Cost: 14,750,000
Crew: 3 max


The seeker is essentially a long term scan probe. As a frigate it can stay deployed for long periods of time and is often sent abroad to constantly seek out things of value in the depths of space or across planet surfaces. It is equipped with very little weaponry, at best it can ward off some hostile wild life or break apart an astroid. Its scanners and other instruments are very powerful and take up a lot of the ship's mass and only supports a few crewmembers. Its low cost misleads many less savvy buyers into thinking it is of low quality, its extreme specialization allows it to be a fairly economic option for people looking to mobilize high powered scanners across the depths of space. Its not fast, and it can't last in a fight, but its made for more civilian purposes like mining and colonization. Though pseudo-militaries like to use them for recon anyways since they're so effective as long as nothing shoots them.