Status Report


After some recon thanks to the Vua Cai and several other nations some information was discovered about the Angra faction. The minions do not appear to be in a zombie state, they are fully animated and talk to many of the other members of the legion though we aren’t totally sure what they talk about as no one was willing to get that close.

We’ve also discovered that they break the bones of anyone they come across until their victim becomes immobile, then hold mass rituals to sacrifice them to Angra which evidently is how he gets more minions. The implication is that their conversion method is less efficient then Saldis, so dying in battle to them spares you becoming their minion. On the other hand, not dying in battle against them seems to be a pretty horrible fate.

The battle in Doi Cho Len with Drakon seems to have yielded favorable results for Drakon as the striders were much more powerful then the former Altepetlans, but they still couldn’t hold the island and were forced off with some few hundred striders being taken alive. Which is how we learned about the crazy ritual sacrifice thing.

In other bad news, Angra’s fortress can fly now and it sailed off of the island like a colossal airship. Notably, it took the storm with it. As it moves westward his minions drop down to capture anyone who didn’t start running away when they should have and return them to the citadel to sacrifice. It is moving towards the Jade Empire’s south eastern border. Fortunately it seems rather slow.

Jinko in Kagayakashi are having an existential crisis and aren’t sure how to feel about things. Sima Wa has clearly demonstrated his joy for building really ridiculous things still persists so the main feature of his personality is intact right?

In similar news some small groups around the world have decided to praise Angra as their new god voluntarily and are now just sacrificing each other to join his “super awesome kingdom”. On the upside they’re less destructive then the snake cult since they’re just killing themselves but it is foreboding that just his appearance has made dark magic appealing to many newcomers who realize that a sacrificial death simply results in them appearing on his flying city. To which note there are several prophets of Angra going from town to town to tell people how awesome it is living on a flying city, they appeal mostly to those who are poor and/or homeless. They’re basically Angra’s Witness, when you least expect it they show up to ask if you’ve heard about the path to salvation. It doesn’t help they don’t wear a uniform or official markings so its hard to find them before they start preaching.


Brahma has stopped really acknowledging anyones attempts to communicate with him, even if he does understand the concept. It is possible that unlike Jehovah he doesn’t want to hand the stuff out, or that upkeep stuff wouldn’t be particularly good for him given his whole nation is dead which means so are his followers.

El Dorado pillaging went fairly well as Samedi didn’t care about moving the gold nor the city itself. He spent all his time traveling the world preparing for Angra’s return, since then he’s never gone back to the golden city.

Eztli’s time in the chamber affects his personality, he is a lot quieter now days. He is a much more effective combatant but now follows Ailani around and just obeys. The other kids stopped hanging out with him since he doesn’t talk much and he just hangs out with Ailani and Hei who are not terribly social.

Lin Sun:

With the exception of the actual honorbound who were chosen for having the right personality the chamber is starting to have affects on people who train in it. Kaisa has become much calmer and more controlled. It seems a century of combat practice made combat boring for her, training with her is usaully her just 1 shotting anyone who steps up and telling them to “git gud” then going off to do something else. She’s stopped going in altogether ever since gun training became more prevalent.

Adin is in a weird limbo with her mental state. She seems perfectly fine and acts normal 90% of the time so its hard to really undo her state of mind. Its likely by sending her through the time chamber she’d have the time to process and become detached enough to retain an edge that comes from detachment like many others are showcasing even if they are terribly boring people now.

In the meantime the university is going better as its worked out the kinks over the last ten years since the attack and has access to the knowledge of some other crazy people from the other cults.

The preservation of Divus culture has proven impossible by the existence of the king. Divus culture has had to alter radically to keep up with the times and the black mage king. Considering it was based around a church that was a great big con, it makes sense the culture’s preservation isn’t really an option.

Con Lai:

Blessing shuffles.

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10 Slow Years

Shentu Wo: 8,133 Power, 4,586 Followers
Kikai Senso: 15,882 Power, 3,280 Followers, Next Form Progress: 68%
Lin Sun: 5,351 Power, 2,628 Followers
Con Lai: 15,917 Power, 8, 621 Followers


During these 10 years we’ve had some stuff still go on so now to recap and resolve. Though for the most part everyone unanimously said screw it and chilled out for a bit.

Roster Update (May want to start here for context)
Stories of lore 23


Song Yi eventually reappeared from vacation when Adrelemech appeared to the east and got the alliance back together. The fire dragon’s sudden approach was slowed when they learned that Naomi existed. Up until now she had been busy with Divus problems, but with Excalibur she was able to kill several dragons when they tried to pressure Shahira without much thought as to what remained. Turns out Adrelemech barely knows much about Krovkom and Nazarius’ experiences with the jakaal and now they are more slowly feeling things out after Song Yi cut one in half with her overpowered spirit sword and Kikai strangled a whelp to death with his hands.

The blood jungles have been having a lot of political changes, especially with Ailani taking power and declaring herself every highest title in the state including Lord General. The Crimson order has been taken over by Alexandria who is now actually scary for once though a lot less friendly. Its jungles are no longer open enrollment and the export of champions is slowing, an affect noticeable by how many people appeared in the roster update who were specifically not black mages. Now there is more of a hunger games style thing that goes on there to ensure competitors are on a bit more even footing instead of professionals coming in and farming them.

The Aetas university has managed to progress to a point further then before the time skip, over ten years it recruited more interest then even before the attacks simply due to time expended. So far the time chamber works now and produced the fifty elite warriors of the honorbound led by Commander Lucas. However, they are generally regarded as being weirdos in general. Some are really withdrawn and quiet, others act like the same food stand they ate at a week ago is the most glorious thing they’ve ever experienced and are overly excited about every little thing that isn’t from the time chamber.

The Vua Cai has become the most powerful merchant based faction in the western world now that Shahira is on a steep decline of economic power and the dream network makes them the most efficient traders. Recently a long economic battle with the forces of Mammon took place in Divus, and the Vua Cai managed to come out on top after two years of throwing money at problems in the correct way. While the operation wound up losing the Vua Cai money, they managed to acquire so much control over the Divus economy that they were able to extort Naomi a little bit. In exchange for giving Naomi back that economy, Con Lai had Naomi marry Jin Zhang. The economy was the wedding gift, and it works well for politics since now Divus and Hale’a are much closer tied together.

The city of Lo’c was never rebuilt, Kagayakashi instead took over as the jinko’s tech city since it was there, it wasn’t blown up, and they are fond of the spiked tree. Though the city has recently had some issues in obeying commands the problem has been resolved, however it is foreboding. Since the loss of Lo’c, a new masutomaindo has been appointed, some weird jinko with a knack for creativity.

Most Recent Senshicon tournament results


With Naomi taking over as queen the country is at least surviving. Though her nation wants her to stop flying to war all the time. Somewhat extorted by Con Lai into marrying Jin Zhang, the nation has been a little bit weird since Jin is a black mage and foreigner.

Their rebuild has actually gone really well thanks to help from the Vua Cai’s plan to profit off of helping them. Which is how they wound up extorting her into that marriage.

They boast the most powerful champions in the world now, with Jin Zhang, Naomi, and Galahad all in the tier 0 range. Not to mention Naomi being the reigning champion for her weight class of humanoid sized heroes.

For those curious, the marriage is rather peculiar. Jin is so lazy that he only helps when he is asked to and is otherwise content to just hang out and do nothing. Naomi at least appreciates this, his laziness makes her job easier. Zhang even agreed to name their kid after her so that the Divus royalty would keep a Divus name. They have had two kids in the last 10 years, though notably there are probably a lot of bastards around as Jin still is rather adventurous. Naomi only had sex with him to make the kids to shut people up about heirs, other then that she hired full time prostitutes to follow him around to keep him busy while she ran the nation.


The snake cult disappeared for awhile to the point that Jin just said screw it and went home, though the spy networks are always on the lookout for when they might make their next big play. It is suspected that they’ve taken enough damage that Nergal has stopped using them for his purposes for the time being.

Akhetaten has become the most dominant western nation since annexing Thykenae solved a lot of the environmental restrictions that kept them from expanding all that quickly, they are considered the most powerful seat in alliance politics due to the expanse of their territory and military.


Over the last ten years they’ve picked up a bit in recovering from that zombie apocalypse that happened with the Saldis thing though they still have a ways to go, after the mass sacrifices and then the mass deaths to Saldis’ conversion to Si Da the only thing they have going for them would be Bahamut at the moment. That and Ishtar is pretty popular.

They have the second largest expanse of underworld and have been migrating into it more then any other nation besides Hale’a, as most others just can’t let go of the surface dwelling.

Jade Empire:

The Jade empire continues to exist in a state of unknown politics. They are functionally members of Drakon and their port and cities are used as major landing points for Drakon people coming over to see about this continent. However, they still actively act as members of the alliance when it doesn’t conflict with their own interests. Their champions attend Senshi-con and divulge information about the Drakon people freely, and Shenlong did stop Krovkom from threatening the gate after all.

Because of their membership with the new nation there was a time of social strife due to the difference in culture, especially with how Drakon view non-dragon aspects. Shenlong has kept non-striders to the farmlands in the countryside for the most part and rebuilt the Imperial Throne with mostly striders who have immigrated to the Jade Empire.


As they continue to build up they still remain the most aloof member of the alliance. Promising only to assist to protect a recognized national border, they promise nothing about colonies or attacks. This is their way of avoiding getting pulled into a fight they don’t want to in the future.

They’ve actually weakened economically now that the eastern world is in ruins and there is little trading for merchants that can cross the desert to do. What was once their specialty has now been replaced by either dream doors or the simple fact that Hale’a can offer passage through the southern wild lands. With trade deteriorating they foresee an eventual loss of their whole gimmick and work to find other ways to keep themselves with a decent standard of living out in this terrible desert. Many people just picked up and left to other nations, which has only made the matter worse. It is unlikely Shahira will remain around much longer as anything more then a loose collection of nomadic tribes.

