shipyard

You buy some vampiric boytoy who just stands around looking pretty and doing “things” for you. Other vampire experts suggest the larger the harem the more prestigious the owner.

The raven footage is compiled into a bit more of a neat and orderly show, though remains in the vault as requested, along with the eulogy speeches for celebrities in case they die.

Bike pump project just proves you’re crazy.

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Tech Rush

On break from story writing this week cuz the last one took too much effort.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Business keeps on doing business things. These updates are within a pretty short span of time so financial report is still a bit out.

Checking in on Cerys shows she is fine on the physical front and seems completely normal during mental evaluations unless they ask her to talk about what happened. Then she starts babbling.

Gheir only reports having seen Cerys develop serious ptsd from the battle, the rest while shaken up are more or less fine. Though some stayed in the new empire.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Mhaldaru foods is doing pretty well and are packaging large quantities in preparation for the colonization boom everyone is sure is just around the corner.

Cult numbers are expanding after the publicity of keeping in contact with Exme during the invasion.

Aerovent Filters profits are up as this colonization boom requires filters.

Edric Vandross

Now are you looking for suitors who are useful as conspirators or useful as corporate puppets.

Profits are down while loans and a ton of money is dumped into infrastructure, though obviously this will likely yield greater profit in the future. Unless the dice hate you.

Shipyard is upgraded.

Siwa is all over that plan.

It doesn’t take long to get the new docks busy, though ships take awhile to get built when doing custom builds. The suits feel just mass producing a model in each dock would yield more profit, but there is something to be said for brand identity. Basically do you want to be Ford or Ferrari. On the upside to doing customs with just the two docks is you can appeal to hipsters since you physically can’t flood the market with your designs.

Attempts to offer to build stuff for Alnae looks most promising so far, Valdir seems uninterested. It has come to your attention they are being heavily courted by both Desoir and Sharen. Though they’re not having much luck either.


Sethis Tyne

Vanjin seems to have escaped unscathed from the horrors of war and doesn’t have the PTSD so many others have acquired. Also parasite free. Setting her back into the public as a bounty hunter seems easy enough for her now that she’s famous.

Input X money to get X Selona upgrades. Whatever number you’re thinking, add another zero or two. Their pistols cost 3500, but can punch through a police dropship. Keep in mind their infantry weapons do not work well for weaker races, in general elves break their wrists firing these things. Not so great for stealth to carry a bipod mounted heavy gun.

Investigative reports on Indal find that its highly unlikely he’s tied to your enemies. He’s literally been traveling the Abyss and Void for the last fifteen years challenging every big thing with teeth he found to a frank exchange of ideas. His few excursions back into the middle planes consist of supply runs. He ditched out of school, stole a firefighter’s axe, and disappeared into the lower planes when he was 16 and then we didn’t see much of him anymore until just recently. That’s about as far as the intel team looked into it unless you want to deep dig a teenagers life. The more interesting surface sweep was on his right hand man Kenin, a former special ops commander for a now-fallen Shetou house.

Battleship level stealth enchantments cost 10-15 million per unit. Largely due to the spectrum of things they have to protect from. Very rarely are ships identified in space via a telescope. The asteroid plan would depend on the size of the asteroid, just use battleships as your scale reference for now.

On the Kala headhunt requests:
Bryan King
Aryn Saphine

Luci Serrano

Your best people manage to figure out what is going on with Exme, and all other people suffering from the same condition by interviewing Valdir. Valdir’s people in the hive have figured out its the alien’s magic. Once higher level spells are both seen and focused on, or if something they call a Cosmic Entity is seen, it unlocks the understanding necessary for sol humanoids to use it. The problem is it is a bit overwhelming. Therapy doesn’t really help, though they say it’ll go away in a couple months if they aren’t exposed again. Though learning to actually use it would currently require studying with Valdir as no one else has the alien to teach them.

Boyfriend or boytoy? Conspirator or maintains-my-identity-as-not-illuminati?

The excess funds put into mining is yielding results as the asteroid miners are expanding.

Also yes you can buy a shipyard too if you want. Though you’ll want frigates for news crews not corvettes. See chat where mezzy posted dock costs and either use those to expand his existing one or add an extra 25 million to get the raw station the docks will be attached to built for the workers to use.

Elves specifically enjoy food that doesn’t make them overweight, so that doesn’t work too well. They’re very health-conscious because they live for centuries, so being overweight for them is much more dramatic of a health issue then it is for a human. That and they develop muscle with more difficulty then other races and have a harder time lugging fat around.

I’m just gonna wrap a whole bunch of that as “invest in Sol Media” more.

Musical still in production.

Non-photogenic secret investigations man

In interesting news tidbits, no one is really talking about the Raven suddenly releasing dozens of high powered serial killers who are now suddenly decorated military officers of Valdir because only Exme really ever reported on that place and the footage was never really released. With everything that is going on no one seems to notice the famous mass murderer who wrecked a city block with ice magic has become a member of Valdir’s inner circle either. Since you still have the footage from Exme’s expose, that’s something to consider what to do with.


Things going on in other places:

Due to Selona’s personal attendance at the invasion, the crime syndicate is in the news even more. He has consequentially reached a strange equilibrium with Alnae for the time being, partially because of public opinion but mostly because they don’t want to pick a fight with the guy Exme had footage of driving a tank out of the alien mothership. He’s a bit too crazy. Though this has also caused shifts in the criminal world, making Selona even more influential and powerful then before.

