Despite his youthful good looks, Senton is 246 years old. He learned the psionic arts at a young age mostly due to a passing interest and need of a hobby, since then he has become a very notable telepath. He generally works for Shetou as an interrogator and is reknown for being particularly mean. Something about rogue psionics, they seem to be dicks an awful lot.

Senton is a particular specialist in using telepathy to make people miss by a few inches when aiming for him which has made him obnoxiously hard to kill in ranged combat though he struggles with melee or explosive encounters.

3/30/2018 - 1589 A.R.

Found to have taken work under the employ of House Sharen to figure out what became of their now-missing stealth battlecruiser. Though he is the centerpiece of their investigation given his abilities, being a male the matriarchal society still put him under the command of Yasice Val'Sharen.