After a long search Kala finally found a necrocarnate who was a bit more mentally stable then Jhaeros, though that might not be a good thing. The stereotype holds true, necrocarnates are bad people and Kanika is a shining example of that. A background check reveals the deathtoll she has caused with her own hands stretches into the tens of thousands. Despite her appearance of a human, really more of an undamaged zombie, she is a dragon. We've already met a few of those, but Kanika is the rarest kind - a dracolich. She has been alive since the era of the rising and was not on our team, but since she was a dracolich it was pretty damned hard to kill her. So when things settled down she just laid low for awhile after her entire family was murdered by adventurers. She holds a bit of a grudge over the whole thing and extracts her vengeance by causing as much damage as possible. However, hardly anyone has any idea who she is or that the dracolich of the war is still around causing trouble. Ever since society got really big she found more damage could be done by getting humanoids to kill each other for her. Kala isn't entirely sure how much is her fault as she has gotten very good at being an unknown factor, at least up until Nah division and Kala teamed up to find out she exists.

In the modern age, Kanika is hiding among other people as her existence would warrant a nuclear strike if people realized she was still alive and up to no good. So she took up a day job and slowly worked her way up the ranks to expand her influence. The problem is where we found her, Kala was looking into just buying assistance for the training when he came across evidence of what Kanika really was. She is currently the director of the entire Raven facility, and the mad scientist that does all of the rewriting on its convicts. She is also responsible for the runic tattoos on Kaisa that gave her a power boost, and thats how Kala realized what was happening. Her services are flawless and so these rewritten killers are deathly loyal to their purchasers, but that unquestioning loyalty makes them trustworthy. Their advice might not always lead to peace and prosperity. She knew Indal was coming to the facility ahead of his arrival, she let it happen. More super charged killers free to roam the world as far as she was concerned. Now one of her prized super killers is the right hand advisor to an emperor, and that killer thinks Indal is a god. Sounds an awful lot like how things were run before the Era of Rising, oh look at that the Emperor is off on a "crusade" against an alien empire. That totally won't result in catastrophic loss of life.

Though if you are set on taking this opportunity before she disappears again, Kala advises that she is not motivated by money. She wants the dragons to return to power over all others. Like Jhaeros she is immortal if you can't find and destroy her phylactery which could be anywhere in space at this point. He also cautions that he has little to no information on her real personality or how to negotiate with her once its revealed that the sent negotiator knows who she really is. Though, on a hunch, maybe don't send a humanoid. How good is Yenneiros at diplomacy again?