Due to the aforementioned shifts in influence, Solvang is being particularly cautious of the Selona gang. With Selona’s recruitment numbers increasing so is their criminal activity, and sales for weapons that can hurt aliens. Solvang has been discreetly facilitating the business of Siwa to compete with Selona’s arms market for this alien scare to try and keep Selona in check.

Alnae is in a bit of a sticky situation as they just lost their most important planet, and instead of it being retaken it was turned into a new Empire that still has the alien that took it in the first place. They’ve been investing heavily in colonization efforts with the hopes of re-establishing their power before the gap between them and Shetou gets too big.

On the other hand Shetou is enjoying higher approval ratings since one of their own Val’Hari went along with the Song Clan. This has resulted in an influx of immigration from both Alnae and independent colonies by people who plan to join the colonization boom in the future. They have faith that Shetou is the stronger government for colonization efforts, while Valdir is the one in possession of the key to unlocking this push these immigrants aren’t exactly gung-ho to live next to alien xenomorphs on a day to day basis. That and the anti-valdir coverage by Sol Media isn’t hurting them.

The new Valdir Empire is rebuilding SR3 to their needs, a slow process but now the aliens aren’t in harvest mode. They’ve been replanting the forests so that they’ll have access to a constant stream of organic matter as it grows naturally on the planet, also to satisfy the desires of their more humanoid residents however few that may be right now. A lot of powerful factions are trying to negotiate and make deals with the new empire, but this is proving a slow process because its led by someone who really doesn’t seem to care that he runs an empire now.

Desoir in particular is making the biggest moves right now. Even before this they were building a really big ship, now it has a purpose they want to be ready for and so they have poured resources into accelerating its construction. Inevitably, they will be the first to construct a Sol Mothership. The planned 350 kilometer long ultra carrier plans to be renting out space to other colony groups to ferry them out to the next star.

Though to rival that in the publicized “lets build a big fucking thing” is the Sharen attempt to build Song Clan’s new flagship. While it was big news just for the fact that they were doing it, they made a lot of announcements to show off that they were doing it. Ship enthusiasts however have noted what Sharen is really showing off, they are building that thing fast. Their advanced shipyards are more powerful then any other in the system, they estimate they’ll have it done within a year. This is helping to inspire people that Shetou is the way to go for the future of colonization, and showing off that they can recover from their losses quickly to put pressure on Alnae’s losses.

And finally in the big fucking thing category, Valdir’s mothership is capable of moving again. It is still grounded but its tentacles are waggling. As a roundup, Valdir and Desoir are going to have gigantic ships, Shetou and Alnae will have fleets of smaller (though still large) one’s. Though all of this still hinges on a technology that has still not been discovered yet.


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The Invasion Part 2

The Thousand Legends Part 2 <- update info comes after story


With the defeat of the alien swarm a new empire would rise to power by subjugating that alien. Led by the new emperor Indal, while its still a bit small to compare to the other two empires the resources it gained access to could prove capable of rapid expansion. Before the end of the event though, the data collected by the scientists seeking to defeat the alien had been distributed as they didn’t know they would be turning it into their new weapon. This has started an arms race within the other empires to develop technology for combating those aliens with the information they have on it.

Atop of this the alien’s themselves have become the subject of study for many people across the system. Most importantly are those trying to research what magic may have been used by them but little results have been made on that field by any other then Valdir due to lack of access to it.

Several people of power from around the system have been trying to arrange deals with Valdir for various purposes of research as well, results on that are ongoing. Though it is known to you directors that Siwa Technologies has been constructing weapons that are great at killing the aliens to sell to the scared masses. Other then that we haven’t gotten word from the little birds on what the others are trying to research or produce.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

During the battle some shit went down. In the aftermath Cerys Anahi has become plagued by strange PTSD episodes where she will suddenly zone out and start mumbling to herself about nonsense and walking around looking for dark spaces to hide in. Gheir has noticed if he just turns off the lights to whatever room she is in she’ll stop moving entirely and just stand there staring into the darkness for hours at a time. He’s come to the general conclusion that she’s no longer fit for employment as a mercenary but hasn’t told the suits about the situation yet. We only know because the directors have eyes everywhere.

Mordekai Aberhoff

The cults attempt to stay in contact with Exme has definitely helped to legitimize their presence as a bunch of psionic people in the public eye. During the invasion this played a critical role in keeping coverage on the event. Thanks to the cult’s work, recordings were able to be made of the battle as it transpired. This led to some mass panic within the system as those aliens were scary but also publicized the heroes work. Combined with recent media promoting discontent with the current status quo, this resulted in a lot of people picking up their stuff and heading out to SR3 to join the new empire during its fledgling and new phase in search of a new kind of life. Making the very sudden rise in power for the new empire partially ya’lls fault.

Though one member of the cult, one of the circle leaders, has started exhibiting strange behavior and likes to hide in dark places. Often inviting his whole circle to do so with him which has started to spread this symptom of potential truma to all members of his circle. It appears by being in constant contact with Exme during the events, they inherited some of the ptsd several veterans of the battle are suffering from.

Edric Vandross

Stocks for Hightower have gone up. With the recent interest in settler life thanks to some media, there is currently an arms race to stock up on colonization gear and ships. Good thing you got that shipyard, but as it is only so large you’ll have to decide whether to start producing colony ships or keep shadow refitting the pirate captures, or dropping a ton of money into the shipyard to rapid upgrade it.

