An active elven lieutenant for the Alnae government with a C.O.A. badge, though we're not sure which agency she belongs to. Her family has a tradition of joining the military for a century out of basic education. It appears she was recruited into a different program then the military, though the family considers their reputation upheld as it is still a government operation.

After some research its been found that whatever division she works for, she is often involved in hunting down criminals and terrorists within the nation, specifically acting as the government spook that shows up to help when the situation escalates beyond local law enforcement's capability.

She is close with her family and can often be found on Z-Luna when she doesn't have an active job to do.

No Man Behind - The survival stat of all teammates is boosted by this amount for the purposes of escaping conflict as long as the template holder is present.


5/4/2018 - 1589 A.R.

Reappeared as a person of interest as the Alnae agent responsible for dealing with the Raiders of Abbathor.