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Stories of Lore 25


Dear King:

Yeaaah you’re going to want to get your ass back here. So the attack on Ruuhma didn’t go well for the defense force as Kaila brutally murdered all of it once it was trapped between her manifestation ability and the northerners at Ruuhma. Only Mikael, Hillevi, and a handful of their soldiers survived. Nalky is dead too. On the upside, the fight went on long enough to dent the northern army holed up in the outpost so they aren’t likely to push on any time soon. Though now they have one of our two best manifesters so increase any army number they have by about five hundred…minimum.

Atop of that the scouts who went to the drow undercity have found that the Vaslochar were able to successfully repel the invaders since…its the undercity and they’re drow with demons. So it would be safe to send Iraeka to visit…though technically her own family are in Maji with her as they work for Faelyn now. Aato raises some concerns that he’s not comfortable with the Vaslochar being all alone down there though given the whole tunnel thing and that some demon king wants us eradicated.

Because of which I am hesitant to meet Mikael’s request for myself to head out and deal with the Ruuhma problem as that would leave Jämsä completely undefended. Seriously, I’m the only thing here of note.

Other than that, the super city walls are halfway to completion so that’s…nice. but now there is no defense force to protect construction teams on that.

Scouts from the igloo report sightings of a fleet moving in from the east and sailing west towards the northern coast. It’s suddenly mighty convenient our outpost is on the northside and out of sight due to a hill, as it was a very angry looking fleet. So if you don’t recall, Hellengdom is reported to be in that direction. Which means the fleet likely belongs to the Skjöldal we learned about earlier thanks to Iraeka. No idea where they’re going or what they’re planning. It’s a big fleet though, and judging by Ivan’s report, it doesn’t really look naval. There’s a lack of things like cannons and dreadnoughts but a lot of ships that look like they carry a lot of people. So we can expect its about to deposit an invasion force somewhere. They appear to be headed for Alosne’s territory though, maybe…hopefully.


Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. If we ignore the orcs attacking and destroying out trade outpost to the badlands at Akunato. It seems they’re just circling Maji attacking anything they can that is less defended than the citadels themselves.

The reinforcements for the outpost among the southern isles has finally arrived and allowed Takei to venture a little further into the island to see what else might be around there. He found the ruins of some ancient city or another but nothing too spectacular.

On the other hand, Kaze was found at Moncayo Pass by the scout teams before they even entered into the southern forest. Though he was badly wounded, and mentions that he found the remnants of Kyobo in the form of a man he called Victor De Noia.

Judging by the name he originates from Cayetano and rediscovered the art of utilizing Kyobo, in a style he calls Yoshanai. Kaze’s encounter with him can be summarized as: Victor beat up everyone for his own amusement. After killing the kensei that were escorting Kaze he managed to defeat Kaze quite handily though Kaze was able to escape alive and recovered thanks to help of some of the southern druids.

While the encounter was brief, so Kaze only can tell us so much about this strange man, we do at least know that the art does exist and is definitely wielded by the more unscrupulous sort. Kaze described Victor as having a desire to fight everything he could for no practical reason other than he liked fighting people. Which is likely why he lives in the wild, to hunt down monsters. His abilities were quite similar to that of a monks but he definitely had some strange techniques, though Kaze couldn’t tell you what the differences were since he is not a monk himself.

Also, since it was the Kensei who discovered the art of using guns intertwined with their fighting abilities, the school of ‘gun fu’ as you call it has been incorporated into the Okushiri monastery where the Kensei currently train already. Shime and the Haven monastery still frown with disapproval.

Alexandria continues to hold out at the gate of the forest, and seems to be creating another army all on her own somehow. She is…persuasive I suppose. The orcs she attacked however don’t seem to be chasing after her, as they likely don’t know anyone survived from that attack on their nomadic camp.

However, her attack does seem to have had an effect on them and some of their generals are pulling back from the badlands to go check on the camps to avoid getting flanked again. So at the very least it was an okay distraction.

The draconic coven is coming along, I can make fireballs now at least. I do not know why they are purple though. I’ve also recruited a dozen or so to the effort not counting the other sixty from Kirillobatov’s people who were already into this kind of stuff.

The dragon itself is…eating a lot of fish. I’m concerned it might get fat. It seems to be settling well into its big palace thing we built it, and it lets me pet it now. Also Ivan is holding out well at the outpost but the effort to hold the outpost is still bleeding people every day from the monster and strange undead attacks.

Also its worth mentioning that your old plan of mass breeding is a bit more viable now than the last time you suggested it now that we actually have the dragonborn we were intending to utilize the edict with.

