A former prison warden who was fired for being a little too good at his job. The government didn't really want to get rid of him but there was a lot of protest over his methods. While using psionics to nudge people's minds towards being more docile is not uncommon among prisons, Ezzvalt was the kind of guy that kept prisoners in line with fear as much as gentle telepathic nudging. He would subject prisoners to brutal mental visions and traumatize them into submission with their deepest fears. There are rumors that if anyone proved too difficult he would devour their brains as illithids are known to enjoy doing.

In truth Kala could track the missing prisoners to the isolation wards, but he's pretty sure Ezzvalt used his psionic abilities to make people believe that he ate them. Ezzvalt's effectiveness was less so in his ability to use psionics to keep people in line but make the fear of his psionics sedate their behavior, thus requiring less effort on his part. The prison he worked for has since hired a new warden who insists Ezzvalt is still around just to take advantage of how scared people are of him.

He isn't a terribly good fighter though, so he needs bodyguards to act as his muscle so no one punches him while he does his psionic thing.