One of Shetous's three Val'Hari. Coming in at just under 500 years old, she is an arcanist of considerable power and knows secrets to the art that no one else seems to. She is known to be capable of destroying cruisers with just her magic alone.

Before her position as Val'Hari she was a member of a minor house as a servant to the nobles. Her appointment to Val'hari was largely thanks to vote of the non-drow houses, which surprised her too. She has proven a very adept leader since her appointment but is often at odds with the other two Val'Hari. The council was convinced to appoint her by House Song at the time, and it is suspected their innate power of incarnum gave them some idea as to why she would be ideal before anyone else had any reason to suspect she would be a good leader let alone queen.

She tends to be very willing to glare down anyone who questions her and has used her mysterious and massive power as demonstration whenever necessary to make sure people remember who she is. In politics she leans towards an extremely progressive stance, favoring houses Linsun, Jaal'darya, and Additri heavily. Often advocating education, unity, and technological advancement.

She has been given one of the most extravagant ships ever made for her personal use to act as a living quarters, a tribute from house Illhar'dro to earn favor. She keeps a secondary home on SV3, specifically in the city that the eastern houses have constructed. Despite being offered tribute manors there, she has instead chosen to have a room built in three different house estates. While the rooms are often comically large and luxurious, they are considered small by Matriarch or Val'Hari standards. But these rooms are located on House Song, Sarghess, and Linsun estates, making her the most well guarded of all the Val'Hari. Her personal ship also tends to travel with Song and Sarghess fleets when she is aboard it.

The great peculiarity of her is that she lives with people less inclined to the old ways of the drow and her bodyguards come from House Song. Generally drow as old as her are a little less interested in the "lesser races" but she seems to greatly prefer them for some unknown reason. Atop of that, she shows great favor to Linsun, Jaal'darya, and Additri but lives with Song and Sarghess primarily despite not supporting them in politics all that often. Though to her credit, its technically a pretty smart choice given that House Song's honor code has a very good track record of not stabbing their leaders in the back or giving way to corruption. Also Incarnum and Zankou can't be disarmed so her guard team is pretty prepared. Her guard team has seen generations come and go since they are shorter lived races and the duty is often passed down the family line. One of her orc guards is the 6th descendent of the original that first served her.