The black sheep of the Sharen family, though still technically a member of the Vals and thus has rights to become matriarch should she kill the current one. She never particularly liked being a princess and was so far down the family line the title was fairly empty to her. During her rebellious teenager phase she got involved with those who lived in less lavish places in the empire. Instead of being the kind hearted princess who brought money to their community and light to their poverty, she became the evil queen of the streets.

Due to her Sharen heritage she was given serious education in the arcane though is more of a mage then a wizard, specializing in spellcasting over engineering.

After a century of being her own brand of street tough and mercenary, she eventually found her way back into the family as the commander of their more discreet and violent activities. She is universally feared in sharen territories for her cruelty and disposition to violent solutions to her problems, kept in check only by her older sisters.

She is a member of the Thousand Legends and has a minor ability with sahad, which she is pursuing to learn further with Sharen resources.

3/30/2018 - 1589 A.R.

Assigned to investigate and handle the missing stealth battlecruiser that was stolen from Sharen. Her team includes two notable heroes Senton Kenath and Shanhai Linshen.