While there aren’t many immediate targets of interest for colonization, aliens prove there is something out there. Now we have not only the concrete proof of that, but we have the living alien itself sitting in the system under the control of a group of people. Even if they aren’t co-operative in sharing its secrets, history proves that this is the beginning of inevitable progress towards new technology one way or another. Some longer lived races and factions are preparing for the day we travel to new stars.

Sethis Tyne

With the absence, and now death, of Toxyn the attempt to entrench for her return proves unnecessary as Jhaeros has since disappeared as well. Though Vaeri suspects he’ll be back once he finds that Vanjin came home.

Vanjin’s return has left her a bit tired out. She’s just been lazing around the base on the couch for the most part if she’s not sleeping on her ship.

The suits have a potential problem with Vanjin though, she’s famous now. Thanks to the Cult of Lucidity there is footage of her being pretty badass floating around the net. This could prove a valuable asset as now she is well known but also a potential detriment to stealth if improperly applied. As a half elf-troll she is almost immediately recognizable to the general public. In general a face mask would do well to hide her identity, but you may have other creative applications to her available fame.

Luci Serrano

As a long term witness to the destruction of SR3, Exme Faythe has become unstable in the way that only a shade does. She has stopped doing her job entirely, she has also stopped answering calls or coming in to the office. The nah division kept tabs on her as well as the cult of lucidity, she’s just been in her home with the lights out for days doing what appears to be nothing.

The attempt to hire people to rescue Exme proves a bit moot as she made her way back home on her own, albeit see above bits.

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The mini update

Invasion part 2 is taking a bit to work on, and soome people were a bit late throwing things into the spreadsheet. This week requires your actions to be posted before monday or keep them minor as part 2 involves 30+ pages of stuff (so far). As it turns out arcanist takes a lot more effort to update then ascension, and ascension already took a lot. Though if you’re gonna forget to post anything, this is the week to do so as a lot is going on anyways.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

It actually proves pretty easy to find work right about now as a lot of rich people are concerned about their assets right now, there’s more work then you have personnel available to cover. Given the current panic not only about the alien but about the potential collapse of empires and all. Profits are up +15. The suits have been favoring contracts in raw resources like with SR1 since alien attacks and the potential collapse of governments means all currencies are in danger of “market changes”.

People are pretty sure Gheir is going to have the highest alien kill count by default since he already left to deploy with a platoon at them as opposed to taking security contracts where they may or may not show up. And since there are more jobs then can be handled, resources are too thin to send other squads at aliens.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Eventually a few psions who have known Exme show up for trying to contact her. Contacting her proves a somewhat sketchy thing overall though as she’s in the middle of an ongoing alien invasion and has a hard time focusing, but contact is achieved! She’s still on SR3 and didn’t evacuate, her nature as a shade left her too curious to leave with everyone else and she’s relatively difficult for them to eat so she’s been getting by.

Mhaldaru foods helps out with the refugee situation and stock value goes up a bit over the course of it due to the value of the brand name.

Edric Vandross

Raiders manage to steal some easy stuff and a few refugees disappear over the course of evacuation efforts of SR3’s moons. Conveniently this doesn’t leave much of a trail since people just assume the evacuated folk died on the planet.

Obviously the Setani based transfer will take a bit to do much with since she is away on alien business.

Sethis Tyne

Drug empire is doing fairly well, not because of grief stricken relatives or anything but because its the end of the damned world. So people opt for drugging out like elders with nothing to worry about shortening their lifespan.

Orders have been deployed for Vanjin (and Setani from mezzy) to try and get that toxyn bitch while on the mission.

Luci Serrano

I’m 90% sure you put that party in super late because the last time i worked on the last update your final words were “sparkle”. Though the party goes fine enough, it doesn’t quite reach the expected turnout due to the ongoing alien crisis and Exme is still on SR3.

You acquire some web news resources.

Meanwhile the mining facilities are almost operational and minor mining has begun.

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The Invasion part 1

SR3 has fallen to the alien completely, all ships in orbit were destroyed. Space stations became high speed space debris circling the planet and its moons have seen smaller clusters of aliens spread across their surface. It consumes and destroys everything it comes across. Alnae cannot figure out how to kill the swarms thanks to every failed excursion being unable to report back before disappearing. All attempts to communicate with it have failed and interplanetary missiles have been launched. Because all communication has been cut off with the destruction of every relay around the planet and the alien’s own ability to mess with scrying, they have no idea if the missiles have even done anything at all. Desoir has pressured Shetou into at least sending barrages of interplanetary warheads toward the planet as well. Jaal’Darya has been paid off to launch every conceivable biological and chemical weapon they can at the place but still no scouts have managed to get a visual or even a scan and report back.

After four weeks, efforts have begun focusing on defense in case it moves to the next planet, Rixa-Thenica is the nearest one to SR3. Alnae, Shetou, Desoir, and Madhammer have started stepping up recruitment to build massive armies to prepare to deal with the situation. The political situation has become tense, with the loss of SR3 Alnae has been dealt a crippling blow since SR3 was acting as their new capital and had the bulk of their military forces. Shetou’s Sharen fleet is now hovering around Rixa-Thenica with claims to help repel the alien invasion but they aren’t moving towards SR3, just staying around Thenica. Alnae is trapped between two enemies, if they send all their remaining forces to fight at SR3 then Shetou’s forces will have an opening to end the Alnae Empire’s existence and strike at Thenica itself, if they even choose to wait for that opening.