Si Da:

Has almost vanished from the international eye after the fall of Sthan Thi. Most of their population are spread far around the world in villages and it seems like the bulk of what was once considered Si Da has retreated into the demon realm to plot and scheme in safety from any incoming crusades that might prey on their lack of walls. As such it has become very difficult to tell where team Si Da might choose to appear and strike again, but they’ve been quiet for the last ten years. Which worries people.

So far no one knows where the entrance or exit to hell actually is anymore, the old one is gone and Lucifer never revealed the method to opening and closing these to anyone before.


Most of their stuff is covered in roster updates but for the most part many of the incoming dragon masters have been too distracted by the coastal wealth they could colonize and very few take interest in going to war with the west just for the hell of it. They’ve decided they’ll get around to it when they’re good and ready.

Vua Cai spies report a strange movement spawning on the eastern continent. A group of activists argue that the new world (our continent) should stop being colonized so rapidly. Boundaries should be put into place and it should be declared a nature preserve for fear that colonization is displacing native species and ecosystems that might become endangered. Well its not quite ‘they’re people too’ but hey its something.

Eight years ago Krovsokol, often referred to as Sokol, arrived and began to conduct his experiments. This involved abducting all manner of people and often releasing monsters into the world to watch them cause as much destruction as possible and keep track of how effective they are. He has captured orcs, vampires, demons, denizens, and even a djinn with his specialist team of specimen hunters. What he turns them into varies wildly.

Two years ago Adremelech arrived and actually resumed the campaign of Drakon with intent to conquer the entire continent for sport if nothing else. This has contributed greatly to the downfall of Shahira, as they like the sunny desert it turns out. Recently due to developments in the eastern colonies they’ve had to turn their asses around though.

Because these assholes showed up just yesterday.

An immediate council of the alliance is being held in response, Drakon also seems to be conferring with Shenlong on what to do.

Everybody likes Tier Lists. This time we get comprehensive and shit, just to make this roster update even longer.

Tier 0. Over the last decade we’ve seen an increase in tier 0’s, mostly those that have lived long enough to get this far. As the general levels of opposition has also increased surviving encounters becomes worth more exp as well. Seated comfortably here are people with ludicrous powers or levels of power but Tier 0 still remains exclusive to fighters with physique and combat skill over super cheap gimmicks which keeps some people like Swain and Eli out of the tier 0 category.

Saint Naomi – Despite her recent change of lifestyle she still remains in the same tier.

Ryner – Same ol’ Same ol’.

Vassago – Kind of inevitable given he is a giant hellfire spewing dragon. It could be argued that Vassago is the king of tier 0 but it feels a little unfair since he is definitely not in the same weight class as his competitors.

Vo Kim – His synergetic power set might be gimmicky but he is still the most skilled mortal member of the Jakaal, having boasted several kills on high ranking striders and dragon whelps, it is likely that even without using his powers Vo Kim could take down most opponents.

Van Djao – While he lacks the pure skill that Vo Kim has, Van makes up for it in physical strength and his aspect powers as the Si Da #1 avatar. Arguably Vo Kim would likely beat him in a fight but he is still the posterboy for Si Da since Vo is Jakaal and his loyalties to Si Da are questionable at best.

Nazarius – As a death aspected dragon master he is a flying skeletal dragon with a death breath weapon. Among dragon masters Nazarius stands out as one of the most dangerous since he can both kill through regeneration and survive normally lethal damage. His intellect and strategy also keeps him comfortably seated here at the top of the food chain and he can claim credit for the destruction of many Si Da bases, armies, and the Jakaal pit.

Hatshe – Given the strange high prophet power she holds from Horus the sheer diversity of her powers as well as their general power level makes up for her lack of martial skills. The number of options she has also prevents her from being called gimmicky and is considered more of a battlemage style combatant to be marked off as tier 0.

Jin Zhang – After multiple campaigns against the enemies of the Vua Cai along with a high survival rating and years to increase his powers, Jin has finally entered into legend. These days he has a 1.0 of every possible aspect and all of his stats are moderately high across the board.

Galahad – This isn’t really surprising to anyone. Galahad has proven he can beat both Ryner and Uriel.

Ira – The last of the original Senshi, and the current most powerful among them. With the dark spirit infusion she has actually gained even more control over her rage as the years have gone on. The challenge of her dark spirits only allowed her to grow and progress, now she is similar to Ryner in that she has a lot of just pure strength and durability with a huge weapon. Though unlike Ryner, she has much better tactical insight and technique.

Sahar Tahani – In the years of acting as a traveling companion to demigods and later on fighting gods alongside pirates it is no surprise that Sahar has finally reached the higher tiers. As her creativity with her Djinn powers expands and her veterancy gives her better insight into her opponents, she has moved past overwhelming enemies and is now a highly diverse and creative killer similar to Jin. While she doesn’t have the martial skills of her closest comparison, she can be thought to have high tiers of any power she wants if she just pieces together how to make it work.

Saiko Kessaku – Also getting in under the Vassago clause, Saiko’s size, armor, and strength make him almost impossible to defeat for smaller creatures. There aren’t any gimmicky powers here, just pure firepower and armor.

Eret Daiheb – With the power of Baal in his weapon, Eret has finally paired physical power with his foresight. With the ability to predict opponents perfectly and the raw force needed to destroy opponents that would normally overwhelm him, he finally tastes that tier 0 goodness.

Adremelech – Its a veteran conqueror and huge dragon, this one is obvious.

Tier 1. Seeing the same increase, Tier 1’s are also becoming more common among the named character list. Though largely in part due to the drakon.

Saint David, Hasin Bava, Anna Goethe, Eli Pierce, Swain, Sanyar, Kaisa, Rikuto, Roku, Aiko, Mach Tong, Akuhito Song, Hei Song, Helaku, Sihet, Takeshi, Elvira, Ishimoto Tsuneyo, Prince Ezra, Crocell, Lü Tao, Anosova, Tianshang, Yue Wuzhou, Robert McCammon, Chuvak, Krovsokol, Isay, Oksana, Krylo, Kamentsoy, Khischnik

Tier 2.

Milenkosi, Hasina, Maquilla, Hayate Hirata, Arima Naoko, Kekoa, Daezra, Maliken, Aiyana, Shappa, Shichiro, Innokenti, Samyaza, Lien Quang, Jakobe, Tuyet Yen, Chuang Lihwa, Alice Mainer, Feofil, Borislav, Mechislav, Katarina, Giza

Tier 3.

Leyti, Menes, Nadejda, Vris, Sofia, Lavet, Saint Rachel, Eliza Rackham, Shiye, Kachina, Bakat, Daisuke, Emilia Fortunato, Eztli Shento, Johnathan Zhi, Mariah, Adin Va, Takano Ichiro, Oydis, Tashiro Osamu, Ayesha Ishmael, Nila Bhatt

Tier 4.

Prince Reseph, Gorou, Tezuka, Ryoka Hanzo, Yukari Zhang, Ishikawa Hanzo, Tena Xuequin, Lucas, Halldora, Sonu, Harvey Ayala, Uragiri Mono, Jawahir

Tier 5.

Akamu, An Lahn Tien, Joseph Sheridan, Alexandria, Kiala Shento, Ailani Shento, Johann Shento, Galila

Tier 6.

Malu Jio, Kyung-Ja, Rehema, Rasha Bakkali, Ranno

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Heaven’s On Fire

Note: The upcoming update is a 10 year time jump in which I’ll message people for micro decisions. This is just to get the results of the divus thing published, so your next action sheet fillout should largely include any plans you want to implement while everyone takes a breather and rebuilds.

Divus Situation: Well that escalated quickly

Both sides try to avoid hurting the civilian populace but since both claim dominion over the civilians they are actively based among them which prevents a massive battle from breaking out and instead there were just small skirmish situations.

And then Shento’s forces arrived and it all went to shit. While this put Naomi really far ahead on the military angle at first, it almost immediately turned every undecided against her. Millenia of hatred towards black mages resurfaced in an instant and Divus just broke down into colossal battles. Cities burned as formerly civilian agents now attacked Naomi and her forces. Half the templars swapped sides, and the Inquisitors became no longer neutral, resurfacing to repel the army of serial killers Naomi had brought to their doorstep.

Despite some of the paladins having grown used to associating with Song Yi’s black mages, the rest of Divus still despises them. Eli’s opportunistic recruiting and raiding during the war also hasn’t helped Naomi’s case since she’s accused of being controlled by him.

In the end after months of fighting, Naomi was able to finally find and kill Jebediah with the help of the Vua Cai which removed Nergal’s primary agent. But on the grand scale, the entirety of the nation hated her too much now.

After a convincing pep talk from some wordful dream shinobi and the crimson order, they opted to see this through. Naomi went full…well Naomi on Divus. Entire cities were destroyed by her single handedly, every village that dared to speak against her got wiped out brutally and the fear of god was put into all who defied her.

After much war, Gabriel and Uriel were defeated and the capital of Divus now looks like Svarga, while the Crimson order was a militant force there after the battle of Svarga their numbers were low and the majority of command was taken over by Galahad so no live session of combat this time. Naomi’s followers maintained strong support for her after Song Yi relented to release Hei Lang into the war. It imbued her people with the malice needed to not really see how they were now slaughtering their own people in mass to ensure Naomi’s version of the truth was all that remained.

As luck would have it, it turned out Ishikawa was able to assassinate King Arthur with minimal problem. Despite how stupid OP Excalibur is, it apparently doesn’t have an enemy radar on it. After Ishikawa returned to base camp with the legendary sword the general response was “so that happened.” If there were any who doubted Naomi’s actions as being a bit overkill, they were quiet about it ever since Naomi was named the queen of Divus. In taking the title of queen, she became capable of wielding Excalibur. People took that as a divine sign that she was in the right and thanks to Hei Lang they’re having a hard time really comprehending the massacre that just happened. Thanks to Excalibur, Naomi solidly claims the title of the most powerful mortal in the (known) world.

