Phantoms of the Purge Part 2

Phantoms of the Purge part 3 –  SoL oddyssey arc yet with a grand total of 63 pages counting parts 1 and 2. Also start here obviously.

The alien invasion finally rolled around, by finally I mean within 2 updates of you figuring out it was coming. The planets page now has a little section at the end for each place to give a rough idea of what they’re like now.

The chaos is still ongoing, while the first attack was mostly a “scout” force the main armies are reluctant to actually attack now that Arkaric has plunged a dozen alien civilizations into war and paranoia and the scout force was destroyed. Sol as a whole is becoming more unstable as people turn on each other for basic resources – food in particular. Though this problem is affecting aliens as well.

Faction statuses-

In the aftermath of all this fuckery Alnae is seeing a schism of ideas. Many people feel the empire is going to fall soon after this and the SR3 incident and are looking for a place to bail to. Due to Valdir destroying more of the alien fleets then anyone else…again…many people are looking to go hang out there. Some even fleeing to Shetou figuring their chances might be better with the drow, especially if they aren’t elves. High ranking members of the military are also defecting but instead just declaring themselves rulers of small areas with all the military personnel and equipment in their possession, some even attempting to overthrow the council in favor of a military dictatorship. The empire is dangerously close to fracturing and going into a war with itself as all these factors continue to pile up. It doesn’t help that in this chaos they simply cannot do anything but ignore the Selona gang that is mass supplying weapons in this time of fear and uncertainty to anyone with something to trade.

The COA and AIC are falling apart as their main buildings were destroyed in the attacks along with many of their personnel dying off. The AIC was a massive resource sink for the empire and they no longer have those resources. Only a few agencies and the 314-C stand out as standing loyally with the current state of the empire.

The vampire family was actually hit much harder then either empire due to their power relying on economic control of trade. In the chaos after the phantoms event money itself is of questionable value and people care a lot more about the good they would buy with money. However, Valencia is still alive and very good at her job. With prices in wild fluctuation around the system she is quick to buy and sell using her massive fleet of trade ships that just stayed out of the fighting since they were cargo ships. Despite the massive blow to their powerbase, they’re rebuilding it fast by being capable of moving stuff around as necessary. Also, due to her gamble with Indal awhile back she already had trade deals being set up with alien civilizations who are now desperate for trade thanks to Arkaric blowing them up.

One of the only groups in all of this mess to actually become even more powerful, for obvious reasons. The Selona criminals could expand even further then they already did if they wanted to given their resources, though for some reason they seem content to just stay where they are. Though they did open up recruiting in some places they wanted more people, an easy sell given that now almost everyone were becoming criminals to survive.

The political game of the houses has been shaken up a lot by these attacks. With the destruction of the city of Kaifen a lot of the human houses have lost too much power to remain on the council. Shetou’s nature makes it less inclined to be helpful to one another and we know Yasrena is part of the Phantoms, actively making the situation worse. The drow empire is fracturing as houses withdraw to their fortresses and try to stabilize with little care for actually helping one another out. There is trade between them if trade is mutually desired but they’re definitely not sending aid or giving discounts to each other. Fights between houses are breaking out and its on the verge of a war between houses for resources rather then pecking order as usual.

Despite people’s fear that Solvang was going to be wiped out in a battle with Selona, they’ve stabilized and as pirates they are now a lot more dangerous and powerful since so much of the system relies heavily on trade to even attempt to keep people alive. More people turning to crime means more Solvang members, more pirate fleets targeting military convoys shipping things as simple as food, and the aliens for some reason conveniently never came across the Solvang stations hidden around the system. Many people are paying up membership fees just to live on Solvang stations where they feel safe. It’s a bad sign for the rest of civilization when living among pirates is “safe”.

While the damage they sustained wasn’t insignificant, the mothership makes it not really much of a problem. They are fast to restore themselves to what they once were and are now the dominant super power of the system since their theocratic government still has its leader. Even in hard times the people who aren’t assimilated to Valdir and just live there have the resilience to carry on since they’re often zealot nutjobs. After the war Indal and his big scary ship went back off into space to resume colonizing Althe and focusing on its own thing.


Okay we did all the roster stuff earlier. Player pages have been updated with the new hires and B team was founded, also Kala made Aryn the headhunter replacement should it be needed. Annnd then that thing happened.

Financial update new money total: 568,652,000


Yenneiros Whitetalon

You have an army standing around still, its kind of valuable. Business is up given how bad the state of the system is now. +15 profit

Mordekai Aberhoff

Thanks to madhammer security a lot of your infrastructure has managed to survive the attack. Though there were still some losses in factories, but more importantly business is down as people scramble to fix other problems.