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Iwanagi returns, Oda suddenly has a lot of bright ideas.


Dear king man,

Raised the soldiers and sent Mikael to Ruuhma alongside the rest of the remains of our defensive force. They’ll get there next cycle.

Also we don’t have enough gate stones to deep strike into every city right now, maybe if we pull one of them back from operations we can do that one at a time. Like we did with the island.

Currently just a lot of people traveling around. Also to clarify, Kaila has permission to max out her mana credit in taking back Ruuhma right?


Alright we’ve arrived. You got any talking points we should bring up with the queen or should I just leave you on the boat oh wise one? I’m sure they’ll be excited to meet a bag of bones who has never invented anything that decided to tag along with their creator though. Not like you’ll be second fiddle or anything nope, all good.

Also did you know that if a lich goes on a weeks long boat voyage they start to smell? Next time we take ships with individual cabins.



Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. The fleet has returned home with Iwanagi, who seems vaguely confused as to the new layout of the city. As he was not here during the orc invasion nor reconstruction. I found this slightly amusing.

We’ve sent a ship southward to pursue the hunt for the drunken master as ordered and deployed Hamano as well. Hopefully next cycle we will have results from the Kensei we sent to look for whatever became of Kaze as well.

In other news the temple has finally made progress on that whole ‘monks with guns’ thing you wanted them to work on. Notably two schools of thought came from the practice, one with the idea of working alongside militaries, and one was some guy just showing off and trying to do flippy tricks at the start. They’re not so good in groups but individually they’re fairly overwhelming in their abilities since they still have the physical capbilities of a monk, now with bullets.

The docks also came up with a unique idea, though it may require a more powerful magical catalyst than the good wood if we can find one. They came up with the idea to produce a mobile docking outpost that is also a ship to further extend the power of our naval influence and trade routes.

Over in Haven the first Oda druid seems to have come about alongside training with the kineticists. They’re not quite as powerful as some of the ones from the Aywin elves let alone the Queen’s sanctuary but they’re just getting started out. At least they’ve finally made some progress into figuring out the path of druidism.


So the dragon coven is going well for the most part. One girl lost an arm and two others died but that’s more or less what you expect when delving into witchcraft, whether it be dark or draconic. Though one girl stands out, she isn’t katara born she came from kirillobatov as one of their shamans but enlisted in the coven to help us out. She can talk to the dragon. In its juvenile state it didn’t exactly have any gems of wisdom. Though we did figure out it likes fish. Also I made a spell that lets me throw dragonfire around, so that’s fun.

In similar note, we tested out the dragonblood sword that the nalkas sent down here. It seems to greatly increase the basic features of a dragonborn, most notably their strength and endurance. We could just hand it off to the first notable graduate around here or send it north to Petrina as some suggestions. I still have my witchblade so I’ve no need for it. Also I don’t exactly get sent on away missions anyways.

Alexandria is holding at the gate as commanded.

The outpost still sucks and another dozen or two soldier deployments have died holding the place.

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Bad timing or good planning?

Dear King
It may be of relevant information for you to know that Alosne has launched an attack on one of Faelyn’s outposts during the orcish siege while most of Faelyn’s army is not only missing but sort of stuck in Maji due to the siege.  Judging by the size of the army they intend to continue through to attack Lieksä itself while she is away.

We don’t have many eyes in the city to figure out everything going on there. Though at the same time as this happening, the northern tribes have grown a bit excitable as well and the barbarians are roaming around causing trouble as well. One tribe even attacked the drow and another attacked our Ruuhma outpost… successfully. Their sudden simultaneous activity seems suspicious to me. It’s almost as if they know every big hitter in the north is currently preoccupied.

We have a request from Iraeka to return from the siege of Maji to visit her old home to check on whats going on with her people. Hastily scribbled in the post-script was a similar request from Kaila. Notably…Iraeka is a drow whose home has come under attack. Kaila is a northerner whose team just took one of our outposts in a surprise attack. I’m a little wary of that one as per Illka’s advice.

I’m moving our available forces to deal with Ruuhma at the moment, at the very least prevent them from pushing in any further. Until Aato gets back though I’m not sure how well that will go if the group that attacked the drow city also comes up to reinforce the ones attacking us.

Someone is definitely keeping an eye on things for them. Though Alosne and the tribes have been at war with each other for the longest time, I’m not sure why they simultaneously decided to launch offensives and not against each other. While I’m inclined to say one of our northern slaves might be at fault, it doesn’t explain the Alosne side of things. Aggression also doesn’t fit Sakae. When I visited he seemed a bit too timid and more concerned with staying at home and not letting things fall apart. Though all of us being away from the capital definitely made them bold.

