A member of the sahad research team located on Aberhoff's research facility. Asi stands out for making the most progress into the field despite being one of the lowest level researchers on teh project. While most of the research has been conducted carefully and under controlled conditions, the junior researcher who got a bit cocky started poking into sahad a bit more then safety regulations would allow for. Then he saw some shit and became one of those glowy people.

While his boss feels the need to caution people against following Asi's example, Asi is now indespensible to the project since he is their only sahad wielder to achieve the transformative effects. Ever since he started glowing he has been saying some strange things and needs to undergo regular psych evaluations.

Asi has since become something of a lab guinea pig but as the researcher with the deepest insight into the power of sahad as of late he's been slightly promoted to work on various projects. One thing his existence has promptly revealed is that sahad behaves differently in the presence of more sahad, specifically the ongoing experiments exhibit different data when near Asi.