To infinity, and beyond!

Stories of Lore 9

New star page is now available though a pain to access. I kind of got caught up making the star representations nicer then normal. Then did way too much research into astronomy and then it took way more time then I expected and so now the web area of it is a work in progress. Hence only two stars available right now, cuz Shetou and Alnae were faster then the rest of people. We’re going with that.

But yes! The colonization has begun. Alnae named their star Asgele and Shetou named theirs Da Xian. Alnae seems to have taken a safer approach and started to settle a star with seemingly optimum conditions for humanoid colonization given the limited data astronomers had to work with. Shetou went nuts and tried to take control of one of the least understood places in space to see what was up with it. Desoir and other independents are on their way to another system under the same mindset as Alnae. Really only Shetou did something that crazy, and obviously those interested in seeing new stars prefer to hang out with Alnae’s starting position then Shetou’s. Though its likely that Shetou is about to gain a massive science lead by colonizing something so incredibly bizarre, and Sahad studiers are particularly interested in the Shetou colony.

To be noted, these stars that are on the star map, and being colonized, are only on one plane. This is a reminder cuz someone probably forgot (if not everyone) that it is Sol System’s incredibly unique feature that its star overlaps on all available planes. Even more so that Thenica does as well. There is a general thought among the space community that this unique feature might be why we’re host to such advanced life even as we find signs of it on other planets they are far from intelligent.

This has also brought another unique feature into the light in recent media attention. Valdir confirms the aliens had never seen Pandem on the scale we’re able to do it. The magic was known about and so were the planes, but no race in the galaxy that it knows of has comparable mastery of pandem magic and the planes as we do. In short, characters like Halaestra might seem a god to other species in the galaxy.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

SSDD for turtling

Mordekai Aberhoff

So far the psionic thieves tools are horribly ineffective though reports come in from ragas on making them better at thwarting law enforcement. Though Ragas notes from idle chatter around the department that there is definitely a higher tier of investigative agency they can call in if things get really trippy, though so far there hasn’t been a need nor a case that justifies calling in the COA teams.

The research station has had to undergo multiple repairs, while it is a struggle to find applicable uses for Sahad not involving breaking stuff its very very good at breaking things. Crazy hypothesis continue, the most useful thing perhaps is some progression in the field of making enchantments based off of the magic utilizing the already known methods from the FTL technology. If nothing else, it is capable of being an interesting power source, albeit a bit volatile so far.

Some shady researchers are sent to the SV3 shipyards to work on the stealth technology reverse engineering.

Despite all efforts to follow the recipe, and the production of amazing sandwiches, the lack of experience still shows. The Kenin Sandwich still proves impossible to truly replicate in the hands of mere amateurs.

Edric Vandross

The Raiders, under orders from Vaeri, are hiding out at the Dragon’s Lair. This definitely hurts profit margins but the Nah division is now convinced this is going to be a particularly big problem.

However, they’ve also started displaying some less then obedient qualities. Vaeri was sent back to Nah division missing multiple fingers and badly injured, apparently having had a disagreement with members of the Nomads. They also are reportedly not that scared of losing money, psych eval would point towards them having other motivations then money. Which would explain why they are so uniquely fierce as pirates. As gauntlet control over them slips without Ikeshia in charge, it is something to keep an eye on.

Super Carrier still under construction, it will be at least another year or two.

Sethis Tyne

Necrocarnum weekly roll is 12, still looking.  3d6 is not so great for getting highrolls, hence Setani is so special.

Tech division found the link that would allow Sharen to piece together that the conspiracy is a lot bigger then pirates. Its Jhaeros. Despite the death of Toxyn, she did recruit Jhaeros for a time and likely told him an awful lot of things.

Investigations into the bombing attack¬† are not progressing well with the division’s main resources focused on the Sharen problem. They found out Solvang boards use a closed and wired network similar to our tech division’s internal servers. They deliver information between stations by hand to make it much harder to track or crack their networks, it is likely they have someone of similar talent to Aryn on their cybersecurity if they are so paranoid that they’re aware of what someone like her can do. So agents could opt to try and detective this one and date which board had the job posted first, interrogate managers, or deliver Aryn to multiple Solvang stations to try and figure out where the job really originated from.

Vaeri underwent some medical procedures to fix up her injures that were inflicted on her by the Nomads and she’s back in operating shape. She’s a little too hard to read so we’re not sure how her pride is taking things. Though she reports that the pirates should be kept a close eye on, they’re becoming more independent.

Luci Serrano

A series of events have occurred around Angel, detailed in stories of lore.

Ezzvalt has made it to the mining station to reign in the slaves. Production values are stabilizing and showing dramatically improved output, its best if no one asks questions on why and let the station drift quietly through space never to be heard from. Profits up +6 already though.

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