Assuming the worst case scenario for a moment here, if Euthar is behind it then that means this was intentionally tied to the orcish siege. If we recall Aato and the rest of our forces that won’t be good for Maji given the manpower our manifesters represent. If we don’t, then its bad news for us more directly. Whatever keeps them informed will certainly know that Uudistar is very important and its not too far from the outpost. Though if they don’t know that place is important and instead proceed north to the village we once conquered instead, we’ll know whatever is at play here isn’t that bright.

Assuming hanlon’s razor holds up and its just opportunism, than the orcs might not know if we actually pull back Aato to deal with this which would be the easiest and obvious play. Perhaps too obvious.


Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. As for the drunken master search, well the trail we were on was last spotted in Sybaris before continuing. You never actually ordered the fleet to keep searching southward for him. For my best I would say that the next stop would be Obera, as the other cities between us would be too newly constructed given the time the rumors said he was passing by. Unless he went through the river, we know all his travels involve a boat, and instead went to the elven city, in which case he would have wound up in Tethalyn. Not that we can find any clues there given its somewhat violent change of owners, but following the pattern we could look around Lennecas.

On a related note we still never sent anyone to look for the village in the mountain by a lake as it was referred to. I think you planned to have Kaze loop up that way after he was done with the current assignment. Though judging by the other two, finding monk legends around the world isn’t exactly a milk run.

We’ve established the embassy in Cayetano, which has allowed us to keep better tabs on what is going on around there. As it turns out they’re not up to very much with the whole war in the badlands going on. Their plan seems to be trying to lay low and avoid any major conflicts though they’re particularly worried about the sudden mass exodus of Kirillobatov as they had no explanation for why an entire city just picked up and walked off into the northern forest. They seem somewhat concerned that druids may be involved, which they apparently have never gotten along well with.

Also now that the island outpost is complete, our trade route has started seeing a nice increase in profits by utilizing the outpost to go between some of the coastal areas around the island. Takei went further inland to check around and found some peculiar stone ruins but nothing horrible happened in there so as far as he can tell its just peculiar for the sake of being so.

Our last southern scout boat was lost at sea as well. Though at least a good portion of the southern isles were mapped for the effort. Iwanagi has rejoined the fleet and they’re on their way back to Okushiri so he should be safe for the rest of the trip.


I sent them up to help guard the outpost. In other news one of our outposts has come under attack by the orcs in the badlands. A group of three commanders moved northward after destroying one of the badlands outposts to the south of ours and probably just assumed the badlands also owned that one. So…that got wiped out kind of quickly.

Nyssa has been continuing her journey to the east in search of Euthar as Alexandria told her to. So far she’s come across some strange swamp village. The notably strange feature is that it has a very small population. Like…so small that I don’t know how monsters haven’t eaten them out of existence already. But there was no signs of battle damage around the village either. Nyssa reports getting the heeby jeebies or something around there too and continued on past it for now.

Also while you’re assigning some of our less occupied agents to various things, Ryo and Christina are just hanging around Sybaris too.

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Orcs and things

Stories of Lore 24


Dearest king,

I remain here at my station as you ordered. Though it pains my heart to do so. Perhaps the weight of responsibility of this throne strikes me too deeply, to see what you have dealt with all this time. One cannot know what they truely have until it is gone. Only in your absence can I finally confront my truest feelings. I always thought it merely a deep respect, but only now that miles of ocean keep us apart do I hear the echoes of my soul. I wish I had told you before, but ever since the day we met I felt something special. If only I could have told you, that I love you.

Nah I’m just fucking with you, and I figured you’re still single enough that an old timey love letter would be the most action you got all year. Kind of sad considering you’ve always got a bone to spare. I now realize your job is really easy and I do most of the work around here though. I want a raise.

In the meantime, sent the toys down to Sybaris for Vasia to look over. Also in regards to filling the city, just bring the fucking golems back and stick them in it. Though as for the rest of the space, maybe we capture some orcs, or convince some maji residents to chill up here with us. Get it? I’m not sure if puns translate well in letter format.

Also we improved the golem mine designs a lil bit with help from studying that Sakina golem thing. Have fun on your stupid trip.

-Your dearest beloved
Heseli Toivonen



Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people! The outpost in the southern isles has finished its major construction. So things have stabilized down there, now its time to get to exploring the island I imagine. Navy is headed out to catch Iwanagi and bring him the rest of the way home.

