An entity existing on the Aethernet, while their true identity is unknown their handle of Jicho has left traces where it has gone. Whoever it is, they work with Sarden and formerly Toxyn, they are an advanced hacker focused on collecting information that has been obviously been redistributed to field agents such as Sarden. We didn't really know what causes the majority of these security breaches until the day Aryn left to find Kenin. Then Jicho stopped being so hidden and mass assaulted databases across the system to harvest information in such a brute force manner that we became aware of their existence. Upon looking into it, taunting messages were found hidden in database code left behind by Jicho.

While the Gauntlet still has quite a decent measure of cybersecurity, Jicho's talents clearly rival Aryn's and soon as Aryn wasn't there they showed that fact off. Inevitably Aryn will return to begin a cyber war with Jicho, but the gap caused by her extended absence has given Jicho time to set themself up to prepare for that. Finding Jicho has obviously become a priority for the Nah division.