The eldest of Shetous's three Val'Hari, kind of. Yasrena's host is always a drow but the entity known as Yasrena is known to be a yochlol, a handmaiden to Lolth herself. For Tess: Lolth is the spider goddess of death that drow worship.

While Lolth died during the era of the purge, Yasrena the Yochlol survived and hid deep within the planes eventually being discovered by pandem casters. Its a long story, but basically the Val'Hari called Yasrena is a divine being possessing pandem casters who made a bind with it.

As a result, conservative drow tend to really like Yasrena and she is the main proponent for traditionalist values. She demands a noble drowess from a house be sacrificed to her every time she needs a new body as not to be tainted by commoner blood. Despite the immense power of the Yochlol, it is noted that Kharla Vel'Vloz'Khress is much better at the pandem part, but as pandem relies on the power of other planes and binds the Yochlol is very dangerous. Unless Kharla binds with the demon king or something for shits and giggles, then Yasrena is getting her ass kicked.

Yasrena is a particularly cruel and monstrous ruler, and is often the one to call for the houses to go to war with Alnae over just about anything. Despite Lolth being confirmed dead she still conducts affairs as if the worship of Lolth was in effect and you can thank her for keeping spider culture relevant among the drow. Despite the changing times, Yasrena has been impossible to remove from the council due to traditional drow supporters wanting to keep her around and killing her in the celestial plane could be very difficult.

She is often at odds with Laessaria and the newer eastern houses who don't care for Lolth at all. She favors house Vloz'Khress most as they are the least changing and this support has done well to keep them both relevant. While she is a spiteful bitch, she doesn't lash out with physical violence since that could incite a lot of trouble. Though she's hard to kill, the era of the purge proved if she gives enough motivation someone will do it. So even an entity as powerful as her has to be careful not to piss off the people in her powerbase. Despite her position and abilities, she is afraid of Laessaria. Laessaria might not be as strong but she's strong enough and she's backed up by really scary houses.

In recent affairs, she adamantly refutes that Valdir's new emperor is The Wrath, god of war. She even went to go prove that when the cult of Indal started to gain traction, she wound up steeling their faith when he killed her host and forced her to seek a new body. Since then she's been sort of supportive of (or at least not openly rejecting) the idea that Indal is a god purely because if he was just a man as she said, she lost to a human.