Also for once we don’t need to send Katara this week for some reason, which seems strange and worries me.

That’s all I’ve got this week. Want to play some chess?



Harr harr, you can’t fire me because if you do that means by the laws of Katara heritage – Ankathi becomes your new advisor. Also I’m the one that tends the dragon…s… The nalkas dropped theirs off here for a little while.


Alexandria found the moving orc tribe camp thing…its not really a city or anything. Its a bunch of green people with tents. They had no walls to siege so she just shot cannons at them until all of her army died to the orc waves. BUT OF COURSE SHE LIVED. Look she has no forces and is on her way to moncayo pass. I want to hope she gets eaten by a monster but I think monsters are afraid of her, also she has no mana to attract them to her. I’m just saying, if for some reason Ankathi needed to visit the pass there might be some things that happen that we can’t be held responsible for as she is technically not employed by us anymore.

As for the northern outpost, economically its doing pretty well. As for the monsters, not even close. The Nalkas pulled out to help in the badlands and only Ivan is left up there and he can only hold the walls and even that is proving difficult. Another few dozen people died recently. We’ll need to wait for the orc thing to settle down to see what this labyrinth they found really is, as most of the problems seem to be coming from there. Rena, Irini, and Petrina aren’t doing much at the moment though so we could send them up there to join him.

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Sam makin me math

The situation at Maji involves a whole lot of staring so far. The orc forces are holding out of range of artillery scale weapons and mages from the walls, as assaulting the three citadels is slightly insane, though they are surrounding the place and apparently considering siege tactics. I don’t think they know we put a gate stone in there awhile ago. This may be a good time for some war profiteering. Though the forces within Maji are not in a hurry to sally out into the orcs either so thats sort of an ongoing battle of resources. The badlands do not favor anyone in a siege but the gatestone definitely lends Maji the advantage. However, this is the first display of military tactics we’ve really seen by the orcs other than seek and destroy so we’re not really sure what they’re up to. Though they have made a statement of offering to just leave if the city turns over the king. Again, less effective than they might think because the cowering civilian populace is…no longer there. We’ve been sending some to Sybaris since they have all that empty space still.

Also if you’re going in Ansa that will wind up leaving me in charge for the entirety of your trip as relaying reports and orders to you while you are at sea might prove somewhat difficult.

As for the experiments with dragons blood, we are able to use it to turn mana into draconic mana which is just less useful for everyday use and not exactly any more potent. We’re experimenting if it can be used to power any peculiar devices at the moment. Particularly cannons and golems. It had no affect on the jade cube of mysteries, as for using it to enchant things that is technically successful. We already know you can use dragonblood to create dragonbane weapons, though the one other thing we’ve managed to make is a sharpened metal object for hitting things and I think an actual dragonborn has to be the one to use it judging by its latent mana and active enchantments but lack of reaction to anyone messing with it. Though there might be other uses for it yet, as that pokey stick has some odd choices of runes in it.

While they weren’t able to get us a map, the king was able to tell us what they know about the southeastern plains. It is unmapped because no one goes there due to the orcs as it were. Though the plains used to be part of the forest until the orcs cut all the trees down, the orcish tribes in particular are somewhat nomadic as a result of their own ecological destruction. It is known that there are a variety of demonic influences in the area due to Euthar meddling with it all.

In regards to the mega city plan, thats…going to be a bit more construction. But we’re working on it. The main issue at present is the amount of space between each location is larger than we have anything to fill it with. It would be constructing a bunch of empty city and basically paying to turn the area into a Sybaris type of place. For starters though, we’re just working on the wall. Because monsters.



Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. I’ve done the paperwork to prepare and send out the various ships and men as requested.


The Sohei are on their way to track down Kaze and the Kensei are off to reinforce the outpost. Fortunately with the speed of the hunter ship they should arrive fairly fast. As to other matters, Shime seems to be doing alright…ish. She is still a bit withdrawn though she has returned to her active training and teaching…well teaching the best she can when no one can understand her.


Well as it happens, Areti is easy to get a message to because she’s at Maji right now alongside all the nalkas. She’s currently helping Faelyn fight the orcs. I told her about the recent revolution of the dragonborn here in Sybaris and her overall response can be summarized as “seriously? -.-” given she’s been living in hiding over the matter for fourty years or so. Probably doesn’t help her ability to comprehend it that Ankathi is the one who is helping do it. I don’t think she fully realizes Ankathi’s role in all this. Then again, very few understand Ankathi.

