Leader of the Solvang and known mostly as the "Pirate King". Asmodan is a clever man with an arrogant personality. He's very aware that he's the pirate king and has free reign over the vast emptiness of space where finding him borders on being impossible.

He once led a demon founded house in Shetou, though due to the demon's inherit weakness to arcane control the house didn't last long and was picked apart. Ever since then he's enjoyed the pirate life, and keeps a few powerful arcanists on hand to prevent anyone from enslaving him with magic.

As a pirate he's somewhat of a demon rights activist slash terrorist. Often preferring to target operations that utilize the enslavement of demons. He is a sworn enemy of House Vloz'Khress but given their less modern nature its hard to mess with them as they do not rely on space transit as much as he would like.

5/10/2018 - 1590 A.R.

Luke Massih's investigations into him reveal that he is currently busy with the potential threat of war with Selona. While they have enjoyed a tense truce up until now, the meddling of Yasice has somehow gotten Selona to attack one of his stations on their behalf. If he doesn't retaliate it won't do well for his street cred, but Selona is more structured then Solvang and in the event of a war they have much better ability to mobilize forces. Asmodan is feeling out his pirate fleets to see just how many people he can rally against such a threat.

Though for every day he takes to make an official statement, faith in him weakens. It would be enough of a problem if it was just Desoir or the Empires he had to deal with, as they are bigger more legitimate operations. No one expects Asmodan to do much against them directly. Selona however is another criminal entity who could easily threaten Solvang's sovereignty over space piracy. Luke even finds a few rumors of pirates ready to defect to the Selona gang if a war breaks out in favor of a new pirate empire ran by the Selona.