Similar to Julius he's all about the clean urban kill. Emphasizing blending into his environment as a normal person instead of Vaeri's unseen ninja shenanigan. He got into the line of work when he grew up in Shetou space. As a human there weren't the best employment opportunities and drow have a lot of people they'd like dead. Bryan was naturally suited to the business of murder after growing up in the slums and just ran out of fucks to give about anyone other then himself.

Despite being caught his first time on the job, the detective who found him out instead offered him to walk away with his own evidence to kill the detective's boss so said detective would get a promotion. Once all that was sorted out, Bryan got the rare opportunity to learn from his mistakes and grow in his craft.

Kala found him wandering around Tykel buying guns from Selona gangsters.


Slayer - When attacking a studied target with preparation time, increase offense and defense by number. When defending gain half bonus.