A former, well current, assassin. Though given her current job prospects Kala figures she'd make a fine bodyguard. She's good at keeping secrets and particularly specializes in the two forms of magic that cannot be disarmed, and the best bodyguards are the ones whose tools can't be removed. She is a little bit crazy sometimes but she's at least stable enough to do her job. She is human though so don't expect to keep her around forever but guarding conspiracy members seems like it could be beneficial to have people who don't live forever with what they learn unless they stay on staff for their entire lifespan.

Lara is at the very least efficient, and if you put her in a business suit people wouldn't question what she was doing in any given environment. But he warns prolonged conversation with her might not go well as she is either very quiet or tends to ramble about disturbing things. But she did fit the category of "wily" as was requested.