Shetou has concerned itself with the preparation of its forces for the defense of Zonaricht-Thenica in case it hops planes and hits the capital of humanoids, that or the assault of Alnae on Thenica. They don’t seem to want to charge in to SR3 to confront the mothership, even if Laesaaria Val’hari argues that they should the other house leaders refuse to do so except for House Song and House Sarghess. Though Song has mysteriously chosen not to go charging into it immediately and Sarghess won’t go alone. It seems that the alien has created an opening for the centuries of war between empires to end very suddenly and because of this both are somewhat frozen in place and while they are visibly readying for war with the alien neither are making a further move besides long range missiles.

Oddyssey 1 part 1

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Madhammer has begun to increase its recruitment efforts. However, Colonel Gheir and his platoon were approached by an unknown female demon. Afterward, Gheir stopped paying attention to sorting out new recruits. He picked up Baudelaire, Anahi, and several literal tons of military supplies, the most elite members of Madhammer, and flew off to SR2 leaving a note. They’d gotten a gig to deal with the alien. He didn’t stick around to see if his bosses would approve or not, but at least he was nice enough to leave a note explaining he was going to head out to a strike team that was launching in four days instead of waiting for the turtle strategy. The rookie who last saw him reported he left aboard the Dragon’s Reach in good spirits, saying that there was no time for preparation and paperwork anymore. The business suits note he really should have talked to some superiors before going, but he did take a lot of Madhammer stuff with him that has the logos painted on. Instead of trying to reprimand the merc, the suits have decided these are dire times and instead they would prepare a PR campaign around Gheir as if to say “hey we did something” to improve the company’s value to make up for the potential loss of all that equipment.

The battlefort division has been prepped for deployment, and then abducted by Gheir and Song clan out of seemingly nowhere. Technical deployment achieved. Suits aren’t really happy with the sudden absconding with the company’s newest assets along with a lot of their old expensive ones, though William Roberts is savvy enough to lead the corporate board through maximizing what they can off the situation instead of trying to recover. Generally when hotheaded mercs go rogue like that there isn’t much a guy in a suit can do to tell them to turn around, so instead Roberts focuses on getting the most positive spin possible out of the situation.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Nib assures you all of his systems are designed to meet all safety regulations for the employees. And the big one aren’t even turned on until after hours anyways so what is there to worry about?

The app is rated decently but fails to draw a lot of traffic due to the premise not being spectacularly appealing. Its a bit too messagey and competes with a flood of similar apps from around the system that are just cute and cartoony, much easier to draw the eye to when the game design itself isn’t all that stand-out. Its only slightly below average in popularity but average is not so great at drawing in tons of people.

Spokesperson of the cult isn’t too hard, you just pick one at random who matches the profile. All cult circle leaders are charismatic in their own way as they are able to recruit people to a weird hippy cult in the first place. Zex Rirug.

Mhaldaru foods’ own CEO has started focusing on providing food to relief efforts for the flood of refugees from SR3. The suits in back are looking into said famous master chef and better machinery though the machines weren’t exactly sub-par to begin with.

Freer is a weird word. Anyways yeah they start working on that.


Edric Vandross

About 75% the personnel on SR3 made it to a ship and got their way to SR1, the other 25% were closer to the alien and were never heard from. Judging by the survivors witness testimony, they’re probably dead.

SV3’s space station is easily invested in, given the current duress of the alien invasion money to keep building isn’t really questioned all that much. With the stated goals delivered by Fred, they’re ready to roll even if far away from the crisis they suspect it will grow and SV3 will have its share of refugees. The following weeks in which SR3 would be completely consumed focus would shift due to the moons not being as pressured and more people evacuating from there.

The Raiders have suddenly gone AWOL. Ikesha, Gellix, and Jezraema are left sitting on the Nothic while Halaestra and Setani suddenly disappeared with Ikesha’s smaller frigate. She reported the disappearance of the two heavy hitters, but she was unceremoniously punched into a wall when they absconded together with the frigate leaving most of the crew behind on the Nothic. It was hard to stop those two in particular and they took the ship very quickly. Suffice to say the hunt for the stealth ship is a bit hampered.

Yes Sharen can outfit a ship cheaper then build a new one. Though they are drow experts in ships, there is the ever present paranoia that Sharen would be able to still track the ship after outfitting it. But their shipyards for all intents and purposes will happily take your money to fix up a ship with stealth tech.

Selona proves hard to contact these past few weeks. Even Sophia doesn’t know whats going on over there. The alien attack hit Alnae’s biggest project, which means it was also Selona’s biggest project. They seem to be dealing with problems on that front.

Sethis Tyne

Vanjin left a note saying they went to go fight aliens after some old guy contacted her. On the upside the Toxyn problem has stopped being a problem in the meantime. It seems Toxyn has lost interest in you with the recent alien arrival. Vaeri thinks whatever just recruited Vanjin just recruited Toxyn as well.

Luci Serrano

Fortunately Sol Media has footage of the alien arrival thanks to Exme being able to survive its landing. Unfortunately contact with her was cut off when all the satellites and relays were destroyed that cut off contact for everyone else. The last she was heard from, Exme was watching the alien patterns up close since they have a hard time hurting her. This proves useful though as Sol Media has the last footage to leave the planet and Exme sent the most up-close shots. The flip side of this is that footage is horrifying and incites panic.

The studio starts working on a settlier life series, though it’ll be a bit before it comes out with its first season.