As for the former coven witches, about thirty eight are still around. Technically closer to fifty if you count the ones that follow Ankathi these days since they’re here at her manor at the moment. I made an effort to see how many I could get to come back and only got twenty two of them, the other eight are a bit wary these days especially given that Alexandria is still lurking around out there somewhere.

Also for the record, we actually sent settlers to the gate before if you don’t remember. We just forgot to send guards with them so they got eaten in the forest by the monsters.


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This has been a bumpy month for updates

So in regards to SkullCon, I feel like we kind of walked into this one. The most proficient necromancer-warrior is Hillevi. She’s been around the world, fought tons of monsters, hung out with other combat orientated mages, and is thus the most experienced and prolific combat necromancer. Essi would be the most advanced, but she doesn’t really leave her tower much and all her battlefield exploits involves just hurling things from really far away or commanding other people to do stuff for her. Though we could describe this tournament as “Hillevi styles on people for three hours”. She is not quite martially talented in terms of using conventional weaponry…but everyone who could hold a sword lost to her. Though I think Mikael loaned her some enchanted gear. That’s the thing with five man bands, you can never trust any of them to be fighting alone.

Moving along, everyone is headed to Maji, travel time. Whee.

With our forces pulling back from the igloo up north Aato composed a risk analysis of its defenses and its likely to be fine for now unless any startling developments should occur. Given the zombie problem that Ivan fellow is the best suited to dealing with the situation as he doesn’t rely on magic so they don’t suck his damned soul out. Katara also not so big on the magic.

I’ve sent some of our manifester graduates towards the badlands. Good news is they’ll be there soon. Bad news is, i’m not entirely sure if the stone or the road is faster given the sheer number of people and things we need to send through. Just been watching batches go through and it feels like its taking forever. This also puts a bit of a choke on our offer of refuge to the civilians since the stone is a bit occupied spitting out soldiers all day and night.

In other news, the golem experiments have gone well for Ansa and now we need to somehow get her to the golem city to help fix them up. While its not too big an issue as she owns her own ship, she’s definitely not going on her own given the high rate of crazy sea monsters along the way. The other quirk though is that no one else can look after the dragon in her lair if she’s away for that long. So…looking for solutions to that one still.


Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. Iwanagi is on his way back as ordered and the outpost construction is still underway.


Kaze has gone missing south of moncayo pass and we have no real idea what happened given he was exploring new territory at the time, not to mention the pass itself is understaffed as its commander has been deployed to the east to see about where all these orcs are coming from.

In reports from the construction of the Chiheisen outpost, several of the warriors we sent with Takei have fallen prey to the monsters of the island. The outpost should be complete soon though it will definitely need more land reinforcements to deal with the general problem.


Alexandria and Nyssa are still on their way towards the plains that we’ve been told is somewhere vaguely in that direction and where the orcs tend to come from. So whee, travel times.


The dragonborn experiments are going well. Notably our test subjects display enhanced physical capabilities upon completing the ritual, provided a few days time to recover as the ritual is both exhausting and surprisingly painful. Petrina has been my main subject for seeing how much it might enhance our warriors capabilities, while she is notably much stronger than before it still seems quite a gap between her and Areti.

Judging by the data this…doesn’t make sense. Areti is at bare minimum third generation if not further, and we just created a first generation in our current test subjects. So it seems odd that Petrina still cannot match Areti’s raw physical strength or at least what we believe Areti’s strength to be capable of. Notably this was a woman who lived outside the walls as a hermit for decades and most of our reports on her are pretty much myths so that might skew the data.

I’m debating if we should send someone to go find Areti for experimental purposes and maybe to ask what her workout routine is.

On a related note, given that the dragons captured where of the primordial chaos a lot of the basic magic that can be performed with draconic magic seems to have quite a lot of similarities to our old witchcraft routes. Though it starts at a fundamentally different technique which results in me having to reverse engineer the entire spell and figure it out from there.

So far I figured out how to make a light source annnd that’s about it. So that’s going a bit rougher overall.


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Sent more people to the island to help Aato, the ongoing exploration of the labyrinth’s outer perimeter has been slow. Due to the rotating nature of the place we technically didn’t lose too many lives so much as we literally lost them. Hopefully the turn back up eventually. Though we are fairly certain the undead are originating from this place. Aato is fairly certain they were once guardians of the fortified location but a few keep slipping out now and then. Though once you go in there they are in his own words, “fucking everywhere.”

Our golem guest has been restored to Ansa’s idea of correct. Now we can’t tell them apart from anyone else without close inspection. Thus proving that Ansa can do it at the least. As a slight side effect, we have no idea where the golem girl went. Ansa calls it a ‘test run’ to see how long they can go without being discovered. I call it an omen.

Though we’ve also come up with some upgrades to our existing golems to improve their efficiency overall at least. So the mines are going well.

Greetings keeper, It is a glorious day for the Oda people! Iwanagi’s efforts to establish trade relations are going well, turns out people who are paranoid of leaving their own fort have a lot of stuff they want and they’re warming up to him as it were.


Unfortunately I cannot ask Kaylen about the mounted monks since she has returned to the badlands and is in an active war at the moment.

Built the ship though, and Kaze has found another lead though its taking him off deeper into the forests.

Alexandria’s forces are headed east towards the plains the orcs supposedly came from. Nyssa is also moving in that direction Albeit a bit blindly.

Ryo and the people of kirillobatov have arrived in Sybaris, while we do have a lot of unused space around here that was still…quite the influx. They are currently settling in around here.

Ankathi and I have started conducting rituals to create dragonborn, of particular note would be myself and Petrina who are some of the first test subjects. I feel funny, that is the extent of my observations so far. Though Ankathi had kind of left me to figure it out on my own as she’s taken off onto some other adventure now. I may need to hire someone to sweep up the coven temple, this place is huge.


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Essi has made a few prototypes none of which seem very practical but at least all of which hurts single targets quite well. Not the most portable ideas so far though. At best maybe recruit some of the Oda as their fighting methods tend to do very well against singular opponents.

Aato’s army has incurred heavy losses while trying to clear out the island, though they have uncovered a mysterious underground labyrinth hidden in one of the mountains -more of a big hill really- on the east side of the island where the peculiar undead seem to be most concentrated. Though when I say labyrinth I mean completely insane massive underground super complex. The labyrinth is more of a pit that spirals down for so far no one can see the bottom, the walls move and rotate and gravity seems to go strange within there. This is some sort of massive super defensive structure that was designed to be impenetrable, fortunately all its occupants are too dead to fully utilize the place’s defenses. The real question is why does it exist? It is clearly pretty old. We’ll have to organize a proper excavation of the place, though it does seem that the undead are coming from within it. Iraeka managed to penetrate the deepest in, there is evidence of homes and perhaps a once great civilization. So its not entirely a fortification, a kingdom must have once lived there. That at least explains the size.

In discussing things with the badlands king in some sort of defensive alliance, he’s open to the prospect if you want to send an army to the badlands right now though more advanced terms of diplomacy are not currently available for review while Kaylen is busy. Since she would be the one to generally handle military alliances and affairs, but is currently trying to handle the orc incursion overall.

As for the resources needed to chase down Saeya Morgan, we’re going to need to put a bit more thought into this. We don’t fully understand the Eye as it were and all we know is just that it is very dangerous. To that end, we also don’t know if she is still there. A chance exists that Cayetano successfully captured her and took her back home with them. According to the golems killing her isn’t very simple as her power will find a way to pass on. Hillevi compared this to her notes from Lenahone and has a theory about some of the names. Her current hunch is that if the witch is killed, the primordial essence transfers to someone else in some way we don’t really have any guesses on. Though its her explanation for why some of the names don’t have Morgan in them. Which means the third possibility exists that Cayetano killed her and now the essence of the Fire transitioned to someone else that we have to find. So in summary, we either need to scout the eye, cayetano, or…everywhere I suppose. It might be worth preparing another expedition to reach the eye with the sole purpose of returning from its waters just to figure out what dangers are actually there and what we need to send to actually land on it. Though if we could set up another colony there, might be worth some good mana.


Greetings keeper, it is a glorious day for the Oda people! As for communicating with the dragon, it doesn’t seem terribly amused at being asked to spell things. Dragon pride maybe, though it ate the paper we tried it with. All things considered a fairly mild response at least.

Iwanagi made it around the bounty critter and to the city of Alasl Amina. Though they are very suspicious and wary of him, possibly related to the fact that they were also just recently visited by the nalkas. I suspect they aren’t used to so many visitors from far away land. He’s wearing them down though.

Kaze and the team continue their search through the forests. So far there is evidence that they’re on the right track though its a big forest and their search efforts seem to be a bit unlucky.

We’ve begun the construction of Chiheisen in the southern isles. Takei remains on guard over it, so far the monster population of the island does seem a bit abundant and prone to trying to bite.