Aerovent filters is technically down at the moment as shipping and stuff is in flux. Though the suits predict things will turn around once the process of reconstruction gets around to full scale implementation.

The cult was hurt the hardest by this, as a lot of people in the circles are now dead or no longer interested in cult activities while worrying about getting shot. However, Zex of all people survived and is on the path to restoring it to its former glory. Technically he’s operating rogue of the cult’s orders and assembling the cult leaders who were in on the whole thing to him to redistribute throughout the system as necessary.

Mhaldaru foods is still functionally up and running, the problem is the supply of food it processed and packaged. They didn’t exactly farm things themselves, though if they had they’d probably be on fire by now. Even if demand is high for the product, the ability to produce the product has been severely damaged. -14 profit

Expansive Psionics is seeing a large dip in sales as population desires aside, the distributors are fucked and the money is in food transport right now so the independent shipping companies are a bit hard to hire right now. -11 profit

The Sahad research facility station is completely gone, turned out they deliberately targeted it along with several other research facilities in the hope of stunting out tech progress in the only field they had over us. Asi Nilliams died aboard.

Lumber Company is actually sitting pretty. Since they were in forested areas they didn’t see too much trouble as the invasion targeted major population centers, also the wood business is doing quite nicely. +8 profit.

B team is up on the page as their own team.

Plans to form a C team don’t quite work out since the Raven was destroyed and Kanika has gone missing.

Also your bodyguard had a rough first month since the world ended.

Edric Vandross

With the current instability of the economy as well as several offices being blown to pieces, Divinity Vaults profits are down -22

Grand Guardian is doing fine since it was insuring new colonies which happened to not be attacked. Profits are up +8 thanks to “oh shit aliens are mean” Suits expect this to continue to rise as the colonies expand.

The SV3 shipyard was destroyed. Though the super carrier actually survived among the rubble, its still not finished and it did sustain a lot of damage but it does still move and the bridge can maintain life support. The other projects are completely gone. Fortunately, the Nomads rescued much of the science crew and both Faye and Raymond survived, along with the stealth drive tech progress. Things aren’t too bad given the station is now space debris fragments, but you’re going to need a new station to move these projects to. Obviously progress on the stealth drive and supercarrier are halted until they find a new place to continue working.

Hightower Industries business is booming, there’s a lot of things that need fixing and building right about now. It was a concern of the management that they were getting more contracts then they had people, but with so much gone now it turns out finding new employees is pretty easy. +34 profit but -800k due to having to buy a bunch of stuff and hire new employees to keep up with demand.

The Raiders of Abbathor are completely fine, they stole three alien ships. Because they’re crazy bastards. Though they have no real shipyard to dock them at for research since the SV3 shipyard blew up. On the upside that’s 3 free FTL drives if you want to pull them out of the ship. Piracy is good business right now, +3d20

Raven is no longer available, the station was destroyed and Kanika is gone.

Raiders successfully get a frigate for B team.

Sethis Tyne

Nah division lost a few hideouts and people but given the scale of what happened it could be considered nearly unscathed. Though expenses are up due to resource scarcity now days.

In a snap decision by Vaeri, Sophia has been introduced to the real hideout and the people within it to avoid her death during the alien attack. On the upside, she didn’t die. Vaeri figures if this result is unsatisfactory you can just have her killed to set it back to the other possibility.

Despite the increase in expenses for the division, the black market trade is doing really well in this age of paranoia and chaos. Black market profits are up +14

With the current changes to the environment, despite the battlecruiser not having its stealth setup fully fitted the tech division has been moved onto it for safety. The exception is Aryn, who is being detained until you decide what to do with her. You called it.

Nila, Vanjin, and Setani are off to try and find Jhaeros. With things as they are now they could be away awhile trying to track the bastard.

Your branching out into agriculture was short lived as it was heavily targeted during the attack.

The cyborgs could theoretically be reprogrammed just as necrocarnates can rewrite people but it involves the live capture of them as there isn’t a wireless access to their important hardware. They also don’t get software updates so a virus won’t work.

Luci Serrano

There are a lot less people to consume media now, Sol Media and Sol Media records see profits drop -28

Lush and Angel are both still alive at least.

Since Sol Mining was based among asteroids it pretty much escaped the invasion unscathed. Since it relied on slave labor there wasn’t even anyone on shore leave to get killed. Lot of people need resources right now, Sol Mining profits are up +11

Sol Lumber business is also up +8

Sol Technologies business is dramatically down but the suits predict this is temporary until reconstruction efforts get back underway in full.  Profits -9

Planet Express was mostly in house so their numbers are about the same.

That shipyard of yours got blown up.

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