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What’s everyone up to?

Financial Report is in.

(current)20,552,000 + (Income)11,860,000 – (upkeep)9,800,000 + (transactions)27,930,000 = (New Balance) 50,542,000

Stories of Lore 5

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Cerys Anahi has undergone full military training to compliment her armed resistance experience and now works as a corporal for madhammer within Gheir’s Regiment. +1/+2 to base stats from training.

William Roberts continues to work on securing contracts for Madhammer to increase profits overall. Not that much to write about as no one cares about the fine art of contracting and schmoozing.

Gheir recently trained with the Raiders of Abbathor to help them figure out how to take ships. Since then he’s been lurking around headquarters waiting for the next big gig as his regiment tends to just break apart and do small jobs until his command position is required. That and he makes enough to just take it easy until then.

Metal finish being sold off from the SR1 payment. +46,000,000

William Roberts seals some deals. +3 profit.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Faye is still working as security around the factories.

Nib continues to build dangerously experimental defense systems and seems to try a little too hard to make them undetectable, as if he were trying to entice people to try and rob the place so he can see if they work as desired.

Ragas is going to college.

App finished development and launches on store.

Psionic tech progress +2

Aerovent Filters profits +2
Expansive Psionics profits +6

Edric Vandross

Fred is continually working on schmoozing around Alnae and the SZ4  colony project to get in closer to the project on the ground level. Though he does all of this over comms because he’d rather not go stand around in a frozen wasteland if he can avoid it.

Gellix is still with the pirates and just kind of hanging out, he’s a basic crewmember and hasn’t really found any way to stand out. Though he still pulls his weight just fine, just remains unremarkable next to the three crazy bitches.

Halaestra continues to plan and direct the Raider’s general missions. Her notoriety is growing faster then Setani’s purely because Halaestra was already a known name and her pandem monstrosity tends to make it really easy to tell a horror story about how you lost your ship to some pirates rather then explaining that some overpowered demon bitch slapped you.

Jezraema still mostly follows around Ikesha with little else to do given that she is still technically property and really doesn’t have much else to go to anyways.

Ikeshia remains the pilot of the secondary ship and is still as quiet as ever. Most of the focus of the crew has been on Halaestra and Setani.

Setani has been an active force in taking ships but she and Halaestra’s positions are somewhat clunky. Though Setani has been declared Admiral, Halaestra is the one who calls most of the shots since she knows what she is doing and has her ship. They don’t get along spectacularly well.

Construction on the asteroid base has begun.

The raiders still haven’t high-rolled into finding a stealth cruiser.

There aren’t many other new ongoing colonization projects other then the raw expansion of the existing ones on the various planes. Suits predicted that the upcoming first contact may lead to interstellar colonization projects, something Desoir has been known to already be looking into and even sent people in stasis towards stars already just on the off chance they don’t beat them there somehow.

Divinity Vaults Profits +4
Hightower Industries profits + 3
Pirates Profit dice +3
Solvang Membership fees increased to 1.3m due to new ship and crew expansion

Sethis Tyne

The “batman trio” has been hanging out together a lot in the pursuit of Toxyn, though that has become more and more complicated as time goes on. Toxyn still uses the same general tactics of randomly appearing and messing stuff up, though pinpointing her locations and methods reveals no particular pattern.

Madhammer doesn’t have much in the ways of new guns for the sniper teams. They aren’t weapon’s producers so much as users. Siwa Technologies and Selona are the major players in the field of fancier guns, with Siwa specializing more towards big mech and vehicle weapons though.

Kala sets up the intel department, consulting with Vaeri for a lot of the infrastructure.

The shipyard isn’t really blackmailable, its a small indie shipyard at the neutral world of SV3. It hasn’t really even had the opportunity to create dirt to dig up, which is why its easy and inexpensive to invest in it in the first place. At best some of the current owners have peculiar vices but SV3 is a world built on that so not much going on there.

In the quest for a fancy stealth cruiser there area few options on the market end. House Sharen produces the best in this regard with no real competition, cruisers capable of cloaking from every possible spectrum and highly mobile. But they cost upwards of 50 million. Selections from less specialized manufacturers fall into the 20 million range and often have a spectrums they aren’t perfectly cloaked against. The most common being a weakness to being found by anyone who can detect Incarnum Essentia from the ranges that space operates in as this is the most difficult thing to hide and obviously if you have people on board then you have it. On the upside, people who can detect that are rare and the only people known to be able to do it work for the Song Clan.

Black Market profits +6

Luci Serrano

Bill Chekov works on the musical project, taking in market data and hiring writers to produce the rough draft of the script and begin casting. The other suits prefer to keep working on the news station angle of things. Bill is now pitching an idea for a running series to air on the same domain as the news station to expand Sol Media into a channel as well. He never stops pitching ideas. His argument is that the big money that draws investors is to invest in a big company rather then a news station. Thus by expanding the amount of crap Sol Media is involved in the larger it gets as a company and also the more windfall it has if something it tries doesn’t go well. Of course this suggestion is a lil out of place given that he’s shotgunning ideas of expansion which could all “not go well”.

Lusheria is involved in the musical and has taken time off touring, though maintains a SolTube channel to keep relevant with her fans.

Exme continues to travel around looking for interesting news stories, as well as assigning the others to various places of interest. She herself is currently at SR3 looking into the general feelings people have about the idea of first contact coming soon.