We’ve attempted mounting the monks, the Kensei actually show some decent promise with the idea. Though without Yuzuki no one’s sure how to design a longer weapon more suited to mounted combat for them to use. Little hit or miss, but they’re not inept at riding or using polearms at least.

Eliana doesn’t appear to have much on ki arts that we didn’t already know. Though she does have more details on some of the ones we do. In the hunt for Kyobo, she is aware that the practice of what she calls ‘angry punching’ carried on for some while after the dying night as a clan of them were able to survive a bit longer. It appears the clan died out two centuries ago when they got into an argument with the druids. However, as usual, Eliana doesn’t have much information on current events.


Perhaps we were a bit jumpy based on past experiences though the orcs seemed to have turned north and gone between the mountains and Namanru. Sticking to their general plan to avoid the major cities even at risk of being flanked in favor of not having to fight the actual fortified locations directly. Alexandria seems annoyed at the lack of fighting at the gate just a little.

We also have some reports that the orcs have more waves incoming from the east, where the first two came from and the initial force is largely a shock deployment. Apparently, Euthar’s forces are not far behind either with siege weapons that are less likely to dance around the cities like the current orcs are. So that whole thing going on over there is bound to be fun.

In other news, the market is shutting down for now due to the incursion of the orcs and with Kaylen putting the badlands under martial law. Which is a bit unusual given they are not the most unified front generally speaking but I guess when a huge army of orcs shows up they are a bit more willing to tag team things. Given that Faelyn’s army has started moving into the heart of the badlands from the north to rally with Kaylen along with Salahe’s marauders I can only imagine the political clusterfuck that must have gone down to pull that off for them.


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Fill things in quicker you bums

Stories of Lore 23

The Igloo? Really man you too? Anyways, Aato is taking a look around for more clues on the undead. He has found other designs of interest, several of them are built with specialized roles that creates a variety of complications. We were already familiar with some sort of mage hunting variety but he reports also encountering a lumbering monster that’s near impossible to put down with conventional armaments. It was shot by siege weapons and didn’t seem to even notice, they team decided to run away from that one.

It seems quite clear that this is the remnants or stragglers of some sort of organized undead army. Likely created for a larger scale operation and what we’re encountering are just whatever was either left behind or managed to survive this long. Though I am curious as to what they are protecting or what they were supposed to invade.

The golem arrived, though that was quickly overshadowed evidently.


Greetings keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. The hunt for Maeng has taken some interesting turns. Chinami continues the investigation but returned to Okushiri as otherwise ordered. Though this lead to an interesting development, we discovered Maeng has actually passed through Okushiri itself on his journey before continuing southward. A few of the fisherman recognized the eccentric description Chinami provided. It is likely that Maeng is not fully aware of his abilities or their origin in ki specifically. Alosne does not use the art in a formally trained capacity and it is likely he did not even recognize he had found a land of similar warriors and just continued on his way.

I sent a message to Vasia to see if they had any clues of him passing through their lands as well. He was actually one of their princes for a short while, and apparently a popular one. Though the Katara keep their princes trapped within the city for safety due to their value, so he snuck out and decided he preferred being a free man compared to free wine, women, and an early death. So we could say he seems to have quite the adventurous spirit since he keeps passing through places he could have settled down and kept on going. Notably he visits every tavern in all these places, so we’ve gotten good at finding out where to ask around.

Our ship arrived in Melun and managed to trade the information of the latest tome we acquired with Melun for some insight into this “village on a lake within the mountain” business. Eliana told us of an old village that might match the description though it has fallen to ruin. The place was once known as Sangak and it found itself a nice place to hide by building into the crevice of a mountain that had a surprisingly spacious hollowed out interior. The mountain walls acted as a natural defense and bordered on a lake they could use to help sustain themselves, during the dying night this was one of the more successful surviving populations due to these factors. It’s location has been marked on the map with a green square.

It is quite easy to talk at the dragon. They are fully intelligent and can understand our language, they just don’t speak it in return. Something about slim forked tongues, a lack of lips, and their jaw shape interfering with pronunciation, or they just don’t like to. The dragon for the most part seems content to loaf about at the haven monastery so far, though it seems wary of most people. Except, oddly enough, Shime. She is the only one it shows no signs of being wary of, granted she doesn’t interact with it much. They are often found lurking about near each other. Or more accurately the dragon is near her and she is wary of it instead. The rest of the monks are perpetually confused and enamored to its presence. One of our druids at haven reports that the dragon has a perpetual caution towards us because of likely traumatic events for it. I’m guessing that means the fact that it met both Ansa and Ankathi.

