Someone triggered an event.

Edric Vandross

The problem with investigating Solvang and Selona is both are criminal organizations who rely on hiding what they’ve got going on from the rest of the system. We know that Solvang has secret space stations all over the place but no one actually knows for sure how many there are and which ones are active or just in reserve. General investigations indicate they want more pirate crews as that is how their profit model and powerbase works. Basically they’re in a nonstop recruitment drive.

Selona is known to have bases on the major planets throughout the system but no one knows where all their weapons come from. While we have a lot of evidence that they have access to their own manufacturing no one has been able to figure out where it is, and multiple groups have tried to find them. As for what they want, this is also hard to pin down. The easy answer seems to be money but as the faction pages suspect, Arkaric himself is just a walking ball of chaos and spite and just likes to mess with everyone. He’s still dealing with the aftermath of the Thousand Legends and people considering him to be a hero despite his return to his murderous and violent ways. However, due to the events of the Thousand Legends and those who had a chance to talk to him we do know his gang’s advanced cybernetics are in some way tied to Kenin, which may be a further link or at least clue as to how they’re manufacturing advanced military equipment.

Selona’s attack on Solvang was pretty unexpected but thats kind of their thing so perhaps it was completely expected. Either way Yasice is likely the primary instigator of that attack and we’re not sure why she opted to go that way instead of just calling in more Sharen to deal with the Solvang station herself as Sharen can definitely handle that. Currently the agents think the best answer is really that Selona is just such a volatile element that its hard to find much reason behind the things they do. To that end, while this attack mostly involved criminal affairs the media surrounding Selona have noticed that public opinion of the gang is of total confusion when all this is combined with their contributions to the Thousand Legends.

Meanwhile the Raiders recent raids have once again been running into trouble as Yasice showed back up. Then on the other end of things the Nomads noted their orders were just to steal an FTL drive, it didn’t say from who. They chose Selona, and while there they went to rescue Adin as she is a former Nomad crewmember and they weren’t sure how things would be for her as a Selona captive. One day one of the conspirator suits were sitting in their office conducting nefarious affairs and suddenly he announced that he just suddenly had received a bad feeling for no apparent reason.

Vajor managed to finally corner the Raiders  since they were on the ground instead of in space and had fewer options for running. As the Raiders debated between surrender and a desperate last stand, House Song showed up because they didn’t know the Nomads were not hanging out with the Raiders at this particular instance so they assumed the Raiders had Adin. Vajor didn’t take kindly to the other empire butting in and had a scuffle. During which the Raiders were able to make a break for it, only to run into Yasice and her team. That didn’t go well and they were captured again. Not 10 feet through the hangar the hangar was raided by Selona and Yasice’s team were hospitalized promptly thereafter and, true to Selona fashion, the entire hangar port was blown to pieces by unnecessarily powerful bombs. This got Vajor and Song’s attention while they were still scuffling as both thought the other side had done that one, meanwhile Solvang mercenaries showed up to apprehend Yasice because fuck that bitch. While they found her already almost dead after she encountered Selona they also found Selona and figured this was now a feud so they shot at the gangsters just to settle up the score. Now the local police show up and they think this is Vajor’s fault because they came from the south side where Vajor and Song were having a frank exchange of ideas and didn’t even know Selona and Solvang was here. Three days into this skirmish that was consuming the city, the Nomads show up and try to extract the Raiders. Adin was just dropped off cuz they like her, so she took command over the Song forces and they began to crush Vajor now that one of their big shot commanders was here. About a week into this conflict the local economy was pretty messed up and riots started breaking out over the government not doing anything to stop all this fighting so in a panic the government paid off some mercenaries to come help settle things down and at least get all these people out of the damned city. Madhammer shows up, again, and starts pushing the entire fight into tighter confines by establishing a perimeter. Since the place was already blown up they figured “fuck it just use the big guns to scare them off” to which Selona responded by engaging Madhammer’s perimeter with tanks. They broke a hole in the perimeter and then just went right back towards the center of the now dense ball of chaos and conflict because Adin pushed towards their main holding point while they were busy fighting madhammer. The raiders manage to disappear thanks to the Nomads once again but the fighting continued on because Selona and Madhammer both have no sense of chill right now and kept it up. Yasice had been treated for the injuries she had sustained and wanted another crack at Selona for revenge, but before she could even bother with that she winds up fighting Solvang who remember she’s the bitch that caused this whole problem. While Yasice’s team is small they are able to move through the city and fight in smaller engagements where they are a lot more powerful then individuals belonging to Solvang pirates. News of all this chaos reaches Adin and she shows up since Sharen is an ally of House Song and now Yasice is backed by a small army. Solvang decides to get the fuck out of here as now there are 3 militant factions all here but there is no more port and no more ships so they’re stuck here and they’re promptly murdered by Madhammer during their escape attempt because they approached the perimeter while still fully armed and Gheir decided “screw it use the tanks” so there is nothing left of them. Now the city area they are in has become an arena with its border being held by Madhammer so they can’t get out easily. Adin being a VIP means that Song sent backup and the big ass ship arrives in orbit and drops down Song Yi herself who finally got here after two weeks of fighting over Adin and the Raiders. Madhammer had previous relations with House Song and they decide not to fuck with that but in the weakening of the border Selona manages to slip out and the fighting finally ends. The city is working on clearing debris to rebuild the area. No one knows when Vajor disappeared but she wasn’t seen in quite some while and its suspected she took off after the Raiders once they escaped. Since her team was small it is likely she was able to get past the Madhammer perimeter on her own.

Halaestra commented that this was getting out of control. Fortunately the Nomads got that FTL drive and now they’re debating hiding on another star because this is some bullshit.

Raymond keeps working on the stealth drive efficiency.

Insurance is starting to be sold. Sells well in these uncertain times of total chaos.

Sethis Tyne

The investigation into the Solvang capital station turns rather peculiar. The agents disappeared off the grid immediately upon visiting the place and weren’t heard from until a month later when they submitted their report. The capital station is far more secure then any other, blocking any and all communications both in and out and constantly moving. The peculiar feature of the capital station is its not a station, its a super-carrier no one knew existed. It actually took the team a long damned time to even find out how to get on it through a series of shady contacts and invites. It is the height of paranoid security, and because of that its kind of like stepping backwards in time. A lot of its operation depends on manual effort to ferry messages both onto the ship and around within it. It even has a system of emergency lighting that involves manually flipping on a bunch of flashlights so that it can’t be compromised by people like Aryn. Because of this it isn’t really a bustling hub of activity as its just so inconvenient to do anything involving it compared to modernized locations. Though what makes it the capital is the vaults the ship contains, a lot of the Solvang banking’s power stems from this ship and people come here to do high profile trades on the black market under the neutral and watchful eye of Asmoday. There aren’t even security camera’s on the facility so that no one can take control of them. The ship’s security depends largely on the abnormal number of demons aboard who can exploit their own abilities to do things a less efficient but still practical way while not exposing the ship’s security to anyone else. The job board here is literally hand written notes pasted onto a physical board and looks like a medieval quest hub. This means if a job originated from here, whoever was involved certainly had direct contact with Asmoday as all the job postings are in his handwriting.

Aryn’s project of screwing with Yasice’ outgoing messages reveals an interesting behavior of Sharen or Shetou in general. The existence of a secret illuminati controlling multiple corporations isn’t interesting to them at all. Gauntlet is actually referred to as “behaving as a minor house, though independent of Shetou government”. So even if Yasice knows about our existence, it barely seems to register with her as anything out of the ordinary and more importantly as anything worth making a big fuss about. Her emails basically mention leaving the gauntlet alive since it causes Alnae trouble too and she declined having reinforcements get involved.

Vaeri is pretty sure if she wanted to assassinate Yasice she could just get it done, the problem is still the aftermath of Yasice’ death. The last thing she wants to do is get more angry people involved in what is already becoming a clusterfuck (see mezzy’s section…again)

Sophia herself is the envoy that goes to visit Selona. Her conversation got her some answers, but it also gave her a bad feeling that this is just a prelude to something worse.

The hunt for the Julius replacement ended prematurely.

The search for necrocarnates is looooong, with maaany a wiiiiinding tuuuuurn.


Luci Serrano

Kala found you a bodyguard prospect.

The rumor is spreading slightly mostly among the uninformed populace but Alnae does have a lot of news coverage surrounding their attempts to colonize already so it has a hard time spreading and is starting to become a conspiracy theory more so then a widely believable rumor.

Legit business takeovers is done with money instead of guns. There’s a million small companies out there, you already bought out several small news sites even. So you’d have to be more specific about what you’re looking for.

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Financial Update: Net change -3,120,000
New total: $1,111,222,000

Yenneiros Whitetalon played by Eric Vandross

Mordekai Aberhoff III

Study on replicating the effects of Asi come on with a mix of very quickly and getting nowhere. Through Cerys and Asi’s experience they already know what the key element of the transformation is, but replicating it is the hard part. It requires the sahad wielder to see a cosmic level sahad phenomena and “submit” to it. In practice this is closest to having an epiphany and not having the immediate reaction of denial of what they’re realizing. This is related to the trigger that causes people to start rambling seeming nonsense. While common witnesses of sahad tend to instinctually reject the epiphany of their own insignificance, those who don’t achieve the ability to alter themselves with sahad magic. Asi’s experiments lead to the current conclusion that it is not an entirely conscious decision. Most people see themselves as being relevant on an emotional level, even if they can logically and mathematically prove their own insignificance on a cosmic scale they have a hard time fully accepting it in their emotional state. The opportunity to accept it is instant so there is no time to consciously agree or disagree with it. Cerys and Asi both had the moment and accepted it in that instant and became touched by sahad in a special way. Asi’s current project is mostly in figuring out if a person can ever have the opportunity more then once. He theorizes incarnum and zankist people would be most prone to achieving this feat though they aren’t really the ones studying sahad.

The other project of sahad’s effect in the presence of more sahad has undergone rigorous experimentation and they found conclusions that are slightly different then originally hypothesized. The most replicateable effect is that sahad experiments grow in potential changes not within the presence of other sahad, but within the presence of people who specifically achieved the higher state of sahad. Both Cerys and Asi can trigger changes in existing sahad experiments, but other sahad experiments placed in close proximity to one another have no effect that can be conclusively stated as having an effect. While it does half the time, the scientist say it is too inconsistent and is more likely related to those specific spells having interacting properties not just all sahad triggering changes in all other sahad. But the effect Asi and Cerys can have is very consistent regardless of the ongoing spell experiment.

New sahad spell discovered!

Unknown Protections

Roll the same type of die (only 1) that was rolled to deal damage to you, reduce the damage by that much but do not apply any of your other damage mitigation options. Treat this power as a defense action like block or dodge. B1

(I totally just copy pasted that out of the spellbook on the site backend, in this game’s terms they found a way to use sahad as a defensive measure that works differently then shields and stuff)

Stoogie president has not yet had the chance to fail or succeed spectacularly enough to become a named character.

Lumbering company increases lumber prices.

Edric Vandross

The raiders see staff expansion and are just hanging around laying low without much to do.

DV Stocks are up +6 to profit

Hightower still working on that ship.

Raymond finally finished studying the stealth drive to the extent that he can produce a similar, albeit less efficient one. Raymond’s version of it uses resources at 12x the rate of the original design (rolled a 6 on 3d6). On the small scale this is manageable, the larger the stealth drive gets the more that 12x is going to hurt to upkeep. The main effect this would have on any ship that uses it is it would not be able to power many other systems. He can continue research to try and increase its efficiency.

Grand Guardians is getting booted up and filing for paperwork.

Shetou Politics Report:

Laessari Val’hari – We already knew this one
Primary Benefactor: Song
Political Support: Additri, Linsun, Jaal’Darya, Song, Sarghess, Illhar’dro
DGAF: Enkas
Not-such-big-fans: Beldoban, Sharen, Vloz’Khress

Helviiryn Val’hari – Good Cop
Primary Benefactor: Sharen
Political Support: Song, Sharen, Illhar’dro, Linsun, Jaal’Darya
DGAF: Sarghess, Additri, Beldoban
Not-such-big-fans: Vloz’Khress, Enkas,

Yasrena Val’Hari – Bad Cop
Primary Benefactor: Vloz’Khress
Political Support: Vloz’Khress, Beldoban, Jaal’Darya, Sharen
DGAF: Additri, Illhar’dro
Not-such-big-fans: Linsun, Enkas, Sarghess, Song

Sethis Tyne

The investigation of the pirate station is underway, more so the agents are in transit cuz last day updates.

Stealth tech progress is in Edric’s section

Questioning the manager guy at random yields basically the solvang faction page info.

Vanjin has been patched up.

Vaeri’s original plan is definitely a mess now as Jhaeros warned Yasice about the gauntlet’s existence and the recent battle on the Solvang station definitely confirmed nah division’s existence alongside revealing Vanjin (who has a dayjob exploiting her fame) is a member of it.

Sophia is chilling out in her bar wondering wtf is going on.

Demon sensei hunt modifier increased by 1 (for a total of +2) though still haven’t hit high enough to find one.

Luci Serrano

A security team is being assembled, though to be the head of security do you want one that specifically specializes in guarding you or your assets. Atop of that you have the choice between big scary dudes no one wants to mess with, or quiet scary people no one knows they shouldn’t mess with.

Angel’s tour never ended despite recent events, Lush is also still touring around.

Luke’s initial investigations into Asmodan

Shipyard upgrades are underway but will take a year to complete.

Mining company profits are up by another +2

Attempts to start rumor beginning.

Technically all criminal operations are open to a madhammer style hostile takeover if you can get enough guns.

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That escalated quickly.

Stories of lore: Even with 2 weeks I didn’t finish the thing revolving around the crap in mezzy’s section so I gave up and just posted the update this week before we missed another update.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Recently an influx in jobs from the colony worlds has started coming around. Its not quite military conflict but they are paying to have some wild life problems dealt with particularly on independent colony BV1-2. The world is harvested for natural resources to fuel the colonies here but since it isn’t being teraformed just yet there are a lot of big animals trying to murder colonists that need dealing with. Gheir can be found hanging out on this particular job lately.

Mordekai Aberhoff

The sahad research facility has produced one of the strange glowy people, Asi Nilliams. 

Asi has been a lab guinea pig since achieving his heightened sahad state and data is being compared on his original physical checkups to his current existence as well as comparing him to other existing weirdly colored people involved with the magic, particularly Cerys Anahi as she is the easiest one for the gauntlet to shuffle data around about. Despite the fact that both exhibit symptoms of becoming some sort of sahad infused being, the value of the symptoms is proving hard to quantify with the current sample size. While Cerys exhibits no glowing she is measurably stronger with sahad then Asi is despite Asi being more knowledgeable in the magic. Whatever gives sahad spells their potency has a higher presence in Cerys then Asi and so far there are no visual markers and knowledge is definitely not the factor either.

Ragas is still sending reports and while the ability to fool psionic forensics is fairly refined at this point, the full capability of it has yet to be tested against much more serious investigative measures. Though if hidden on the small scale and does not draw the attention of the feds, the stealthier technology should hold up to fooling local police.

The Kenin Sandwhich’s true perfection proves ever elusive.

Edric Vandross

The Sharen investigation is getting all over the place. The Raiders moved to targeting Alnae holdings due to pressure to avoid the Sharen but now the Alnae C.O.A. has gotten involved in hunting them as well. Our agents suspect that the drow have planted agents within Alnae government that manged to push some people to react dramatically to the Raiders work. As the raiders are classified as criminals and terrorists beyond local law enforcement capability a familiar face has been assigned to handle the issue.

This is when things got out of hand. Mladris managed to capture members of the Raiders in a raid gone sideways. While they were being transported to a secure holding position, Yasice attacked Mladris and took her prisoners. Then Solvang showed up and took them back from Yasice. Then Yasice got pissed and pulled Selona into this mess, who invaded a Solvang station where the liberated pirates were located. In the chaos Halaestra mounted a rescue operation for her captured crewmembers to get them away from all this while Solvang was dealing with the Selona crew. Suddenly both Vajor and Yasice caught up with them in the middle of a criminal warzone. At this point Nah drops the whole “we don’t exist thing” and hot drops in the crew to get the pirates because both Alnae and Shetou have psionic interrogators and its better to just get the pirates away from them then maintain stealth. But because they were all here, suddenly Jhaeros appears because he wants a piece of Vanjin. Okay so now that EVERYONE is here and it can’t possibly escalate any further  – oh look the Valdir showed up. Okay so now we have Shetou and Alnae trying to capture the pirates, Selona is fighting Solvang, Nah is trying to help the pirates, Valdir is apparently on no one’s team but they’re just hanging out adding to the chaos, oh but look at that there was ONE Desoir noble on the station conducting business. Okay so now a Desoir fleet arrived to extract their guy and demands everyone sit down and shut up until they’re done. Pirates don’t really listen well so now Desoir’s private contractors are here to fight and extract their guy. But they can’t dock with the asteroid because Aryn has taken over the network and is apparently here with the nah division hijacking everyone’s shit and making it impossible for anyone to control the station. So Desoir sends some guys in the hard way to do a rough extraction with their private contracted military. Oh they contracted Madhammer, okay so Cerys is here now too along with a bunch of crazy ass mercs (lets be honest Ian runs crazy ass mercs not mild mannered ones). So mercs are shooting everyone, pirates are shooting gangsters, government spooks are fighting over raiders, raiders are fighting everything just trying to stay alive, and for some reason there are Valdir on the station just adding to the chaos because in all the crossfire someone shot one of them so now Satsujin is pummeling the shit out of people. Now that the situation can’t get any worse, oh hey look its the Solvang Fleet here to stick it to Desoir. This is getting out of hand as no one can leave the asteroid station since there are two fleets fighting it out around it, so in order to extract with the pirate captives they captured Shetou calls in backup. Now Song Clan is here with that giant ass flagship since they were in the neighborhood, well Alnae can’t let Shetou win this one so lets call in the fleet too. Valdir…okay they don’t bring in a fleet because they don’t care enough and are just hanging out so at least this doesn’t get any worse. Selona doesn’t own a fleet but they like messing with everyone so they just start boarding other ships and gunning people down to take over ships from both opposing sides. They were just here to mess up Solvang so they bail out now that Solvang is definitely fucked up, but they beat and captured Adin Va so Song Yi’s gonna be pissed about that. Desoir gets their guy and hauls out of there too so things are winding down. For all this the Raiders have been long gone for awhile now because Taelwynn is the best pilot in the galaxy and just flew through the entire fleet battle. But Nah division is still in this clusterfuck cuz Alexis doesn’t like Vaeri and didn’t give them a lift out. Jhaeros finally beat Vanjin but doesn’t kill her because that wouldn’t be fair since he’s immortal, so he just announces the score is 2-1 and he’ll be back to try again someday. Yasice is convinced Jhaeros is retarded and shoots Vanjin anyways. Jhaeros is pissed and attacks Yasice and Shanhai lays his ass out. But in the struggle Vanjin is extracted by Vaeri, no one can see shit anymore cuz Aryn turned off every electronic system on the station and everyone needs to stop fighting because we’re losing atmosphere in a hurry since Desoir entered the asteroid violently when they couldn’t dock (also thanks to Aryn). Nah division bails out in the ship they rode in on, no one notices it because Aryn screwed everyone’s systems so no one can detect a damned thing so there are battleships hovering in space doing absolutely nothing since they are blind.

This whole battle took 6 weeks.

Casualty list –

Halaestra – Injured
Andal – Injured
Gellix – Dead
Mladris Vajor – Injured
Yasice – Injured
Julius Ayit – Dead
The Nomad Sniper I never made a card for cuz lazy – Dead
Adin Va – Captured by Selona
Solvang – Fucked.
Cerys Anahi – Somehow completely fine despite being shot 4 times
Vanjin – Critically injured
Jhaeros – Dead (again) but he did save Vanjin’s life
Frayne Ankou, Alexis Denumal, Arkaric Selona – Technically all severely injured and not injured at all since they’re so cybernetic they just fix themselves up later.
That squad that didn’t run when Song Yi arrived on the station – suuuuper dead.
Solvang Station Manager – Captured by Nah (Since they were here why not grab him)

The moral of the story: Wtf happened?

Stealth drive tech progress is coming along.

Sethis Tyne

Julius is dead, Vanjin is fucked up, Solvang Station manager captured. Good news is we know where the bombing job post originated from, bad news is its the capital solvang station where Asmoday himself is based out of. So that’s gonna be fun.

Also Aryn leveled up for surviving that shitshow on the Solvang station. (Survival stat changed from -6 to -2).

Your necrocarnum search roll is still unfavorable.

Luci Serrano

Yes your companies finished upgrading, their upgrades are registered on the financial spreadsheet.

Also your news teams are busy covering the Solvang Station Showdown as thats good tv.

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The player homepage now has a link called Colonization Efforts that leads to the star map stuff.  The Valdir and Desoir colonizing stars have been added to the stars list.


Stuff from around the place:

That orc guy that took off before anyone else could still hasn’t come back. We’re not sure how his maiden voyage went.

Valdir continues to be a cross between really difficult and really easy to negotiate with. People of independent interest have managed to acquire permission to join Valdir’s colony efforts on their star. Despite its reliance on its swarm it does seem to be building a society with some diversity to it simply by demand for immigration by other interests. Since they colonized a special planet of interest to Sahad study, those looking into this new form of magic have great interest in hanging out with the Valdir.

Desoir’s mothership also landed to begin its colonization efforts and triggered rapid effects as they just deployed colonization teams to four planets simultaneously with the mothership acting as support to go between them as necessary. The independent colonists are spreading fast over the new star instead of concentrating their efforts in one spot at a time.

Yasice is still out there messing with things, though it seems they got caught up in an argument with Solvang and are dealing with that right now so they’ve at least been stalled.


Mordekai Aberhoff

In order to spawn a hero unit from existing ranks they need to be assigned a task in which failure is reasonably possible. Basically out of X number of people in an operation one might highroll and generate a hero unit.

Sahad research hasn’t produced any new spells yet but properties of its functions that may lead to it have been promising.

As per the paris plans, a city which doesn’t exist in this world thus making that a very nonsense acronym but at least it rolls off the tongue, psionic “pirates” have been sent to join the Raiders in preparation to do anything that might need doing.

Edric Vandross

Raymond estimates it’ll take the team about 4 (more) months to reverse engineer enough of the tech to at least experiment with their own designs to reconstruct it. They have enough of the premise to make something work but the difference in capability would likely be quite a wide margin.

The shady suits find that if you were really going to just outright hire pirate crews, you might be better off just hiring Madhammer mercs to do the job. With the exception of hero unit pirates, mercs tend to be more effective then pirates and more controllable. Though other then them, you can basically just hire around Solvang or even just post jobs through Solvang if your goals are merely to steal specific things since you don’t have to pay until they succeed. Though the disadvantage of that is you don’t have personal control over the crews and it would be harder to create a higher grade of pirate since you couldn’t invest in an individual team if you just used the job boards.

Sethis Tyne

Ask Tess about Angel.

The necrocarnum roll of the week has made progress, giving a bonus to future rolls on the subject.

Progress on the solvang board tracking is underway though there are no currently reportable results. The agents have to visit stations all over the system between a bunch of planes and do a lot of detective work at each one just to figure out the basic dates of the posts without being caught. So imagine a loading progress bar for this week.

Luci Serrano

You go on vacation to meet with Angel at some high end hotel and casino resort I guess. Fortunately you’re rich cuz your new growing vampire harem definitely needs a larger room then the average vacationer.

Your news team expands with the kind of people who are champions of the truth over supporting their own government. Though the potential danger is that some of them might also be inclined to be whistle-blowers on you if they find out your actual connections and activities.

Speaking of which, hard hitting journalism has dug up something of a potential news story. There is some evidence that Alnae might have outright bought their FTL ships for the colonization rush directly from Selona. Some suspect there is an odd relationship going on there despite the Selona gang’s general known tendency to operate and prey within Alnae territory.

Claudia (Angel) has no idea who you are. After that hurdle is covered, basically she is an outcast from the Desoir family because of her erratic behavior. As showcased by the Jhaeros incident, she’s capable of being a little messed up. As for your dynasty questions i already answered that in DMs.

Mining profits continue to rise quickly as the slaves are brought in line by the new overseer. While their overall productivity could be better as constant fear isn’t the best motivator, the lack of rebellious action has definitely helped to stabilize the operations and they’re slaves anyways so its not like it costs too much to get the current yield. Effectively you have higher profit per unit but lower production speed per unit compared to other known mining operations.

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To infinity, and beyond!

Stories of Lore 9

New star page is now available though a pain to access. I kind of got caught up making the star representations nicer then normal. Then did way too much research into astronomy and then it took way more time then I expected and so now the web area of it is a work in progress. Hence only two stars available right now, cuz Shetou and Alnae were faster then the rest of people. We’re going with that.

But yes! The colonization has begun. Alnae named their star Asgele and Shetou named theirs Da Xian. Alnae seems to have taken a safer approach and started to settle a star with seemingly optimum conditions for humanoid colonization given the limited data astronomers had to work with. Shetou went nuts and tried to take control of one of the least understood places in space to see what was up with it. Desoir and other independents are on their way to another system under the same mindset as Alnae. Really only Shetou did something that crazy, and obviously those interested in seeing new stars prefer to hang out with Alnae’s starting position then Shetou’s. Though its likely that Shetou is about to gain a massive science lead by colonizing something so incredibly bizarre, and Sahad studiers are particularly interested in the Shetou colony.

To be noted, these stars that are on the star map, and being colonized, are only on one plane. This is a reminder cuz someone probably forgot (if not everyone) that it is Sol System’s incredibly unique feature that its star overlaps on all available planes. Even more so that Thenica does as well. There is a general thought among the space community that this unique feature might be why we’re host to such advanced life even as we find signs of it on other planets they are far from intelligent.

This has also brought another unique feature into the light in recent media attention. Valdir confirms the aliens had never seen Pandem on the scale we’re able to do it. The magic was known about and so were the planes, but no race in the galaxy that it knows of has comparable mastery of pandem magic and the planes as we do. In short, characters like Halaestra might seem a god to other species in the galaxy.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

SSDD for turtling

Mordekai Aberhoff

So far the psionic thieves tools are horribly ineffective though reports come in from ragas on making them better at thwarting law enforcement. Though Ragas notes from idle chatter around the department that there is definitely a higher tier of investigative agency they can call in if things get really trippy, though so far there hasn’t been a need nor a case that justifies calling in the COA teams.

The research station has had to undergo multiple repairs, while it is a struggle to find applicable uses for Sahad not involving breaking stuff its very very good at breaking things. Crazy hypothesis continue, the most useful thing perhaps is some progression in the field of making enchantments based off of the magic utilizing the already known methods from the FTL technology. If nothing else, it is capable of being an interesting power source, albeit a bit volatile so far.

Some shady researchers are sent to the SV3 shipyards to work on the stealth technology reverse engineering.

Despite all efforts to follow the recipe, and the production of amazing sandwiches, the lack of experience still shows. The Kenin Sandwich still proves impossible to truly replicate in the hands of mere amateurs.

Edric Vandross

The Raiders, under orders from Vaeri, are hiding out at the Dragon’s Lair. This definitely hurts profit margins but the Nah division is now convinced this is going to be a particularly big problem.

However, they’ve also started displaying some less then obedient qualities. Vaeri was sent back to Nah division missing multiple fingers and badly injured, apparently having had a disagreement with members of the Nomads. They also are reportedly not that scared of losing money, psych eval would point towards them having other motivations then money. Which would explain why they are so uniquely fierce as pirates. As gauntlet control over them slips without Ikeshia in charge, it is something to keep an eye on.

Super Carrier still under construction, it will be at least another year or two.

Sethis Tyne

Necrocarnum weekly roll is 12, still looking.  3d6 is not so great for getting highrolls, hence Setani is so special.

Tech division found the link that would allow Sharen to piece together that the conspiracy is a lot bigger then pirates. Its Jhaeros. Despite the death of Toxyn, she did recruit Jhaeros for a time and likely told him an awful lot of things.

Investigations into the bombing attack  are not progressing well with the division’s main resources focused on the Sharen problem. They found out Solvang boards use a closed and wired network similar to our tech division’s internal servers. They deliver information between stations by hand to make it much harder to track or crack their networks, it is likely they have someone of similar talent to Aryn on their cybersecurity if they are so paranoid that they’re aware of what someone like her can do. So agents could opt to try and detective this one and date which board had the job posted first, interrogate managers, or deliver Aryn to multiple Solvang stations to try and figure out where the job really originated from.

Vaeri underwent some medical procedures to fix up her injures that were inflicted on her by the Nomads and she’s back in operating shape. She’s a little too hard to read so we’re not sure how her pride is taking things. Though she reports that the pirates should be kept a close eye on, they’re becoming more independent.

Luci Serrano

A series of events have occurred around Angel, detailed in stories of lore.

Ezzvalt has made it to the mining station to reign in the slaves. Production values are stabilizing and showing dramatically improved output, its best if no one asks questions on why and let the station drift quietly through space never to be heard from. Profits up +6 already though.

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Stellaris was too distracting, so not as eventful.

From around the system:

We mark the maiden voyage of the first ship to hurl itself into the depths of space and wish it farewell. Despite all the investment and preparation Alnae put into the colonization plan, Shetou still beat them to the punch. Less so because of efficiency or resources, more so because one crazy guy just got in his ship and took off and didn’t tell anyone he was going. Farewell lone orc, you are the first to travel beyond the reach of our star. History shall remember our first interstellar traveler as: Some guy who just took off without preparing as much as everyone else. He’ll be back soon, he didn’t take enough supplies to do much. We suspect he just wanted to see a new planet for the sake of it.

Meanwhile on that front, I forgot to do the star map so we’ll get the colonizers rolling out next update.

Friction between Solvang and Selona is rising due to some meddling on behalf of people that Sam is going to hate.


Mordekai Aberhoff

After all the data is crunched, leasing out some space on a space station isn’t too difficult or expensive (at least not to the scale of a corporate enterprise like yours). -4 profit as long as space station is open. For the time being aforementioned sahad study hall is located on a station above SV3. The location was chosen since it had a space station with space to lease out and SV3 is independent so no government meddling. Hightower’s space docks are also in orbit around SV3 for reference.

In general due to the discreet and non-invasive nature of your current projects not much goes wrong enough to get your attention.  For now Ragas is still a rookie on the force in Thenica.

Edric Vandross

Attempts to reverse engineer the stealth tech are taking awhile, even as help comes in to assist Raymond its a very complicated device. Mostly in that the runes that make it work include traps so that the effort to just replicate it by copy and pasting results in catastrophic failure. Likely a means of messing with other drow who might have tried this, though evidently applicable vs pirates too. The team points out it needs a psionic expert to come help as thats another part of how the tech works.

The pirates are baffled at the bizarre order to have a member take some online courses. Purely because in the world of piracy that’s a very strange thing. Though the raids have moved over to Alnae territories because they’re afraid the Shetou will get a bit revengey on them, and Halaestra has already gone through that before.

As you look into arcane research companies, the issue there is most research companies are backed by another interest, which is how they get started up. Most are in the employ of other corporations or government funded, so investing in them would involve investing in and taking over the much bigger backer. As an example, Johnson’s pharmaceutical company has its own research lab the company pays for to research enhancements to its products. So you’re unlikely to find a rogue science lab as it’d have no income in the first place, consider forming a new one.

Speaking of which, halfway there by recruiting enchanters to help Raymond on the shipyards. Maybe just keep them around afterward.

Gotta name the colonization corp so I can add it to the sheets.


Sethis Tyne

That necrocarnate thing fails to highroll this week and Kala’s search continues.

Vaeri and the tech crew keep an eye out for Sharen retaliation against the pirates. The team managed to intercept some investigators. In response Sharen seems to have figured out that whatever is going on its more then a few lucky pirates and have stopped sending faceless mooks of ever increasing xp values and just threw out a boss. While Vaeri normally does whatever needs be doing this time she sent a request to clear that if objective is important enough to allocate the resources she needs to handle this one. The request is to call in both Setani and Vanjin, as well as the allocation of a lot of division resources. The suits project the trail could be covered and the Sharen dissuaded if the stealth tech and ship were left somewhere for them to find, otherwise the division is about to get into a special ops war with drow. Namely because Yasice is a Val and Shanhai is as important as one too, so killing them could result in getting Sharen really mad. Royal pride and all that.

Finding a tutor for Setani is as difficult as highrolling finding a character to hire on so thats going about the same as the earlier point. The only known necrocarnates are the Song family and they’re probably not keen to teach people the technique given their lawful stupid alignment.

Agents report that they figured out who updates the board pretty easily. Though there is a chain of command. The local station manager is responsible for updating the board and uploading posts to the Solvang network to post on other boards at other stations. Asmoday has full access to all information regarding these but each individual manager only has the ones they were handed. While there is no obligation on the job posters to register with any sort of ID, just the job and the payout, the agents find it unlikely that Solvang couldn’t track these details down given how their whole business strategy really works. Some in-office recordings for example. The problem at this point is finding out which manager would know what we want to know as we don’t know where the job’s original post came from. That or going straight to Asmoday but that has a whole other clusterfuck of obvious potential problems.

In related news, while the agents were at the Solvang station they were witness to the appearance of Yasice, apparently Sharen is keeping a close eye on the pirates now and somehow Yasice found the Solvang station. This is where things went awry, see there just so happens to be an ongoing recruiting tactic of spreading the legend of one crazy ass pirate team that somehow takes on military ships. The Raiders of Abbathor are now prime targets and should probably be advised of such.

Luci Serrano

Psionic Found

The bomb investigation team has spent awhile figuring out what happened and the bombed out outpost in necrosi they encountered. Since then their newest lead takes them to the solvang job boards. The problem is they have no way to get aboard a solvang station.

The various companies have since been upgraded.


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Prep Time

Stories of Lore 8

Yenneiros Whitetalon

R&D will get working on that one.

A few recruits are able to be acquired under the premise of learning sahad, though they are mostly fresh out of general education and not sure what they’re doing with their life. Inquisitive and interested in a new field of study that has yet to be studied.

Cerys traveled to Rixa-Thenica, taking her new squad of sahad wannabe college kids. She confirms the phenomena is related to sahad but whatever is causing it is not currently there. Whatever once caused the effects has long since moved on.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Faye Ryqen discreetly moved to the shipyards, by having her boss be slightly more annoying then usual so the offer from the shipyards would be more appealing.

Facility for sahad study under the process of picking what it wants to do. The little bit we know about sahad seems to imply it has a heavy emphasis on space stuff. As all students of it can already exist in space without any protection. As such the facility recommendations include a space station or just some sort of science ship. Though stations are far more expensive if built for just one purpose as opposed to hanging out on an existing one somewhere.

Kenin explains that sandwich perfection is not attained by a mere cooking recipe and his email includes a 2 page discussion on how it takes soul and feeling.

The Cult of expanded lucidity now hosts a psionic version of burning man apparently.

Ragas is working on Zonaricht-Thenica for now.

Edric Vandross

Halaestra has re-acquired the Nothic and keeps that as her personal ship due to sentimental value, and it was modified to accommodate her pandem problems. She has since taken over the raiders and figured out Gellix is actually a decent business manager assistant. She ends up taking her funding allotment to acquire a new frigate crew. Since then the Nothic has seen a few overhauls of its systems.

Reversing the stealth tech for the battlecruiser will take awhile. The Sharen variant is so advanced Raymond’s first statement upon trying to figure anything out about it was “how the fuck?” And he’s the best enchanter in the Gauntlet, good luck Nah.

Intel reports found a problem, a sharen stealth ship being captured is something that gets the Shetou military attention. While Halaestra was smart enough to scatter her trail so it isn’t so easily found, you can expect heavy retaliation if they find out where it went. Raymond is suddenly suspicious of all drow and demon team members aboard the space station.

A vault is now under construction in the middle of nowhere.

Super carrier project will take a little while. While under construction you have -20 to profits due to the sheer scope of the project.

Sethis Tyne

Sophia doesn’t have much room to branch out into the colonization sphere as no one is actually colonizing anything yet. Also criminal activity doesn’t do much in new colonies with  distinct lack of heavy law enforcement, at most its just shipping and handling.

The tech offices are moved to the unnamed battlecruiser, which you should probably give a name for easier reference in the future.