Alnae viewership ratings and trust in the news is based a lot on government approval of it. Average civilians can’t call the AIC whenever they want but government employees can, so when the mayor says something is true or untrue people tend to be swayed by that since (in their minds) that authority figure likely has access to the AIC.

Approaching the government doesn’t go all that well as to them you’re just another news station. They aren’t exactly hostile to the idea but the secretary is paid to be polite and pleasant. As far as the suits can tell, they aren’t really interested in working directly with a news organization. This likely, again, ties into the AIC’s network.

As for smaller news companies, could always “sponsor” some SolTubers and web blogs though if they’re small enough to acquire they aren’t terribly relevant on the large scale to you yet.

Sol Media Profits +8
Sol Records profits +5
Lusheria Profits +1
Sol Mining expenses -8



Oh and there are aliens now. Happy new year. Update clocks in at 5 minutes after their arrival.

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A new year

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Military Engineer recruit

Profits increased due to shady anti piracy techniques.

Mordkeai Aberhoff

The course is stayed and the DM didn’t roll any strange events for you to deal with.

Mhaldaru’s profits have gone up and thus by technicality yours as an investor

Psionic Tech Progress: 9

Edric Vandross

It’ll cost a couple million in order to put a base on the asteroid but they found a neat one as requested.

Gellix and the combat training reveals that he’s really more suited to land battles. As a gnoll he can move very quickly and track people to some extent, but in the confines of a ship his speed just hits  a wall and all the pressure suits and metal interiors make sniffing things out a bit difficult. He’s not a terrible fighter but he doesn’t particularly excel at the task like Jezraema.

The task of sending the raiders after a ship that would be fitting is ongoing, mainly because the kinds of ship you want for the nah division also happen to be hard to find. Such ships aren’t popping up on the Solvang boards at the moment either so the search continues.

Schmoozing Alnae’s higher class continues to prove difficult as elves are little less prone to social manipulation then humans due to their extremely long term planning. Also as Alnae has a government backed bank, DV doesn’t have much to offer in terms of connections.

Raiders are busy looking for that nah ship to steal, not doing so well expanding and prepping for flagship raiding.

Sethis Tyne

Cult members sent to investigate Toxyn. Efforts ongoing as they can’t just find her by blind poking without at least one member making contact with her at least once so they know what they’re looking for other then “person with a mask.”

Can’t really borrow the ships they hijack and also retrofit it, at that point you’d be buying it. Though for now its on their to-do list on ships to look out for as they are still being kept to survey ships and small targets to gain xp  by Vandross.

Psionic mindreader: Richard black is still on the list. Though for the sake of options since no one seems to want that hot mess, here is another.

Luci Serrano

The initial premieres for the comedy movie are finally live. Audience reception is lukewarm but from a business perspective any profit is better then lose money at the least. And despite its lukewarm attempt it didn’t nose dive off a cliff so production on future projects can begin. With this wrapping up casting has begun for a musical which will feature Lusheria given her tour wrapped up anyways and she’s getting some popularity these days.

The mining start up is still under the phase of construction after arriving at the asteroid plot as the infrastructure to mine in space takes a bit of setup. Expect lower profits while the startup investment goes in.


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A holiday quickie

Due to holiday spending an additional 5 million has been made for the pool!

Also stories of lore should be in the next update or two once less holiday season shenanigans are going around.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Materials from SR1 are being sold off to buyers on the market. After accounting for the expenses of paying off the mercs total profits add 4,562,000 credits to the gauntlet account. There is still an estimated value of 8,000,000 (rounded) in materials on hand but will take another update or three to finish selling off, particularly due to shipping.

At the moment Song doesn’t have anything for the mercs to do as she’s headed back home to deal with paperwork. So training on battle forts is underway, though this is an expensive project because setting up forts in field can be more expensive then just building a wooden palisade back in the roman days.

Mordekai Aberhoff

You already set up filter deals and profits went up during your vacation, so reviewing those you met during it proves to be a little redundant.

People are working on the app thing, though expect two/three financial updates before its development is complete and can go live.

Psionic tech progress: 6 (This number will make more sense later, for now just writing it to track the progress).

Edric Vandross

Kala found you some ship wiper dude.

Christmas cheer abounds as the raiders manage to capture a basic survey ship to get sold off to Serrano, the cost of buying this off them on Serrano’s end was taken out of christmas profits already for easy paperwork.

Shipyard expansion on SV3 could be expensive as the place is currently mostly used to service frigates, adding larger docks would take a lot of material. Hightower projects a cost of about 16,000,000 between supplies and labor over the course of three to four financial updates. While the SV3 shipyards, owned by Star Horizons, aren’t doing too bad on their own it isn’t a major location for larger ships due to the economy of the planet below focusing on a more tourist focus then large shipments of goods. As such Star Horizons aren’t as interested in the particular cost of the upgrades which means it’d take an investment from DV to really see that happen. The result would be a 30% control over the company’s shipyard and they will at least be interested in the hiring of additional personnel to cover the ongoing cost of the expansion.

Gellix isn’t really useful at surveying space for places to build a secret base, he could probly find a planet surface to hide on but has little experience with asteroids. Setani suggests a mobile base and just hijacking a huge carrier, but most of her suggestions lately involve “lets get a giant ship”. On the upside, this doesn’t take much expertise if you want a big random chunk of space in the middle of nowhere. Space is big, just pick a direction and go until you hit an asteroid.

