The mercenary of the three whately kids. Synian is the youngest of the three in terms of time being adopted but the oldest in actual years since born. While dual handguns is somewhat abnormal for a militarized mercenary, he's good enough at it that people just don't bother giving him a rifle. He is generally a lively fellow known for making bad jokes and always being upbeat even when being fired at. He is a half elf, with his elven half descending from the Akoa tribe of Thenica, a race known for being abnormally strong for an elf. Basically he's more punchy then most elves should be. To his pride, he has no cybernetics due to his ongoing winstreak. He often pokes fun of Arkaric for losing his entire body.

He works as a mercenary contractor full time for the Desoir family right now. For the most part Synian works as security where needed though is sometimes deployed when someone pisses off Desoir enough to send in his platoon.

Despite his job as a mercenary he has no prior military experience, all his training came from Whately and as such he operates very abnormally for a hired soldier.