Known as the "imaginary dragon" Valrazen is an oddity among her own kind. She is one of the most proficient illusionists in the system and combines it with her psionic abilities to turn reality into a more subjective matter. Her origins are shrouded in mystery and she isn't keen to tell anyone about them. Not even other dragons know who Valrazen's parents are, and this is a problem because she is clearly not normal.

She has no known color and the reality of her abilities is beyond comprehension. Her draconic transformation has been reportedly witnessed and described as a swirling mass of colored smoke. Obviously this is likely an illusion spell combined with her psionics to make it seem more real, but it serves to make her even more enigmatic. The list of strange things she's known to do that no one is sure what she's really doing just goes on and on.

She is quiet and withdrawn. She has a habit of leaving illusory clones of herself to pretend she is listening to someone talk while leaving the room entirely to go do something else if she gets bored. As far as anyone can tell, her reclusive personality isn't a symptom of social anxiety but instead of a god-complex. She is very aware of how powerful she is and how inconsequential most people around her are, often finding their lives pointless due to the insignificance they represent compared to someone like herself. That being said she does seem to like interacting with people she feels are significant. Though she remains a quiet figure as that is the general state of being she is used to.

She is another card carrying member of the Thousand Legends, a gathering of so many "significant" people was impossible for her to ignore. Though, illusions aren't that helpful against a ravenous swarm of monsters so she didn't really get that much done.