Vris comments that Divus has been destroyed technically speaking. Almost all of its leadership died to a mutiny and most of its prominent angels died out too. The cities are in ruins and most of its artifacts and libraries were destroyed. Naomi becoming queen and continuing to call it Divus doesn’t necessarily mean it is still the true Divus Imperium anymore. While the commentary seems needlessly technical, she has been notably studying the apocalypses of history that restart eras. Her closing statement was “Eight down, three to go.”

Song Yi disappeared after the war, Ira has expressed concerns about that but Izumi stated that Song is in a volcano somewhere taking a vacation before the next war breaks out. Krovkom is dead, Nazarius is being chill with Shenlong, the Divus war is over. She just wants one damned year of vacation before she has to deal with more shit. Izumi would disappear along with her as they went to go hang out together. Song left Kikai in charge of holding down the fort while she’s away and he’s the only one that knows exactly where to find her in case another war breaks out and she is absolutely positively needed to come back.



Requests go well to establish an embassy in Dahika Al-Mazah. Shahira will agree to join the alliance on the condition that their membership is applicable only toward Drakon. They are not involved with the crusades against Si Da and will remain neutral if any other faction wars break out and will not invade Drakon. They agree to help as a purely defensive measure against Drakon aggression provided they are actively invading a recognized national border. Given the death of Taiyo and Divya, they will not hinder Drakon colonization in those areas.

The quest for the cult of Brahma proves difficult because of the lack of anyone in the area willing to worship a god whose nation has fallen so far. Even those that agree to help around the temple aren’t terribly faithful to the idea. On the upside, the old priests of Divya do remember how to create Kulina so the concept of vaguely gesturing at Brahma is within the realm of possibility with perhaps some breakthroughs in the field of interpretive dance.

On the other hand, neither the churches of Indra or Vinasa seem interested in your offer. Their cults are not going to grow any faster then Brahma’s which is already shaky and the idea of guarding the door is not appealing. Indra has actually just wandered off from his temple entirely and was last known to be hanging around Akhetaten.

To which end, the archeological team from the Aetas academy (Vris) points out that historically speaking, the apocalypses that happen to mark the end of each era often leave almost everything screwed up and new nations tend to rise around this point. Instead of building a few cults for convenience, it might be more prudent to follow the historical example and build a new nation there. Granted, that has a load of other problems but she thought she’d point it out since this is basically a repeat of the Otoroshi apocalypse in terms of nations falling apart and new ones popping up.

Emilia with a solid intel draw manages to actually crack the Lo’c case over time and figure out where he is. He’s with Si Da, and was one of the major traitors. As it turns out, he never really felt comfortable leaving Si Da behind and was forced to do so in a bit of a hurry. With the passing of Sima Wa and the constant demand for more progress he never quite got into the Hale’a thing. Song Yi’s rule had a lot of rules that were unpopular with a variety of the forge city’s formerly Si Da populace. The recent major attack sped up its timetable specifically to extract a series of high value assets from undercover since Emilia was actually making too much progress on this whole thing. This news also comes with another spy report, the demons have a suspicious amount of jinko already in their ranks.


Con Lai:

The war with the snake cult experiences some setbacks given that they seem to have disappeared and all leads went dark after the recent continent wide catastrophe. Ever since they failed to liberate Apophis they’ve taken to laying low, and Jin meets with minimal success in regards to finding out where they’re laying low at.  Currently they are headed to Thykenae, the forested areas out there would be more beneficial to hiding monstrous individuals he figures. If the regular ones are just laying low, he’s forced to hunt the monstrous ones like Lamia who cannot hide among normal society in order to continue looking for leads.

Ryoka overtakes the position of governor, though as a professional ninja she’s less vulnerable to assassination then Rena anyways, but she resigns to doing paperwork in the dream realm near Milenkosi for the time being.

The army is proving difficult to rebuild. The lessons from the last battle was that the army sucks at fighting dragons and black mages still. Recruiting is hard as all this war has been killing people in such large numbers that no one is all to keen to join many militaries that actually risk deployment these days. This is making it more expensive to entice recruits to risk their lives.

The river of lava dreams has a major problem, getting a door built in a place where lava flows yet doesn’t touch the construction area. Atop of that, it turns out lava is not good for the structural integrity of the door in the first place.

The insurance policy of the Vua Cai in the wake of the destruction of merchant fleets does well to fix up PR. Nothing soothes merchants like money after all, while the recovery effects aren’t exactly instant it does go a long way to upkeeping the reputation of Adelaide’s trade port. This is part of why the army rebuilding is not going too fast though, as wealthy as the Vua Cai have become, that is a lot of insurance payout.

As a member of the Hale’a pantheon, you and the Vua Cai were not allowed to even approach the secretary that would let you speak to Arthur without hostilities. Since Shento put his military support behind Naomi the other side is not open to discussion with anyone from the Hale’a pantheon unless it is for Naomi’s surrender. Oh well, Naomi is queen now.

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Apocalypse Now

Shentu Wo: 3747 Power, 2,586 Followers
Kikai Senso: 14,822 Power, 210 Followers, Next Form Progress: 52%
Lin Sun: 1,245 Power, 628 Followers
Con Lai: 2,675 Power, 2, 621 Followers

A quickie since I was too lazy to write about battles, Stories of Lore 22


Eventually Svarga managed to repel its invaders even if at heavy cost. Though in the end it became a confusing mess. Once again with strange synchronization they managed to destroy dream doors at the cross roads, Svarga, the University, blood jungles, and the snake cult took out one in Adelaide. The first one, not the river of dreams one. While rebuilding most of these isn’t really all that hard, it happened while most of the armed forces were at Svarga including western allies that had been sent to help as per the alliance.

First the bad news in Akhetaten. Every god there incarnated very suddenly and during the battle of Svarga it was hard to discern why. It turned out an army from Si Da came from the north to assault the capital, two hours into the seemingly easy battle the cult of Apophis all surfaced out of their hiding holes and made a sudden assault on the prison of Apophis. This is what prompted every god in Akhetaten to incarnate at once.In the end, Apophis was not released while Akhetaten continued their running tradition of RNG superiority. They managed to repel the invasion with some effort but the nation is in a bit of chaos as many snake cultists just disappeared after Neith started shooting at them and decided not to charge to their deaths.

Back in Divus it got really bad as Asmodaeus himself finally reappeared alongside Nergal, Mammon, and Heisi Siwang. Granted no one knew it was them until way after the events occurred. Orujov was assassinated and somehow this polarized everyone immediately. People either blamed the angels or blamed Naomi and just tore into each other. Then to make matters worse, Eli showed up. Though oddly enough Eli didn’t do much, his pirates just pillaged while others fought and Vassago burned down a few outlying cities for fun. If anything it actually seemed they weren’t here to invade and go god slaying, but here on a recruitment drive of “do you want to die fighting for one of two uncertain teams or live at sea with all the loot of your neighbors?”

In the end Arthur sided with the church and the angels, but Galahad sided with Naomi. The remnants of the inquisition have instead gone rogue entirely. The ensuing battle actually was at least 10x more epic then the battle of Svarga. Naomi battled with Uriel, Ryner fought Anahita, David battled with Gabriel. The sky itself seemed to explode over Divus as the full might of the most powerful nation engulfed itself.The battle is still ongoing a week later, angels patrol the nation and occassionally get into skirmishes with the templars or paladins.

Saint Caleb was killed by Galahad, and Jacob died to Naomi. Anahita was killed by Ryner. Saint Andrew was killed by Arthur and Naomi has sustained severe injuries from her encounter with Uriel. At this point the big earthquakes we felt turned out to be Bahamut ending a few disputes and snake shenanigans as well as creating a way for his people to retreat underground into the underworld Song Yi had once urged them to make.

Meanwhile the Jade Empire storm turned out to be Shenlong vs Drakon. Some of the masters didn’t believe that Shenlong really existed and decided to try their luck so they could declare Nazarius crazy. Well they weren’t smart enough to make Shenlong scared to act like Azazel, so that is a surprising amount of dead dragon masters. This also has resulted in Shenlong getting a lot of recruits now that they believe he is real.

Shahira started to begin a mass gathering of all its many estranged people. Enough shit went down that for the first time in about a thousand years or so they decided to stop being nomadic and all get their shit together because this is getting out of hand. Culminating in Dahika Al-Mazah, Ifrit has finally chosen prophets and champions of his own to lead his nation. This also resulted in Zaeed leaving Hale’a to go back home to Shahira, as he decided his people needed him more then you guys did as Ifrit has no pantheon but himself so far. This does bode well for an alliance with Shahira as opposed to their usual neutrality though, and you are neighbors with them as it were.

He left some people in charge of his city for now and left Song Yi as its ruler while he went to go rebuild in Shahira. Since Song Yi lost her capital in the battle with Divya this works out pretty easily, even if she’s uncomfortable with all the gold and expensive stuff around that place.

In other developments, it seems the Vua Cai took initiative once the involvement of Asmodaeus was uncovered in the west. Sacrificing some of their will hidden spies within Si Da, they managed to reveal to the Black Pantheon the same thing you guys learned awhile back that caused this split. Aphrodite’s reaction was basically “I knew it!” as she was originally a Song fangirl.

Amaterasu was overcome with grief as she realized what had happened. She originally went to the former land of Taiyo to see if she could somehow find forgiveness for everything she’d accidentally done. And then she met a Baron Samedi who was in the area conducting field research.  After a long discussion with him she went back to Sthan Thi, and then dark magicked the shit out of the capital while no one was looking. The entire capital is engulfed in another dark magic storm of tremendous size as she did the exact same ritual that brought back Lin Sun. Seeking repentance for her own stupidity in trying to lead a nation while being so out of touch and feeling responsible for everything the demons have been doing she sacrificed herself to bring her sister back, hoping she could do more good then her. Since Ryujin is dead, Izumi’s curse is gone and she is capable of ascending into a full god again but she’s in a demigod state right now. Obviously Izumi went back to Song Yi’s side after getting over her sister’s sacrifice.

So to summarize, everybody is fucked up. Sthan Thi has finally fallen, the Si Da forces are a bit disorganized with all the war stuff going on. Drakon masters picked a fight with Shenlong and lost but survivors converted to the church of giant storm dragon thing. Akhetaten is okay for the most part but recovering from their own battle. Divus is still an active warzone. Si Da might actually be about to fall leaving Lucifer and the demons forced to go find a new nation to hang out with. After Azazel sacrificed mass villages to bait Ryner, the war against Shenlong and Song Yi, and this most recent stunt, they’re running out of resources.


Unfortunately Intel operations in Divus were unable to do much. Divus proves the hardest nation to operate in as they are extremely volatile towards black mages, and as a result they were unable to prevent the death of Orujov despite having a feeling it was coming. Since Orujov was the high inquisitor, they were almost incapable of getting close to him as the inquisitors are known to be the most relentless in their hunt for black mages.

After the battle with Krovkom the church of Sanguinism is actually in pretty good shape when you consider the rest of the world. Svarga is not quite lost but its not really worth that much as its just a wasteland of rubble and the few die hards that still live there and the blood jungle wasn’t really subject to much attack even if a lot of vampires have died now. Kaja may be dead but the order is still around. Anna is the new ruler of the duchy and considered the queen of all vampires since the only one left with the strength to oppose her has no interest and is running around in Divus.

Some people are studying growing coffee now as well. It turns out to grow pretty well here though needs to be near the borders where it isn’t too wet but just wet enough.

neloAfter the death of Abel, Nelo has become the new leader of the Tyrant bloodline and through a series of exploits in the game of blood thrones has taken over managing the duchy. We mention the word managing because the actual ruler is now Anna Von Goethe. With Ryner living in a form of self imposed exile Anna is the most powerful vampire by a wide margin now and basically glared at people until they just gave her Carmilla’s old position.

He is more adept then Alex at politics but we’re far enough down the dracula line that he isn’t very physically powerful and isn’t quite as good as Carmilla so the game of blood thrones continues. He has the protection of Anna in exchange for doing the boring work for her, and her being the official ruler makes him far less targetable since she could just replace him with a new assistant. The general political situation with that has been getting a little weird.

With Anna taking over the duchy, Alex has been with the Crimson Order for the most part since their relationship is a little bit questionable and Anna got the position by declaring it was hers. So far no one has stopped her, on the upside it is highly unlikely she’ll be assassinated.

In non-war and death related news, Ailani and her siblings appear to have a gang of some sort in the jungle. With Ailani’s abilities she has an easy time finding recruits. At fourteen years old she has a small team of black mages that serve as her escort with guest star Hei Song showing up from time to time. Su Shento seems a bit concerned that Ailani just wanders the jungles so nonchalantly but she does have about ten other empowered black mages and Kekoa following her around so she’s not in much danger.

Lin Sun:

Saddles are made, this is one of the easier tech things to get made at least. Riding Kaeta actually turns out to be surprisingly easy as they were somewhat made for that. Vris and Hayate can easily control them, the issue is actually that they are kind of skittish. They’ll fly someone around, but if they approach predators or hit each other in mock battle the Kaeta kind of run away.

The spiders are alright though given the portal to the trade port of Adelaide there is no such thing as excess. Easy to sell and all.

After the battle of ninjas in the heart of Ui’Akini eventually things were sorted out when Freyja finally arrived to help out. Though many professors are dead and a chunk of the library was burned before it could be put out. What stands out is that they didn’t target very many military assets nor cult specific things. They directly went after those who could teach along with artifacts and books. They definitely put a lot of effort into getting to Vris but they didn’t seem to have Intel on what the hell Zhi’s power was because they fell for it repeatedly. Two of Vris’ children were murdered along with her husband, though she seems to barely notice with all the other crap going on. She has two surviving children, and its clear she was definitely a priority target for the attack on the university.

However, not every assassin was ever found. An unknown number must have retreated upon figuring out that getting to Vris wasn’t happening, no one really knows where they went and the university is just decorated with corpses now.


Con Lai:

The war with the snake cult continues with its back and forth. With Jin almost being killed on three occassions but managing to pull through with a bit of luck. He got involved in the battle of Akhetaten on accident because it was just so huge that he had to. This wound up compromising some of the stealth he had built up and now the Snake Cult seems far more wary of his presence along with general discomfort across Akhetaten given that Jin and Mariah are black mages even if the rest of their shinobi buddies are not.

The quest for internal spies continues to go on, though nothing exciting as a big name has been found yet.

Naomi for the most part will take any military support if it comes to a throwdown between her and the angels of heaven. Though other then that she really just wants to find Jeb and kill him.

The shinobi were unable to capture Jebediah. This is because he is under extremely heavy guard and the public are not allowed to see him since Naomi is very aggressively hunting him. The primary issue is actually finding him at all.

The attack on Adelaide itself seemed more like a suicide attack. Several snake cultists were eventually found and killed but not before causing massive damage to the docks, ships, and warehouses. Dismantling as much of the Vua Cai’s trade network or faith in it as possible. Military ships seem to have escaped being targeted so the navy is still around at least.

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I wonder if we’re going to need more players again at this rate


Si Da moves through Shahira to the northern border. With all militaries tied up with all the other ongoing wars in every direction the only opponent Azazel deals with is Song Yi, who accomplished nearly nothing despite her power and wound up getting respawned after essentially falling into three traps in a row and being taken down by Van Djao. Spies report that Krovkom is likely in league with Si Da at least a little bit.

Meanwhile Shenlong’s forces, though messed up from battling Si Da, are offering to help if Con Lai gives them the door at the Imperial Throne they need to get their forces to Svarga. This does, however, include Nazarius and his crew who at the behest of Shenlong intends to prevent the temple of Brahma from getting into Si Da’s hands. Raijin and Fujin have also gone to Svarga to prepare to lend assistance. The politics of Krovkom vs Nazarius/Shenlong basically amounts to this new continent being their lawless lands and the two of them are battling for power and influence Krovkom seems willing to team up with Si Da, but Nazarious already threw his lot in with Shenlong.

Meanwhile, the dark storm over Doi Cho Len seems to be developing more strange behaviors and Baron Samedi has come back to the main continent to study it in person.

Back in the west, Naomi manages to start a whole lot of chaos anyways since no one stopped her before she went after Nergal’s new high prophet. That and it had been a month anyways and stopping her is already enough of a headache.

After engaging the paladins in another fight, Saint David, Andrew, and Rachel have sided with Naomi. It actually went a bit better then expected since all those paladins kept their powers which lent a lot of credit to their claims. Arthur stays on the side of the church, but his trusted knight Galahad feels Naomi might be right. But Orujov decided that his job is to investigate this in both directions anyways and the inquisition has utilized their ultimate power. Allowed to overrule even the king in moments of extreme necessity, Orujov has declared martial law under his now autocratic rule until his investigation goes one way or another.

However, while Arthur, Galahad, and Orujov are all for “lets see how this pans out” the angels are a bit less tentative and Uriel immediately called for Naomi to be killed before the madness spreads further through Divus thanks to her. This has made the projected civil war go somewhat all over the place, while a surprisingly large portion of the nation is at least willing to let the Inquisition reach a verdict a smaller but more aggressive portion feels the need to defend the nation from Eli’s corrupting influence and have taken immediate action in trying to hunt down and kill Naomi. So the masses are undecided, but a few minorities are taking immediate action on both sides. Naomi collapsed the entire cathedral with her initial assault on Jebediah, who managed to escape a falling building somehow.



All the planning goes well except that Krovkom still seems content to watch as Lucifer engages Song Yi to the north among the wild lands, gathering data and all.

So far no one who knows the plans seems to be relaying them to anyone else.

Con Lai:

Blessings delivered.

Counterintelligence sent around, but without actually attacking any of those locations its impossible to tell if any of them counter any leaked plan as no possible targets have started doing anything abnormal that might be related to them.

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Quick update



Overall the attack was a success and Svarga was retaken, though the place is even more of a wasteland then before. Kaja even managed to almost kill Krovkom with his apparent super strength driving them to retreat from the city for now. Though Elvira murdered Jericho before the retreat was sounded and a lot of vampires died as the enemy seemed conveniently well armed for dealing with them. Emilia supposes the ones who swapped sides told Krovkom’s forces the entire rundown of how to kill vampires. Anna was almost killed but managed to retreat before being burned to death.

Meanwhile CTU is getting into the thick of it back on the home front. The entire nation still proves very easy to infiltrate, while invasion is near impossible due to the wild spirits simply walking in and taking a look around is very simple. The conspiracy grows deeper as Nergal’s involvement is detected. What actually worries Emilia most isn’t that they found evidence that Nergal is messing with you guys, but that she hasn’t found any kind of evidence that Asmodaeus is involved. No one knows what Asmodaeus has been up to for the last year, and that’s terrifying.

Also despite holding Svarga, Azazel’s forces are still on approach so should probably figure out what to do about that one.


Con Lai:

The hunt for Nergal is on, though the slight problem is most of the snake cultists seem to have no idea of Nergal’s involvement with them at all. So even when interrogated by An Lahn they have nothing relevant to demon involvement. While progress against the cult itself isn’t going too badly, it is not directly associated with Nergal and his involvement is without their knowledge. However, some progress is made in finding out more about Nergal’s secret legion. In particular, while the actual spy hasn’t been found, certain events indicate someone in the nation definitely works for Nergal. Which we’ll cover after next paragraph.

The plan to kill and replace Moses goes well enough, Ishikama is very good at his job. The replacement was chosen by Ishikama since Naomi had no one she trusted to do the job, all was going swimmingly for the first three weeks and then the new false prophet was publicly called out on being a fraud. Actually it went exactly like Naomi’s first plan, and after some persuasive arguments said prophet was killed by the High Inquisitor in open combat. Instating a new high prophet once again and making Divus as a whole somewhat uncertain.

On the upside, all this hunting for Nergal managed to root out the truth that Nergal figured out the plan and did it faster so we do know he is behind it. On the downside, it is almost certain he found out the plan and hijacked it because of someone in Hale’a telling him what was up. Coincidentally at the same time he overtook the high prophet, Naomi came under attack by Si Da agents including Moraxus. Fortunately Moraxus was slain despite his efforts, Naomi is recovering from the fight but already on the move towards Divus.


ryoka Technically the niece of Ishikama, she is a member of the Hanzo clan and as such is one of those sneaky assassin types. Unlike Ishikama’s style of being ignored, she often works by exploiting her allure. She is notably well spoken and is talented at posing as a noble, though this would be hard to do in anywhere except Taiyo given her clear ethnicity.

She has actually performed relatively few missions as the Hanzo clan kept her at home most of the time unless it was absolutely necessary to utilize her since Taiyo isn’t particularly fond of sending women to murder other people. She is proficient at assassination but she is otherwise more of a house noble.

mariahOne of the former pirate raiders, she is a black mage from Thykenae with the rare destruction aspect. Her particular version of it allows her to cause existing damage to continually increase if she can touch the object or person. For example, a ship with a crack in the hull might find the crack keeps growing until the whole ship breaks apart. This makes her highly effective at property destruction and murdering people with tough regenerative powers.

She’s really only here because the paycheck was pretty neat and Rackham was dead at the time she was asked. Plus the ship and crew she was given also kept her around. In short, she’s not a particularly altruistic individual but as long as you keep her paid and supplied she’ll kill people for you.


Roster Update

With the Divus and Nergal issues I decided to throw in the bosses of the major branches.

king-arthur Somewhat obvious, the king of Divus. He’s a bit older now days but back in his youth he has been on many adventures, there could be many volumes published on his many tales.

In the modern day he tends to just hang out in the capital as running around and getting into wars is a bit tough on the old guy, unlike black mages he doesn’t remain in fighting shape well into his 80’s or anything. He wields Excalibur, the most powerful artifact anyone has ever heard of, so even if he’s old that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


galahadOne of the round table knights and the son of founding member Lancelot. Galahad was so worthy a knight that at one point he managed to ascend to heaven itself while still alive, and he received the powers and blessings attributed normally to paladins. He would go on to become the leader of the templars and now is basically in charge of the military. He is considered the greatest hero in all of Divus for his many adventures and his intense code of honor. He holds the aspect powers of phyisque and his weapon has the force aspect similar to Kaja or Velius.



orujovLeader of the inquisitors, Orujov is an intense man who has been able to reduce grown men into whimpering children with just his gaze alone. His artifact weapon has the ability to teleport him up to a range of about twenty five miles. It isn’t spectacularly impressive but it works well for his batman methodology of hunting down people and being spooky. In all he isn’t terribly scary in combat compared to some of the black mage champions despite his skill, but within Divus he is still a major figure.



jebediahNew-new leader of the Divus church. We have intel that strongly suggests this is actually an agent of Si Da and was definitely put into power by the actions of Nergal.

So far he’s a pretty nice old guy and is just settling into his position as far as anyone can tell. Figuring out the ins and outs of ruling the church with the assistance of those around him.


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Year of the Snake

Shentu Wo: 3429 Power, 2,716 Followers
Kikai Senso: 9,910Power, 350 Followers, Next Form Progress: 28%
Lin Sun: 1,040Power, 875 Followers
Con Lai: 2431 Power, 3, 821 Followers
Caine: 5064 Power, 1,785 Followers

The Snake cult has been heavily damaged in Akhetaten with the Vua Cai taking over operations. While Sheridan was a good information hunter it was largely because of his power as a glamor vampire. The shinobi house of Hanzo led by Jin is far more effective in this clandestine war spanning multiple nations. Several of their movements have been discovered and with the help of Emilia we figured out just how deep they have infiltrated Hale’a Jeongsin already.

Now for the bad news, its a pretty deep web and they struck once again. Adelaide ports are burning, Abel is dead, Rena is dead, Ilo Hae is dead, and there were several other prominent assassinations carried out within a single mass orchestrated day. Vris was also a target of an attack but Johnathan Zhi prevented it with his fancy perception powers. Lo’c was also a target of assassination but that one was thwarted by the fact that Lo’c apparently didn’t realize he’d been poisoned and suffered no effects. The only reason anyone even noticed was because Roku caught the assassin due to an entirely unrelated investigation. However, the Jinko want Lo’c moved to Kagayakashi and locked up tight before they go after him again. Also concerning, several Jinko project chassis’ were stolen and have not been recovered.

On an amusing note, they also tried to gain an alliance with the pirates to further their agenda of just total chaos. It seemed the perfect alliance, until they apparently forgot that unlike Rackham – Eli does not tolerate their religious beliefs and killed them. Since their plan is to release a god from its imprisonment, they’re on the Atlantean shit list now too.

The Moses project was actually pretty easy for Ishikama Hanzo. Despite this being the biggest hit on the entire list, even factoring in the snake boys, Hanzo accomplished it without any problems at all and sent Moses to meet An Lahn Tien. Who also managed to easily extract the conspiracy from Moses to confirm what Naomi believed, he can’t speak to Jehova at all. No one can. However, Jehovah can still grant blessings and Moses can control who they go to. However, there is no way to indicate who to revoke them from as the way he tells which ones should receive it is by presenting the individual before the altar and making some gestures that Jehovah seems to have figured out as “please bless this dude”. Though the level of Jehovah’s involvement is questionable, if he really comprehends why they want the blessings or what they’re used for is up for debate.

However, the spy network cannot find any further conspirators actually in on it other then two cardinals. It turns out each time a new high prophet is chosen they are let in on whats going on, if they weren’t already one of the two, and given a lot of reasons to keep it going. In fact, the illusion that Moses does speak to Jehovah has a lot of major benefits in keeping away a lot of scary things like the snake cult or more bold demonic moves as well as deeper corruption within the ruling powers and church. Reports also indicate many will join her side purely to uproot the church and shake up the established order, usually in a way that will benefit them more then staying in their current living situation. Given the close proximity of the church to the ruling powers, it is expected most higher ranked nobles will side with the church whereas lower ranked ones might go with Naomi except for those who are truly faithful to the church as Moses has portrayed it.

While we’re at it Naomi also feels it might be super important to actually tell people what Excalibur does in case that impacts people’s planning. It is, obviously, the most famous and powerful weapon in the known world but the stories of what it does changes dramatically between sightings and tales. The truth is, it learns the power of any other weapon that comes within its vicinity and permanently gains the abilities of that weapon at its own power level, since it is the most powerful artifact weapon in the world that usually means its more powerful then whatever it stole the ability from.

Meanwhile to the east, Drakon has taken over Svarga. Everyone in it has either been enslaved by Krovkom or murdered. A large part of the problem came from within, traitors sold out information on its defenses and assisted in sabotaging them as well which made it easy for the striders to completely overpower those who remained loyal. However, despite now holding the city Krovkom seems to leave the temple of Brahma alone. Innokenti passed word on from Shenlong that if anyone messed with that temple he would personally incarnate and kill them. They haven’t actually learned what the gates are according to our spies. Shenlong has been careful not to tell them about it and instead spoke more of the sacredness of Brahma.

Moraxus of Si Da managed to encounter and kill the Strider of Nazarious Galina, though for the most part Si Da has opted to leave Nazarious’ legion alone now. The Jade empire is already damaged enough and it is defensively focused as it cannot really attack the Jakaal remnant now that the Pit is destroyed. Instead, Si Da “Invaded” Shahira. Turns out Shahira doesn’t give enough of a shit though and so they’ve been allowed to just pass through along the sands to avoid the wild lands that Song Yi has turned against them. They seem to be moving around the Jade Empire and the now powerful colonies of Nazarius to try and get to Svarga. Since Nazarius does not really know or care about the importance of Svarga he isn’t really trying to stop them and instead focusing on expanding his new empire. He seems to be colonizing the Lengdon mountains specifically, someone had to pin Song Yi down to stop her from going to attack them.


On the upside Emilia is pretty good at homeland security and already found 18 traitorous individuals within the nation. On the downside this means she found out your nation is pretty much infiltrated on every level. Vua Cai movements are sold to Atlanteans, Si Da champions live in the jungles to kill off or recruit your best up and comers, Svarga is basically just a mess all around, doomsayers report to Drakon from within the Aetas, this goes on and on. This is primarily because not necessarily all these things are actual enemy spies, just citizens who will sell information about you guys to others. Song Yi has always led her nation with an open nature, as you may recall she held government meetings in the gardens that all of Yaosai could attend. This has made it exceptionally easy for anyone else to find out whatever they wanted about you, and is a large factor in how the cult of Apophis assassinated so many people so quickly.

Speaking of which – three more high ranking vampires, including Abel, were also recently assassinated during the more fledging stages of Emilia’s agency. Kaja predicts they’re trying to piss you off enough to get a reaction that could devolve into further chaos.

We also found out the snake cult tried to contact Atlantis for assistance in spreading their anarchic dream. They apparently forgot that just because Eli spreads chaos doesn’t mean he’ll tolerate their religious beliefs. So that delegate team died.

Sheridan has largely sounded a full retreat from Akhetaten as ordered, this snake cult shit is getting out of hand and the Vua Cai seem to be taking over this show under the command of Jin Zhang with the shinobi house of Hanzo.

Unfortunately, Hayate can find no orcs with the actual talent to become blademasters. Only Kekoa has the violent nature needed to be a full blown warrior. He could train some anyways though, just no gaurantee they’ll be comparable to a paladin or vampire.

While the plan to intercept the tyrants and send them home went fairly well, they aren’t happy about it. After the night of the assassinations in which Abel died, several of them went rogue again. Many are now hunting the snakes without supervision and some even act on behalf of Atlantis now. With so many tyrant vampires leaving the  nation, the Feral Scion seems to have also disappeared. Later in the year he would reappear with an entire clan of ferals again, now flying the banner of Krovkom.

A long and lengthy network of tunnels runs under Divya with the help of Bahamut though no action is currently being taken. However, a lot of Templars are sitting around your place in Hale’a along with Akhetaten and Altepetl ready to march on Krovkom as was arranged for previously.

Alex maintains power in the vacuum Carmilla left through pure force. With the Crimson Order loyal, she was able to use them to overwhelming threaten anyone who tried to cross her. While things are still overall a  mess, she’s not doing too bad at damage control. Emilia has her under heavy guard, she is likely to be the next target of the Cult of Apophis if they don’t take you leaving Akhetaten as surrender at least.

Lin Sun:

Despite the assassination attempt Vris doesn’t seem all that phased. Even when the would-be assassin was caught just minutes before trying to kill her she didn’t look up from her project and just mumbled something about them dealing with it. So she’s handling it well.


Con Lai:

With Sheridan pulling out of Akhetaten, its now the Vua Cai’s show in dealing with the snake cult. Fortunately, you have a bunch of ninjas. Unfortunately, just as Shento discovered, they retaliate pretty hard. The Vua Cai in general have never really dealt with this kind of sneaky cult and one of the main ports in Adelaide was set on fire, while the perpetrators were found and killed, thus identified, it didn’t stop the damaging effects very well. While it wasn’t the whole place and only two or three ships burned, all were visiting merchants and not members of your own fleet. This has been a major blow to PR and the port’s commerce. Fortunately the monopoly on the river of dreams makes it hard for them to get too worried just yet at least. But Jin and the gang report that this is just starting. While they uprooted another cult base of operations, several members of his team were assassinated over the last few months as well. Malati was killed when she found Maliken himself, and then promptly lost that fight.

Rena was assassinated by the snake cult as well, which definitely didn’t help the PR problem of the burning ships. Jin’s Report indicates that Nergal’s apprentice Maliken was directly responsible for the entire night of murders throughout Hale’a. Though he has been unable to actually find Maliken, he also has discerned the cult of Apophis is not entirely aware he is working with them and helping them along. Granted, exposing that proves to be near impossible given the skillset of Nergal’s forces.

Submarine progress: They can make it go under water, but not come back up. Lo’c still hasn’t worked out how to do that second part, at least its easy to retrieve the prototype from the dock.

As for the drakon spying, the most notable weakness they find could be exploited is the Dragon Master’s individual greed as they try to build their wealth to gain status and power. They theorize the more reasonable masters could be negotiated with and bribed if the wealth was sufficiently appealing. They also found out that while it isn’t obvious back home to you guys, by the talks of dragons here it is clear this very weakness is being exploited by Mammon and that is how Krovkom suddenly appeared and decided to take over Svarga very specifically even if he didn’t know the wasteland of a city’s significance.



The Jinko want Lo’c kept safe at Kagayakashi. Lo’c says thats silly and doesn’t want to be locked up in a dungeon for his own security. Roku’s entire strike team is now just hovering around Lo’cs general vicinity on full paranoid guard until a more official order is handed out for dealing with the subject.


The nation takes a major blow as Ilo Hae is somehow assassinated. As the primary PR figure, the loss was rather prominent and has sparked outrage. Without orders several of the hunters are now dispersing across the nation looking for snake cultists out of a mix of revenge and paranoia.


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What would Nergal do?

Stories of Lore 21

Shentu Wo: 3118 Power, 2,846 Followers
Kikai Senso: 9,665 Power, 285 Followers, Next Form Progress: 28%
Lin Sun: 835 Power, 878 Followers
Con Lai: 3987 Power, 4, 152 Followers
Caine: 4627 Power, 1,803 Followers

Naomi captured!

And then things became more complicated instantaneously. She can’t be cured because she isn’t being driven insane, she was simply given information regarding the likelihood that Moses can’t actually speak to Jehovah. Problem is that information was given to her by Eli, while several factors point to this likely being the truth Eli could have just killed either her or moses during his attack if he had felt like it. He clearly wants this fight to happen. Its also likely that the snake cult of chaos would love it too, and of course Si Da would just adore it if Naomi sent Divus into a civil war. Also if we went to war with them because of this, we probably wouldn’t get their support against the Drakon anymore until Naomi won (assuming she does win).

Such a war benefits a lot of the enemies, but would also deal terrible damage to the western alliance against the Drakon or Si Da as Divus has the largest standing army. However, Naomi brings up a solid point. If Moses is manipulating the nation for his own agenda, what agenda is it? Jehovah is the most powerful of the gods and is the sole guardian of the western gate, leaving a corrupt order in control of all that could result in some things going terribly wrong terribly fast. Her powers have not been revoked, which lends credibility to the concept that she is correct and something fishy is afoot.

To the first person who says “lets just deal with this after we deal with this other problem”. Song Yi points out there is no shortage of problems. Ignore this for convenience now and we might as well commit to it forever because there are more Drakon coming, Si Da is still alive, and she’s willing to bet her palace that the instant you solve any of those problems more problems will show up. If not just showing up anyways.

In other revelations, Ryner was not prepped for the spirits to fight Drakon. They had no idea the Drakon even existed as was revealed when Song queried them about it. They were preparing for what appears to be a Divus civil war which could be catastrophic and destabilize the entire west. However, Song has also learned which spirits prepared Ryner to be their agent of war. Hei Lang was the primary spirit that moved Lhin Thu and Ryner to prepare for something big and was definitely the one that sent Ryner to the Jakaal for his own amusement. So this just adds onto the pile of “this is definitely something all the bad guys want to happen”.

Meanwhile back at Akhetaten, the war with the snake cult continues in the shadows. Corruption in the government revealed and dealt with thanks to the work of our meddling heroes.

In their investigations they crossed paths with Nitetis, no major members died on either side of the battle and Nitetis retreated thus sacrificing the hideout the team discovered. Even when the cult set fire to it during their escape to try and erase as much evidence as possible, Jin’s elemental spirit blade sort of fixed that before it got too out of control and some objects and plans were recovered which led to further investigation.

One of the weirder discoveries is their current attempt to do everything they possibly can with Lamia to make her have children and see if they can somehow bestow her mutation onto others as they like the snake thing, and she is strong enough to fight black mages which Nitetis cannot comfortably do.

While almost all encounters are a battle of mysteries and social manipulations lately, it just keeps going deeper. The cult turns out to be almost as old as the nation itself, it has never been completely wiped out just set back in its goals and thwarted.

Then they retaliated. Carmilla was killed right in her own home. No one knows how they managed to do it but she was definitely burned to death. The spirits were able to track down the assassin, but they had already committed suicide to avoid being captured.

Given her public importance her sudden death was impossible to hide, and the vampires became pissed off. Without waiting for orders the entire Tyrant clan has suddenly left Hale’a for Akhetaten despite Sheridan’s advice about that being a bad idea. He’d much rather have Anna since they can’t poison her or anything, but she didn’t like Carmilla in the first place. More then that though, Akhetaten doesn’t want the entire tyrant clan coming over there looking for revenge on a cult who blends in with civilians, on the verge of this whole Moses vs Naomi thing this could cause the political situation to become a lot more complicated. Alexandria is a little depressed her favored mentor died and the


Spying on the Drakon has yielded the basics of them being terrifying but also that they regularly run military drills and act highly defensively just like Nazarius does while trying to deal with the Jakaal. They are expecting the savages of the land to fight with guerilla tactics since thats pretty much all the Jakaal do. Also one spy observes the champion of Krovkom, Elvira, to be organizing a special team of striders but for one purpose he can’t discern.

The alliance call works out pretty well because Krovkom is threatening Svarga, the city with a gate. The templars and some of Akhetaten’s military agreed to come help out on this one. Though its a long trip. Altepetl agreed to go as well but they’re extremely weak lately after the Saldis conversion and their support will be minimal.

Obviously as the general section covered, Carmilla was killed by some snake cultist.

emilia-fortunatoPerhaps a more unconventional paladin, she earned the rank through capability but isn’t of the heavily armored variety. She was already a trained warrior before entering the order and is actually not associated with the original gang of knights you’ve recruited…despite also coming from Divus. Seriously what is it with you and Divus people, is it like your fetish or…?

Emilia is more of the rogue type and specializes in urban operations and improvised solutions. While Kaja and Jericho are clearly battlefield knights, Emilia is more of the type you keep with you when you don’t want to be super obvious about it. Despite that she is an adept commander as are all paladins and has her own team composed of heavy infantry, calvalry, and more “scouts” like herself. This team is not as large as the full blown armies that Kaja has, but because of its variety she is good at adapting to the needs of the objective. What she does really well is fight in conditions where a typical commander would not have enough intel to comfortably operate since she herself is capable of operating as a scout and implying information.

Her black magic aspect is the moon, which really operates very similarly to any other light aspect but just colored differently. She shoots lasers. Her upper level of destructive potential can wipe out a house, but that will effectively be all she does for that fight. She prefers smaller bursts to use as a ranged tool, hence the lack of ranged weapon on her person despite being a scout/ranger/rogue who typically tend to have a bow or crossbow (stereotypically at least).

Personality wise she’s very relaxed and somewhat arrogant in her own capability. Often taking on things that might get out of hand, while her unique talent is to properly read a situation while lacking information that can also be her downfall if she guesses a key detail wrong. She is also unnecessarily cruel at times, the combination of her arrogance and mean streak often leaves her playing with her prey like a cat just for her own entertainment. She actually was one of the people who taught Alex while Alex was with the paladins training, since her methods lend well to Alex’s powers.

Lin Sun:

Well the basic summary of Oydis is that her bow is death aspected and she’s somewhat of a viking hunter. She’s super nice about the game of telephone in attempt to talk to her though. She’s actually a commander more so then a combatant though.

Ranks and artifacts are awkwardly shuffled around for maximum efficiency, though it is awkward to demote and strip someone of an artifact just because a new person showed up at the academy.

Kaisa is super powerful ice mage again with the blessing and coat.

The university mostly focuses on general education with a few specialist classes. As most people in the world are not multi-lingual and a lot of them are outright illiterate basic education is a major function and draw of the place. Higher education with the specialists currently is based on history, a few explore the concepts of magic and aspects in a basic course but those seeking to really delve into those must travel to learn from the cults of Shento or Isis.

You go for a walk around Hale’a. All is going fine until one day you wake up with a massive hangover in some golden palace. You can’t remember anything that happened the day before and you are forced to join Zaeed in a series of wild shenanigans to uncover the mystery of your night out.

Con Lai:

All that Naomi stuff from the general section.

Meanwhile your clever spies in Drakon continue to nap for intel delivery. The latest they have discovered about Drakon is that the nation isn’t actually united in its attempt to colonize the newly discovered land to the west. Each master is acting of its own accord in a bid for power, the lords typically don’t see a need to go as they already have power. While the nation is technically one united empire, colonization are currently private investments and ventures. Which is why the dragon masters back home aren’t exactly working in sync with each other. However, Vechnost is sending a team of “ambassadors” to meet Shenlong, its all the talk of the town as they try to learn more about the mysterious storm dragon of the new land.

River of dreams

Rena is a pretty popular governor. Even though people are sometimes iffy on the woman leadership thing in this world (since you and Song are gods it is still a bit abnormal) Rena is like, super awesome. And cheats given what her ability is.

Hanzo suggests that his particular house of Shinobi may be beset off dealing with the snake cult in Akhetaten, that would fall into their specialty after all. Though, with the current political situation looking risky, depends what future plans are. Though he will easily accept a blessing, one more tool in his arsenal after all.


Well with some good timing on Nila’s part the hunting team did manage to take down Naomi, who didn’t seem to realize the bullets had sleep poison since she clearly intended to just tank it. Milenkosi performed the old snatch and grab to take her to the dream prison before anything else could go wrong. But that left your team to contend with a mysterious ally of hers. After half the environment was destroyed, Milenkosi came back to calm Ryner down before he ended up murdering some of the hunters.  An issue which came up since none of your followers had ever seen him before today.

Meanwhile the continuous adventures of Ilo Hae prove to be going alright, though she points out as a nation there is a lack of direction. While they do okay on their own hunting, staying alive, or just joining other teams in targeting various assets, some people are feeling a little out of place when in war time they have no passionate target to hunt. She advises beginning the hunt for the Kraken soon, or dragons, something to give them a sense of vigor. Even if doing so means probably a lot of them will die though.

Kikai Senso:

The robots almost left without everyone else to go fight dragons but eventually were stopped. They’re always eager for more death and war. So while waiting, all hail the spiky tree.

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Roster Update

serbes Revealed to be the high prophet of Apophis among the snake cult people. Serbes is exceptionally intelligent and could rival Nergal’s demons in their craft. He is incredibly elusive despite making grand appearances for his cult at secretive meetings and is now known to be the orchestrator behind dozens of diabolical plots.

With his powers as a high prophet he can cause chaotic and random effects that sometimes make no sense at all. What makes it particularly dangerous is that he seems to know what his power just did while everyone else is still trying to figure it out, giving him a tactical advantage.


NitetisA champion of Apophis, also a mystic. With the powers of a champion blessing she can materialize spirits like Sarnai, Locust, and Makaio could. The kicker is that all her spirits are venomous ethereal snakes reminiscent of the way Locust wielded his spirit swarm.

She is typically one of the major figurehead warriors and rarely appears as her particular job is more overt then the operations of the cult. However, if backed into a corner the cult will rely on her more dramatic abilities to protect them.


KateschTechnically his profession is assassin. Kaesch is capable of creating snakes and then commanding them. A feature he uses to kill people in the night since most homes are not snake proof when the snake is genuinely attempting to get in. In direct combat he can just throw snakes at people, not too scary compared to black mages but still fairly dangerous as one bite can be fatal.




A major figurehead for the cult, Lamia is originally a Thykenian that was brought into it after the takeover. Her lower body is that of a snake’s, and they found her like this before she was even a member of the cult. Turns out Thykenae already has some snakey people with Medusa and Lamia.

She was one of the many mistress’ of Zeus and when Hera took revenge by taking all her children away Lamia went mad with grief and started to eat the children of others. Eventually this unlocked her black mage aspect and she became all snakey. As with all morphed aspects, her physical strength and abilities are very high. Now blessed by Apophis her morphed physique is even stronger. She is also an oracle though doesn’t have overt uses for that like Nitetis does.

SamyazaWith Saldis’ recent return to Si Da after so long, the demon Samyaza has entered into her service and become her champion. As a demonic deathspeaker she has a pet undead dragon from that earlier attempt to attack Sthan Thi directly and wields ethereal death magic along her new bone army. As a major demon she has superior strength and physical capabilities as well.




Chin HuiAnother hidden strider within the Jade Empire that Innokenti found. His weapon is blessed by Shenlong and is deceptive. It looks like a decorated log, its actually a giant cannon. Similar to the hellfire cannon’s on the Heretic, it fires magic not projectiles so there is no traditional barrel or anything. It happens to feature mostly electrical influences, such is the element of Shenlong.

Chin Hui is actually a really great guy though, he is more concerned with protecting his home then fighting on the offense. He is described as “jolly” by most.


ElviraOne of the striders from the blood dragon’s domain. Elvira is wickedly powerful and holds rank similar to that of Dmitry, she’s the chosen personal champion of Krovkom. Along with the strider physique, she notably possesses the powers of hemomancy and is as refined in the art as Dracula was. No one other then Shento himself is going to match her skill or raw power in the art as it currently stands.

Her personality can be summed up as “evil bitch” and she loyally serves Krovkom. Judging by the fact he likes her, it can be assumed he will also be just as aggressive and cruel as her once he decides it is time to act.

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Shentu Wo: 3064 Power, 3,136 Followers
Kikai Senso: 9,468 Power, 235 Followers, Next Form Progress: 28%
Lin Sun: 780 Power, 750 Followers
Con Lai: 5477 Power, 3, 858 Followers
Caine: 4307 Power, 1,761 Followers


Eli attacked Solium (the Divus Capital) in the middle of the day. After his visit Naomi went insane and tried to kill Moses. She collapsed the entire grand cathedral and her fight with the other paladins wrecked a city block, but she was stopped by the other paladins though managed to get away. Eli’s appearance was surprisingly brief but the city has fallen into chaos as a result. Moses issued a statement that Eli is to be blamed for this, and Naomi will be remembered for what she did when she was truly herself. That being said, if Eli somehow controls her in a way that he cannot heal (as he already tried) then she has to be killed. She is one of the most dangerous people in Divus and now she’s serving Atlantis as far as they can tell.

Meanwhile back in Akhetaten’s expanded territory, the rebellious acts of terrorism continue. However, Akhetaten have engaged them in a dangerous game of espionage and uncovered Maliken’s influence. However, that didn’t mean much as knowing he’s here has only made the situation escalate in paranoia. No one knows what his power actually is yet, but being the chosen heir of Nergal can’t mean anything good.

The new dragon cult of Drakon that follows Shenlong have established a new high prophet of Shenlong since his own died when the Jakaal razed the Imperial Throne. That’ll be in the roster update, but taking on a strider high prophet has strengthened his ties to the Imperiya even if still unofficial since he hasn’t sworn loyalty to Vechnost yet, and the strider was found in his own country by Innokenti for him.

Si Da and the Drakon continue to clash, Drakon easily pushes the demon armies back but have regular losses against the heroes of Si Da. Van Djao outright snapped a dragon’s neck with his bare hands and has left some gruesome stories behind that make Drakon a little wary of just charging into Si Da’s home territory. Though for the most part, Si Da is back in its own borders.

The conflict turned out to be a valuable source of information about Van Djao though, people with high regeneration seem to survive his gaze. Dmitry was able to fully withstand it and keep fighting but was overpowered by Van Djao’s raw strength and combat skill. Due to how long Dmitry stood up to Van Djao it sparked interest and the Jade Empire started asking questions that agents of Carmilla and Con Lai’s realm managed to deduce information on. Spies report that Dmitry is actually not very high on the totem pole of striders as he merely works as a replaceable champion for Nazarius. The ones that work directly for lords like Innokenti are reportedly vastly more powerful then Dmitry.

Fortunately all that Drakon stuff is mostly focused on Si Da, but with Si Da retreating into its own land Drakon has acquire time to regroup and strategize further colonization efforts.

Meanwhile, across the wasteland of Taiyo and Divya, other Dragon Masters seem to be setting up their own little colony outposts that are unassociated with Nazarius. Since Taiyo was evacuating and Divya was destroyed there isn’t that much resistance but Svarga is currently under threat by Krovkom who demands submission to him. A small group of vampires seemed Krovkomto have joined him although they were rogue already so its not a significant loss.

The spy network reports that Krovkom, like Nazarius, serves a dragon lord of similar aspect. These dragon lords are still back at the Drakon mainland watching over their own respective kingdoms while the young masters travel to the new world in search of their own fortunes. Though Krovkom has definitely come to see about this whole beacon thing the blood aspects can all sense.


Meanwhile Altepetl has become just a little more integrated into Hale’a and vice versa. Though under Song Yi’s “don’t you dare” gaze they put down the dark magic they’ve been exploring since not only did Saldis leave but it just keeps making all kinds of other problems. Isis’ explains her phase in exploring it didn’t go well and that they should probably stop before they get too deep like she did and unlike her, a god of magic, its likely they wouldn’t be able to escape once the powers behind it started getting greedy.

In all things are actually going pretty well for you guys with consideration to the last few clusterfucks you got into. I mean sure shit is happening all over the world but locally things are pretty sweet right now.

Also roster updates!

saint joanReplacing Naomi, Saint Joan immediately became Paladin #1. She was originally a member of the templars as one of the high commanders but with the sudden emergency to replace Naomi she was given the blessings of a paladin and relieved of her command in the templars. Her weapon blessing lets her bring the wrath of heaven to wherever she wants. She can summon angels anywhere at any time. Though it specifically has to be angels, other paladins and templars don’t appear to work and she doesn’t seem to be able to send them back home quickly. Though they are authentic, she can summon Anahita or Uriel for example.

Her aspect blessing lets her act in similar fashion to a war flag’s banner. But the power of it is determined by the number of people present not her own abilities. Convenient that she can summon people.

Tena XueqinI suspect no one remembers her story from Doi Cho Len so here we go. Her grandfather was a Lengdonian who did not complete the traditional rite of climbing the mountain alone and instead emigrated far to the west in shame and settled down in Akhetaten. His son would later go on to the west and settle down in Divus where he met Tena’s mother.

Tena herself wasn’t of noble enough birth to get much attention in Divus and chose to travel back east to Doi Cho Len when the revelations of the black pantheon happened. She has the genetics of  Lengdonian though her family is two generations removed from the culture. However, at the age of thirty two she made it to the top of Yaosai by herself just to claim that she passed the ancient Lengdonian ritual. Sure Lengdon was already dead at this point, but she did it because she could. Later she’d go hang out with Lin Sun. She’s one of those who are greatly inspired by Song Yi but she liked the whole Aetas preservation creed thing and Song Yi is kind of inaccessible now days. So she’s Aetas now.

Her black magic aspect is war and she has the power to become part of the field of battle. Because of this she can not only perceive anything anyone under her command can, but she can give people the will to act how she wants them to without having to even talk to them. She is a dangerous commander with this power of mass perception and command during battle and as the former Vithanyalai professor of war she knows how to exploit this to its fullest. However, she is generally an educator and hasn’t been sent to actual war in a very long time. She is the sole survivor of Doi Cho Len’s destruction because her ability let her see it happening and avoid the things that killed everyone else around her.

Yeah her entry is long as she’s one of the first characters and has a full page in the pdf about her.

joseph sheridanI suppose we might as well actually acknowledge him now then. Sheridan is one of Carmilla’s spies and travels the world extracting information and seducing everything in his path on accident. The Glamor vampires are almost all made by Carmilla and she tends to pick the good looking sort to get close to, Sheridan was a pretty obvious choice for her.

Like all glamor vampires he can hypnotically control people who look directly into his eyes if he can hold their focus. He isn’t as powerful as Carmilla who can control everyone around her, but its effective for intel gathering. He also has the strength, regeneration, and speed you would expect of a vampire even of the glamor line.

ishimotoHe’s back, with Raijin’s cult in a mess thanks to his time away and Ryujin dead Ishimoto was adopted by Raijin to be the new high prophet. With the sword of Hayashi that the Aetas returned, Ishimoto now has the exact same powers that Hayashi did, even if he isn’t as good at performing the trick yet or exploiting the electrical powers to its fullest yet.




galilaNew high prophet for Zaeed. We all know how he picked her and why he picked her and what her abilities are now. Moving right along.






oydisFreyja found a new friend. She’s a viking type obviously, and she has the power of a death aspect bow. Unlike Astrid, Oydis is not a black mage and only has the aspect abilities from Freyja’s blessing. So she’s a bit weak in comparison to others. She’s super friendly though.





lu taoHis great great grandpa was a famous warrior and ever since then everyone in the family line has been exceptional in the field of battle. Innokenti’s discovery that they have a dragon aspect family line explains that.

Anyone who recognizes his family name trembles in fear at the mere mention of him, and though he is a young warrior who simply travels the land, his skills exceed hardened veterans. With the help of Krovkom, Lu’s full potential was realized. Blessed by Shenlong, Lu Tao is a strider of the storm. He can control lightning, wind, and rain in equal measure. While not as powerful as Fujin or Raijin in their specific areas, Lu Tao has never needed super powers to destroy his enemies before. So now its just a bonus at this point.

umetsuSomeone left Kikai, Lo’c, and Isis alone for too long and mad science occurred at the whim of Kikai’s latest desires. Umetsu is the only jinko of its kind and its chassis cannot be replicated, but its metal body is self repairing as if it were flesh. Granted it takes awhile sometimes, also its core is only a vessel unlike the typical Jinko.

This may have been too successful, no one’s entirely sure if it can be killed. However, it is a little sluggish and the wielder of this power seems a bit iffy sometimes but hey, science bitches.


Likely more to come later on, still working out some more for various groups. Hopefully I finish the stories of lore for next update too.



Snake cult tabs: Joseph Sheridan has gotten in so deep he’s found influences by Asmodaeus and Nergal at play. This revelation has been more of a hindrance then anything else, because now Joseph is engaged in a murderous game of espionage with the demons. THE GAME IS AFOOT!

Anna’s attempts to harass the Drakon don’t go well. Mostly because no one else competent enough is with her. The other Goethe’s aren’t as strong as her and the striders number in the hundreds. With their recent defensive position setting in after encountering both the Jakaal and Atlanteans there aren’t very many opportunities to pick off stragglers. Mostly because the types who straggle already met the Jakaal and gave Vo Kim his reputation. Ever since then they’ve been in much tighter formation around their outposts and move in larger numbers, as well as on dragons.

The anti dragon volley ballista design is easy enough to come up with just by handing it off to the RFC department. The problem comes in production. With Con Lai’s submarine project, the Jinko production, the building of Kagayakashi, and Isis’ mad science with electricity the city of Lo’c is already overworked. Making huge amounts of these anti dragon weapons would take a massive amount of manpower and material that just isn’t available beyond the prototype that was made unless other projects are canceled (as they’re already all slowing each other down).

The investigative team ends up enlisting the help of Baron Samedi from El Dorado to come and see about this dark storm over Doi Cho Len. This team didn’t take long to immediately find bad news. The storm and rains are concealing more Drakon forces and an outpost, they don’t seem to mind the storm at all and if anything are studying it themselves. There is a port on the eastern side that was invisible due to the storm until a closer look was taken, but this is the actual primary landing point of the Drakon. The Jade colony is simply for those who are interested in Shenlong as a new master and Nazarius’ forces. Samedi’s investigation of the storm itself proves it to be what you would expect, some bad juju. Its dark magic and even Fujin can’t affect it, the storm just won’t go away and he’s not sure if its a dragon or something else, but there’s something in there that no one on the scout team is willing to look deeper into. Samedi says Eli might not be the only thing that came with Lin Sun.

The inquisitors aren’t doing well, sometimes they settle things well enough but two of their teams have been eaten by the jungle’s residents after being called to solve some problem that apparently the people resolved on their own. And the winners of that resolution ate the inquisitors too.


Lin Sun:

The hunt for a knowledge aspect is taking longer then expected, the aspect is a little rare as most people who have it just get eaten by people with more combat Savvy ones. Results pending next week’s update roll.

It turns out with your power set you can actually learn interesting things from Raijin because his style exploits that he’s lightning fast. You have ways to apply such techniques yourself.

Kaisa’s vacation is actually spent in Shahira instead of the blood jungles. With the ability to summon ice in the desert, she’s very popular there and seems to take amusement in that.

The Thyme Flamer flame is under construction as demanded. It actually is taking longer then expected because your underground city is suspended from the ceiling and Song Yi is off doing something else not terraforming so a bunch of guys with chisels have to spend some time on this one.

Con Lai:

Spy Report: Problem with building the door is the slaves aren’t really trusted with construction stuff, mostly because they’re weak and flimsy compared to striders and take forever to build anything, but because dream doors have to be rather sturdy its hard to get the stuff together for this without arousing suspicion. Work in progress is also finding a location for it.

After some inquisitive questions they’ve determined that Drakon are pretty familiar with spirits, Dragon Shaman’s went to the Jade Empire to confirm the existence of Shenlong who in their nation has become known as the spirit dragon and sparked a revolution of mysticism within their culture as more go to see the invisible dragon in the sky. They are not particularly used to acknowledging smaller spirits though, the ones in trees, bugs, and rocks for example. While they can work with larger more powerful ones, they lack Halea’s mystical ability in mass acknowledgement of smaller spirits. That kind of intricate mysticism often requires a lifetime of dedication since communication with non-verbal spirits is difficult and mostly based around empathy on both sides.

As for how striders recognize each other, they seem to all innately just be able to tell. Dragons can sense other dragons it appears. This is why even colossal dragon lords can tell a strider from a regular human even though they’re the size of ants to him. Similar to how Tyrant Vampires can detect and find any other vampire bloodline.

The submarines have been under constant development, and with the last mad science breakthrough of Isis progress is going along. However, the process is still slow given the sheer volume of tech work people want from Lo’c all the time.

Jin and Malati’s journey to Akhetaten to team up with Sheridan has gotten him involved in a very peculiar sort of adventure. While its out of the normal gimmick for the naval experts, Malati’s power is useful in this regard and Jin himself is of course a master spy.

Rena reports a noticeable increase in powerbase and followers after all this dragon crap happened. The dream PR campaign hits pretty hard when a pilgrimage via boat leads to a dream realm where you don’t get eaten by dragons.



Yes you can make a shield on your arm, but its not terribly effective as its still your arm. So it kind of hurts still.

In regards to Otoroshi’s remain, Divus offers to let you have it if you bring them Naomi. At this point they’ll accept alive or dead, whatever happened to her she is a phenomenal danger to just about everyone if she becomes another of Eli’s prophets.

The adventures of the Snake Cult hunters isn’t terribly great for trophy gathering. At least not yet. However, Nila seems to excel at this kind of work in particular. Being a bounty hunter from Svarga, she’s quite effective at hunting down people and ultimately eliminating them. She has the sanctions from Akhetaten to do so as well given that the snake cult is kind of a problem.

The issue with the Artemis elite recruitment program thus far is there aren’t many naval people in the hunting nation. There are some notable sea monster hunters but they don’t quite number enough to crew a ship this large or the supporting fleet you have planned since Con Lai has absorbed a huge amount of the naval interests in the nation. Its functional enough to sail but not fully staffed quite yet nor is the crew fully trained.




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