An empire that sprung up seemingly out of nowhere. The alien whose name is closest pronounced and spelled as Valdir was subjugated by Indal and became his loyal servant. Since then it has rapidly ascended to power driven by a few major factors. The massive hive swarm can consume organic matter to produce more of itself, and this swarm of alien monsters is quite content to do the hard labor around the empire. This swarm also can shelter itself in the wild and does not need housing. Finally, the humanoids of the empire are zealous fanatics who range from extreme patriotism to outright claiming Indal is the god of war. A cult believes the war between empires and this conflict with the alien sparked the return of a god who died during the era of the purge. They have a lot of jumps in logic to explain this that is hard to actually disprove. Either way these fanatics work hard and persist in building the empire with all possible haste.

Another problem with the rising empire is Alnae couldn't defeat the alien that caused this empire to appear, let alone the alien backed up by some of the greatest warriors in the system. After the events of SR3 a lot of the people who went decided to just stick around and be part of the new empire thanks to some clever direction from Kenin while everyone was riding high off of the victory. Currently no one is sure what this empire is going to do or why it even formed independently from other empires, but people are wary of the crazy alien swarm it has. Though this advantage is less dramatic then it once was as the data scientists collected at the battle was distributed as they did not know they would be turning the alien into their own weapon and now other empires have an idea of how to combat it.

Prominent members: