A Sanguine Chapter

Its a bit long

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Shentu Wo: 3.295Power, 984Followers
Kikai Senso: 4,053Power, 50 Followers, Next Form Progress: 23%
Lin Sun: 1489Power, 968 Followers
Con Lai: 2548Power, 1484 Followers


Hall of Heroes constructed
Kaeta project underway, incubating, breeding, etc.Well now you have a weird staff and the two tomes have been created

After the war Carmilla returned to ruling over Sarnai fairly smoothly. Not much going on there other then her apparent disgust at having had to actually march and fight but her pampering companions were quick to soothe her.

Anna returns to very little external recognition. Except for members of her own clan very few saw her out there in the night, and she is still her usual severe self. While Noelle is known as a hero, Anna returns to the dark depths beneath Sarnai after scoring at least double Noelle’s kill count. And Anna uses claws and teeth while Noelle has explosions at her disposal. Though perhaps this is for the best, as the forest spirits reclaim the bodies of the fallen they hide the evidence of the sheer brutality Anna exhibited in the battle.

As was mentioned earlier, Ailani kept sneaking out and worrying Su Shento to death since they are surrounded by a jungle full of cannibals, and Ailani is worth a lot if eaten. So when Shento decides its time for family field trips around the world she gets to meet all kinds of weird people.

Meanwhile, Kaja and Noelle are just chilling out now that things have died down a little bit and is helping the order to recover from its losses and preparing for more wars in the future. Alexandria returns at long last, and missing an arm. Su Shento fixed it pretty easily but the poor high prophet has been through a lot.

jerichoJericho is the newest replacement, and obviously takes a lot more after Kaja then the others. Lots of armor, big sword, and plenty of fashion, Jericho has kinetic control over metal he is attuned to. While he can’t control all metal, he can attune to metal given some time to hang out with it, once he does so he can do weird things. His sword is notably designed to exploit this, with breakaway segments that can act as flying steel plates of death and hate.

Unlike Kaja, he’s actually fairly talkative and just refined as any of the other noble paladins. Taking over Hector’s estate he has taken on the fine and noble task of raising horses since it was already there for him to do and provides an easy hobby to get into since the framework is all set up.

Lin Sun:

Moses kind of already answered the sun thing so Vris is just gonna go back to translating stuff.

May want to rework university plans now that all airships in the world just fell over so the taxi service thing might be difficult. Also with the original intent of boosting PR it seems counterproductive to also involve the Viking territory just because Freyja knows history.

The search for a timemililani aspect and a mystic shows up in the jungles of Koko Molum, sent south to join the Aetas by Shento. Mililani is a psychometric mystic, while she can commune with the spirits in general she also possesses the distinct ability to see the past of places or objects she comes into contact with by speaking with the spirits in it. Her power helps her to understand the spirits and the past they have seen, and she was quickly brought into the Aetas upper circle to join the team.

She is typically a calm individual, often wandering Aina and heeding the call of the spirits. Mililani is used to a solitary life as most mystics are, but thanks to Eret’s promotion she has been brought to the temple to work for the team’s upper echelons in person. Lately she is quiet and observant, always trying to get used to the new environment. Notably she holds proper reverence for the high prophet, but Eret still unsettles her. Even with his more violent outbursts reigned in, Eret is still not quite what you would expect from the Aetas. Thandar had always been a calm and restrained leader, Eret still takes after his pirates a lot.

kahlKahl was promoted from within the Aetas and has that power Shento thought was hilarious, summoning kittens. In truth Kahl can create constructs of his own energy and power, giving him near limitless potential dependent on his creativity. Ranging between swords, guns, bows, and tigers, Kahl seems to always have just the right tool for the job. However, as it is his own power incarnated it has very distinct limits in how long he can sustain it since it consumes energy rapidly without a physical makeup to support it. He can only clash swords for so long before the raw physical impacts take a toll, and projectile weapons always drain him extremely quickly since he sends his power afar and is unable to retrieve it when used in this manner.

Meanwhile: After the death of Thandar and Kinzoku, Eret did not take it well. He has been assembling a team and sending out letters to other national heroes, particularly from Divus, and seems to be plotting revenge on Rackham. While this might be all well and good, he has become visibly distraught and self destructive lately and if it were not for Rena’s power to influence his emotional state he probably would have gone full blown pirate again.

Kaisa, despite having no notable kills after the battle, has grown particularly arrogant with her abilities. Given her blessings though, it is somewhat understandable. She spends her time with Eret as he starts assembling a killteam of some sort, waiting for a chance to fight again. Velius is concerned about this however, she is becoming a bit war crazy. Originally he expected the realities of warfare to shake her excitement but instead it has only added to her excitement. Its not quite as bad as Shento’s aggressive followers, not even close, but as a developing Aetas hero with a whole lot of power he’s wary of what kind of trouble she might get into.

With Thandar’s passing Velius has become acting Grand Commander of the Aetas. While technically it went to Vris she declined and said she had too much shit to do. Velius demonstrates his capacity as a leader quite well, offsetting the peculiar nature of Eret’s recent behaviors and getting everything back underway. He has stopped traveling as he used to and now relies on his subordinates to do the job he once did, leaving him more time to linger around the capital.

Con Lai:

While there are a few outbreaks of various diseases none of them are extraordinarily severe and are often not terribly notable. In hunting around for them the most infectious of them has minor affects that healers can overcome and the most dangerous doesn’t really have severe outbreaks but due to repeatedly showing up through gateway cities one can assume it is related. However, as far as the pathology department goes nothing has made dream denizens sniffle.

Expanding food supply and harvesting winds up coming largely down to the work of mystics exploiting growth more then usual. Extending the range over which growth occurs but since Adelaide is primarily a centralized city this forces members of its population to live a bit further out for the time being to actually gather the food. It is expected in time that the density of it will return to the area around Adelaide after awhile but until then its population has to spread out a bit.

In other news, Rena continues to act as head of PR and with her recent increase in abilities she’s become effective at the task of keeping everyone a bit more orderly in the wake of the war and the shifty month or two that followed Song Yi’s knockout.

Saba Kuu and Milenkosi also return to the dream realm to do their usual lurking thing for awhile. They lead rather consistent lives at the least and when not directly doing anything tend to just repeat what they are currently used to.

