You know who make the best hackers? Those damned whippersnappers, at least the best unemployed ones. Aryn is a 22 year old elf from Alnae, obviously she ages a little slower. She lives at home with her mother and has convinced the woman she is totally attending those classes they paid for even though she just sits on her laptop and hacks her grades. So far the education system hasn't caught her and Kala is pretty sure she has been doing it since middle school since she doesn't know a lot of really basic science stuff. She is typically holed up in her room watching anime and quietly ignoring people while she watches the ground in front of her feet for fear of social contact.

But online she is the notorious cheating h4xx0r faggot known as Bunny56, placing top 1% in multiple online games. Its estimated she must have inseminated hundreds of thousands of people by now with all the teabaggings she dispenses. On the forums anyone who clicked her profile would notice she keeps saying absolutely stupid shit to rile people up, going into conservative forums to say liberal things and liberal forums to say conservative ones. The great flame war of 1585 was her fault. She publishes hacks for online games and keeps doing speed challenges to break anti-piracy DRM against other hackers. She notoriously once hacked an MMO server and wiped literally everyone's character files and then put a virus on it to wipe the backup drives once they were plugged in because a mod banned her for toxic behavior once. Then she hacked into the files, found the mod's real information, stole their credit card and subscribed to beastiality porn with it for them. You can also thank her for that virus that would take over your email to T-Roll everyone with that video of a troll singing a catchy song from 30 years ago.

Despite being so young, she has a talent with computers. Her capabilities with them stem from a very core understanding of psionic programming and arcane enchanting at a very basic level. As a result no matter the operating system or the software she can find some way to mess it up. She's not as good at pinpoint objective hacking as Vaeri who can get a door open mid-mission without much trouble, but give her the internet, some time, and she'll make something happen.