One of Shetous's three Val'Hari, age 700. She's nearing the end of her natural lifespan but modern technology and her magical prowess keeps her looking young but some have noticed she does not move like the young do. Relying often on a floating throne that people can tell is really a wheelchair to make up for her aging body. Keeping to old habits of the drow, she is a very powerful wizard and the fact that she's so old she needs to be hovered around just plays into the trope that old wizards should not be messed with. While Laessaria is also an arcane powerhouse, Helviiryn's in depth knowledge of the art gives her far greater abilities based on precision. Laessaria's grand feat was destroying a cruiser with an explosion. Helviiryn can take down a dreadnought by just disconnecting all the pipes and wires in it. Same practical effect, less mana used.

Her age comes with other benefits, she's well known and liked by the majority. Despite being a drow Val'Hari she's a pretty nice old lady and might even make you cookies. As her life comes to its twilight years she has softened significantly and acts as a voice of reason and wisdom. While many drow see that as a weakness, especially the council houses, Shetou is a big place now and there are more then drow in it. She has majority appeal and even the house matriarchs can't really stab her or there would be riots. The riots could be dealt with but the problem would be getting a new Val'Hari to take her place that was beneficial to them, nothing they pitched would fly with the masses if they knew Helviiryn was murdered. As good as drow are at assassination, its kind of hard to get away with it if you get EVERYONE really invested in investigating a specific murder and all the people who could possibly benefit were the prime suspects from day 1. Because of all this, Helviiryn travels freely within Shetou with a lot less protection then the other two Val'hari. She is old and at this point drow are just waiting out her lifespan.

Politically she isn't really supportive of any particular house and just chastises all of them equally, though one break from the nice old lady character is that she really really hates Alnae. She has been alive a long time and can list off their atrocities for hours. Even if she seems nice, once she gets into the war room she has all kinds of ideas on how to commit genocides.