From the same team as wherever Toxyn came from, Sarden is another thorn in the Gauntlet's side that appeared out of nowhere. Like Toxyn its definitely not her real name, she is an expert assassin, and dangerously talented detective. We know its a female elf though as she isn't as masked as Toxyn was. While Toxyn was an alchemical prodigy, Sarden is just a straight murderer. Using a variety of enchanted blades to enhance her killing potential and tailoring them to the needs of the upcoming fight, except her signature oversized one which is enchanted with true strike. Obviously a weapon that large being able to hit with supernatural accuracy is dangerous. Instead of the sunder route, she kills armored people by striking the exact weak point her massive weapon will break through.

We found her protecting an Alnae warlord when Nah division was sent to assassinate them, and they found her waiting for them. None of the assassin's returned, and Sarden promptly disappeared from all attempts to find her immediately afterwards.