Finding Julius' replacement was easier then expected, because he just showed up inside of a division hideout on his own. The reason Julius acted mute was an inferiority complex to his own big brother, another assassin. Kala actually looked into this because that was suspicous, it turns out the Ayit family has a few assassins in it. There's also a little sister and an uncle somewhere out there that are just as dangerous as Julius.

The big brother is a less talented at being sneaky but just as good at blowing things up. Leon is more of the "well they're dead aren't they?" kind of assassin similar to Julius. Favoring explosions and big guns that cause enough of a situation that people aren't looking all that hard for whoever just left the scene a little too calmly. Leon in particular is curious as to how his brother died, and is interesting in some good old fashioned revenge. Hence he walked in looking for information from us.

This makes Vaeri nervous though, Leon wants to go after people she was avoiding going after. But Leon also seems to know who and where we are so declining him could result in other problems. When family vengeance gets involved everything gets messy, this is why Vaeri is an ice cold type.