A recent nuisance in Sophia's side after getting one of her crime bosses thrown in jail along with half their men. This mysterious figure prowls around Vermasih's Thenica, though they seem to originate from somewhere else in the system. After Sophia's attempts to set up in another city, her people and Nah division ran into Toxyn and developed a problem. Toxyn is really really good at thwarting plans, though if they act on behalf of a gang or perhaps our mysterious bombers is unknown.

Nah division hasn't been able to figure out who Toxyn actually is but they have compiled some information on her operational procedures. She seems to be a lone crusader, or perhaps disgruntled police officer, and have been a problem for criminal enterprises across the planet for some time now. Three of Nah's sniper teams have wound up killed because of this one person.

Sophia has managed to find out that at the very least they have to be or know an alchemical engineer as many of their tools are based on alchemical design. While Toxyn herself doesn't seem to be a terribly large threat, her guerilla tactics combined with a hidden identity has given the Nah division a lot of problems as they are always on the defense when she shows up.

Slayer - When attacking a studied target with preparation time, increase offense and defense by number. When defending gain half bonus.

Detective - Specializing in finding out information by correlating facts and compiling evidence. (As opposed to gather information which works on finding raw information instead of deduction by correlation).