The quest for a middle man continues. Kala suggests just having Sophia do this, one less middle man means the profits stay better and it would help her expand her operations. She’s not exactly in Shetou but Tyne is trying to make her expand to other places and the slave trade can be pretty black market at times.


Sethis Tyne

Johnson didn’t reply on the psionic cult cell thing.

The Toxyn thing will be in the upcoming stories of lore after the holiday “lazy gm” season. For now rest assured its a general pain in the ass.

The improvements in secret efforts probably paid off given that Toxyn clearly knows who the division is. The nah division manages to be a conspiracy hidden from the general public and major governments, though the bomber group definitely still knows it exists. Hence Toxyn has been such a pain in the ass.

Luci Serrano

The neutral survey location actually leads to an asteroid belt on the Rixa plane in the middle of goddamned nowhere, approximately between SR1 and SR2 in terms of orbital space, receives a lot of sunlight. Good for solar panels.

SV4 is being surveyed by Shetou as requested. Progress updates to come.

The slaves and ships thing is getting underway, a survey ship was acquired recently by the pirates though the slave part is still being worked on. Generally you don’t have a crew of slaves crew their own stolen ship, its a bad mix for forced labor.

Sol News hires a new caster who is obviously boosting ratings because they’re pretty.

The comedy movie attempt is wrapping up post production and should be airing soon. The suggestion for musicals proves to baffle the suits but they’re looking into what they can do with that. On the upside Sol media’s talent can be brought into it.

Kala is still working on that hero request as thats a bit of a bizarre one and the GM’s art library didn’t have anything spectacular in that field.

(Totally not) Sol Gaming startup is underway though its currently just a small indie team since there hasn’t been a huge investment in it.


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Random words

Yenneiros Whitetalon

The war on SR1 finally came to a close when Song Clan and the mercs took enough of the orbitals to allow the Dragon’s reach to open fire on the other fleet. Though instead of a naval slugfest the other house retreated back into space before engaging with Song Clan’s fleet as that was suicidal. Gheir has recruited Cerys Anahi to Madhammer before setting off back to HQ and then off to SV3 to train with the Raiders of Abbathor.

As predicted by the suits, profits dropped like a rock soon as it had to pay out all the mercs for completing the job (expect a rougher then normal financial report). Though on the upside it was still an overall profit from the contract with SR1 colonists that netted the gain of an awful lot of raw material. Technically it hasn’t turned a profit yet as the suits are just sitting on the materials waiting for an order on what to do with it all. Sell it or find some other purpose for the stuff.


Mordekai Aberhoff

Ragas Durz was hired remotely through an agent so she doesn’t have an idea who you are or what company she really works for and is now attending college on your dime. The Cosmic Force of All Things recommends you ensure her contact for orders is a psionic of some power so she doesn’t figure out whats going on by reading their mind. That or enlisting the Nah division to keep her wary of her true employers.

In minor news, there was a brief police investigation at one of the Alnae factories for the pharmaceuticals company when a break in attempt resulted in a few people being killed by Nib Okzunas’ latest security invention being a little bit more powerful then intended. While no serious recourse has been taken against Nib or Expansive Psionics, it was funny. Also expansive psionics sales have increased for +6 profits.

The cult manages to increase its profits by +2 now that its selling knick knacks and doo dads which help its various cult leaders keep up their operations with a little less money from you to keep maintaining itself.

Despite the selling of gimmick items Vajor still seems to be keeping an eye on the ongoing activities of the cult on Luna. Most notably Alnae psionics have been seen keeping an eye on things around the city.

Edric Vandross

The Raiders are off near SV3 doing training stuff with Madhammer. Despite Setani’s appointment to Admiral her ideas of what to do next keep conflicting with Halaestra and Ikesha winds up as mediator.

Investing in shipyards isn’t too hard but finding one for peculiar use of refitting stolen ships is the tricky part as most tend to operate alongside major governments due to those being the main buyers for big ships, with the exception of those who specialize in frigates that civilians often buy. Since the suits don’t necessarily know your actual plans involving them the ones they recommend don’t really fit the purposes you might be particularly interested in. The most notable of shipyards in the system belong to Alnae or Sharen but they aren’t exactly looking for investors at this point. Among the startups however, SV3 stands out as it has small facilities the independent colonists like to use primarily for repair and maintenance as opposed to construction due to their smaller budget. But given this planet’s history they are keen to try and make more stuff to sell on the trade based world.

In regards to erasing ship ID’s: Solvang can do it pretty cheap. However, doing it without their help proves insanely difficult and even shipyards have a hard time doing it as the enchantments that make up an ID are similar to the APT tattoos (and the arcanist world made defense easier then offense, which extends to hacking). So it’ll take awhile and maybe an expert (like Nib or something) to get your own shipyards doing that, but Solvang can do it cheap until then.

I’m assuming you meant SZ4 everytime you said SV3. SZ4 is the ice world Siwa is colonizing, SV3 is the barren rock that has become a trade based economy. Some of the potential major players there are obviously the project manager for Siwa who is fairly elusive and spends most of their time within the Siwa facility, likely because its cold and barren outside. The Alnae officer overseeing construction of the port and maintaining the colonies also stands out as a potential VIP especially as Fred pushes for Alnae’s Sovereignty over the area. Details on these characters are slim though as the bankers aren’t exactly private investigators and can only detail financial information which has been covered before.