Baridi on the other hand remains with Jin Zhang in his growing naval force. While uninvolved with the war to the east of the country the impact of the events have given it some trouble. With Ryujin dead and Rackham ascended the seas have become more dangerous since the pirates are growing bolder. Under the command of Rackham instead of Eli their goals start to shift from attacking gods and their churches to the more understandable loot and pillage. Pirate activities on the eastern half of the continent have become particularly bad and only large convoys that Jin and his ship are personally apart of have been able to really deal with. Taiyo and Divya both no longer have navies and the eastern seas have fallen into chaos because of it while the Jade Empire remains under attack as well.

In the wake of the conflict the damage to Halea is still being felt while food supplies run scarce and start to have an affect on the tower cities as a result. Aina and Freyja’s city is hit especially hard because the mushrooms were affected by the event along with the fact that the place is already a land of ice and snow, which hastened the food problem while the spiritual effects were broken.

Divya itself sees total collapse on the horizon, the mass evacuated civilian population had all moved to Svarga for safety but this has backfired after the death of Dyaus. While most have figured out they need to get moving and away from there, the destruction of transport and a lot of the more industrial designs means food will still be scarce for quite some time until things level back out. Despite Song Yi’s statement a lot of them refuse to give up the old ways and try to cultivate more Tek spirits. This has triggered another catastrophe as the spirits deal with it themselves instead of having Halea’s army do it.

Despite not being entirely responsible for it, Song Yi is still very much the scapegoat of the so called dark spirits that have started to appear and haunt the former Divya lands. These spirits are really nothing new and have always been around, but due to their recent prominence Song Yi is blamed for them anyways. Wherever they are being produced from, they are different from typical violent spirits from the wild because they can affect men while remaining incorporeal. How it actually works isn’t terribly understood but curses, madness, and possessions keep happening as the dark spirits keep doing their thing. Once they wandered the world considered to be rogue spirits, now they can be controlled by Song Yi, or at least the wild ones can be.

In more minor developments, with everyone looking into children and the death of Locust, Song Yi decided she wanted a kid of her own again, or at least a groomed prince of some sort. However, unlike her last pregnancy with Izumi, this time Song got one by simply willing the child into existence. Giving her own blood  and a fragment of her moon sword in a strange spiritual ritual she managed to cause a human to appear in the form of a 5 year old child. Her son is named Akuhiko Song, named after Akahito Izumi, and following the nations new naming structure of placing family name last. Hale’a advisors are more concerned about how she just created a person instantly, they feel she sorta glossed over the importance of however the hell she just did that.


aldayRackham’s new prophet, James Alday, has also taken over as the northern pirate lord of Atlantis. James shares the lackadaisical attitude of Rackham in most things he does but remains a proficient master of the high seas. Given the immortalizing coat by Rackham to make him a bitch to kill and also armed with the sword of Hayashi for a bit extra. He has no demonstrated black magic as far as anyone can tell he doesn’t care much for cannibalism and prefers his food prepared and cooked properly. He stands out for being a plain human that is able to command the entire northern Atlantis without anyone successfully mutinying against him for the post. His high prophet status seems to have given him a similar power to Rackham’s albeit less potent. He can’t perma steal items and pass it along, just use anything he’s holding.


MakaioThe wannabe apprentice of the late Locust. Locust never really did bother to teach them much, but Makaio still followed the man around none the less. Makaio has a similar power to Locust’s albeit less potent. His body can break up into spirits to create a horde of them that can reshape back into Makaio. This peculiar power this offers him is that the spirits can move between the physical world and the spiritual one, effectively letting him teleport unseen by anyone other then the mystically attuned.



nadaThe new high prophet of Zaeed was found by way of Songstone tournament. Zaeed decided only the luckiest would be his new high prophet, then proceeded to grant luck to Nada once he saw her. Basically a repeat of the shenanigans that led to him finding Sabriya.

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Your next quest is to blow up…THE OCEAN

Shentu Wo: 3,124Power, 984Followers
Kikai Senso: 3,183 Power, 50 Followers, Next Form Progress: 23%
Lin Sun: 614 Power, 968 Followers
Con Lai: 1673 Power, 1484 Followers


Hector killed by Hasin Bava
Eleni killed by Thandar
Halima killed by Thandar
Bahamut Defeated by Hachiman and Vinasa finishing the job ryujin started
Locust killed by Vinasa
Kali and Vinasa defeated by Thandar, Kenji, Takeshi, Locust, Rikuto, Anna, Bahamut, and Freyja. Kali reaped, Vinasa still alive.
Thandar killed by Sahar, Orion, and Rackham (who took the coat)
Eli killed by Hayashi
Hayashi killed by Rackham
Akiao and shade dead to general combat.
Ume Kon killed by Lakshay Jayesh
12,000 Altepetl units killed by Raji
Nitis dead to Raji
Raji killed by Ira
Saldis defeated by Ryujin
Ryujin defeated by Bahamut, and then killed by Rackham
Lakshay Jayesh killed by Noelle
Hasin Bava defeated by Astrid
Kinzoku killed by Sanjiv Dubey
Sanjiv dubey killed by Takeshi
Sabriya killed by general combat

28,000 Altepetl warriors Killed in battle
Every undead zombie killed
20,000 Hale’a Troops dead
Senshi Order loses 25
2800 Sanika dead
40,000 Shogunate dead
60,000 Rajput dead
Crimson Order Loses 500, reducing it to 250

Isis rescues and also uses magic to force Song Yi awake again. Forests reanimate at reaaaaally awkward timing. Instead of retreat, Song decides to just attack. Death toll: 129,000.

Divya and Taiyo Survivors:
Hasin Bava


In attempt to retreat to the sea, yarr harr fiddle dee dee. Entire Taiyo fleet destroyed, Death toll: 110,000


End result: Pretty good victory.


It was discovered Raji can control the zombies, which led to the death of swathes of altepetl warriors when it turned out she could even out-command deathspeakers. Saldis killed her personally, no one has told Saldis why Raji could do this though.

After Hayashi killed Eli, Rackham avenged his fallen captain. This turned out to go very differently then Eli may have intended. Rackham ate Ryujin after reaping the wounded dragon god following its fight with Bahamut, thus ascending. Unlike Eli, he does not have any qualms with this result. Because he still has the keys Eli made, he was able to enter the formerly godless city and become the pirate god of atlantis, also known as the god of thieves.

It is suspected he may have been involved in getting Eli killed intentionally to take the throne, but no evidence has been brought up and any other suspicious disappearances can be pinned on the war itself.

With the death of Shade and Locust, the Senshi order has entered a bit of a rough spot. Kenji has been declared the new grandmaster to take command of the order.

When Saldis was defeated and sent to respawn, all the zombies fell over.

When Song Yi was awoken by Isis’ magic, the death toll skyrocketed over the next week of conflict. While the forces that remained tried to get back to the ocean to escape her wrath, the remains of the Hale’a army chased them through a hostile forest and killed them. In the end she personally killed an awful lot of their less known champions herself for what appeared to be sport. Challenging them to single combat, if they lived longer then ten seconds their men would be allowed safe passage.

In the wake of this conflict despite the loss of a few champions Halea comes out on top as two national militaries got butchered by being trapped in Song’s domain a week deep. Most of the military losses were soaked up by Altepetl. The spirits have begun to aggressively push into Divya now that it is nearly defenseless against them. Song Yi delivers the spirits message to what remains of the crumbling nation, that they can learn to accept the wilds instead of trying to tame it or they will be killed. The message is also sent to Taiyo.

Meanwhile to the north, the Jade Empire is getting destroyed. Ne Zha was killed by Fang already, the entire mercenary house led by Warlord Yuwen Hu is gone, either dead or deserted. Yuwen Hu himself was killed in the field by Erelim along with their army.

While Salathiel was being pushed back on the western border by Saint Naomi, most of the paladins have had to go deal with this Thykenae invasion after Ares betrayed Divus. Bastet and Ares are growing slowly closer to each other and the conflict of the war gods is expected.

Grand Marshal Devadas was found dead two weeks after the war with Hale’a Jeongsin, over two dozen Sanika were killed alongside him by the Jakaal and remaining witnesses say it was likely the work of Heisi or Nergal. The Jakaal attackers and their mysterious cohorts were all killed by the Sanika before they could escape.


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Shentu Wo: 2640 Power, 1284Followers
Kikai Senso: 2,960 Power, 80 Followers, Next Form Progress: 12%
Lin Sun: 314 Power, 1150 Followers
Con Lai: 1473 Power, 1459 Followers

Invasion Report:

Due to the nature of the surprise attack and the fact you sent everrryone, that was kind of a one sided massacre, producing 4 new hordes of undead, though two of the original set died in the attack so net gain of 2 hordes. Amazingly no heroes died and a large section of the fleet overhead has been captured by Eret and the gang. So far all is going well…too well.

In response the Divya armies have begun to remobilize and the main force has kept up its wildland destruction, though now moving northward towards Shahira. Intel isn’t sure what heroes are what to up as they’ve all suddenly disappeared from the public eye except for Vasistha who continues to lead the people alongside the Raja.

So far spies and intel networks have traced that Hasin Bava has moved towards Svarga but there are now 5 people claiming to be Grand Marshal Devadas around the country, and no one knows where the real one is. Eret has noticed that all 5 of them are shielded from his foresight and since they are the acting commanders of every Sanika legion, he can’t predict these particular troop movements.

Spies and dream network scanning only reveals that he’s still alive and out there but there is no certainty which one is actually him. So far they haven’t had to engage in combat directly so we can’t narrow it down to “whichever one has the power of Indra”

The Taiyo fleet is experiencing travel time, but southward they come with the power of the shogunate, their basic infantry have been left at home along with their other heroes but the ones on the map and the ones with cards are the ones coming south to participate.

No sign of Atlantis thus far.


Kikai Senso:

Lo’c has too much to do right now to try and create jinkonies and mounted weapons. He’ll get back to you on that.

Banner Created.



Lin Sun:

Kaisa power blessed and now obnoxiously good at freezing things but also her cyrokineticism becomes more advanced allowing her to shape and manipulate the ice in weird ways such as creating animated weapons of ice. Granted the actual viability of those weapons is suspect but its still cool.

Vris runs temple


Con Lai:

Isis once again cannot figure out how Milenkosi works, and while they have confirmed his powers do work outside of the dream realm they still don’t quite know any way to reproduce it or if it even can be reproduced as it could be unique to him.

Door opened and all that, along with power altered to keep up with the statement that you had put doors in all the major Halea cities.

Ume Kon’s powers seem to be very similar to Saba Kuu’s just less team orientated and more enemy team orientated. That and he can turn into a cloud of smoke which happens to be capable of suffocating people, just like Saba Kuu except instead of ranged he floats himself toward his victims, granted the size of the cloud is equally limited in size.

With power blessing the range of targets that can be effected by his sleep powers increases as well as his effective control within the lucid dreams. Power blessing Rena turns her voice’s natural alluring effect into a sort of emotional hypnosis. Depending what tone she speaks in, she can be calming, alluring, enraging, depressing, etc though she is limited to the range at which she can actually be heard.

You continue to torture enemies who try to take a nap.

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Roster Update (so you know who killed your people)

Several new champions for other factions have been added, so lets go over them.


vasisthaThe second most powerful man in the nation, second only to the Raja himself. Vasistha is the leader of the Tekno Jagara and high prophet of Dyaus Pita. He has the power of extreme technomancy. Similar to how Dyaus Pita turned the fleet into an avatar, Vasistha can alter technology to his purposes on the fly. The size of his arsenal is theoretically infinite as he invents new gadgets as he goes along, though typically he just wields raw destructive energy unless he finds himself needing a gizmo.

Tier 2


Kiaan DarshiitVasistha’s bodyguard and apprentice in technomancy. With the same aspect powers granted to him by Dyaus, you can expect Kiann to be pretty much a miniature Vasistha. Though Kiann does not wield the explosive energies Vasistha does, he often find ways to make do with what he has. Don’t let his priest robes or scrawny frame fool you, he very suddenly turns into a fully armored Sanika when he is expecting a fight.


Tier 3


lakshay jayeshAs the high prophet of such a powerful destroyer god, Lakshay’s power is pretty predictable. He blows things up. He doesn’t lead a terribly large army nor is he a good commander but when you can make whole platoons blow up, who needs skill?



Tier 3


hasinOne of the stranger endowed powers but fitting the Divya theme, Hasin can create weapons from the tek spirits in his arms. Manifesting their spirits into whatever form he wants, these weapons are as powerful as the spiritual blades the Senshi use but are far more diverse. Hasin is not a particularly powerful commander, but as a duelist he is exceptional and should be approached with caution.



Tier 1

sanjivAn old fashioned man, using his thick body and thicker sword he travels around keeping to the old styles of combat instead of all these fancy energy and projectile weapons everyone else around him is using. Sanjiv leads a large army and is quite competent on the field both as a hero and a commander.



Tier 2


malikenNergal’s apprentice, assistant, or just minion. However you want to look at it, Maliken is a powerful servant of the demonic agenda. His powers aren’t well understood but its known he excels in subtle tactics and assault. Unlike Nergal however, Maliken wields a lot more overt powers and can cause larger scale demolition then the demon of secrets. It is suspected Maliken is sent to deconstruct buildings rather then make people disappear, he was the one that broke the Aetas temple but no one is sure how he did.

Tier ?










Erelim and Salathiel aren’t terribly different from each other and are technically brothers. Erelim is the older one if you were curious. They are actually some of the more powerful black mages of Si Da who Azazel decided would serve as his commanders and champions on the field. Neither are as talented as their master in leading demon hordes but they usually are told what to do ahead of time and instead serve as raw muscle. Both have the typical physique and regenerative abilities expected of high level black mages, and both have the powers of destruction, similar to Baal and Abaddon before them. They hold aspect blessings of Azazel, giving them ways to bolster the powers of their armies.

Tier 2

hataNo one is sure who made such comically large katana for him, but he seems to wield them just fine. As the high prophet of Hachiman he is also one of the main commanding generals on the field. A master of both strategy and physical confrontation.




Tier 2

hayashiDespite his master going mad, Raijin is still alive and thus his high prophet has not lost their powers. As apprentice to Raijin, Hayashi is one of the most dangerous champions in the Taiyo pantheon. Similar to his master, Hayashi exhibits calm and thoughtful behavior, only resorting to violence if necessary and when necessary he ends it quickly.He is known to imitate his master’s favorite technique, becoming living lightning as his method of travel and repositioning in combat.

Tier 0


arimaA challenge seeker, Arima is known to request duels with champions from around the world to test her mettle against them. Despite her hobby, she’s not terribly dangerous in single combat with her power to manipulate the wind around her. However, she is one of the best commanders in the Taiyo pantheon and is very knowledgeable in warfare.

Tier 4



ishimotoRyujin’s youngest champion, Ishimoto obviously has the power of hydromancy. His capabilities with such are fairly impressive,



Tier 3




The Heroic Tier List revisited

With all the changes, its time to revisit who is where so you have a bit more knowledge of the matchup potential. Remember, this is rough and based around them walking into each other unexpectedly. Sometimes they have other soldiers, larger armies, or are just more cunning and prepared.


Tier 0: Song Fang, Saint Naomi, Hayashi, Ryner

Tier 1: Saint Eleazor, Saint David, Locust, Thandar, Akasiya, Sahar Tahani, Kaja Molum, Takeshi, Hasin Bava, John Rackham

Tier 2: Ira, Shade, Milenkosi, Jakaal/Praeliator Master, Kulina, Hercules, Jin Zhang, Eret Daiheb, Anna Goethe, Yoshikazu, Hasina, Astrid, Vasistha, Sanjiv Buvey, Grand Marshal Devadas, Erelim, Salathiel, Hata Kokei, Orion

Tier 3: Baridi, Kinzoku, Dracula, Average Jakaal/Praeliator, Senshi Masters, Upper Templar, Lakshay Jayesh, Kiaan Darshiit, Kaisa, Lady Noelle, Lord Hector, Satoshi, Akiao, Saint Andrew, Saint Chloe, Saint Jacob, Ishimoto Tsuneyo, Eleni

Tier 4: An Lanh Tien, Carmilla, Average Senshi, Upper Lengdonian or Phoenix Clan, Sanika, Average Spartan, Average Templar, Velius, Mazaki, Rikuto, Sabriya Alhazz, Saint Caleb, Captain Raji, Arima Naoko, Halima

Tier 5: Siwang Assassin, Teijin Monk, Average Lengdonian or Phoenix clan, Rajput Soldier, Su Pinpua,Saba Kuu, Ume Kon, Alexandria, Daisuke, Gorou

Tier 6: Lo’c Thua, Sarnai, Teozix, Vris, Naberius, Gremory, Eret Daiheb, Su Shento, Rena, Malu Jio

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I wonder how many characters will die this time.


Shento: Kaja learns his new powers shockingly fast and while he lacks the level of control or raw power that Dracula had, his creativity rivals Vlad’s. Having already developed several techniques to use the power offensively in combination with his own fighting style.

Hector begins the art of finding who is worthy to train as a proper knight. So far he’s crushed a lot of dreams with his callous observations in picking who is worthy. Though notably, he has accepted Alex.

Speaking of which, Alexandria has taken to following the paladins around and trying to learn from them during downtime. Since Carmilla is running the city that leaves her with a lot of free time when there are no messages to relay, and she wants to be able to defend herself if Anna tries to kill her. It iss unclear if Hector accepted her as a student because of her position as high prophet and his superior or if she has any degree of talent though.

The hunt for Ryner begins, but this update isn’t skipping all that much time so they’re currently traveling.

Carmilla begins spy network, fairly easily since people practically beg to make her happy. She’s slowly becoming more and more powerful with her social status and Alex has noticed that if it weren’t for Kaja and Hector, Carmilla would be dangerously close to being capable of a borderline mutiny. Granted, Carmilla has never shown any tendency to disobey the cult or any dissatisfaction but Alex is still scared of the vampires since she knew them as the apex predator of the jungle for awhile before she was selected to join the cult’s upper echelon, years of “hide from the night hunters” has left her a bit edgy around them.

That being said Alex is rapidly becoming politically powerful within the blood jungle as well, the paladins see her as the leader since they are holy warriors they serve the high prophet loyally. As Alex trains among them they are starting to become very familiar with her, similar to the way Song Yi rose to military prominence by training with the soldiers. Anna and the Tyrant clan are noticing how quickly they’ve stopped being a “faction” in blood politics, as its now just Carmilla and Alex. That being said, Carmilla seems to like Alex well enough anyways, so there is no infighting to worry about, but the stark differences between the vampire holdings in Sarnai and the Crimson Order are becoming a bit more apparent.

Lo’c is currently backed up on requests.

The orc chief think tank sort of depends on what you want them to do. Mystic work, maybe some fancy staff to symbolize spiritual leadership. Lead through strength? Axes are classic. Can never go wrong with a fancy helmet either, or even just a symbolic necklace.

The new policies input by Hector and Carmilla hand off a lot of resources to anyone inducted into the Crimson Order’s knights. This turns out to have pretty fast appeal and Kaja brings in an “old friend” once again. Turns out the man knows how to get some recruits in a hurry for war time. Carmilla starts investigating where the hell all these Divus accented, named, and obviously trained warriors are coming from.

Noelle is evidently familiar with Kaja and Hector as they all seem rather chummy. She is more like Hector then Kaja though, exhibiting traits of eloquence and clearly familiar with higher class etiquette. Carmilla is starting to get excited were not for the concern that these people all come from somewhere very specific and no one knows where right now.

Noelle’s power as a black mage is pyrokineticism. As with Hector, she is freakishly advanced in its usage very quickly able to find creative applications to enhance her destructive potential. Carmilla has put more effort into her investigation.

Lin Sun:

In an attempt to apologize to Thandar he punches you so hard you fly through a stone wall, obviously he used his telekinetics to make it hurt more. That was all he said on the matter. Freyja explained that’s how Ofrior forgives people sometimes, and she thought it was sweet how close you two were that he would give you such a traditional rite. That being said you’re aware he hit you WAY harder then you hit him.

The Milenkosi thing is actually a long and complicated affair. First off Eleni and the girls left because Thandar “escorted” them away as per Milenkosi’s advice. Milen pointed out Eleni may not be the prophet with her powerset anymore, but she still thrives on conflict and chaos. She was only here because she knew Eret was going to be a bit crazy and now she’ll be headed back to Atlantis where a power struggle will soon erupt. That girl has some weird issues. While Thandar was dealing with Eleni, Milen pinned Eret down and forced him to take a nap which triggered Eret to decompress all of his experiences as a pirate somehow and rendered him catatonic for awhile, recounting the various experiences to Milen such as Rackham killing his first girlfriend by hanging her from the mast, his pet bird being cooked by the crew when he wasn’t looking and then served to him as a prank, the first few times he had to kill people, the part where he might have been a little raped himself, and many attempts on his life in the middle of the night he barely survived. In the end his problems aren’t cured with a single nap though Milen introduced him to a nice young lady to help him asssimilate back into normal life. He’s now apparently dating Rena the Siren, whose powers turn out to be very effective in calming Eret down when he gets a bit high strung. However, Eret still retains some of his edge as he sets out to train the anti divya air team. Song Yi named him the captain of the air force since he’s the only one with an airship to use in the first place and Eret intends to join the war in full with his newly assembled team.

As a side note, he also encountered Jin Zhang while visiting the dream realm. They recognized each other and began a duel that lasted six hours before they both gave up and went to find something else to do. They are now drinking buddies apparently and are overly competitive at everything.

While he was in Sele’akala Eret unintentionally walked into Song Yi’s fist sixteen times and fell down a flight of stairs. Ira was lended to his sky crew, and he still needs dad’s permission to take Thandar and Kaisa with him.

Songstone proves a popular form of entertainment as it spreads around the nation. The first adventure pack DreamOn™ comes out later this month and the dev team is hanging out in the dream realm to collect artistic renderings.

Special blessed coat complete.

Con Lai:

Jin’s power leveled up is all the powers basically. The other two just get numeric increases.

Your attempt to hook up Jin and Sabriya results in a totally other thing happening. While they don’t exactly start dating they do start hanging out…and Jin is Eret’s new drinking buddy. The dream trio with no skills and all the skills has assembled.

Door opened.

Your new head of PR is dating Eret.

Kikai Senso:

The idea of modular wings turns out to be incompatible with current Jinko models and plans. So instead we made a new one!

RikutoThe Rackham project was inspired to be super modular and capable of having basically batman’s utility belt. The idea is to just have lots and lots of tricks and gadgets in a single frame. Rikuto was chosen to wield it, it carries ranged armaments, melee weapons, Isis gave it the ability to shoot lightning, it has flamethrowers, grappling hooks, what is being called as the  “blast pack” which the Sanika use to create controlled explosions to propel themselves forward by force and then just let momentum take them somewhere. Rikuto also has a variety of ways to change out their armaments and special upgrades. While there aren’t many available yet it leaves room for improvement, but as a whole the frame suffers from its lack of dedication. The modularity means it has many more weak points and far less durability in its construction so it has to rely on its gadgets to overcome people before it gets into a straight up slug fest with something like a Takeshi for example.


Everyone else:

The altepetl forces wait about a days journey away from the Wild border as they ready to assault. Current war council plans pending more group convo:

Eret is going to be the first move they make, using the recon ship he stole as a way to sneak up on them and try to cripple an air fleet near the border and maybe steal more ships. Hopefully he’ll do enough damage in the first night that they’ll be weakened. The plan is for scout Senshi to spread out across the border in a hurry to find the weakest possible spots, they expect it to be near the border to Taiyo. The idea is they can’t have the entire border lined with defenses, somewhere there has to be enough space for a day’s trip into their territory from the edges. Hopefully, can get into their cities and start to attack them while skipping the border conflict entirely. While this makes retreat extremely difficult and is risky in that the army will be surrounded, Saldis’ forces will continue to swell the more people fall either friend or foe.

The basic idea is to get within their land so their long range super weapons and airship cannons can’t be fired without also hitting their own stuff, using their own cities as cover instead of the much flimsier trees of the forest. More planning to be done over conferences.

Also be sure to carefully specify which of your champs is involved in what and who is going to the war etc.

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Well peace was pretty cool, now back to work.

Shentu Wo: 3124Power, 1282Followers
Kikai Senso: 3,200 Power, 80 Followers, Next Form Progress: 12%
Lin Sun: 4585 Power, 1146 Followers
Con Lai: 3522Power, 1456 Followers

Stories of Lore 16

Eret’s Odyssey Part 3/3


Kikai Senso: Jinko take up the ancestral home, making them no longer nomadic.  The spiked tree is raised once again.

Daisuke finally returns after being away for 4 years with this whole Ryner fiasco.

Akiao went missing for about a year after moving into the new city. Turned out he never went anywhere its just really dark underground and Akiao never talks.



Lin Sun: Eret’s home. With his own airship, and his girlfriend(s)…and he’s an asshole. But he’s finally home! and geared. He has the sword of athalia, an amplified force rapier, a tattoo of minor illusions, and some gold embroidered pistols.

Eret’s Odyssey Summary
Personal Kill Count: 87
Kill Count under Command: 438
Towns Plundered: 14
Wenches total: 24
Ships stolen: 12
Last Title: Southern Pirate Lord of Atlantis
Final Rank: Yarr harr fiddle dee fucking dee

Eret may be home, but he isn’t the cute kid anymore. He’s killed a lot of people both innocent and not. He is responsible for leading some of the most successful pirates in recent history and even though you may wish not to see it, those were real pirates. He has done things that you’d have hanged people for. His overall attitude has become very obviously affected by his time with the pirates and though in the end he still came home he’s really out of place now. Eret has been observed to have a bit of a mean streak now, having physically struck people for giving him trouble and breaking an Aetas member’s leg with a swift kick to their knee. The victim described it as the worst pain he’d ever experienced. Were it not for Shento’s cult embassy they could have been crippled for life. Eret is not evil but he’s definitely lost sight of the line that defines acceptable behavior and has not yet adapted to the fact that he doesn’t need to assert dominance to keep people in line anymore. The Aetas members besides Thandar and Kinzoku are genuinely scared of Eret right now and try to avoid him. Even Vris makes a point to shrink away into other halls when she notices him coming through, and she used to love that kid.

Sahar cured him of all his former weaknesses, but gave him new problems. He used to walk into walls while spending too long in his visions and always thought very slowly, trying to make the best decisions he could. Now he reacts almost instantly as if expecting everyone to try and stab him in the back at any moment. To be fair, that was the situation he was living in for years before he came home and while its made him strong it has also made him a little jumpy and instilled a need to keep people afraid of him for his own safety.

Velius suggests sending Eret to live with Song Yi or Milenkosi for awhile, both of them have supernatural calming effects and might help to rehabilitate Eret into a civilized leader instead of this pack alpha he’s become. Though, by the fact seven other Aetas also voted to send him to the warrior Song Yi instead of the therapeutic Milenkosi, you’re relatively sure they just want him to get his ass kicked by her. It’d probably make them happy if you had Eret spar her at one of your future training sessions, so that they can watch.

Vris gets along fine with Aetas, they do revere her a little bit as the archivist. Its just that what she wants to talk about and what they want to talk about are different things. She’s a nerd, a well respected nerd, but a nerd none the less. It doesn’t help that she’s become even more reclusive since Eret got back though, but then again all of the Aetas has been.

The Aetas militarization goes swimmingly as people prepare for war to eventually resume. Despite the fear he instills in them, Eret is a very strong commander now and knows how to build an army….as evidenced by the pirate legion that is giving Con Lai so much trouble.

Vris tells the world that she has a dream. Kinzoku still remains kind of a loner, Vris and Kinzie are very different people and even though they like each other one acts far younger and more interested in fun or funny things and the other wants to spend all day exploring the world’s mysteries through its books. Your society doesn’t have anyone anymore who can keep up with Vris…well Eret could but she’s scared of him.

Song Yi’s fights with you actually result in her teaching you and the Aetas something important: Fighting like a Lengdonian is stupid. Their fighting styles were developed fighting honorable opponents or wilderness bandits, it was never intended for combat against black mages or demons where every enemy could act radically different from each other. She’s come to realize this is why she couldn’t beat Raijin, he used his powers to their fullest and understood how to react to and counter hers. This is why Kaisa can beat half your forces on her own already, she knows how to use her powers and defensively probe to figure out her opponents and react to that information. The old lengdonian arts are just novelties now, Teijin’s methods are now more appropriate to study. If you were to seriously fight Song Yi, who has no vital organs and bleeds magma, everything you ever learned from Lengdon’s fighting styles become pretty pointless.

The Silk Trade Begins! Moar money. Guess who is very very good at managing in selling luxurious goods for profit? Eret both exploits his power to find the best sales locations for you and just plain knows how to do this kind of stuff now.

Your tournament does okay, though the cards prove to be more interesting to most people but infringes on Zaeed’s copyright. Granted he doesn’t care anyways, he’s rich as hell and the card game was him bored one night in a tavern. The issue with the actual tournament is Shento’s is bigger and better, pitting black mages to the death using his healer wife to prevent the death of some combatants and allowing people to just go full blown crazy has made his tournament a worldwide phenomenon. Its hard to compete with that, especially when you live out in the middle of nowhere.

Kaisa and Kinzoku actually become decent friends as they’re both young and a little bit reckless.

Cannons have been emplaced here and there around the city but as not to break Song Yi’s traditions they’re a bit awkward in their positioning and spacing.

And no I’m not making 6 champions for every NPC god unless I have content for those champions to do, so you talk to a bunch of people who are important to her and may some day come up but just Astrid for now gets a card. There are also uncarded demon champions too  for the record.


Con Lai:

YARR HARR FIDDLE DEE DEE war continues. So far its pretty back and forth, Jin is fairly competent as a grand admiral and has taught his crew how to keep up their skills as needed. Recruiting however is a bit tricky as you guys now inhabit what was once wild lands, you live next to a tribal nation who never had much for a navy, and you are from a formerly landlocked nation. Finding able sailors to join up proves difficult but Jin does what he can to train some up.

The global anti pirate coalition continues along, establishing the convoy system to basically go in a back and forth trail from Divus to the Jade Empire, though Divus can provide very little as the most powerful of the pirate fleets (under the command of Rackham) keeps preying on them very directly. Divya Samrajya on the other hand doesn’t really participate, as they are not in the naval game anymore now that they developed airships…and eret already stole a dozen of those so they’re dealing with sky pirates instead.

The effort to build the smaller ports is still taking awhile, your empire’s population is low and its territory is vast so colonizing abroad isn’t so easy even if it is just a port across the way.

Mook #26 takes over treasury

The Sanyang takes over leading an anti pirate fleet convoy, one of the larger ones, and patrols from Adelaide to Divus  back and forth.

Over the last 2 years Lo’c produces something similar to a farcall unit but not quite. It can’t transmit vocal messages like Divya’s can, just detect a vague persistent signal. It helps in the anti pirate efforts by allowing registered merchants to equip them to help with detection. Though not all merchants have them and the pirates sometimes get their hands on these, it does help a little.

Isis actually pulls through on this and her order is able to provide each of your ships with a tag that makes Lo’cs little signaler more effective. If the owner of them dies, the signal turns off, this dramatically improves pirate detection and is quickly becoming popular throughout the naval world.

In regards to researching devices to move things around, you could submit Milenkosi to Isis and Shento for analysis to see how his abilities work but then he’d be doing things other then his job while they probe him.

Also his ability to give solace doesn’t seem magical in any way somehow. He just has that sort of vibe of peace and comfort radiating from him, which means it has to be magical but you can’t actually pinpoint it as magical. It does seem that he can do it outside of the dream realm though, those who cuddle with him seem to get better after a shared nap.

Nah Shento For Real this time:

The Crimson Order begins its founding. Kaja seeks men throughout the land to join, while not quite a full blown military since Kaja trains knights, its a good start to a promising method of warfare. Meanwhile he has also begun to raise a proper military to back those knights up, though training both at the same time proves troublesome and he appoints a questionable sergeant but everyone in this jungle is questionable.

Anna is a bit grumpy that Carmilla got the position…and that Kaja is the lord general…and she’s not even the sergeant. She does as told but she’s still grumpy about it. Though one could only wonder what she might do if given the opening.

Alexandria manifests the hemomancy common to Vlad’s bloodline upon receiving the powers of high prophet. Otherwise she’s a bit young but does her job dutifully enough.

WAAAGH in 10 years.

Also the search for dragon aspects turns out to be ridiculously hard, you’ve only heard of 5 so far and yet no one seems to be able to find any hint of others. Well, Vris and her ‘where are the fire dragons?’ thing is kind of a hint of others but not really a result.

Technically, all the knights of crimson are blood paladins. They are elite warriors that fight for a god and a church, so paladins. Though he has taken on finding some healers to mix into their crowd but little success so far.


Two Years Later

The last two years were fairly quiet. Most of the action was between the various navies of the world and the Atlantean pirates. The increased control over trade routes in order to combat the Atlanteans have also forced all other pirates to join them or face unbeatable odds. So battle on the high seas is upscaling especially around the western side of the continent where all sea gods have died. Taiyo navy is still paranoid because Eli is famous for a particular thing, and Ryujin is the last sea god. They’d rather not lose the head of their pantheon.

Divya has stopped producing a navy altogether and now focuses exclusively on its airships, they are annoyed that the Pirate Lord Eret has stolen ten of them already, including a the country’s flagship. That was embarrassing. So Atlantis has a carrier now, thanks Eret.

Si Da laid low for a little while after the Ryner massacres, remobilizing forces at its leisure since everyone who shares a border with them are not particularly threatening anymore. With the exception of the pirates its been pretty quiet for the last two years. Too bad thats over.


The spirits have demanded Divya cease its aggressive expansion and destruction of the wild lands. They refused when Song Yi confronted them about it. Song’s spirits started to mobilize and become more aggressive around the wildland borders to combat the Divya colonizers. After the first few attacks Divya got mad and deployed the Sanika to just murder wild spirits with genocidal efficiency. Of course you realize, this means war.

Eret warns this is an absolutely terrible idea, the Si Da are to the north and you only have four years left until all shit breaks loose. Without Naberius though, Eret can’t actually check for sure what it is yet. However, Divya is literally invading Halea Jeongsin’s border and killing its citizens. Song might agree this is not a fight they should be having but its fight or let them just keep invading.

As an also very spiritually and nature-tuned nation, Altepetl offers to assist on the condition of formal Alliance in a pact made directly by Song Yi, since they trust she will stay true to her word. Despite her discomfort with their recent love of dark magic, the spirits apparently support the alliance and she does need the help against a nation as powerful as Divya. And so the alliance is made and Saldis marches her forces through Hale’a territories to join the eastern front. Sooo you guys have new friends? They’re just really corpsey and like ritual human sacrifice.


This is also the first time you guys have really taken that close a look at the new undead nation. While its tribal roots are still evident in most of its population, it is also clear some of them have started to move away from loincloth look. Actually it turns out Zaeed and Con Lai’s traders have been supplying them with the silk from Lin Sun’s land. Go figure. You can recognize who in their society is of higher standing then the others quite easily as they’re the one with actual clothes, though some of their tribal tendencies are still evident.

The other immediately apparent thing is that they have something akin to the avatars of Si Da, but more so incarnations of death. Resurrected beings who retained their sentience, liches really. They’ve definitely changed since they were just that one little tribe nation of no consequence, and its rather fortuitous they like you guys as they have a surprisingly large army. Not every citizen is a soldier, but every corpse can be.

They have several thousand human warriors on hand as well as several more thousand corpses. Among them are death speakers, those who have been given the power by the cult of Saldis to command the dead.

Roster Updates:

nitis One of those Altepetl Lich things we mentioned . Nitis is the warchief of the nation, perhaps an outdated name for a rank but they still have it. Its basically warlord, or grand marshal. Nitis is the main mortal (well..not god) leader of the Altepetl military, which might be more accurate to call a horde.

Despite his ominous appearance, he still has a love of the land and is happy to lend his aid to stopping Divya’s destruction of the forests. He’s not actually all that scary to talk to either, his body just looks…well like a lich.


DyaniDyani is one of the major champions of Saldis, having come into power through aggressive use of force against her former chief. Instead of becoming the new chief of her tribe after defeating him, she was taken into the cult of saldis to become one of its champions. She is a competent commander with a strong understanding of her powers and the powers of the bones around her, as well as a vicious fighter in her own right.

She is also a fangirl for Song Yi, who lived the same life as her almost but achieved far greater heights.


helakuHelaku is one of the old style heroes of the nation, he celebrates the new death culture by killing his enemies so that they might join the ranks.He has little to do with the death cults and leads the actually living warriors for the most part. He may well be the most fearsome mortal warrior within their nation, and could give even warriors like Ryner a challenge.