Aryn finds Jhaeros is kind of untraceable. He’s not a very modern digital man, he’s a barbaric vampire who goes from place to place just causing trouble. If he hasn’t left the planet there is no record of him buying a ticket to get anywhere. Also he’s necrocarnum not pandem.

Again, necrocarnum is the one that has to do with messing with people’s souls. Pandem is the one that opens rifts to other planes of reality. Also you can always hire out help from the Raven Facility as they have experts in the craft. Until then kala finds that tracking down a necrocarnate will take a little while (bare minimum is a highroll so we’ll see which week you ever land that roll on).

Luci Serrano

One of the moves that was in production finally got around to releasing and did moderately okay. Not quite as good as the musical.

Nothing attracts attention like a coupon giveaway. With all the shows focusing on colonization life as well and the fact that ships are about to take their first jumps to new stars the fervor is at an all time high.

Fans are upset over the cancellation of firefly 2.0

Luke sets off to investigate the bombings some more, he reports that there was a peculiar problem on the trail to Necrosi where he was lead to a facility that looked like it had been assaulted in the recent years and is mildly blown up.

In all the hurry to get FTL going and explore the stars you’re one of the few people to go “wait…if we cause ourselves to move that fast what happens medically speaking?” Sarah finds herself busy trying to find the answers to that.

You spend a lot of money upgrading your stuff. Though the mining upgrades don’t go too well due to the occassional slave riot or misbehavior making construction hard.


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Lets do the time warp again! (2 years later)

Stories of lore 7

From Around the System (It is now 1589)

The secret to interstellar travel was acquired from Valdir by Valencia Desoir who subsequently sold the technology to the major empires under the general understanding that eventually everyone was going to reverse engineer the device that makes it possible so she just took the big payout to release the technology itself. The device itself costs about 230 million to produce each unit, though prices are expected to come down as optimization of the technology improves. It can move a ship approximately 1 light year per week. Notably Valdir’s alien mothership can go faster though thats not much of a surprise to anyone.

The Valdir mothership has been fully regenerated in the last few years though it has taken a new shape, appearing like some sort of cross between a traditional ship with strange organic looking growths. Reportedly this is so that humanoids can more comfortably utilize it, though a lot of it is still a series of sealed off areas where the ichor flows and the alien monsters are created.

The Sharen successfully built the new ship for Song Yi within the year as they promised. Intel spies know they actually needed to extend work on it to get it up to their quality standards but they just had engineers keep working on it as “maintenance” while publicly announcing it was done as it could at least fly. Unlike Song Yi’s last ship which was primarily a dreadnought with some carrier capability, this one is a carrier with some dreadnought capability, including its new big fucking gun that is the biggest Shetou has ever put on a spaceship.

The Desoir Ultra Carrier also completed its construction though is experiencing delays as the tech for interstellar travel hits a kink with a ship this big and they’re working on making the necessary adjustments.

In the more political news. Alnae’s economy is currently strained by its rapid development and over-investment in its fleet and colony ships in order to prevent Shetou from being able to just steamroll them and discourage Shetou from attacking. As a result it is in a time of difficulty which has certainly boosted the Alnae people’s general desire for colonization thanks to the shows a certain media company keeps producing.Though at the same time, there are also many who greatly object to the idea of colonizing distant stars given their current situation is a direct result of a visitor from distant stars and they can only wonder what else is out there. They don’t particularly like Valdir for the obvious reason that it has the same mothership that put them in the current situation.

Shetou is doing about the same as usual, despite having the current upper hand on Alnae the houses aren’t all rushing to colonize anything they can and are instead growing at a bit more natural then forced pace. This is largely due to the way their society works, which can make it difficult to try and force people to do more colonization then they feel like doing. While the new carrier given to House Song was quite publicized it hasn’t really impacted their overall presence in space very much given Sharen was already a naval superpower, adding one more big ass ship to the nation hasn’t changed all that much from a logistics stand point.

Valdir is as usual up to their weird agenda that doesn’t involve much discussion with anyone else. They produced a fleet awfully fast though, consisting mostly of giant tentacle monsters that can float around space. They appear to have acquired the resources to do this by ravaging the nearby moons of SR3 which are currently barren wastelands despite SR3 itself having been rebuilt to a forested world with the alien’s abilities. Notably their fleet doesn’t have much in the way of guns like traditional ships do, but the bioships probably shoot Sahad lasers as they are very much alive.

Solvang is also in a bit of staisis. Piracy grows as the society it can prey on does, so they aren’t really rushing to acquire colonization equipment or even steal ships for the purpose. They have discreetly funded a few other companies who are interested in colonization using their banking system but this is mostly out of interest to see humanoids expand so they have more territory to set themselves up in over time. A few in the know of the criminal underworld are aware that Solvang has specifically been researching how to hijack ships in deep space between the stars where there will be little to no security even after colonization expands to other stars but they’re not in any particular hurry.

Selona on the other hand has a different approach to the coming colonization boom, unlike the business sighted empires who bought the technology from Desoir who acquired it from Valdir, Arkaric simply asked for it and was given it since he was physically at the Thousand Legends event. Indal seemed to like the cut of his jib and just let him have the tech well ahead of anyone else getting it. Since then Selona has been working on its own manufacturing projects, notably they were offering to sell the massive engine necessary for interstellar travel even before Desoir but the general news didn’t notice this because it was among the black market. Technically speaking, this means a bunch of criminals beat everyone else to the punch on developing the technology. Within the black market circle this has added to Selona’s notoriety, Sophia from Nah division put two and two together. This definitely confirms that Selona is hiding its own ability to manufacture all the products it sells, while that was an accepted premise for awhile this is the first thing Selona did that gave away it definitely has extensive manufacturing capability. Which just raised the question of where the hell they’re hiding facilities capable of producing new technology before the other major shipyards could do it.

In the development of sahad, various people have started to become particularly adept at using the new magic. While Valdir points out there are still no real masters of the art besides the mothership itself, at least progress is being made. A deeper understanding of the magic over the last couple of years has made it evident that its based on cosmic phenomena. Those who have learned to use it even at the most basic level have demonstrated the ability to survive in the vacuum of space comfortably and even move around in it as if via levitation spells. So far the only creative method of its use has been in engineering the engines for interstellar travel, otherwise all of its users only really seem to be able to blow things up with it. Other then surviving in space it doesn’t seem to do much other then break stuff. Current practitioners of it seem to ramble about entropy a lot.


Multiple Cycles passing, way too many small details.
End result new holdings: 1,214,342,000

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Cerys Anahi, plagued by alien magic PTSD, went to Valdir to seek professional help. Instead of opting for therapy that would make the visions go away she pursued the path of finding out what they were all about. As a result she has leveled up and now has the ability to use sahad magic.

William roberts continues to make sound business decisions and Madhammer has been hired on to various ships planning to take the leap into the unknown and see whats over at the neighboring star thanks to his negotiating prowess.

Gheir isn’t doing much new.

Madhammer profits +16

Mordekai Aberhoff

Ragas Durz has completed her formal education in the field of psionics.

Nib retired, he’s old for a kobold.

Zex is a bit more well known now days as the eccentric leader of the cult of expanded lucidity.

Aerovent Filters +8
Cult of Expanded Lucidity -2
Expansive Psionics +12
Mhaldaru Foods Stock Value: 16,000,000
Game App lost to time in favor of the newest games.
Unnamed Lumber Farm technically produces around 10 worth of profit but you’re using it to aid Gauntlet Shipyards, I don’t have a stat for lumber production.

