System Maps

Commonly just referred to as Zona, this plane is the original host of Sol's biggest developments. Alnae and Shetou originated on a planet called Thenica on this plane and is the original birth place of humans, elves, and dragons. This plane's frequent alignment with other planes has made it an often traveled hub and a favorite of cosmologists.

It is the second most popular plane among galactic civilizations and is filled with smaller colonies around the stars.






Closer to the middle ground then any other plane, it rests in a perfect balance between all of them and is almost a higher plane itself. Its stability is in that most planets here have very little axial tilt, and things that are normally random seem to follow more basic patterns here more then anywhere else. Development here is rapid, Rixa inhabitants were some of the fastest at learning and inventing since their focus wasn't on surviving changes in their world but on improving the existing situation. This hasn't led them drastically ahead of anyone else, just out of order. While most were discovering shelter from the elements in caves, they were inventing fire instead. Then when they learned shelter everyone else was working on fire. Launches from planetary surface to space are popular here because weather conditions are predictable.

As the plane known for being the absolute middle ground with extreme stability, its no surprise that throughout the galaxy this is the most common plane for life to evolve around various stars. Most of the galactic scene is here. Despite being the most stable plane in terms of physics and ecosystems, it has ironically become very unstable since there are so many intelligent races here.





A middle plane closely tied to the elemental plane, it's weather is a little more extreme in general and is more likely to produce mono-climate planets then any other. Forests, mountains, fires, etc. are all noticeably larger as an effect of the elemental influence. It's most notable wildlife are large reptilian beasts known as dinosaurs.

On the galactic scene it isn't a well traveled place. There are a few alien civilizations here who began here, mostly in the forest planets, but it still remains sparse by comparison to the other middle planes.