Unlike the death speakers, Helaku had only his spiritual weapon which healed him every time it tasted the blood of his foes. Song Yi gave him a spiritual blessing as well to help with the war effort, now he’s physically super powered with the ability to do the moonlight walk Izumi could do.

renaBefore his death, Poseidon left a menagerie of sea monsters around the port of Adelaide to help protect it from pirates at her request, and in exchange for some trading stuff. With Poseidon’s death most of these monsters have nowhere to go, the deep ocean is home to the Atlantean sea monsters. So fulfilling Poseidon’s last command to serve Con Lai, they remain in her port loyally.

Rena however, did not. Instead she discovered with Poseidon dead there was nothing actually keeping her to her stationed post. So she got up and went to go visit the city and see what people on land were like. She is a siren, and as such has the power of a hypnotic voice and magically excessive beauty. Along with the ability to live underwater. She’s still a part of the Vua Cai, but she’s on land and exploring around. Somehow she found and befriended Milenkosi in the dream realm by going through the door in Con Lai’s church.

hectorAlso known as “Lord Scar”, or just Hector. Hector is an old friend of Kaja’s apparently, upon founding the order Kaja sent out a message to Divus, and this guy showed up. Upon joining he received an awakening from Shento as was requested by Kaja to manifest his powers, but even before that he took down some of the jungle’s inhabitants on his walk in. He is a proper knight and gentleman, not nearly as scary as Kaja but the regal poise definitely intimidates the less cultured. Carmilla loves him already, a man of sophistication and proper manners. His powers once manifested turned out to be electrical, and for some reason he is already oddly strong with it for having just manifested it.


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Stories of Lore 15 and a half

The missing story I hadn’t finished by the last update but posted because I wanted people to start working on their update plans.

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Mezzy’s Crimson Shirts

kajaThe winner of the second crimson fist tournament, and by a significant margin. While he was a technical denizen of the forest, myths about his kill count confirm that much, we’re pretty sure this is not his first rodeo. However, he still technically met the qualifications to be called an amateur competitor. He then proceeded to win quite handily against his tribal opponents.

Kaja is a black mage with the power of momentum control over himself. By stepping forward and magnifying it he just flies forward at ridiculous speeds and stops right where he needs to. In practice it looks  very similar to being super fast but he’s not actually moving his legs, meaning he lands in perfect stance and does not have to concern himself with going too fast. He can also use these powers to make his shield extremely difficult to push through, or collide his sword into you hard enough to take down  a tree in one shot.

His past is rather mysterious, no one knows where he came from, but he had that armor already when he got to the forest to partake in the games. He is generally quiet and doesn’t talk much, but its been discovered he has the understanding of warfare as if he had perhaps at one time been a military general.

alexandriaAlexandria, or just Alex, must have come from Divus purely by their name alone. They are actually a sort of plague aspect, but they’re capable of using that to sicken and weaken their opponents much quicker then normal.

They earned their name from cursing opponents in the blood jungle and letting them fall ill. Creeping up on them a day or so later when they were too weak to defend themselves before taking the kill. Their diseases however are not infectious, it simply causes dramatic symptoms in its target.

As a person Alex’s youth is evident, and she is always slightly cocky in her abilities despite how weak her skills with her sword are from all this lack of real conflict in her life. Though as a hunter and assassin she proves to be fairly effective as the skills of using her methodology has earned her the attention of the blood cult.

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Timeskips make my wrist hurt

Shentu Wo: 700 Power, 1082Followers
Kikai Senso: 2,040 Power, 50 Followers, Next Form Progress: 12%
Lin Sun: 2,354 Power, 956 Followers
Con Lai: 842 Power, 1256 Followers

Mission report:

With the execution of order 66, we did a bit of a live battle. Stats!

Masashi’s dead, Cataegis Dead, Zachariah’s dead, davids probably dead, sarah’s dead, baal’s dead, lillith’s dead, bunch of demons are dead, andelko is dead, abalam is dead. Lo’c and teozix are kidnapped. Oh and Neith has gone insane.

The land of Hele’a Jeongsin now exists and has started to get rolling.


Talked to Bahamut, he was not very receptive just like with Lin Sun

Creation of the Uhanesin-yi was successful but only after Song Yi came to help and enabled them with the ability to be that level of receptive to spirits.

Mystics recruited

Nameless smithy apprentice #5 given the power to create spirit constructs and sent to work with Lo’c.

Vris explains Traitor Fang’s aspect has the quirk of being more powerful then any other, including dragon and creator. She isn’t sure why or what it does, but she suspects the demons plan A is to ascend him. This coincides with the notion that Si Da is holding all the sun gods in one place as a backup plan instead of their go-to. Though given the ease of access, she’s relatively certain this black out the sun thing is more complicated then it seems as they could have killed Ama and Ra already. The implication is that there is yet still another layer in the plan or that Freyja’s guess was slightly off on how the sun thing works.

Double the prophets double the fun.

Zaeed’s financial investments go a long way in helping to create this particular arena. Durings its opening Song was quoted as saying “Why are the spirits okay with this!?” Apparently the spirits are some of the main spectators too and they have some sort of spirit beer and hot dogs at the stadium. She’s not quite a fan though, Zaeed says she’s only mad because she’s not allowed to compete.

Lin Sun:

Kaisa turns out to be pretty talented as her training goes on, in focusing on martial combat over raw power she develops faster and more efficient techniques over grand sweeping ones. Meaning instead of learning how to do cone of cold she learned the ice slide instead.

Zachariah dead, and while you didn’t get to personally watch it you do know Anahita destroyed the black library.

If they were worth knowing they’d get a card. Also Thandar was and still is the commander, the other guy is a level lower.

Con Lai:

In learning about the denizens and the eleven sleeping lords you also comb around and find out about the other beasties that lurk about. Not everything in the dream world is sentient and there are other kinds of intelligent life forms in here. As indicated by Baridi though, most are not very interested nor understanding of the same concepts you are. The Sleeping Lords wind up teaching you about the realm over time and helping you learn how it functions even further, increasing your effectiveness here.

You currently have shrines at Sele’akala and some other port cities. The bulk of your followers tend to be merchants due to your constant upkeep with them and Gremory’s work before he died. One could wonder if you were really a greed aspect.

Kikai Senso: Covered everything you do live.

The Timeskip Update over skype

Stories of Lore 15

Eret’s Odyssey Pt.2

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