Edric Vandross

The raiders managed to finally steal a stealth battlecruiser from Sharen after what must have been two years given previous failures in this field. Though in the process Jezraema and Ikeshia were killed along with 60% of the whole crew. The frigate Ikeshia normally flies was destroyed and the Nothic was so severely damaged that its still floating out there in space waiting to be towed. Halaestra is seriously injured and Gellix lost an arm and is paralyzed due to a spinal injury. This brings us to the next problem, now that Setani was transferred to Nah division and Ikeshia is dead, no one remaining on the crew knows who the boss is. They simply docked the battlecruiser up at the same old shipyards they always took them to. Gellix is back on his feet after some cybernetic medical attention at least.

The carrier thing was sold to Alnae successfully.

DV Finds expanding into Valdir difficult, while opening an office there isn’t too hard the Valdir don’t really respect currency as much as the rest of civilized folk so its hard to make much profit or keep tabs on all that much going on there. While they do still have a use for the bank, especially the regular people, the issue is the lack of investment opportunities. So it works…there’s just not that much business to do there.

DV would consider any asteroid to be alright. Really any location far from civilization centers would be good by default so picking a specific one is iffy. Technically hiding it within the shipyards might also work as its in orbit and ships coming and going from there wouldn’t be particularly suspicious though its not quite so remote. In terms of ultra secure isolated places, build a space station in the middle of space that is absolutely nowhere and see if anyone can ever find it. Similar to the Raven facility. As the campaign motto seems to be: space is big.

Divinity Vaults +14
Hightower +12
Shipyards have seen a few expansions by the suits with all your fancy money. Carrier sold and now has its Super Capital dock, 2 capital docks, 2 large docks, 4 medium docks, and 6 small docks (though technically not really for docking, for construction and “maintenance”)

Sethis Tyne

Bryan has settled in relatively well. Over the last two years Aryn has gotten pretty comfy with her workplace and has decorated her workspace with a lot of silly stuff that makes it very obvious which one is hers.

As was mentioned in mezzy’s section, the pirates managed to acquire a stealth battlecruiser which is going through refit processes. While a battlecruiser isn’t exactly a carrier its more then sufficient for the tech division. Though Nah division’s total size wouldn’t exactly all fit on it as you have a lot of crews around the system.

So far the shadiest shit Aryn has attempted in her two years working there is she changed everyone’s email signatures and rigged it to never display to the sender only the receiver. It took people three weeks to notice this because no one wanted to talk to each other about the awkward signatures everyone was flamboyantly displaying. That and she plays a lot of video games at the office when its a slow day.

The bombs that took out Toxyn’s house are easily arcane in nature. Eventually Aryn figured out who the team was that bombed the place but thats basically a dead end as they’re just a group of solvang members who probably just picked up the job off the board and carried it out to get paid.

Bryan’s trial run goes pretty well. Nothing terribly outstanding for a hero unit assassin but its still a hero unit assassin’s performance over a faceless mook.

Vanjin has been a bit busy, now that she’s famous she has a lot of work hunting people all over the system.

Problematically, after the assassination of so many of Sophia’s enemies they have come to the conclusion its definitely her having these hits taken out on so many other gangs. So far Sophia is still alive but only because the planet that is fighting back against her isn’t where she bases out of.  The crime scene violence is starting to escalate in response to all these murders, particularly on SZ3 Gamma where the slums are very profitable to control. Sophia’s gang members have been getting gunned down in the middle of the street at SZ3 Gamma with several death threats being sent to Sophia herself. The Raiders constant sending of the solvang job board reveals that there is now a hit on Sophia that was recently posted.

Nah Division -14
Black Market Division +28

Luci Serrano

Over the last few years the tv shows have started airing, and two of the four even got enough ratings for a second season. Of the two one has been successful enough to be cleared for a third season.

The musical went over pretty well, likely because the DM is still salty about Galavant being canceled, and got a sequel. This did leave Angel with a mixed image given she was in a musical but still portrays herself as hardcore. Though somehow her fanbase has been growing weirdly fast, like downright suspiciously.

Movie star candidates are still in the process of being seen enough times to see if any get likeable/famous enough to be called a movie star.

You now have a small harem of pets, well done.

In other news, Exme finally came back to work after some time passed and the weird visions stopped.

The mining facilities have seen expansion and good progress but setbacks as slave labor revolts result in both loss of product and loss of labor as some of them get killed. So far they haven’t managed to take over the facility though so mining continues on.

Lusheria +11
Angel Blood +24
Sol Media +4
Sol Records +8
Sol Mining +8

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Mini update since half the players are missing

Mini Stories of Lore 6

Sethis Tyne

Bryan King joins the team.

So far Aryn has been well behaved, Vaeri scares her.

The waiting game for a battleship will go as it has so far as the pirates still aren’t ready to take on a military ship of that size. However, the quest for a stealth ship suddenly became easier. Aryn found 56 of them and their patrol routes in her second week. She wasn’t actually looking for those but her supervisors remembered we had been looking for those before. The biggest one on the list is a battlecruiser owned by Sharen with the smallest coming out as frigates from all kinds of places.

The details of Toxyn have taken awhile to find, like two weeks of update time. Aryn just mass harvested data from the city looking for specific chemical sales that made up Toxyn’s weapons. Eventually being able to find some details out about who they suspect was Toxyn though its hard to completely confirm as the suspect is a chemistry professor at a university who has suddenly gone missing. Its hard to confirm because they have a pretty legitimate reason to own all the stuff Toxyn used, so not quite uncovering the batcave or anything. Harvesting data didn’t really get anywhere interesting there as its pretty clean and its likely all the relevant evidence was on their APT which was eaten by an alien. The trail seemed to have gone cold except for a stroke of good/bad luck when Vaeri investigated the professor’s home and came face to face with a new problem. The place was stripped clean and blown up in attempt to kill the elf agent, apparently unaware that people in Vaeri’s line of work always wear their combat shield. With a bit of assistance from the Raiders of Abbathor it was discovered this had been carried out by the Solvang job board. Unfortunately, hacking into the Solvang job board doesn’t get anywhere as it doesn’t have hidden information on its server end, it literally might as well just be posted paper in a bar. Only Solvang officers who maintain the board would have details of its posting.

The tech wing is expanding with all these investments.

Luci Serrano

Exme was kind of on vacation anyways, she’s still sitting in her room contemplating all the things she has seen and unseen, all that is and was not (insert 18 more of these)

You forgot to set your hiring price for luke, no progress made

Angel is still wrapping up the musical and stuff with Lush as well, so no she hasnt had a tour yet. On the upside the movie will be released after the next financial report as it is just finishing stuff up.

You buy a shipyard

You buy some vampiric boytoy who just stands around looking pretty and doing “things” for you. Other vampire experts suggest the larger the harem the more prestigious the owner.

The raven footage is compiled into a bit more of a neat and orderly show, though remains in the vault as requested, along with the eulogy speeches for celebrities in case they die.

Bike pump project just proves you’re crazy.

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Tech Rush

On break from story writing this week cuz the last one took too much effort.

Yenneiros Whitetalon

Business keeps on doing business things. These updates are within a pretty short span of time so financial report is still a bit out.

Checking in on Cerys shows she is fine on the physical front and seems completely normal during mental evaluations unless they ask her to talk about what happened. Then she starts babbling.