Banking investigation so it doesn’t make a wall of text

Sethis Tyne

Vanjin gets indoctrinated into the agency and particularly bases out of V-Thenica at the agent hideout near Sophia since that was who she saved in her last mission, so the agency has deemed that a new agent such as herself should just be kept in the area she already knows as not to expand her knowledge of the operation too quickly.

Vaeri reports in that basically your predecessors killed off a bunch of people who obstructed their general plan. These enemies originated from Alnae though its unclear exactly who was killed to get these people pissed off enough to go rogue from their own empire. The reason it became such a shadowy group is that no one believed them about the conspiracy theory since the corporation that makes up the Gauntlet isn’t exactly the shadiest in appearance so they were just called nutjobs. Toxyn is one of them and definitely one of the more dangerous members.

Julius and Vanjin are struggling on the Toxyn front. Though Vanjin is pretty sure Toxyn knows who the nah division is because they keep knowing where to strike and how to avoid them. Toxyn operates similarly to the division itself and is almost non-existent until they choose to strike. The Nah division is looking through security at what civilians might actually be this masked attacker in secret under Vanjin’s advice, though its not helping to narrow things down too much at the moment.

Luci Serrano

In regards to your mining startup. The first part to get through is pinning down where to mine. You can put all your startup funds into a survey ship (Or consider getting the pirate raiders to steal you some on the cheap if they can)  or contact existing companies to look into some stuff for you.

Mineral surveying companies come in three flavors. Alnae, Shetou, and Neutral businesses. Technically none are associated with the governments directly but the company is based in those nationalities. Alnae has access to the cheapest active options allowing you to hire survey teams to comb a planet or area of space at 250k per expedition. Shetou’s are more expensive at 400k per expedition, but their familiarity with the underdark and tendency to tunnel makes them much more thorough if you can trust them to actually hand over the data of the best finds to only you. Neutral colonies also offer their services and come in somewhere in the middle despite having less advanced tech then either one, so while the worst buy for active surveying they are at least neutral. However, they also offer a different service entirely, they’ve already surveyed more then they can use as a small neutral colony and sell the data of places they’ve already scanned. For example, they have a survey claim offered at 1.5 million, but its not a sweep of an area its an already found mineral deposit of value. You’d be buying the coordinates instead of the service of seeing if an area has anything. Due to this business model you can buy finds in asteroid belts, or on a planet. Though you pick by plane not planet given they don’t necessarily have anything on every possible planet. In Summary: Alnae is cheap and efficient, Shetou is expensive but extremely effective, Neutral options are already found claims or just companies who will survey the things you want without really being involved with the empires.

The slave market is most notable in Shetou (where it isn’t illegal) and labor force slaves are fairly cheap but require careful maintenance. The most cost effective laborers from Shetou are demons who have been enslaved through arcane magic, this may require you to keep an Arcanist on staff to do so (and make sure they’re not big on ethics). As another option the faceless suits note you can buy golem robotics from Alnae factories. Demons come in at roughly 150,000 per demon while robotics run up to 400,000 but there is the consideration of the expense of the demon slavekeepers. So the larger the operation gets the more cost effective robotics start to look even with maintenance costs.

In other news Lush’s tour seems to have concluded around Alnae and some other areas which has done well for her profitability. She’s back in the studio lately with some of the producers working on their next bright idea. Lush’ profits increased +12.

Sol Media Records has also expanded by +4 from its other projects though they aren’t marketing any of them as hard as Lush just yet.

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You dicks and your Thursday night fill ins.

As requested Kala searched around on behalf of Vandross for admiralcy candidates Sam highrolled it into a person who’d be useful to anyone really. Also psionic thrown in as per Johnson’s request, so go check the hiring page.

Stories of Lore 4

Yenneiros Whitetalon

War continues, fill in your sheet the day after instead of the day before dang it.

Mordekai Aberhoff

You too. Kala found some psionic for you in the hiring section. More details on cult activity come when i can work on it over the week.

Edric Vandross

Ikesha went a little rogue in offering Halaestra a job as the Noctis captain and instead made her the seemingly ranking commander of the Raiders entirely.

Meanwhile back on SV3, Alnae seems to have actually shown up beyond transporting Siwa’s stuff. Establishing the major port for travel and seem to be establishing the area as part of their Sovereignty. Experts predict this will accelerate the new colony’s growth but will also attract their most notorious criminal parasites.

+4 bonus profits for filling the thing out quickly. This shows business initiative apparently.

Sethis Tyne

Bad news is Jhaeros was able to close in on his target before enough defenses against him could be prepped. Good news is Vanjin murdered him faster.

Vaeri and Julius get back just after faceless teams leave to go find them in Necrosi. So now a faceless team is looking around lost and confused somewhere out there. Their adventures in Necrosi might have been a story of lore if I hadn’t written so much about Vanjin instead. Long story short, there’s a colony now blown half to pieces and Vaeri is amazed in the sheer number of ways Julius can use explosions to kill things stealthily. From what they gathered, the people your predecessors on the board pissed off are a less so grand conspirators countering your efforts to fulfill their own conspiracy and rather a coalition of people out for revenge over the deaths of people they rather liked. Almost as if in perfect timing, or as if you hit a quest trigger, this lunatic has been giving Sophia and the sniper teams a lot of trouble.

+4 profits, black market going well…and sheet was filled out in a sane amount of time.

Luci Serrano

Added character to your company page. He recommends looking into other non media businesses so you have more to do during updates.

Also +4 profits for filling sheet out quickly, business initiatives.

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