Well we sent Alexandria to the gate but the forces we raised have to reach her from the capital, so here is hoping she can hold out that long. We tried to recruit from the closer areas but those settlements are so new that they don’t even have the population to fill the forces as needed.

I’ve told Ankathi she can help with making dragonborn. That’s been… a trip. We’re still making preparations on all of that. On that related topic, Ryo has been escorting the people of kirillo..krillo…so those people are almost here too. We’ll see what input they might have before we let Ankathi just do whatever she wants.

Nyssa made it over to that town Ryo discovered awhile back to investigate just how isolated they’ve managed to remain. For the large part the answer seems to be they just didn’t try hard enough. Though many places we’ve met since we started expanding seem to have that problem. What makes it stand out though is the size of it, its a fairly large city and should definitely have the resources necessary to explore a little more. They’re a little confused as Ryo was the first they’d seen in their recorded history since the dying night, but then he just up and left and now Nyssa came to fill his place.

As for why no one else has found them, seems to just be a roll of the dice. They’re a little far from Cayetano and we know they prefer to travel by boat, the mountainous coast line definitely shielded them from any explorers on that end. They are closest to Kirillin town but they were also locked in isolation due to a fear of the orcs. Then there is Melun who just…doesn’t go places.

On the orc front, word from the grapevine is that the orcs have also started pushing into the badlands with a massive army. Though they’re staying clear of the various citys in their way to force the warlords to either engage them in the open field or just let them go straight to Maji. Meanwhile those approaching us are finding things somewhat slow thanks to the druid shenanigans once again.


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Stories of Lore 22

What fleet? I suppose we could build a few boats if you want. Though on to other news. The Katara commander Ivan has taken up post at the northern outpost and Aato has been working with…him…there’s a new one, been working with him on trying to keep the construction teams safe. Obviously the first thing they got to work on was the walls. People are dead as usual. The strange undead appearances up there are extremely dangerous to our golems it would seem and obviously Aato’s magic is a bit iffy against them as well.

Iraeka remains in Okushiri, seemingly fully able to use her new limbs now. Still an edgelord though.

Mikael is somehow almost home already, we can expect to see him within the next cycle along with these golems. I’m quite interested to see what rogue golems can become on their own.


Greetings Keeper! It is a glorious day for the Oda people. On news of Maeng, it turns out that some of the Nalkas, or more so their slaves, have actually caught wind of Maeng some time in the past as he was passing through. After that he was also seen by the natives of Tonarooka, but he continued sailing south from there for destinations yet unknown. Though it might be worth asking the Katara since going by this trend he has stopped off everywhere along this coast at least briefly. We’ll find him yet!

In similar news, our hunter ship has broken off of Takei’s fleet to make way for Melun to see what they might know about the lake in the mountains that we might be looking for.

Well our trip to visiting Shime didn’t go that well. I wonder what happened to render that girl so quiet. She is usually much more animated, and didn’t have a tendency to lurk within walls nearly as much.

Kaze has arrived in Moncayo pass and is poking around for the mysteries of Kyobo. Apparently with fortunate timing as he found the next lead in meeting the dragon shamans of Kirillobatov who were passing through on their way to Sybaris. Apparently the next stop is to go further south.

Hamano, Yamaoka, and Konya are all en route to their destinations.


I told Ankathi its probably a no on assisting with the dragonborn thing then, she has opted to stick around and watch us attempt to do it without her. She seems a little too amused. Also our other problem child Alexandria is on her way north towards the border fort as requested.

Also our anirace game against Usian did not go…shall we say well. I think we lost 0 to 9. Though he is someone who came to power based on his popularity as an anirace star, and was the sponsor of last years champion team as well so I guess that thrashing was to be expected. Still got paid though.

Ivan has reached Jamsa’s gate stone and made his way to the island outpost to take command to relieve Commander Aato of the Nalkas. Reportedly the place is still quite dangerous and he’s already lost some of his units defending against night attacks. Most interesting is the report of more strangely horrifying and powerful undead, these seem to be the biggest problem. While the monsters are enough to deal with, the undead attack at such oddly opportune times with such force that responding to them causes openings for the monster assaults. Basically its rough up there.

Now for bad news. Remember how it was mentioned that the orcs real force was still on its way to assault the badlands? Well they still really like the flanking strategy and we have some new fucks approaching the gate of the forest. Notably though, they have some tieflings as commanders. Big ones…probably some sort of crossbreeding experiment. I’m not really sure what is going on with all that buuut…yeah we might have to deal with some shit soon.

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