Gheir only reports having seen Cerys develop serious ptsd from the battle, the rest while shaken up are more or less fine. Though some stayed in the new empire.

Mordekai Aberhoff

Mhaldaru foods is doing pretty well and are packaging large quantities in preparation for the colonization boom everyone is sure is just around the corner.

Cult numbers are expanding after the publicity of keeping in contact with Exme during the invasion.

Aerovent Filters profits are up as this colonization boom requires filters.

Edric Vandross

Now are you looking for suitors who are useful as conspirators or useful as corporate puppets.

Profits are down while loans and a ton of money is dumped into infrastructure, though obviously this will likely yield greater profit in the future. Unless the dice hate you.

Shipyard is upgraded.

Siwa is all over that plan.

It doesn’t take long to get the new docks busy, though ships take awhile to get built when doing custom builds. The suits feel just mass producing a model in each dock would yield more profit, but there is something to be said for brand identity. Basically do you want to be Ford or Ferrari. On the upside to doing customs with just the two docks is you can appeal to hipsters since you physically can’t flood the market with your designs.

Attempts to offer to build stuff for Alnae looks most promising so far, Valdir seems uninterested. It has come to your attention they are being heavily courted by both Desoir and Sharen. Though they’re not having much luck either.


Sethis Tyne

Vanjin seems to have escaped unscathed from the horrors of war and doesn’t have the PTSD so many others have acquired. Also parasite free. Setting her back into the public as a bounty hunter seems easy enough for her now that she’s famous.

Input X money to get X Selona upgrades. Whatever number you’re thinking, add another zero or two. Their pistols cost 3500, but can punch through a police dropship. Keep in mind their infantry weapons do not work well for weaker races, in general elves break their wrists firing these things. Not so great for stealth to carry a bipod mounted heavy gun.

Investigative reports on Indal find that its highly unlikely he’s tied to your enemies. He’s literally been traveling the Abyss and Void for the last fifteen years challenging every big thing with teeth he found to a frank exchange of ideas. His few excursions back into the middle planes consist of supply runs. He ditched out of school, stole a firefighter’s axe, and disappeared into the lower planes when he was 16 and then we didn’t see much of him anymore until just recently. That’s about as far as the intel team looked into it unless you want to deep dig a teenagers life. The more interesting surface sweep was on his right hand man Kenin, a former special ops commander for a now-fallen Shetou house.

Battleship level stealth enchantments cost 10-15 million per unit. Largely due to the spectrum of things they have to protect from. Very rarely are ships identified in space via a telescope. The asteroid plan would depend on the size of the asteroid, just use battleships as your scale reference for now.

On the Kala headhunt requests:
Bryan King
Aryn Saphine

Luci Serrano

Your best people manage to figure out what is going on with Exme, and all other people suffering from the same condition by interviewing Valdir. Valdir’s people in the hive have figured out its the alien’s magic. Once higher level spells are both seen and focused on, or if something they call a Cosmic Entity is seen, it unlocks the understanding necessary for sol humanoids to use it. The problem is it is a bit overwhelming. Therapy doesn’t really help, though they say it’ll go away in a couple months if they aren’t exposed again. Though learning to actually use it would currently require studying with Valdir as no one else has the alien to teach them.

Boyfriend or boytoy? Conspirator or maintains-my-identity-as-not-illuminati?

The excess funds put into mining is yielding results as the asteroid miners are expanding.

Also yes you can buy a shipyard too if you want. Though you’ll want frigates for news crews not corvettes. See chat where mezzy posted dock costs and either use those to expand his existing one or add an extra 25 million to get the raw station the docks will be attached to built for the workers to use.

Elves specifically enjoy food that doesn’t make them overweight, so that doesn’t work too well. They’re very health-conscious because they live for centuries, so being overweight for them is much more dramatic of a health issue then it is for a human. That and they develop muscle with more difficulty then other races and have a harder time lugging fat around.

I’m just gonna wrap a whole bunch of that as “invest in Sol Media” more.

Musical still in production.

Non-photogenic secret investigations man

In interesting news tidbits, no one is really talking about the Raven suddenly releasing dozens of high powered serial killers who are now suddenly decorated military officers of Valdir because only Exme really ever reported on that place and the footage was never really released. With everything that is going on no one seems to notice the famous mass murderer who wrecked a city block with ice magic has become a member of Valdir’s inner circle either. Since you still have the footage from Exme’s expose, that’s something to consider what to do with.


Things going on in other places:

Due to Selona’s personal attendance at the invasion, the crime syndicate is in the news even more. He has consequentially reached a strange equilibrium with Alnae for the time being, partially because of public opinion but mostly because they don’t want to pick a fight with the guy Exme had footage of driving a tank out of the alien mothership. He’s a bit too crazy. Though this has also caused shifts in the criminal world, making Selona even more influential and powerful then before.

Due to the aforementioned shifts in influence, Solvang is being particularly cautious of the Selona gang. With Selona’s recruitment numbers increasing so is their criminal activity, and sales for weapons that can hurt aliens. Solvang has been discreetly facilitating the business of Siwa to compete with Selona’s arms market for this alien scare to try and keep Selona in check.

Alnae is in a bit of a sticky situation as they just lost their most important planet, and instead of it being retaken it was turned into a new Empire that still has the alien that took it in the first place. They’ve been investing heavily in colonization efforts with the hopes of re-establishing their power before the gap between them and Shetou gets too big.

On the other hand Shetou is enjoying higher approval ratings since one of their own Val’Hari went along with the Song Clan. This has resulted in an influx of immigration from both Alnae and independent colonies by people who plan to join the colonization boom in the future. They have faith that Shetou is the stronger government for colonization efforts, while Valdir is the one in possession of the key to unlocking this push these immigrants aren’t exactly gung-ho to live next to alien xenomorphs on a day to day basis. That and the anti-valdir coverage by Sol Media isn’t hurting them.

The new Valdir Empire is rebuilding SR3 to their needs, a slow process but now the aliens aren’t in harvest mode. They’ve been replanting the forests so that they’ll have access to a constant stream of organic matter as it grows naturally on the planet, also to satisfy the desires of their more humanoid residents however few that may be right now. A lot of powerful factions are trying to negotiate and make deals with the new empire, but this is proving a slow process because its led by someone who really doesn’t seem to care that he runs an empire now.

Desoir in particular is making the biggest moves right now. Even before this they were building a really big ship, now it has a purpose they want to be ready for and so they have poured resources into accelerating its construction. Inevitably, they will be the first to construct a Sol Mothership. The planned 350 kilometer long ultra carrier plans to be renting out space to other colony groups to ferry them out to the next star.

Though to rival that in the publicized “lets build a big fucking thing” is the Sharen attempt to build Song Clan’s new flagship. While it was big news just for the fact that they were doing it, they made a lot of announcements to show off that they were doing it. Ship enthusiasts however have noted what Sharen is really showing off, they are building that thing fast. Their advanced shipyards are more powerful then any other in the system, they estimate they’ll have it done within a year. This is helping to inspire people that Shetou is the way to go for the future of colonization, and showing off that they can recover from their losses quickly to put pressure on Alnae’s losses.

And finally in the big fucking thing category, Valdir’s mothership is capable of moving again. It is still grounded but its tentacles are waggling. As a roundup, Valdir and Desoir are going to have gigantic ships, Shetou and Alnae will have fleets of smaller (though still large) one’s. Though all of this still hinges on a technology that has still not been discovered yet.


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